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  1. Technically you were winning races about 3 years in, just not in your own car Although it did have your engine in it, lol.
  2. Chris had 2 engines in his escort.
  3. Your car is slow, I would know. Good luck.........you will need it.
  4. Last year I stayed in the race bus. It was awful.
  5. My Dad bought me my 1st car, 2nd car, and split my 3rd car with me. 1) 1984 Pontiac 2M4 (Iron Duke) - This car taught me many lessons on how to work on cars, and how poorly made an 80s America car was. 2) 1993 Honda Civic LX - This car taught me how reliable a Honda driven on the street is, and how a car can appreciate when going from 125k miles to 225k miles while being abused by a teenager. 3) 2000 Ford Contour SVT - This car taught me that in 2000 American cars were made just as poorly as they were in 1984. I would go with a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Fit for your son.
  6. The fact that my car is sitting on these exact stands right now is concerning.
  7. Your team was an original 'regional chumpster'. I know eggboy from st. louis was too. What were the other regional chumpster teams?
  8. LOL, yep! They also said your D16 engine was so powerful that we should not be allowed to race with a 1.5" roll cage. I remember you having some choice words about that.
  9. In 2014 Chumpcar Canada tech told me I couldn't race a car that was wired using "Marrettes". I got this translated to English, and told them it didn't say anything in the rule book. I went on to win that 14 hour race with no wiring issues. Amazing!
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