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  1. Great practice race. Jay, Mark, Clinton and I all had our time at the front. I have a newfound respect for the difficulty of staying in P1. Led 23 laps and was really in the mix for about 2/3 the race until I made a mistake in turn 3 that ended with a close encounter with the barrier. 9 cars entered, and somewhere over an hour in there was 1 second between P1 and P3! Crowded at the front.
  2. Try as we may, there ends up being a lot of learning in tech inspection. For instance the dash bar I have (since 2011) has a bend in it and it looks like its 30 degrees and that is too much of an anlge so now it needs a gussett to shore it up. And SFI/FIA approved means it can't be expired (HANS) according to those entities rules.
  3. This whole situation would be simpler if we were not repurposing parts.
  4. Up next unofficial practice on VIR full course with the legacy MX5 Monday 7/26 6:30-8:30 eastern time zone Practice + qualify + short race As always look for Mostmint Practice
  5. Good driving! There were 5 cars that had 0 incidents. The top 3, me and Aaron. I did not use fast repair either but I kinda did tag the wall with both sides at different points in the race. Steering wheel still straight though.
  6. After 9 rounds, taking top 7 results from each, the top 25 look like this: 1 311 Alex Albert 2 271 Justin Hall 3 262 Nicholas Love3 4 262 Mark W McCormack 5 248 Keith Carlson 6 238 Simon Foweather 7 223 Ian Giebeler 8 190 Charles Kowalczyk 9 187 Bradley Dailey 10 180 Shane Cameron 11 178 Aaron Thorp 12 178 Andrew Cossick 13 169 Troy Isadore 14 168 Tim Weyer 15 166 Mark Krueger 16 164 Jay Sofianek 17 160 Chris Kniseley 18 154 Alex Koffard 19 147 Scott Grinnell2 20 144 Christopher Flamion 21 128 David Palermo 22 127 Kyle Guillory 23 119 Neil Hancock 24 119 Clinton Ford 25 108 Jared Kubit Also, unofficially still 28 drivers still eligible for the year end drawing (5 or more races with over half the laps)
  7. This track is the least forgiving of our season by a lot. We should award bonus points to anyone who makes it to the end without using the fast repair.
  8. I had a love hate relationship with this race weekend Racing in the wet with running water on the track and standing water on the insides made Nelson Ledges a whole new track to race. We started near the back and worked our way up to 14th, which was pretty good considering our lack of dry track pace. The mighty Saturn was not going to keep up with the leaders but there were a lot of cars to pass. This was my first full stint in the rain and it was fun. Also got to see a lot of my ChampCar community friends, and race with them a little on track. And my daughter made her road racing debut this weekend which was awesome. She still has some work to do on pace but only put the car off track once and had contact which damaged a wheel. It was a good next step in her driver development. The wetness was otherwise incredibly annoying. Bad weather on Thursday bent up the frame of our car tent, it was almost impossible to stay dry until Sunday. On Sunday the reality of the ChampCar collective teams developing their cars the past several years to leverage updates rules hit. There were only two cars with slower FTD than us - with a package that was podium car in 2018 and class winner in 2019 at the same track. Hats off to Nelson Ledges for all the updates and somehow making the track drivable despite all the downpours that had the ground so soaked.
  9. Yep I noticed it was wrong on Monday through the website and notified Chelsey. Somehow it got fixed
  10. At 1:14 we are going to get lapped - a lot.
  11. Mostmint unofficial practice Wed 7/7 7-9pm eastern at Long Beach. Not much runoff on this street course, so get your reps in to avoid bouncing off the walls. Car: Mazda MX-5 NC Cup Setup: baseline6.4_CC2021
  12. will the hardtop or a convertible fit over your cage? Seems a bolt down option would be good. Might have a funny looking bracket or two on the car but at it would be dry inside we drive it or open trailer it depending on distance and I slide the windows back into the tracks/window frame for transport any time the weather looks to be sketchy
  13. Well we cracked some piston skirts at a track day last month so that added a bit of work to get the car ready. Still a lot of work left but the engine is back together and should be in the car on Monday. It'll be our first time racing since the 24 at Nelson in 2019, and my daughter will be making her racing debut. See you there!
  14. This race: Tough track to get right coupled with ancient suspension and brake design on a car designed to turn left on hot track. * Had a qualifying lap almost 1 second faster but lost it due to a single 1x off track. * This place magnified my overbraking tendencies, which is made worse by lack of brake lights on these cars. Apologies to all who had to take evasive action * Started P13 ended P14 exactly 92 seconds behind the leader. I had several slowdowns and really blew the braking zone at the end of the back straight one time which cost a lot of time. * Last year I finished P14 as well but there I barely managed to stay on the lead lap - about a minute slower than this year. Last year's performance would have netted a P20 this year - which tells me the quality of the competition is way up.
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