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  1. Since gas tanks are vented, they should never see pressure more than a smidge above atmospheric. In fact, all your competitors would love you to run a completely air-tight fuel tank.
  2. Texas World Speedway. It's halfway along to becoming a housing development now. Lots of history there. And we did 2 overnight races there, an 18 and 24 hour. 4th in the 24 was pretty good for us, behind 3 Miata teams. We also ran Texas Motor Speedway back in the day. We raced both the full roval once and just the short infield section once. That race on the infield was our first and only victory. We almost repeated that victory the second day until our throttle cable broke with 2 hours left...
  3. COTA is not representative of most WRL races, especially this year. COTA always brings out a lot more GTO cars than normal, but this year was worse. Lots of the teams this year were at their first (and likely only) WRL race. I doubt you'll see the Austin Dillon/Tyler Reddick/Kaz Grala car at another event next year. All that said, a competitive WRL car doesn't need to break the bank as long as you stay out of the GTO sandbox. But I don't see how a competitive GP1 car would be anything but EC in CC.
  4. I know there are some teams that race Saturns. I've started racing one at the local circle track, and have some questions. If you don't mind sharing some advice, shoot me a PM. Thanks.
  5. We used to say that a lot until we ponied up and got Motorolas. Only problem we've had since then was a bad PTT button.
  6. You will eventually. Or if you practice driver changes. Honestly, for the first race, that would be low on my list of concerns. At least on the Saturday race. Best of luck and have fun.
  7. I got mine a couple of weeks ago. No free shipping, but still a good deal.
  8. I've thought about using a Ford capless fuel filler neck as an overflow vent. You could make a container to plug into it. And it's sealed when not in use.
  9. I have a Roux also. I wear foam ear plugs and can still hear the radio just fine. Before the Roux, I used speakers like in Shawn's post. Again with foam ear plugs, I could hear just fine. Helmet speakers are so much better and simpler than messing with ear buds.
  10. I've made a couple of gauge and switch panels. Pricing depends on size, material, number of holes, text, etc. I think this one was $80 or $90.
  11. If you want to make your own, try Front Panel Express. The design software is pretty easy to use. https://www.frontpanelexpress.com/
  12. I'm joking. Just trying to cause problems for Bill.
  13. You forgot the new for 2019 red flag for lunch hour.
  14. Eh, I can see how he'd be perturbed the way he says it went down. "Hey, a lot of teams are grumbling that you have an unclaimed locking diff in the car. Care to talk about it?" is a lot different than being approached with "How's that locking diff?" Especially post race, with everything else going on, and the emotions from the finish.
  15. I think 3 times. Once on the full roval and twice just on the infield.
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