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  1. Thanks. As I recall Charlotte was expensive in the past as well. It was great to have both Ohio tracks in the schedule in 2021. Is Mid Ohio in the same boat?
  2. 18 so far as of 10/7 update. Last year by 10/1 we had 23 done. Charlotte and Nelson Ledges I noticed were on the list by this time last year. Are those tracks in or out for 2022?
  3. I qualified decent but struggled with many things. Forgettable result. Ended up 65 seconds behind the leader in P17. For comparison last year same event I finished 68 seconds behind the leader and in P8. I wonder if the draft helped keep people up front or if we just have a lot better drivers now in the league.
  4. I saw the mess behind and appreciate everyone who was patient with that I don’t think you were the only one. The leader waited a long time after the pace car went off to start but of the top 6 clearly I was the only one late to the throttle. Do you use the UI or the web interface?
  5. Back at home in Jetta. All the vehicles we use have their quirks but the FWD is the strongest for me. Yes Mr. @Rapido it was December 4 in the sim but we were met with temps in the mid 80-s F which was a bit unrealistic. Maybe the random weather generator could be roped in a bit? The grass was green and the leaves were still on the trees but I think changing that will require some help from iRacing Managed a P5 qualifying effort. I got jumped on the start again. I need to figure out why - seems like others are getting the go signal first or maybe I blink too much lol. After that and a wobbly first couple laps including a little off track excursion in NASCAR turn I worked my way back to P9. I then got settled and through decent consistency, some others misfortune, and a good pit stop I worked my way up to P4. Michael Derby was like 5-6 seconds ahead and I could gain a little but then would give it back. Eventually I lost my edge, maybe a little grip, and he increased the gap. Still had a solid hold on P4 and finished there. As always thanks to everyone at Hugh Jass for facilitating these events.
  6. Mostmint unofficial practice with the Jetta at VIR North Tuesday 10/12 8:00-10:00 PM Practice + short qualify + 30 minute race
  7. Tried to shorten the learning curve on this one to no avail. In the cold air and track temps I could get close, but between the heat and the competition I could not get consistent pace I wanted. After the technical aspects of Mid Ohio I really thought this one would be easier but not for me. It seems this track rewards precision I struggled to have. Had a decent qualifying effort though I had a faster time in the practice race the week before and started P11. Before lap 1 turn 1 was over P1 and P2 starters were off and Mr Hurley went too deep and spun someone right in front of me. After that adventure I got to work putting in laps. The track temps were rising slowly and I never could get my qualifying pace. Like a baseball hitter in a slump I had some mechanics wrong but I just kept moving. On lap 2 I had my first of three 1.4 second slowdowns for getting off a bit too far right on corkscrew exit which dropped me back a couple more spots to 13th. Before too long though I was able to regroup and start climbing back forward. Bad fortune for Nick Love moved me up to P12, and my friend Troy saw I was faster and let me by. Lee Muhleman and I had quite a good battle for a while there swapping spots and he kept the pressure on for some time. Getting past him got me to P10. Lee and I got some time on the broadcast since we had some close racing while there was a decent gap between the leaders. Then Ian had some bad luck and got punted off moving me up to P9 - and shortly after moved up to P8 due to another misfortune or early pit. Ahead then was Charles K and he is right behind me in points - so I set my sights on catching him - not easy. Just as I started making ground I got my second 1.4 second penalty which negated all the ground I had gained. After the pit cycle I was in P7 and Charles was behind me in P8. He hung in striking range for awhile but couldn't keep the pace. The second part of the race was pretty quiet. It took some extra concentration to stay focused on the event and not make mistakes. Fortunately I kept it together and finished P7. So while my pace was not up to my expectations, I made very few mistakes, avoided carnage, and matched my best finish. Better result than I was expecting prior to race start, and improving my chances of finishing in the top 10 in points.
  8. We have 20 drivers eligible for the participation award, 8 of which have met the 12 race requirement already. unofficial points standings (best 9 of 13): Position Points Name 1 412 Alex Albert 2 408 Mark W McCormack 3 363 Nicholas Love3 4 354 Justin Hall 5 339 Keith Carlson 6 303 Simon Foweather 7 287 Ian Giebeler 8 259 Andrew Cossick 9 252 Charles Kowalczyk 10 242 Mark Krueger 11 235 Alex Koffard 12 233 Chris Kniseley 13 232 Troy Isadore 14 230 Neil Hancock 15 219 Aaron Thorp 16 215 Tim Weyer 17 214 Shane Cameron 18 201 Scott Grinnell2 19 190 Jay Sofianek 20 187 Bradley Dailey 20 187 David Warden2 22 178 Clinton Ford 23 172 David Palermo 24 166 Gregg Vandivert 25 162 Jared Kubit
  9. Managed a great qualifying effort, totally mistimed the start, punted Ian when Mr O-ring backed us up on second apex of turn 2 and I underestimated how much he would slow us down. Neal and I were having a good battle til we got held up by that guy weaving and blocking and playing dumb, then he tried to pit me going on turn before the hill. Other than that I was horribly inconsistent and this track rewards precision I was lacking.
