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  1. That may work out for my schedule. It blows my mind that there are teams in champ car with full on catering and whatnot. Seems like it defeats half the fun of grassroots Motorsports lol. I have no issue paying for my own way just to volunteer. Hell I could even sort of cater for the team too if your teammates are interested in pitching in. Never occurred to me that food is a really important way a guy could contribute to a team.
  2. Title says it. I want to get into wheel to wheel racing and champ car seems like the easiest point of entry. I want to do some arrive and drive stints at some point but would rather volunteer as pit crew for a team first to make sure everyone is a good fit for what I'm looking to get out of learning to race. I'm good with a wrench and know my way around cars. Would love to learn anything you have to teach me. Willing to fly to whatever event(s) I volunteer at since I'm off in no man's land in the northwest (no events anywhere near me).
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