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  1. Yea, you might actually be able to get the running costs lower in WRL. An example is that if you need 250HP, you might as well go with an aluminum LS and then detune. Go ahead and dry sump and run all the coolers your heart desires. For a transmission you could go with something designed to handle high torque like a TREMEC TR-6060. Other than shocks, suspension components are nearly open, so you can certainly make that reliable. I'm thinking the initial build might be 3x+ the costs, but the running costs and reliability could possible be better in WRL.
  2. If you want an official answer from ChampCar you can ask it here: https://champcar.org/tech/ I would assume that an oe replacement part sold as part of the Dorman - OE solutions line would fall under: 4.7.2. Teams may replace any worn, broken, ventilated, impaled, defective, or bent-beyondall-recognition parts on their car without affecting their total points so long as it’s an OE or OE-equivalent part for that car’s specific model.
  3. I saw your post and am trying to help get someone to reply to your ticket. I don't have anything to do with how the tech desk is setup or works.
  4. Please be patient for a few more days, the TAC and tech are actively discussing this ticket and it has been heavily discussed.
  5. Please respond back on the ticket with more information on what type of cooler you are looking to add etc. The more information the better.
  6. I'm thinking the tire with the most wins in 2020 was the RS4? Would be interesting to know.
  7. Directly winning or placing because of it?!?!? So you don't think these teams could place or win on RS4s? WTF!!!??? JSK has like 10 Road America wins and I have seen then run all sorts of tires. Pretty sure GBU could lap the field with no rubber on the wheels at all. Seriously they could win every race by 5 laps on 600TW tires. Luda has not run in a long while, but was DOMINANT a few times and could have won on an RS4 had they run it IMO.
  8. Huggins Tyler Green mustang NVM, they run RS4
  9. No, there is not a good reason to implement a rule to keep tire costs in check...........as long as the rule does not cause tire costs to increase for some teams, or have adverse consequences such as "I locked up my brakes because my $500 crap can does not have ABS" and now my race is over because I was penalized for changing flat spotted tires. One example of limiting tire changes: I share tires between CRX and E30, and with nate being a world class penny pincher he will sometimes run an entire event on CRX scraps. In order to do that, he will have to change tires frequently, and rotat
  10. I would prefer a rule that would make it prohibitive to change tires for weather. Budget racers don't want to spend $$ to have an extra set of wheels and tires in case it rains. I don't know if Champcar can handle limiting number of tires over the wall, number of jacks, number of impact guns etc. It is mostly volunteers in pit lane, and it is a limited number of people. When a yellow falls at 1:55 of a race and 100 teams all pit at once........good luck.
  11. I'm not proposing anything, I'm not even advocating a change. I am open to a change if it would reduce my tire budget and was a quality rule.
  12. That's where I'm at. I would be in favor of a change to help reduce my tire budget, but I have not seen a rule proposed that is quality. I have not even seen an outline of a rule that is quality.
  13. I know you have been in many discussions about tires, but can you please post the rule that you think should be added or changed in the BCCR regarding tires?
  14. Question for all BOD nominees: If a car in the future shows up to a race failing to meet not only the spirit and intent of the rules would you expect the event director to transfer the car to EC mid race, or disqualify the car post race? Let's use GBU at Indy for an example. Although not the cars first race, it shows up and is as far outside the spirit and intent of the rules as just about possible. It then makes a mockery of all car on the track. Would want the car moved to EC during the race? If the car is not moved to EC during the race, would you disqualify the team in post race
  15. If you really want to blow someone's hair back, find a tread such as 300 that doesn't even have "autocross" tires. As long as they have a few options that don't chunk, you could not only reduce costs of tires but even reduce brake and suspension costs.
  16. @JoeHeitzRules If you just want the body panels, there is probably a bunch of suspension stuff I could use. I would split the cost of the car if you want.
  17. They looked narrower than that when I was admiring the car at Pitt, certainly not anything particularly wide.
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