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  1. Get well soon Jerry. Thank you for all the you have done for the series!
  2. changing my window net 3 times this year when it has always been OK in the past is hardly a hassle…….
  3. OK, I will give a race report from the sprint race. Practice went well, and we were taking the Tuttle sprint race way too seriously. We had the car all setup and ready to rip with a set of Maxxis VR-1 tires that were scuffed in for 2 laps that same day. We had just enough fuel in the car, no cool suit cooler, etc. etc. Drivers had special starting procedures, and were told they had carte blanch for the race. We asked for help from Andy at@mostmint with the pitstop, and we were all set ready to push the car to the front of the grid as soon as the practice day ended. We push up to the grid ASAP when the checkered fell for practice, and got the poll position we were hoping for. About 10 minutes before the cars were released Brian Tuttle asked if we were paid in full and registered for the ChampCar race. I headed up to registration, where everyone was super accommodating and let us get registered in a matter a minutes. By the time I got back to the pits, the cars had been released on track. Green flag dropped, VTEC kicked in, and we were in the lead going into T1. Our favorite Pizza delivery driver put on a clinic running basically all 1:40.XX laps until his driver change was up. Driver change went flawless thanks to help from Andy, and we were back on track in a matter of seconds. In the 2nd stint the orange Glazed and Confused Miata began running us down. They were on our bumper with a few laps remaining, and the overall win looked like it was in jeopardy. The orange Miata went for pass on the outside of the carousel leading onto the front stretch, but could not hold the pass and spun going into the grass wide. The Miata was able to return to the track without sustaining any damage. We were able to breathe again, and ran the last few laps with a comfortable lead until we took the checkered flag. It was all smiles and high fives until @Bill Strongpublished the incorrect results. The Friday test day and sprint races were a great time, Thank you for setting that up Brian Tuttle. Other than the @Bill Strong blunder, the entire day went great.
  4. Thank you guys at Money Shift Racing for such a cool series of races that you sponsored turning into the Midwest Region Championship. If it wasn’t for all the trackside support Money Shift Racing gave us this year it would not have been possible. Not only did you guys design our brake system this off-season but you guys helped us with everything from a lower control arm to engine oil at the track this year. I really was spoiled having so much help from 90racing.com and Money Shift Racing all year. I saw a Facebook post showing the Money Shift Racing Honda Civic getting a brake proportioning valve late last year, and that was an upgrade I always wanted to do but it seemed a bit daunting to get all the fittings just right. I emailed Money Shift Racing, and asked if they could provide me with a package that included every single fitting, line and part that would be needed to perform the install. Not only did they provide all the parts needed, but they gave me all the info needed to complete the job. Thank you guys again for all the help at the track this year, and for being the sponsor of the Midwest Region Championship. You guys really are the best! -Andrew
  5. Yea, I always use a 10 second differential between the two layouts.
  6. It's not boring with a 944 breathing down your neck, and a steering wheel trying to jump out of your hand every time you breath on the brakes!
  7. I thought he was like Madona or Prince, and was simply 'Ed'. Apparently he has a last name................
  8. Troy is right. I won Sunday at the first Road America event, and I was running my $500 claimer class car. The week after the race if you had $500 you could have bought it at the local roundy-round. The 2:56 from eggboy you quoted was not a real lap time, it was a timing loop thing. Bear patrol had fast time at 3:05. I thought the series was like junkyard wars going into that race, we didn't know the cars were allowed to have any prep. I was also running 13/165 tires etc. Troy's time from 2012 of 2:46 is much more indicative of the speed creed.
  9. Sounds like a great entry level setup for ChampCar.
  10. In order to have consistent pit stops under a minute, you need to spend more money. We were well under a minute and it took a good bit of effort and some $$ to get that all working.
  11. I think I jumped back to ChampCar just at the right time. We ran WRL in 15/16 and won the overall series title in 2016. They were trying to go up market at the time, and were not pleased with our Honda Civic winning. Since then, they have really accomplished their goal.......they have some HUGE $$$$ racing now. No thanks!
