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  1. Started 12th, punted in turn 7 on lap 1 by my friend Troy oops, came out of that 26th, ended up 17th - third race in a row 17th place finish. Had several close quarters racing passes with no contact and one trip into the grass to avoid death. Made mistakes but they were all relatively small. Still got to work on overall pace though my streak of not getting lapped continues.
  2. We need to talk to iRacing that auto generated 81 degree air temps in April in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin: https://weatherspark.com/m/15329/4/Average-Weather-in-April-in-Elkhart-Indiana-United-States Daily high temperatures increase by 12°F, from 53°F to 64°F, rarely falling below 39°F or exceeding 78°F.
  3. edit: changed the date on second Road America practice to 3/23
  4. Track: Road America - Bend Car: Street Stock Setup: CCiS 2021 Street Stock default setup Event name: Mostmint Practice No password - entrants limited to ChampCar iRacing Series league members Date: Friday March 19 Time: 8:30-10:30 eastern time Format: open practice Date: Tuesday March 23 Time: 8:00-10:00 eastern time Format: practice + short qualify + 30 minute race
  5. I put in a lot of practice laps for this race, but still made too many mistakes. Had three incidents where the car inadvertently came to a full stop. The worst was in turn 6 with 5 minutes to go I lost at least four positions back to P23. This opened the door for Kniseley to catch me lol. With 3:20 to go I was still P23. On my white flag lap Alex was closing but I managed to avoid being lapped by about 1 second. Due to others making more mistakes - including several who ran out of fuel - and staying on the lead lap I ended up P17, which is right where I qualified.
  6. iRacing etiquette hints In no particular order, and probably not a complete list, but I thought I would capture my thoughts on this topic to help those new to the series. iRacing has some unique capabilities vs real life and they can improve how we interact. It also has some unique limitations that change the dynamic somewhat Be considerate when merging on track If you do go off track, please be aware of approaching cars. Don't enter the track broadside to oncoming traffic when cars are bearing down on your location. It's very easy to forget about this in th
  7. Track: Daytona International Speedway - Road Course Car: Street Stock Setup: Fixed Setup with 14g starting fuel - download here Event name: Mostmint Practice No password - entrants limited to ChampCar iRacing Series league members Date: Monday March 1 Time: 8:30-10:30 eastern time Format: open practice Date: Friday March 5 Time: 8:30-10:30 eastern time Format: practice + short qualify + 30 minute race Note: I am using last year's setup. I do not know if this is the setup CCiS will use for the official events.
  8. Hello @ASenna one more thought - I do host unofficial practice races for each event - these would be good tools for practice in a bit more low key environment using the same car/track combos we use here in CCiS. I post them in the forum on a separate thread and in the Discord
  9. Hello! Thanks for joining us. Do you have the ability to hear/speak on the iRacing driver channel? If so it might be worth a quick announcement at the start of the race that we have a new young driver so drivers are aware, make proper adjustments, and can also offer advice. Also the broadcasters monitor the channel you might get some recognition on air. I did announce when my daughter made her debut last year.
  10. Pitted lap 7 because I felt I was being held up a bit. Bad move. Came out with no draft and was .5 slower every lap, and ended up with .8 too much gas... er diesel. Crew chief on probation lol. Still managed to finish 1 better than my starting position and on lead lap. Up to P15 in points. I curse the weatherman for giving us 87 degrees in February. In testing I could run within .5 of the leaders, but here ended up .9 off. Also this race was pretty much the exact opposite of the start of the practice race last week.
  11. Track: VIR - South Course Date: Tuesday Feb 16 Time: 7:30-9:30 eastern time Format: practice + short qualify + 30 minute race Car: VW Jetta Setup: baseline Event name: Mostmint Practice No password - entrants limited to ChampCar iRacing Series league members
  12. I joined iRacing to work on driver development. My real life option for driver development include doing a 3 day class at Mid-Ohio for $2500, or doing multiple real life life track days that run $200 and up just for entry not to mention consumables. With $2500 I bought my rig, a subscription, and a dozen tracks or so and run with ChampCar iRacing Series, and have some $ left over. For $200 - cost of a single track day - I can get access to 10-15 tracks and cars that never need money for tires, gas or repair for that price. I believe there are cheape
  13. Trashy lol - yes it has its quirks. I put in about 25-30 laps of testing and got to 1:18.7. I figure the leaders will be at least low 1:17 and probably 1:16 with this car. In the 2020 race at VIR south the best the Solstice could do was 1:19.9.
  14. I kinda thought we would run four platforms this year, but I'd take dropping any of the RWD for a FWD. Most all my real life racing experience is FWD. I don't know if it will make me faster but it will be way more familiar! The Jetta is eerily quiet, it needs gear changes all the time, and the front suspension is rock stiff (not adjustable either). It will be interesting.
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