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  1. I can probably squeeze that in, although if it was jeans, and a hoodie or other bulky clothes it would be close. I wear XXL so my stuff is big.
  2. Yes, and that is without even putting things like gloves and balaclava socks etc in the helmet. I bring 2 sets of gloves, 3 balaclavas, 2 pairs of socks, a pair of gym shorts, an under shirt, etc. and it all fits. I am much bigger than you are too, so you will have even more room. I have never had issue with it being used as carry-on luggage, unless the overhead bin cannot fit a helmet (as the helmet is not very compressible).
  3. My Stilo with Hans attached fits with no issue into the main compartment of the Bell.
  4. I like this one because I can also use it as carry on for the airport. My other gear bags were too large and would need to be check-in luggage at an airport which is a big no-no. I have one bag in my trailer that has all the spare stuff, but you are right, If anything it is on the small side.
  5. If you want to browse all the gear bags, this is the link: https://90racing.com/search?q=gear+bag
  6. This bag is the best, it is my 4th gear bag and I finally found one that fits all my needs which are the same as yours. https://90racing.com/products/bell-helmet-bag-hans-pro-v2 If you buy 2 or more it is free shipping. It looks like 90 racing has 8 in stock and free shipping over $90.
  7. I would think that if it becomes too prevalent, Champcar will step in for safety reasons and dictate what is and is not acceptable beyond just the 60% rule.
  8. It depends, you can model it and run it in CFD to give you a better idea. Taking the weight off will help acceleration, and possibly handling if you don't compromise anything during the cutting. I would be weary of a rule change to be more thorough than the 60% rule if lots of people are really hacking cars up.
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