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  1. You can unbolt them and put them in the trailer this weekend.
  2. I was at the new KMiata shop in Wauconda IL a few days ago (It's 15 minutes from my house). I got a chance to look at a car with the new swap listed in the first post, and it is beautifully done. The engineering and fabrication on all these kits is amazing. I believe they are still looking at releasing a champcar compliant budget kit for 2020 rules too.
  3. I oval raced a showroom stock Saab with 0 camber at like 3200+ lbs last year. I pushed the tread off the tire and made it look like a recap........
  4. Yep. Especially a heavy FWD with understeer. Kiss those tires goodbye.
  5. Some serious wrecks have happened due to “ICE MODE”. I have been “ICED” during my first race with ABS, at WGI no less.
  6. You would need an m3 wide body chassis to make them fit.
  7. Can you run them with NA hats, or do you have to swap suspension components to make them work?
  8. I ran a 24 hour stock car race last year at Baer Field which iirc is a 3/8 mile oval. The track was packed with over 100 cars and many of us ran 6+ hour stints. I could run an 8 hour stint in an e30 with a race seat but with a stock seat this race was brutal. In WRL we would fill and keep our drivers in for 2 or 3 stints. The champcar 2 hour stint max and no back to back stint rules are great IMO.
  9. Or drop a 5.0 into that bimmer to suck up all the fuel!
  10. The way the rules are, does it realistically matter? How much is all new ABS equipment for an imported sports car at dealer price? $2500??? You would then have $5000 to spend on a racing ABS system?
  11. What are you talking about??!! I had less contact in the first few years, the racing was great, and the price was super low.
  12. Yep, this works well. https://90racing.com/products/longacre-water-pressure-sender-52-43241?_pos=1&_sid=87704e037&_ss=r
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