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  1. I haven't been up to Brainerd in quite a while, I might try and make it to this event.
  2. Without evasive maneuvers I would have had contact with that car 10x. I actually radioed in once saying I think they were trying to purposely wreck me. Apparently they were trying to wreck everyone.
  3. The E36 is arguably more reliable too. The 3 series makes an EXCELLENT endurance racing platform.
  4. It's not actually possum either, its just an old racing joke about chili from Jacksonville Fl. Looks like someone already has Chili on the list, so I will do something else. Put me down for pulled Pork.
  5. I'm in, will bring possum stew simmered in the merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenengo.
  6. I'm not opening that can of worms.
  7. This is so far the best post of 2018. You win the internets.
  8. The 4.10 was actually caught on the dyno by a competitor...........as were the alleged illegal modifications to the engine.
  9. It would have gone a 2:19. Well done ludicrous speed, that car is just staggeringly fast.
  10. I would imagine these dyno tests were absolute worst case scenarios, after 16 hours of racing in absolutely brutal heat.
  11. With the Camry V6 its a 268 point car. Get your facts straight.
  12. red0

    Official 2018 24-Hours of Nelson Ledges

    That is a lot of experience at this track + running 24s! I think I have heard the RBank racing team mention the Used car race in the past.