  12. I think this is the largest change in the 2022 BCCR. I am going to withhold my opinion on this change, but I am sure the BOD would like feedback on the proposed change so please post it here. 9.10.2. Total fuel capacity, including all fillers and overflows, shall not exceed the OEM stated fuel capacity for the make/model plus two (2) gallons. This applies to cars equipped with OE fuel tanks and to cars with approved fuel cells. Total fuel capacity may be verified by ChampCar via the drain and fill method. The fuel tank will be completely drained and then refilled with known amounts until fuel escapes the fill port. 9.10.3. Surge tanks are limited to 2-Liter (.53-gallons) capacity. Surge tanks do not count towards the total fuel system capacity.
  13. There have been some good ones this year! [Timing loop not working] Pit lane responding to the news: Damn it Bill, what the heck are you even doing?! [Ambulance running late] Pit lane responding to the news: Who let Bill schedule the Amulance?!?! [Track announcing you can't wear shorts in the pits] Pit lane responding to the news: Who even lets bill into this places?
  14. Maybe one last post, but maybe not…lol. Not only does Two Brothers Racing tear it up on track, but they help so many other teams. They won the sportsmanship award, won class, and took a podium finish overall. Great job guys!
  15. Sorry to see the Bavarian Mustache works car go out after a car spin in front of them and their car get caught up in the incident. Ben, Tracy and team are always fun to race against and fun to share a beer or cigar with. It was great to see Tyler at the track after adding the newest member to his family too. The MiElan group is always a great group to race against and I was sorry to see them have issues all weekend. One thing I know wasn’t an issue was their engine tuning. Man these guys can tune an engine, and every time they podium and tech makes them pull a plug you get to see what perfection looks like.
  16. There is no way I can thank everyone I need to for all the help we got this weekend. We were short handed only having 2 drivers and one other person with a fire suit. We showed up without any sort of EZ-up or shelter, and my Dad had just worked 40 of the last 48 hours on the car to get it ready. We pitted next to our friends Money Shift Racing. They have helped us all year with parts and service at the track and also designed part of our brake system in the off season. This weekend we didn’t need any parts, but they helped us numerous times in our pit stops and offered us a tent to use. You guys are awesome! Hotels and lodging can often be tough in South haven as it is such a fun town. Subliminal Racing had a few extra beds in the house they rented, and let us stay with their team. Subliminal also helped us in a few pit stops even though we were trading spots back and fourth on the track all weekend. That’s what I love about ChampCar! Thanks guys. My partner in crime on Saturday had a medical issue that left our team without a driver to finish the race on Saturday. I was on track when I heard over the radio that Troy Isadore would be driving the final stint for us. I would normally be concerned about someone jumping in the car that had not practiced, but not Troy. Troy had driven the Honda multiple times and always did a flawless job. Sure enough, Troy once again killed it with a wonderful stint. It was great seeing so many friends all weekend, racing in the Midwest is always so much fun as we have so many friends at the track. I was especially happy to see Mike Coppola back on track after not being able to race in a long while. It was great seeing him and his son driving together to a top 10 finish. 90racing.com has been on point all year getting me every part I need to keep my Honda on the track and out of the pits. We ran Falken tires on Saturday, and I really liked how they performed. We switched to Maxxis VR-1 tires that we had won with at Nelson Ledges in the rain, and the car was better than Saturday! Robin and the entire RBank / 90racing.com team are just amazing to race with. Thank you! I know I missed a ton of people to thank but all your help is much appreciated. Thanks to the Champcar staff and volunteers and to Gingerman Raceway and their great team. We lost our window net rod on Friday and sure enough the Gingerman crew found our part and got it back to us as soon as the practice day ended.
  17. It's a 3 week turn around to a sold out Mid-O. If you really wanted to run Mid-O, you didn't risk the car by running at Gingerman.
  18. Shoot a note to sales@90racing.com they will be able to help you find what you need.
  19. It's not particular to this race, but tech has been checking items on all impound cars at several races not based on any trigger. Road America they had each team pull 2 spark plugs and checked piston tops with a camera on each car in impound. Nelson Ledges they checked the stroke on each car in impound. Throttle bodies seem like a good one, so it sounds like tech may have just been doing a nice thorough job.
  20. You need to contact Robin Bank, he runs a team out of Pittsburgh that races everything including karts, champcar, SCCA, USAC, etc. robinbank@rbankracing.com
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