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  1. A great driver in a SM is going to be near the front and not the slowest car at all, but the car won't be particularly fast. If it is a retired spec miata racing champcar, it quickly gets optimized by the team racing it and is no longer a SM. If it is a front running SM, most people are not going to want to run a $5k+ engine for a season worth of racing at one champ event. If they are running in the front of SM, they likely have the money and resources to build a champ legal miata that is much faster than their SM for $5-10k that will just use a stock engine rated at 150-160hp like a 99+ miata engine.
  2. That graph looks all too familiar
  3. I remember as early as 2011 the brake dusters car was moved to EC for being too hacked up. Even early on you could go "too far".
  4. I pretty much did the same. I had GORT for one year, and the fixed value rule for sq ft of material made that car like 700 points. Then I had my turbo car for a season, and the turbo rule made that car like 1200 points, and then most recently I had a head swap and was using the intake and exhaust from the new head. I decided to drop the head swap and just go with a cam. Recently I have been going out of my way to make my builds less "extreme" or less "radical". I understand that if I push the rules, the rules tend to push back.
  5. Trump says he wants the country 'opened up and just raring to go by Easter'.
  6. Good, I'm glad you wrote a petition about that. I was just asking what happens when a tech desk ticket directly contradicts the BCCR. In theory that would never happen and then tech desk would just clarify the BCCR, but it this case it directly contradicts it.
  7. For sure the team and prep and drivers are crucial, I am just referring to car vs car. A bad team with a good car isn't going to dominate anyone. The Tbird would be a great car to run, especially for a group of Ford V8 fans.
  8. Yes, and it was discussed, and there were notes on the ticket about the discussion. When the tickets get resolved, they drop off my daily search. Until this discussion I assumed based on the notes and the BCCR that you would have to run the transmission for your make/model/year.
  9. I just went and looked, and sure enough......... wow...........I guess the BCCR doesn't matter much anymore
  10. If it has only been posted on this forum, it doesn't mean anything.
  11. Not according to the 2020 BASIC CLUB & COMPETITION RULES (BCCR)
  12. This is spot on with my experience as well. If Troy and I have come to the same conclusion, it must be correct!
  13. I put down a deposit on a Cybertruck, so apparently I have decided against both gas and diesel.
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