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  1. NCM had some very fast teams indeed. The regional championship I attended previous to this race had some incredible talent as well. https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/4241946
  2. At some races we had better equipment than others, I certainly can't afford the fast stuff so we borrowed it when we could. I'm certainly not going to get into any of that specialty equipment here. Sahlens stops were cool as hell and they had some wicked nice stuff for the WRL stops.
  3. I'm talking about the time from the car stopped to starting, not the time in pit lane. If the speed limit in the pits is 30MPH that is not a variable. 2 jugs of fuel, and a tire change.....and the driver still has time to finish the belts as they are driving to the end of pit lane. Even with having to grab a 3rd jug some times we were consistently under a minute. You don't beat cars that are 6 seconds a lap faster than you by having slow pit stops.
  4. Our WRL pit stops were driver, 1 tire, and fuel in 38 seconds. It was expensive, difficult, and required a large crew. Open pitting isn't really a good thing for entry level budget racing IMO.
  5. You running a Honda? Run the stock T-Stat if you are.
  6. I was looking for a real RX7 for cheap for a number of years, found one for 4k that would have been the perfect car for my WRL build and then realized I was in way too much debt. It was being stripped to turn into a race car and the guy ran out of money or something. It was a great deal but I just couldn't do it.
  7. About the same, yes. Real RX-7's have 20 gallon FYI.
  8. Yea, I was smart enough to buy it from a guy who spent years doing R&D on the setup. The car was far from dominant though, pretty good, but not crazy good or anything.
  9. The engine wiring must be sooooo nice.
  10. I kept mine together with stock ECU, only lost one Headgasket the entire season. Pulled lots of timing, Max'd out the duty cycle of the injectors for pretty much anything over 3/4 throttle , crushed the stock FPR which gave us about 10psi more pressure, but we did run well within the efficiency curve of the compressor. *chipped stock ECU
  11. . My turbo d16 was more reliable than NA D16's. Because it had so much more tq at lower engine speeds I was able to keep the piston speeds much lower by short shifting.
  12. A blow through carb SBC turbo would be a hoot in Champcar.
  13. I have a joke for you: The government in Illinois is excellent, and uses my tax dollars efficiently.
  14. Amsoil? This stuff is $2 a quart - regular price. If you are an OE engine, why not run the oil suggest by the OEM? At least that is what I do.
  15. Completed forms may be emailed to DSzczepanski@RoadAmerica.com or by FAX 920-892-4550. For additional information, please call me at 1-800-365-7223. Regards, Deborah Szczepanski Registrar The WeatherTech® International Challenge Elkhart Lake’s Road America PO Box 338 Elkhart Lake WI 53020 (O) 800-365-7223 x2026 2019 Garage Rental Form.doc
  16. I think many of the thoughts or ideas behind Chris' petitions were good.
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