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  1. Needs some more trash talk. The RBank racing CRX is going to smoke the Premium Dude's BMW.
  2. Yes, I would think you could have very nice results with some minor mods on the J35A1. I know flashpro has support for some of the J series.
  3. Antique Vehicle License Plates are issued for a five year registration period expiring Dec. 31, 2024. To qualify for Antique Plates, motor vehicles, including motorcycles, must be more than 25 years old. Firefighting vehicles must be at least 20 years old. Vehicles displaying these plates may only be driven to and from an antique auto show or exhibition, service station or demonstration. The mechanical and physical condition of the vehicle, including brakes, lights, glass and appearance, must be the same or as safe as originally equipped. An antique vehicle may be a "bona fide replica" -
  4. @enginerd Didn't you already do this for a few years? I drove that car on the street many times, I thought it had antique plates on it too. Didn't you drive it from your house to blackhawk farms? I drove it from Skokie to Evanston once too IIRC, the fuel pump died and I coasted to a stop right in front of the police.
  5. I believe this is correct. You can't add a fuel cell, and then use the stock fuel tank to build a rear wing for 0 points.
  6. https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2011/06/because-454-cubic-inches-just-isnt-enough-amc-marlin-racer-gets-twin-superchargers/
  7. Couple of "speed holes" never hurt anyone!
  8. This is supposed to be crapcan racing, I say use tape for whatever you want. Hacking up a car and then covering it in tape is very "chumpy" IMO.
  9. If the incident is at T1, have a yellow at start finish as you can always see that coming down the hill unless there is fog. I can't see T1 when I am behind a car at start finish.
  10. I just think about T1 at Road Atlanta. I get a run going down the hill, look at start finish before to check for a flag. I tuck in behind the car I want to pass and then at the last second I pull inside of them and out brake them. When I pull inside, its the first time I see the flag and I am already threshold braking by that point. I make the pass before being perpendicular to the flag, but with our current rules that is a PUY.
  11. FYI you don't need to wire anything into the panel, you just need a basic dead-man cord. Basically an extension cord with male on both ends. The breaker that feeds the outlet you plug into essentially becomes your main, but you will be limited my the breaker size as unlike the real main you will probably be 20A or so. You then typically want to shut off any breakers you don't need as things that are plugged in but not turned on may be stealing a tiny pit of precious amperage. You want to shutoff the actual main for reasons already mentioned. Doing this with a small generator can get yo
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