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  1. I wouldn't say a Saab is really fun to drive, helping build and drive a car for under $5,000 and then winning Daytona and WGI against a lot of fast expensive cars is fun though. And its still more fun to work on and drive than a Civic, lol.
  2. It would be hard to justify spending $$ when a Saab 9-3 or Infinity J30 can be had for probably under $1,000.
  3. Premium dudes has their team name because of @Larry_Prem DudesF-body.
  4. Fuel is part of the VPI, and yes the supercharged mini is valued the way it is in large part because of its VERY limited fuel capacity.
  5. I was going to post this myself, but then thought .......I really shouldn't. Way to save the day Drew.
  6. @enginerd Get this: Adjustable DC power supply.
  7. Maybe you need a better charger? If these are the same radios we use in the Honda, I will find one left on from a race 3 months before and it will charge right up.
  8. We are up to 33 entries. I see some of the local teams like James Bondo, Gyvulys, blue shells, Premium Dudes, and a few others within an hour or two of the track are registered. This is going to be a fun one! I see quite a few Chicago/Milwaukee based teams missing from the list, so hopefully we can hit 40 cars by race day. Team Name Car # Year Make Model 1. #Gyvulys Racing Team 770 96 BMW 328i 2.
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