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  1. NTSB also doesn't take a roll cage, 5-point harness, fire supression system, master electrical cutoff switch, etc......
  2. TBone

    Quickcar switch panel

    I've made a couple of gauge and switch panels. Pricing depends on size, material, number of holes, text, etc. I think this one was $80 or $90.
  3. TBone

    Quickcar switch panel

    If you want to make your own, try Front Panel Express. The design software is pretty easy to use. https://www.frontpanelexpress.com/
  4. TBone

    2019 Official Harris Hill Raceway 8+7-Hour Enduro

    I'm joking. Just trying to cause problems for Bill.
  5. TBone

    2019 Official Harris Hill Raceway 8+7-Hour Enduro

    You forgot the new for 2019 red flag for lunch hour.
  6. TBone

    Sebring today

    Eh, I can see how he'd be perturbed the way he says it went down. "Hey, a lot of teams are grumbling that you have an unclaimed locking diff in the car. Care to talk about it?" is a lot different than being approached with "How's that locking diff?" Especially post race, with everything else going on, and the emotions from the finish.
  7. TBone

    Texas races - only H2R this year?

    I think 3 times. Once on the full roval and twice just on the infield.
  8. Tongue weight should be 10-15% of the trailer weight. I have one of these on the garage somewhere that I used to get the car location set in the trailer. I've also seen hitches on etrailer.com that have a scale built into them. Not sure what ball sizes they come in. https://www.sherline.com/product/sherline-trailer-tongue-weight-scale/
  9. Jack? For the trailer? Google "Trailer Aid." It's worth every penny. You're welcome. Now back to storage. I carried an assembled engine and transmission on a simple wooden 2x4 frame with wheels. Basically a big "T". Motor mounts sat on stubby 4x4s at the front, trans was strapped to the end. Compact, simple, portable. For suspension, I'd probably keep the struts separate. They can go on a crate. The rest really depends on how assembled you think they need to be.
  10. TBone

    2019 races

    IndyCar makes its debut next year to. WRL fills the field every year in December. Wasn't the last ChampCar race at COTA held in August? We'd need a better date, I think. August is not the time to race in central Texas.
  11. TBone

    Kill switches?

    That's how I've always done it also. Never understood the need to make it so complicated.
  12. TBone

    2x rule and brake calipers.

    I still think brakes should be free. Add all the weight you want via giant rotors, calipers, and the wheels to fit over them. We're all on the same type of tires, and you can only stop as good as the tire will let you. I understand all the reasons for bigger brakes, and I'm not criticizing anyone's decision for their car. But there does come a point where big enough is big enough.
  13. Me too. C'est la vie. We'll try again next year.
  14. TBone

    Most comfortable seat for racing?

    We use a Recaro Pole Position. Seat comfort has never entered my mind. Which I assume means that it's comfortable enough that I don't notice it.
  15. TBone

    Seat sliders

    We use Recaro sliders. They've lasted about 20 events so far.