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  1. https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/ec22168
  2. The last race we were running android, iphone, and PC, and all sucked. In the past we have had less issues with race monitor. I do use the paid version of race monitor.
  3. Me trying to figure our what is going on with T&S via race hero:
  4. Goes yellow if you are more than about 3-5 seconds off your usual lap, and red at a certain point too. It works great to know when to watch you car hit the start finish too.
  5. From my experience it is found on the IOS version of the race monitor app.
  6. Someone has to make a video where they take a part from the car, melt it down and forge or cast a new part from it.
  7. I am local to Kmiata, and they are aware of the 2020 rule change and are working on something specific for Champcar. I have recently been to their shop, and was impressed by their extremely high quality engineering and machining. For anyone not familiar with the company you can visit their website at Kmiata.com
  8. 5th is not a big drop, in the G260 for an E30 the 3-4 is the big dipper.
  9. It was located in the car. It was boiling because the vapor pressure of gasoline became equal to the surrounding pressure.
  10. Thank you, that’s great news.
  11. Luda won, we finished 2nd, and R3R 3rd. On track I could not keep up with the Boxster it was a few second faster than our bummer. The MR2 looked even better than the Boxster though, that's for sure.
  12. I thought after running Daytona, Road America, and Charlotte back-to-back-to-back in 3 weeks that I would be tired and ready for a break. Nope........ I wish I was racing this weekend.
  13. BMW M6 Porsche Boxster SC300
  14. Not many car manufactures are willing to spend the time and money to properly test moose impacts. There is even a chapter explaining how to slalom a moose on an icey road in my owners manual.
  15. It blew off twice? Sounds like you could be pushing engine combustion chamber gasses into the coolant.
  16. It may be that our insurance provider requires the band.
  17. RX7 + Minivan > SC300 in the cool factor
  18. I don’t plan on coming back to Charlotte personally but I’m also from Chicago. Champcar really does a great job, but I was scared the entire race. I told Robin before I went out that I may be slower than usual because I am more cautious than I should be as a driver and I also have too much mechanical sympathy. I ended up doing fine because Jarrett Bank did such a good job the car felt like a tank, but I was still skittish.
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