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  1. This is what I brought to Jay's attention minutes into impound, that and that it went further forward than the "front axle". I was told that the BCCR shows that this is part of the maximum "free roll cage", and that they would be assessed points by the material rules for additional material.
  2. That's a logical response from tech.
  3. Comparisons to other more widely run fox platforms with much less fuel. As more things have become "free" or "open" fuel capacity has become even more important. The goal would certainly not be to VPI the car out of being competitive but to avoid fuel rich cars with high hp potential in capable platforms from having too much of an advantage.
  4. IIRC I was the one to first suggest the TBird value increase. The Tbird was undervalued then, and is undervalued now.
  5. The C3 corvette is 1/2 the value of a 1987 Jeep Cherokee. The C3 corvette has a lower value than this:
  6. Why not run the 355 Kumhos? Go big or go home?
  7. I'm pretty sure after a hard 2 hours it was under 5 PSI.
  8. In the Premium Noobs car, the oil pressure would be pegged at 0 through left hand sweepers. When hot it would idle at maybe 2 PSI as well. Somehow I don't think this ever caused a problem.
  9. Nope, other than rocker arms the engines are nearly indestructible. YMMV
  10. I don't know what did or did not slip through any alleged cracks. If you have an inclusive list of items you are questioning such as engine/trans mounts, radiator, 60% rule, etc. please feel free to send it over and I will try and have those items looked at.
  11. I don't know that it is moot. I heard that the car will be re-teched at Road America before racing. I'm assuming that their yearly tech was revoked when the points were added Saturday night at Indy. If you have concerns on values or parts on that car, I would make sure your concerns are heard.
  12. Yea, that’s the track record.
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