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  1. red0

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Unless you go with something like a non-swapped E30/36/46, miata, etc. it is likely that rules can and will change or rule interpretations will change that will cause you to spend money changing your car. I really wish we could maintain some rules stability. If you go with one of the safe bets above, you can still win races and shouldn't see many rule changes costing you money.
  2. red0

    2019 Brainerd

    In for Blackhawk! I won an SCCA bracket enduro at Blackhawk in 2016 and the track was glorious for endurance racing.
  3. Wouldnt the Penske shock perform better than a KONI yellow or other single adjustable that falls within 2x? The R&D on the Penske shock is going to be much more than the cheaper single adjustable.
  4. So a $200 Penske racing shock that is specifically valved and built for a racing Miata is 0 points but a $100 single adjustable with the adjuster cut off is not.
  5. "Other" cars are well represented already. You should paint it blue.
  6. Who do we talk to about errors in this?
  7. red0

    Rear view camera

    OK, answer understood.
  8. red0

    Rear view camera

    Yes I could, and that would pass the rule but I would prefer to make my car safer vs less safe. For my car doing the upper part of the bulkhead in lexan and the lower part in sheet metal appears to be the safest way to bulkhead the car. If that is not allowed than I will go another route.
  9. red0

    Rear view camera

    Great, thanks.
  10. red0

    Rear view camera

    Having the top of the bulkhead Lexan and the bottom aluminum would be all good. I will work with tech and see if that will be acceptable.
  11. red0

    Rear view camera

    We could do that, but I like all the fittings to be in plain site and with easy access to work on. Someone caught one being leaky at Gingerman before race start on Saturday and tightened it up. I also use the clear vent line as a sight-glass for the aluminum fill tube so I can slow down before the fuel sprays out of the fill port. Bulkheading the car in half at the main hoop would provide no downside if the top was Lexan.
  12. Team Racebar are my heroes.