  10. With all due respect to @Rapido I'm putting up a thread for the next race in our series of 16. Please edit this or post an update, and I'll correct or delete this one. Session Details Practice Round 1: Wednesday, 29-September-2021 - sorry not posted in time! Championship Round: Wednesday, 6-October-2021 Practice Start: 6:30pm ET Qualifying Start: 8:30pm ET Race Start: 9:30pm ET Car: Mazda Miata NC Cup Track: WeatherTech Laguna Seca full In-Sim Practice Session Date: ?? In-Sim Practice Session Start Time: ?? In-Sim Time Multiplier: 1x Weather: Auto-Generated Setup: iRacing Baseline Fixed Setup with 6.4g starting fuel Fast Repairs: 1 License Requirements: Practice Rounds (None), Championship Round (>D2.0) You can catch the live broadcast at the link below courtesy HJBC when it happens.
  11. OK fair. Broadcast technical support guy was in a race car.
  12. Which tires are available in 2021 that were not available in 2018? I've been running RE71R since then. Pretty sure the RS4 was out back then (but not certain). Why in the last three years driver improvements happened like they had not in the 7 years prior?
  13. Went to Mid Ohio for the first time with a team designed for rental drivers for the first time. It was great to not have to organize anything and focus just on driving. Knew the most teams I ever recall racing with including 60 Degree Motorsports, Band of Brothers, GWR, Hugh Jass, Money Shift, RBank, Shut up Racing, Stay Focus’d, and others On Friday afternoon I slept in and showed up around noon. As I started walking around I noticed @Paulie Veltum in his vehicle, and quickly learned we were driving the same car. It was great sharing a team with him over the weekend! In the early afternoon I got about 20 minutes in the car to get acclimated. The Racer X E36 had good power, and did everything right. It was the first car I’ve raced in with an aftermarket digital gauge panel with lights for the shift. I’ve seen these many times before on iRacing! If I drive with them again I’ll have to learn how to operate that thing as the display can show you a lot of different things. After putting in many laps in iRacing in advance of this race (for the ChampCar iRacing Series earlier in the week), the differences of real life became apparent quite quickly! Mid Ohio is a relatively rough course, and it’s a lot harder to use the curbs since there are real drop offs where the dirt has been worn away. For the track day in the afternoon we borrowed space in RBank tent. Being in proximity I was asked if I wanted to help out with the pit stop during the sprint race. It was a mini display of the focus they have on pit stops and was happy to keep up and do my part. After the race hung out with the team for dinner, then off to home and sleep in my own bed. On Saturday Paulie was up first and set FTD for the car. His stint was going great until about 2 laps left when the LR went off setting up for turn 9 and he got into the wall. Luckily just cosmetic damage, a missing mirror, and a slightly shook up driver. Max was up next, and he put in a couple hours of steady laps. I got the third shift. This car was fun to drive, and there were a lot of cars to pass. At the favorable end of the hp to weight ratio I was able to be selective of when to pass. Unfortunately my mic wasn’t working, but Paulie was on the other end sharing relevant info. It was a bit surreal since I’ve heard him on the broadcast so many times – he did a good job. I ran contact free and only put two off once. After that Kyle came in and finished it out laying almost two hours of hot laps – as we short filled a bit the last pit stop and he couldn’t quite make it to the end. While he was out driving I hopped in my street car and went around and took pictures – something I rarely have time to think about when I’m running my team. Our result could have been better, but we lost time in the off, our pit stops, the short fill, and some variance in driver pace. As a paying driver the on track experience was great. It was amazing we ran all day with only one FCY, and hats off to Mid Ohio for allowing hot pulls, and all the safety crew that kept bringing in disabled cars. Our sister car did not fare as well and was the unfortunate victim of a money shift during the day. For Sunday we had an extra driver. Still had plenty of time in the car. With a decent draw and a quick car, Jim had us in P1 by the first FCY. Somewhere near the end of stint 1 the lap times started dropping off and the rest of us drove a car that ran fine but was clearly down on power. After Justin and Max it was my turn. My stint then went from passing so many cars to managing traffic passing me. We had better tires but not enough to offset the power. I was so busy being irritated the power was down I didn’t make great adjustments to utilize the additional grip! Pretty sure @Hugh Jass passed me while I was out there – like déjà vu of so many iRacing events lol – and very different than my experience with the 337 car Saturday. Anyway except for getting tagged on the LF when someone came over at the end of the front straight I had a clean stint and brought the car in on FCY when the red Miata lost its RR wheel in the carousel. Kyle finished it out for us with no further incident. I clearly have work to do on adjusting more quickly to a different car, as well as in race changes (like less power/wider tires).
  14. We can try it but I’ll be in the lowest point class getting passed by the leaders every 15 minutes. It is the beginning of class racing because low point cars will have a very hard time running up front.
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