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  1. While we're totally off subject, Troy's build is on the radar. The question is how many more are not on the radar?
  2. Rule changes and inconsistent enforcement are not unique to ChampCar. I’ve seen this at all levels of racing. I know that’s not an excuse but it is what I tell myself when it happens to me. Driving for a friend we lost a P3 when someone protested and we were assessed points for the differential which no longer requires points! The swap rule has settled quite a bit and ChampCar is working on improving the process allowing members to request changes then they get reviewed by the board and they broadcast the results live. I certainly don’t expect things to be perfect going forward. Sometimes we get stiffed by the rules but we always get to race.
  3. Thanks. 10 gallons? Ouch I have lobbied for the ability to add fuel capacity for points but that has been frowned upon greatly. If I was racing one out east I wold run Watkins Glen the track is full of cars plenty of FCY and with the long track can minimize loss of laps due to extra pit stops. However one track does not a good race car team make.
  4. Thanks. Rooting for all GM cars here we are in the minority! Reason I asked is I was curious the starting point value and general performance capability. There is a side discussion here about LDRL vs ChampCar rules. Setting that aside, do you think it possible to build a ChampCar competitive Fiero with the current rules?
  5. I apologize for the late reply. I did not catch what car you are running. I don't know what "something decent" means but I am racing a 92 Saturn SC. We don't spend a lot of money (like there are no aftermarket parts for the car anyway) but do spend a lot of time on the fine points and in preparation. In the last five races it has three class wins and two podiums. There are still over 100 points left in my TCV and I'm still on 205 tires so I would say wins are possible with this platform. Miatas and E30/E36 are popular since they start out with good performance and can naturally migrate from spec series. It is hard to beat all of them because there are so many, but that is not my concern. My concern is running up front and I can still do that.
  6. Well it's likely Indy will be our first race in 2019. We have credentials though we finished P3 at Nelson in 2018 and BTW we were on the 2017 VIR event shirt among other things. Looking forward to seeing the supplemental rules to understand requirements.
  7. I might be a little late but I filled this out today. I live < 2 hours west of PittRace
  8. LOL. When I started in ChumpCar in 2011 I just wanted the challenge of doing a 24 hour endurance race. It wasn't until 2014 when we went to Michigan International Speedway that I started catching the bug of going to these cathedrals of auto racing. We were in the same garage Jeff Gordon was in the week before! The facility is first class and it was quite a sight to see my car above eye height on the high banks. Then it was Charlotte, COTA, Watkins Glen. I realize we're not running the same track configuration but I still like the cache of saying "I raced at Watkins Glen", not to mention the additional interest of any televised races there goes way up. If the history of these places does not appeal to you there is no other Kool-Aid to help.
  9. mostmint

    Indy 2019

    YouTube video with Mike Chisek - look up ChampCar Endurance Series.
  10. mostmint

    Indy 2019

    July 13-14 confirmed. Registration opens 11/1/18 Clearing calendar now!
  11. mostmint

    2019 races

    Found 2019 event at the end here: https://champcar.org/register/events.php
  12. mostmint

    BMW Endurance series

    Whatever. I’ve raced one, been on the podium with one, they are fine cars for what we do. There are a few premiere tracks like VIR that really attract them. There are some that belong to good teams that I can’t catch with the Saturn but the rest are Blocking My Way. 😉
  13. Thanks. It's been a while but the flag review and any general discussion about passing would be helpful. As memory serves these meetings are required for drivers new to ChampCar. Maybe I need to go listen in on one again.