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  1. Oh yea, 100% crowd control could not go 2 hours that was just a mistake. My car didn't need fuel save with you driving, but with an Elite level driver they would come up 5-10 minutes short.
  2. Just to add some "data". Here is a list of some of the faster times in the last few years. I'm sure the data is not perfect, and the "can go 2 hours" is highly subject. Cars like JSK can go 2 hours, but have to heavily save fuel to do so and has run out on track before. The CRX needs to save fuel, but probably not as much as JSK and has also run out of fuel on track. I don't have a lot of data on JTK, I guess they can go 2 hours if JSK can.....but not while running 2:43s. The ability to go 2 hours is going to change drastically with the new fuel rules for 2022 as well.
  3. I think having served on the BOD you have a very different perspective than the rest of us, and a better understanding about how the club actually operates. I know I am very interested in your thoughts on the BOD going forward.
  4. VPIs are determined based on a cars curb weight amongst other OE specifications, so if you are going to set a minimum weight for swapped cars, you should be weighing non swapped cars for the same reason. At that point, you have cost increase for everyone as all the cars need better brakes, more rubber, etc.
  5. The tires we ran on Saturday were the Maxxis VR-1s tires from the tuttle sprint race at Mid-Ohio, so they had 30 minutes on them. They were basically scuffs. On Sunday we ran Falken 660s, they were in good shape but had a couple hours from Mid Ohio on them. Earlier in the year during warm dry weather the Falken and Maxxis were closer in performance, but in the cold this weekend the Maxxis was really good.
  6. A few more sub 48s that I remember: MKD - Green Mustang Crowd control - Red mustang JTK - Black Maxima JSK - Black Maxima
  7. OK, so they won. They had a slower car than a handful of teams, and were not capable of running 2 hours on fuel. Several teams at the national championship had cars that were BOTH faster and could go 2 hours. The M50 E30 has never been a series benchmark. The series benchmark has typically been the SC300.
  8. It didn't even have fast time of the weekend, and could not come close to 2 hours on fuel. When it ran in the spring with some national level competition it was like the 5th or 6th fastest car. A Maxima went 5 seconds faster than it did. Since when does being the 5th or 6th fastest car make something the benchmark. Not only is a 944 faster, but it can go over 2.5 hours on fuel at Road America. ???????
  9. @mgoblue06 Email sales@90racing.com, and ask for the standard ChampCar fill plate. They work great.
  10. What K engine variant are you planning?
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