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  1. Thank you for the feedback, and obviously there is no competitive problem with your team running the Federal tires. This just goes to show why this is a complex and sensitive issue to tackle.
  2. I really didn’t think this was too much of an issue until maybe 3-4 years ago, but it is becoming abundantly clear that a good portion of many team’s weekend budgets is spent on tires. The tire companies will continue making 180-200 tread wear tires that are closer and closer to competition slicks or designed for auto cross that can be used for a significant performance advantage in ChampCar while at the same time raising the overall cost for any team competing for the podium. As a member of the TAC I would love to champion any good idea to reduce the average tire cost of our members. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have an idea how this is best accomplished.
  3. Is this the type of tire rule that would help keep costs in check? 4.8. TIRE SPECIFICATIONS FOR EC CLASS: Tire must be DOT legal and the UTQG treadwear rated at 180 or higher. 4.8.1 TIRE SPECIFICATIONS FOR ALL NON EC CARS: The following tire list details the only tires allowed outside of EC. HANKOOK VENTUS R-S4 MAXXIS VICTARA VR1 FALKEN AZENIS RT615K+
  4. They run an H22 in that accord, not a V6. K24s are just fine. The problem is not inherent to K24s, just inherent to Enginerd. Once Mopar 4 Never starts running again I'm sure they will have much success, and the Money Shift K20 has been running very well too.
  5. There have been a few J series V6 Hondas run in ChampCar. I don't know of any major issues with them, and your logic and upgrade list looks pretty sound. In general this should be a very competitive build, probably more on the bigger tracks than the small club tracks. I don't think there are any "gotchas", but there may be some tricks or tips specific to this chassis. I say go for it, I think it would be a fun build.
  6. I have gone through probably 50+ axles while racing with ChampCar, going to RWD is the only thing I have ever found that works.
  7. I thought these were the only nat'l champ races: 2011 Iowa, 2018 NCM, 2019 Charlotte, 2020 Sonoma, 2021 Road America
  8. NC-->CA-->WI-->? Looks like the north east is due. PittRace would be fun.
  9. Great run this weekend guys, the car looked great on track all weekend. As always it was great having Money Shift Racing not only supporting the series as a series sponsor, but helping us racers at the tracks. It was great being able to buy a cool shirt from you guys, and the fact you had a control arm you were able to help us out with was great as well. My car is starting to become littered with parts you guys have helped me with. Now that includes brakes and suspension. With all the help from both 90racing.com and moneyshiftracing.com it makes racing much more fun.
  10. We bought the Yokos at a discounted rate from team copper penny at Road Atlanta because they did not fit their Miata. At Autobahn we ran the Honda and the BMW on RS4s and Falkens. I plan to try the Maxxis VR-1 at Nelson Ledges.
  11. If you are all new, run the car as-is in EC to pick up some experience and learn the ropes a bit. You can then formulate a plan to either stay EC or to whittle down points and get out of EC.
  12. That stinks, we were looking forward to another epic battle against you guys.
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