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  1. This all makes sense and I understand why not to change the SC300 point standings. I guess a rule about cars that only came automatic could be swapped to another OEM style transmission with approval or something. It really makes the SC400 a better built automatic car than a manual car. Actually, there is a lot keeping the SC400 from being a good contender with a 495 point start.
  2. Good evening, I am looking to revive my friends old SC400 into a champ car but am a little confused about the VPI scoring on cars that came only with an automatic from factory. It seems there is a bit penalty for swapping it. For instance... SC300 is 500 points (assuming manual) SC300 is 425 points (assuming auto) SC400 is 495 points on paper but they only come automatic so its 420 points. The 495 on paper is never achieved since it always has the -75 automatic rule. If I manual swap it (sc300 trans/adapter) then its 520 points. (495+25) So where I don't understand the logic is that an automatic SC300 and SC400 are 5 points different (which makes sense since they are pretty close in power and the same car elsewhere). But on the manual side, the SC400 is 20 points more than the SC300. Wouldn't it make sense, since the cars are so close in stock power, to have the SC300 auto less than the SC400 auto (possibly 410 and 420) and have the manual SC300 worth less than a manual swapped SC400? Despite these cars being nearly the same, it rewards SC400 automatics and SC300 manuals and punishes SC300 automatics and SC400 swapped manuals? I think the point balance is a little off here. Anyone have any insight?
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