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  1. Please post this question to the Champcar tech desk: https://champcar.org/tech/
  2. Welcome to the fun. A new feature, the ChampCar Tech Desk now allows you to ask a question to tech and get an official response than can then be publicly seen. Try and make your question as specific as possible, such as how many rod ends will be used etc. Diagrams and pictures are also helpful. https://champcar.org/tech/ See you at Daytona! -Andrew
  3. Don't run the sink hole WOT in a RWD on lap 1 unless you want an exciting ride. If you have FWD, run the sinkhole WOT.
  4. Removing material is almost always 0 points, so drilling an extra dowel hole, or widening a key slot is going to be 0 points. If you are adding a non OE part, it needs to be claimed.
  5. What is the head? Just the casting?
  6. On the Brainerd Donnybrook course we learned first hand what happens to a full prepped drag strip when it rains. I think 5ish cars were wrecked on that straightaway. VHT + rain = no bueno.
  7. red0


    I'm sure they will be available again come spring, but you may need to grab some Dunlops until then.
  8. https://www.eng-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=407482
  9. With you guys, Jerry, Viceral, etc. all going I don't even know who I will be rooting for.
  10. @Steve Peterson I just sent your valuation concern over to the technical advisement committee. I would suggest emailing tyler.pedersen@champcar.org who is one of two BOD that run the committee. He should be able to get back to you once the car specs are reviewed and a decision made.
  11. There have been a few teams who have successfully taken a lap or two and won races. M bros comes to mind, an m52b28 powered E30 iirc.
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