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  1. Must have been some hell of a Jeep to beat RVA and run 2:25s! WOWZ!! This certainly must be the first Jeep to win a Champ race, right?
  2. You don't need to tell them anything, you can chip or reflash your OE ECU. If you are carb, you can jet / tune your carb. The onlything that would really need to be policed then is the part number on the OE ECU and pulling the cover to make sure there is not an "AEM" stuffed into the OE housing.
  3. The rule was supposed to be something like this: Carb tuning / distributor advancing: 0 points Chipped OE ecu = 0 points Reflashed OE ecu = 0 points Then people were like: "My SUX6000 has a maxi-crap ECU that is un-tunable, give me a free megasquirt". What Chumpcar should have said was: "We didn't pick your car".
  4. A chipped P28 is pretty nice. There is 5+ free software packages for tuning. We raced with free crome for years. http://twiki.pgmfi.org/bin/view
  5. A 635CSI can be made very competitive, winning races in this series with that car is doable.
  6. I would agree, I am always worried about the $$ creep but as-is a good job indeed.
  7. If you take a team like Real Time, wow that is an accomplished team. They ran an EG civic with a B18B swap, I looked it over and it could have been replicated for probably around $7,000 YMMV. That was around 2013-2016 I remember them racing at Road America. If they were to do that again now, they might decide to run an S2000, a TL - Type S etc. Those are $10,000 cars before you even start the build. If I was looking from the outside in wanting to start road racing I would look at what people are running. If I saw B18B EG civics being piloted by Real Time I would think that I could compete with them and this could be fun. If I saw S2000s or TL - Type S etc, I would probably shy away due to budget constraints. I am using the Hondas as examples, but the Boxster and BMW M6 and others are in the same boat. I'm sure you can get a roached Boxster at auction for $4,000 or whatever, but to have it race ready you are talking a ton more money than something like an E36 or a Civic, etc.
  8. I didn't know about Champ until I started racing lemons. I ran FWD oval before going to college and had the itch for racing and started back up with some lemons after I graduated. There is 0 chance I would have that same opportunity in current times in either lemons or champ. We won Lemons A class and a Champcar race in 2011 with a car that had less than $2,000 into it. I only got into it because I had a car that would be reasonably competitive and needed to only invest probably $500 to be compliant with the safety rules. At the time people I knew were building SMs for $15,000 and I thought that was outrageous. Now people are spending much more than that in Champ. That is the kind of racing I like. I don't need to, nor can I afford to race some high dollar porsche. Its just as much fun, or maybe more fun for me to race something straight out of the junkyard.
  9. Indy is going to be an amazing experience, but it's pretty hard not to love Gingerman.
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