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    Pitt Race Potluck

    I didn't know when or where it started at Nelson, so I was last to brink over the food I brought at NL . Let's have a start time and location for this one.
  2. red0

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    If 1/2 of the field is BMWs, and in general BMWs are faster than the average car........most of the dive bombs would theoretically be from BMWs.
  3. red0

    GT86 in chump?

    Champcar VPIs only go up to 2009, this car started as a 2012.
  4. red0

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Power steering is something the TAC committee has discussed FYI.
  5. red0

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Please forward the question to Champcar tech.
  6. I will be racing the Premium Dude's E30 this event. See you there.
  7. Is this similar to the regional Chumpsters that used to exist?
  8. I'm glad you are running, and may end up voting for you. I just wanted to make sure people realize that it might not be a good thing with over representation from a certain group, although I don't think that is the case right now. I would expect the number of BMW teams to be on the rise moving forward too. As the percentage of BMW teams increases, they have more people lobbying for things in their favor. When that lobbying turns into a free diff or a weight change allowing a better swap, it makes the brand more appealing drawing more people running it / lobbying for it. Since the speed creep and free items become more common every year, those things that get made free will tend to benefit the largest and loudest crowd. If something should be taken away from this large vocal group or a value increase should happen to promote parity, this could potentially upset a large portion of the membership and therefore most likely not happen. This scenario will only magnify as the BMW representation grows in the BOD. In a perfect scenario, people would not let the car they run sway the way they vote on rules, but instead do what is best for the overall membership. That doesn't always happen unfortunately. Since a current talking point directly impacts you probably as much or more than any other member, what are your thoughts on the recent weight adjustment of the E30 325 to allow the M50 to be swapped into the E30 chassis at 500 points?
  9. Yes, and you can use these to tie into multiple planes, such as the sill. It will actually make the cage safer.
  10. I sure as heck don't come down from the north, tow thousands of miles, and fight my way through fields of 100+ cars to teach BMWs lessons in humanity.
  11. I think it would be easier to ask the opposite? Why would you want to run for the BOD? You enjoy Champcar and want to help the series I would assume. 1) Do you have the free time to devote to being on the BOD? 2) Do you like working long hours for little or no compensation? 3) Can you stand having to work with Bill Strong? 4) Are you capable of doing a a good job and actually helping the club? 5) Would your volunteer work be better used serving your church or community? I think it would be a rewarding experience, but its certainly not for everyone.
  12. Chris, I will keep you in mind as I decide on who to vote for. I think you could do a good job. My only concern, and it should probably be minor is that E30 teams might end up over represented and even if the BOD is trying to be fair, things like subconscious bias may occur. All things considered you will definitely be someone I keep in mind when voting. Good luck.
  13. Chris, Shipping is free for orders over $90
  14. lol, I had to. Just kidding around of course.
  15. If you need some socks or balaclavas, 90racing.com can help out. https://90racing.com/search?q=socks https://90racing.com/search?page=1&q=balaclava
  16. Blackhawk is one of my local tracks I practice at. It's a fun track in cars. I won an SCCA race there in 2016, that's the only race I have ever run at the track since Champ or WRL have never run there.
  17. Yea, but it was a ragtop.
  18. That one always seems to run tip top! How come you didn't run it at Gingerman? Was it damaged in the RA crash?
  19. red0

    Indy 2019

  20. As long as we don't HAVE to fax things. My telefax machine is being worked on.....
  21. red0

    Fender flares

    Nice work @mender, thanks for sharing