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  1. Absolutely. I can make my car several seconds faster if I had money available.
  2. I have 3 muffles ready to install! It's is probably not enough so I will bring moar!
  3. These look really nice for the price.
  4. Yep, one time @enginerd used all my 1/4 tread or less tires from 2 previous events. Every pit stop was changing or rotating tires, and in the end I think I asked him to pay me back with like 2 or 3 new tires.
  5. Tire wear is very car and track dependent. An example of this is a light RWD car vs a heavy FWD car. The heavy FWD car may be overheating the dominant front tire causing it to wear much faster than if the wear were more balanced. This rule may also change the balance of the VPI list and fixed point lists. If you can only run something like 5 tires in a weekend, Aftermarket camber plates allowing you to dial in the perfect camber would become more valuable. once again, unintended consequences. Done right, there is probably a tire rule that can save members money but it would have to be well thought out and tested, and the membership would need to give a lot of feedback about their own cars and how a rule would impact them.
  6. The real concern to me is someone making a rule change without understanding the implications of the change and how it will impact teams. For instance, the head swap rule changed for whatever reason. I ended up having to source a new engine, spend a boat load of time, a good chunk of money, had to drive to DB performance in MN, etc. I probably spent 200 hours, $2,000 and who knows what else. In the ended I had like 3hp more, 5ft/lb more and why? All that was for nothing, all it did was anger good customers and nothing more.
  7. I think I was actually referring to the rival-s 1.5, I can't keep them straight either! What I do know is that poorly thought out decisions would probably end up costing members more money and not slowing speed creep at all. If you are going to ban all the top tier tires, you are always going to have one tire that is the default "must have tire". Then it will be a war of tire sizes, and wheel sizes, and rain tires vs dry tires, etc. etc. The only way I could see this working at all would be if there was a single spec tire compound, two spec tire sizes (195/15 and 215/17) and a spec wheel size for each. If someone didn't like the tire, they would start grooving the tire for the rain, or treating it with softening compounds etc. etc. Not to mention that people would have to buy new wheels, and a tire shortage in those sizes would cripple the series, plus how do you handle the phasing in of changes to that tire compound etc. I wish things were like they were in 2010, where star specs were the goat, and things were all good. Times have changed, and poorly thought out rules will most likely end up costing us more than what they do now.
  8. If you didn't mandate cheap sizes of the "spec tire" it would be for nothing. You would see cars with wider heavier setups for momentum tracks, and then narrower setups for higher speed tracks. Then if the spec tire isn't good in the rain, people will bring another set of tires and wheels for rain. I hope the BOD understands that this will more than likely end up costing members more money than saving them money unless this is done VERY well.
  9. Blowing money on tires to race sucks, that is very true. If we want to keep costs low, we should also mandate the tire size. The only 2 tires allowed should be 195/15 or 215/17. This would allow cheaper suspension and wheel setups to be competitive as well as keeping the tire cost down. As someone who often runs 205/15 RE71s, if they were banned I would switch to the 245 width rival S. this setup of tires is the same speed as the 205 re71, except much more expensive and would require the purchase of new wheel, a wide body kit, stronger hubs, and more expensive wheel bearings.
  10. When it stumbles, pit next lap!
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