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  1. @Team Infiniti finds your lack of faith disturbing.
  2. He is about 3 hours and 45 minutes away. I have teammates in the area. What do you need?
  3. 2018 petitions

    And this indifference to the rules is why you can't build a podium car for under 2k anymore. When things had value and weren't free racing was cheap. You know what else costs a lot of money? Rules changes. The word 'FREE' in the context of chump just means I run one less event because that money goes into buying the 'Free' stuff.
  4. 2018 petitions

    I didn't remove the watermark. Do you have any cool pics of GORT?
  5. 2018 petitions

    I used the setup on a few cars, but you can see the flange and the plug on this old picture of GORT.
  6. 2018 petitions

    The flange was steel or cast iron, and the setup was all metal until one coupling at the bottom to attach to the cell. The coupling had SS braided mesh over it as well. Because the flange itself was larger than a 3" diameter it was illegal. The only part that was PVC was the threaded cap that was used to close off the flange once the fueling was complete.
  7. 2018 petitions

    My car used to not spill 1 drop. Chumpcar changed the rules, and now my car spills gas all over the place. It used to be very safe until chumpcar put a stop to it. I used a threaded 4" toilet flange, and I could set the (3"?) mouth of the 5 gallon jug directly into the 4" flange opening and pour. I didn't have any drippy hoses or anything. The 4" reduced down to 2" in about 2' of run. I probably went 20 races without spilling a drop of fuel. Now I have hoses dripping, fuel spraying out when full etc.
  8. Protests

    Apparently a motor swap is now called a disguise? WTF???............
  9. getrag 260 repair

    Since these transmissions are ~$300 for a working used unit, what is the advantage to spending more than that on new synchros etc. ?
  10. Protests

    You should Honda swap that Nissan and feel the power of VTEC!
  11. Protests

    I don't think any of the cars you listed are swapped. Swaps are hardly "taking over", and for the most part the rule works quite well. The platform that comes to mind being "out of line" when swapped is only that way because of excessive lobbying and an artificially deflated starting value.
  12. 2018 petitions

    It is a well known fact that in stock form the MR2 cannot keep up with a chevette. We could always lower the MR2 points to 100 for parity......
  13. Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    One of the teams I plan to drive with is not signed up yet, but plans to bring multiple cars. The other team is already signed up.
  14. Protests

    #Fake news Unless you cut the roof off the car, I don't believe you.
  15. Worst mods

    I quit wrapping headers after that race I quit building headers after that race too.
  16. Worst mods

    We built our own header once and wrapped it. Three of the runners broke and one vacated completely. It broke an hour into the race, but we still finished 3rd.
  17. 2018 petitions

    Yes please
  18. Protests

    The old MOV system was horrible, the one day MOV system was a Huge improvement. Opening up internal engine mods is a horrible idea too.
  19. 2018 petitions

    Alright, I read the (44) petitions twice now. I will read them a few more times before I comment. Also, how can I comment on them without them having a unique ID? If I want to talk about petition #22, how do I go about that? Which petition is #22? Did I miss something?
  20. Protests

    I don’t know much about rotaries, but can’t porting and a high dollar standalone get you high power legally? I am really asking.
  21. Protests

    Its really easy to check stroke on SOME engines, sure.
  22. Protests

    My synopsis is @Huggy started the year with some great finishes and now all the haters showed up.
  23. Protests

    I just saw this on FB. Is this what you guys are talking about? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I enjoyed the event right up until the finish, and parte firme inspection. The 2nd-5th place cars all knew that the first place car had cheated, presumably with a stroked M20 engine. One team attempted to file an official complaint. The officials stated that they did not have the equipment to inspect the winning car. However, all they needed was calipers, which we offered to loan them. We explained that it would be completely diagnostic to pull the head and measure the stroke (75mm) and bore (85mm). After very little debate, the officials told us that they would try to come up with a plan in the future, but for this race, they could not investigate the protests. This is the 3rd race that the winning car (Huggins #146) has been brought to the attention of the stewards with no action taken. Deplorable. You are trying to rebrand the series ChampCar, but with this kind of officiating, it is clearly still ChumpCar. The #146 car claimed a stock M20 engine for their BMW E30 (with aero). Miraculously, they finished first, even in front of an EC car with at least one professional BMW driver. It is inconceivable that a stock M20 engine can pass on the straightaways and hills up against several entries with M50 engines. Our E30 with M50 engine and aero couldn't compete. In addition, several entries with true stock M20 engines were left in the dust. Anybody who has spent any time on track knows that a stock M20 engine is going to be competitive with stock 944 and stock Miata engines. No way it is fast enough to lap the field several times. I paid good money to get a seat in the race in one of the competitive cars, and am shocked that my win was stolen by cheaters, and the officials stood by and did nothing. I race SpecE46 with NASA and BMWCCA in mid-atlantic and southeast regions, and promise that my reviews of the ChumpCar series are going to be negative. What is the point in racing a rigged race? People spend hours trying to make cars legal to the rules, for what? So that a cheater can come in without consequence? Shameful. You must fix this. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________