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  1. Here you go! I can send you the break down. In short, $800 will cover all expenses for the 2 day race. It will be a 4 man team, so far we have 2 for sures and 2 maybes lol. Looking for two drivers/crew for Laguna Seca November 20-21 - Putting People Together -- The Connection - TireRack.com ChampCar Endurance Series
  2. Hey dude! I will be at Laguna Seca in November. Let me find my post really fast, I will link it here for you.
  3. That is a good formula Fitsbain, and a very good point about food. Thank you for the insight!
  4. $800 gets you two (2-hour stints) or $500 gets you one (2-hour stint) These prices include everything (entry ticket, gate ticket, tires, brakes, fuel, misc, insurance, etc.) The only thing you'll have to pay extra for is your hotel. We just picked up a 2002 ford Focus with a 2.5L engine swap from a member here (thanks again man! You are awesome) I am looking for a team of 4 for this event. So far it is me and my partner, so we need 2 more temporary drivers/crew for this one event. The car is going to be refreshed and we are going to bring enough spares to get us back on track in the event of a break so I feel pretty confident we will finish. It currently sits at 471 points out of the 500. We are adding a chassis mounted rear wing and chassis mounted front splitter before the event to put us at 491 if I haven’t made a miscalculation on aero mods? If anyone would be interested in this opportunity send me a message
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