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  1. Agree with Bill on this. It's Indy. Spoken with several teams I have raced with at Nelson they spent their $ racing at Indy. If you have not done so already, I advise anyone who has a problem with the way ChampCar is run should bring it up with Mike Chisek not Bill. Mike does pretty good responding to email info@champcar.org. I think if enough of us chime in adjustments will be made.
  2. Fair assessment, but I think there is more to it than that There is an adjustment period to endurance racing vs heat races There is something different about some of the drivers renting a seat There is a general lack of understanding that not all of us are experienced drivers When enforcement is lax the astute and less discerning drivers will take advantage
  3. LOL no that was just driver error he was right ahead of us when he lost it and my driver did not react in time due to proximity.
  4. I've been mad enough once to consider this due to an equally egregious hit which luckily did not total my car. Honest mistakes I can understand - this type I cannot. If this keeps happening I will have to move on. It will be unfortunate as I really do love this type of racing.
  5. I don't care if you are left, center or right, your car was traveling in a straight line. All he had to do was lift a little and pass on the right. Sometimes you get stuck behind a slower car eventually you can work around it. These are 24 hour races! This looks like someone who has spent too much time in video game simulators with damage turned off. Do you know what penalties were assessed on their driver/car by ChampCar for this incident?
  6. Car count slowly increasing. Still looking for a second entry from a classic American car company e.g. GM, Ford, Chrysler. Hoping some of the teams fresh off their VIR race will decide they want to do both 24 races this year.
  7. I've seen a fully caged big block C3 come in at 2700 lbs and that engine would make it lighter. BTW the 3.9 has an awesome sound straight from the factory if you just get rid of those crappy mufflers. Here is what we did for a 3.5
  8. @67Mustang @Team Infiniti @TiredBirds That's it I'm painting my Saturn engine Chevy orange and moving to D class.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Hope to see the car on track soon. With auto trans it would have been 455 which is where I thought I was starting lol. Had you planned to bring that car to Indy then switched to the E30?
  10. My path into this racing was a little different, though my team also started with practically no wheel to wheel racing experience. We started with a 24 hour race that was to be in October in NE Ohio - with this in mind we decided racing in the rain at night we would want a FWD car. With GM in my background I was happy to find a Saturn that met our teams requirements. It has taken 8 years for us to get the Saturn to where it's pretty reliable. I just wanted to do a 24 hour race as a life experience (like people who decide to run a marathon or do a triathalon). We are never the fastest car on single lap time, but we've engineered the thing to get us some podium finishes and class wins. At Indy we were in the bottom 1/4 on single lap but finished in the top 1/3 on reliability and execution. The great thing about this is you get to choose what you want out of it. Even when we broke and got it back on track we still got a lot of seat team and had some good on track racing with cars with similar lap times. All the success we had with the car is getting me to think maybe we can win one of these, but will require a little better HP to weight and better handling. It is a monumental amount of work to get a car prepped to my new standards with all this experience. My youngest is in college and so I have more time to put into this hobby. Anyway best of luck with your build. Racing what you built is awesome. FYI my first Vette was a 75 and it ran low 14's with a basically stock 350 - it was a street car so close to factory weight. Shaving a few hundred pounds off should make a C3 pretty stout indeed. Also I saw one with a big block and full cage weighing 2700 lbs.
  11. Hey tried to PM you and it says you can't receive messages. 


    I was watching the coverage of Indy I see you guys do not use the shifter to control the transmission.  Does that car have a performance mode?  Have you done any custom mods to control shifting?  What oil temps does your trans run at?  Thinking about building a car with an auto.



  12. The topic of the thread is whether anyone is running a C3. While we're going off topic, I have done a lot of research on C4's as well. Going back to 2016 there are about a dozen instances I could locate of C4's running in ChampCar. None of them netted a top 10 finish. Most of them end up in the bottom 1/3 of the running order. Some of them were quite slow. In two instances I found competitive single lap times. On paper the C4 looks absolutely fantastic - so great I am building one. In practice we find nothing in terms of solid finishes. Making one competitive is going to take something more than the collective effort of ChampCar teams to date. My logic is if I can put a Saturn on the podium imagine what I can do with a real performance car. I think with the right engineering and the extra points that the C3 will beat a C4 in ChampCar. My Saturn starts at 200 points the C3 starts at 150. Thing is I don't want to do all that engineering.
  13. follow up - my research is several years old and the current ruleset is a lot more friendly to this car now. I would not run a V6 you unless you find one that has more torque than your stock engine - as you will need it to move that car There are plenty of published stats on Vettes - how many of each engine went into each year. This might be helpful to know - sorry if that is in one of the links then you have the answer already. Before jumping too far in you might consider getting an opinion from ChampCar as to whether the L-82 or the big block is a special model. Most should not be - unlike the ZR-1 in the early C4 where the production was so limited. Here is what I know, if you buy a 35+ year old Vette for $2k better plan to go through EVERYTHING before you race it. Like all of it. An untouched one is probably better than someone's half baked repair or restoration attempt.
  14. I did a lot of research on this. By 1980 the power was starting to come back (not good but better) and they started making the fiberglass thinner and using less metal. Also light weight rear center sections. Not to mention aero design. Front of the 80 and up is more flat the older style looks cool but creates lift. Also I think these are bottom of the barrel in terms of C3 value. While the suspension design is old, you still have the engine behind the front axle and you have the driver right in front of the rear axle, and low center of gravity. I would totally love to see one on track and done right I think they could be a threat. We just saw that 79 Trans Am winning class and winning at Utah, can you seriously think the Vette would be slower than that? Definitely do not want the older Vettes they are so heavy it's ridiculous. I mean if u could find a 74 or old big block car with enough HP you could do an LS swap but those probably prohibitively expensive to start.
  15. Last year was near 50, 2011 was in the 70's and 2012 in the 50's IIRC. 2018 was the first time back since 2013 and though it was fairly close to VIR 24 it did not have to contend with Indy. I expect more to join after VIR and maybe some of the other races between now and this race - on the assumption that teams want to know car condition, plus it's not fun trying to plan multiple races at once. Then the late planners will join as well.
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