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  1. For a stock engine, these sound amazing with the right exhaust.
  2. Besides iRacing and Forza 6, any games that have the Indy road course? Edit: Gran Turismo 5 and 6 have it but one turn complex before pit in not on there
  3. Two chances for mid pack or one for top 10. That’s how I look at it I know the Saturn can make 20 hours
  4. For the record I will be on Bridgestone tires
  5. mostmint

    Megasquirt help: I'm sooo close

    Let me ask a really dumb question - did you start it with the old ECU in current configuration? Just trying to confirm something not related to the Megasquirt is causing a problem
  6. mostmint

    Mostmint Racing

    And the hardware.
  7. mostmint

    Mostmint Racing

    Saturn: Serious Attempt To Upend Racing Norms. Victory formations
  8. Seems to me there could be a second Indy event in 2019 it would sell out also
  9. mostmint

    Indy 2019

    Just 83 entries in the first seven minutes
  10. mostmint

    Indy 2019

    Should say need $ for entry fees and gas
  11. mostmint

    Indy 2019

    Looking forward to crossing the bricks many times. Sent email with questions to info@champcar.org with 2019 Indy Question in the subject as the FB post suggests
  12. mostmint

    Indy 2019

    Supplemental rules are out. $2800 per car 100 car max. Also shows track layout.
  13. mostmint

    Mostmint Racing

    We have been racing since 2011. With the same car. A teal Saturn SC. It has over 11,000 miles of Champ Car Endurance Series racing as of October 2018. Have had lots of team member changes. Spawned one team with a second on the way. Of the last five race weekends we have two P3 finishes and three class wins. 2018 Nelson Ledges 24 hour: 3rd place + B class win 2017 Watkins Glen twin 7 hour: 18th, 52nd, VIR 24 hour: engine change, 57th 2016 Charlotte 14 hr: 3rd place + A class win, Mid Ohio 8 hr: 5th place + A class win 2015 MIS 14hr: 6th place, 2014 MIS 14hr: 7th place, 2013 Nelson Ledges: 2013 14 hr: 12th place, Pitt Race twin 7 hr: 15th, 18th 2012 25 hr: 15th place; 2011 25 hr: 51st place The car was purchased with the cage, Corbeau racing seat, CAI, KYB struts, and some spares for $1200 Factory rated at 124 hp, it has DOHC, 5 speed, independent rear suspension, four wheel disc brakes, factory 4 into 2 tube header Modifications include: Megasquirt ECU, custom 2 into 1 downpipe with 1 3/4" tubes, 2.5" exhaust, Saturn Ion knuckles, ball joints, rotors and calipers, power steering delete, coilover springs (on factory struts), passenger floor mount battery, vented hood, rear Superbird style wing, lexan rear windows After we blew up at VIR due to pistons failing in out of round bores, we bored the engine out .5 mm and that moved us up from 1.9 to 1.92 liters and into class B. Drivers throughout the years include: Matt, Tom, Dave, John L, Andy, Joey, Tony, Scott, Dean Crew and support: Tony, Rachel, Kurt, Rhonda, Fred, Walt, Gwen, Chris, Dave S, John H - sorry if I missed anyone This whole thing started when my friend Dave sent me a video link to a citrus 24 hour race - it was the last 10 minutes of the race and in a Mazda Protege. This was the trigger that got the whole thing started. Saturn: A different kind of company, a different kind of car I guess we race an unpopular platform, though many people had a Saturn as their driver car in the past. Up to now it really hasn't phased me that much. There has been a lot of learning, preparation and engineering to get the car where it is now. We went through a crank, many wheel bearings and hubs, a few sets of pistons, a couple heads, few body panels, and a windshield among other things to get here. Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MostmintRacing/
  14. mostmint

    Non-oe Pistons and points?

    The Saturn got bored .5mm over when I could no longer cost effectively find a block that did not need overbore. I'm using junkyard blocks. I got some flat top pistons (like the factory) and put them in there. Boring out the engine way cheaper than getting a new block or sleeves.