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  1. Hello. You are right where I was in 2011. There are a couple things to think about. The first is what is your objective? If you want to put together a car and make laps on track then this car is probably as good as any to start. If you want to win races with the first car you build, this may not be the best place to start. The second is can you get spares for this car? If other similar vintage Corollas are in the junkyard or available cheap on Craigslist you can acquire spare engine/ transmissions fairly cheaply. You can also expect that Corollas in the junkyard have a lot of miles and may have been neglected but probably not raced. As to why you don't see them (or for that matter many non-standard platforms): There are several strategies teams use when they choose a car. One is to take a platform they have raced (spec E30) and make an endurance race car. Another is to read the rules, scour makes and models to find some combo that provides favorable characteristics (hp to weight, gas tank size, handling ability, etc) and build from there. A third is to see what is running up front and build that. The path I chose is none of those. We went with FWD (new drivers racing in the rain at night), 5 speed, independent rear suspension and DOHC as our primary requirements. Eight years later we are still racing the same Saturn, but there are very few of them out there since they don't meet the first three strategies. As far as getting faster, we chose to keep improving the same platform rather than start from scratch. Edits: I have a 2015 Corolla stick shift. It reminds me a bit of the Saturn, though it is slower mostly I believe due to all the extra weight it carries being just a bit bigger but also having all those creature comforts. Also worth noting is investigating availability of aftermarket performance parts. There are practically none for the Saturn (e.g. for a good set of plug wires I had to adapt from another application).
  2. I agree with Snake - I don't see what is broken so why would we change this. Similar proposal was brought to the board and turned down Sure our classes are quirky but like what metric are we trying to meet - equal distribution of class wins? Allowing rookie teams to win their class? When I showed up in 2011 we ran in the back because we didn't know what we were doing - there was a lot to learn and no amount of classing was going to fix that. Quite honestly if a new team wants to drive Watkins Glen or Sebring or Laguna Seca are they really worried about closing rate? I know that wasn't on my list of concerns when forming the team and running in my first race. After that, well we had sampled the crack, er I mean product FWIW we raced at Nelson Ledges last year at 394 TCV and I am 100% sure we could fit the limited prep proposal and stay under 400. We finished 3rd. How does that help?
  3. I see the speed creep. I think more points need to be assigned to some of the allowed add on parts.
  4. I can't bring myself to race with them at all, under any circumstances.
  5. Whatever the intent was, that is not the intent now. Now it gives teams a chance to race against similar displacement vehicles inside our larger race for the podium, also gives a few more teams a chance to collect some hardware. Everyone in ABCD is still racing against the entire field for the overall win which is one thing that makes this series unique. I'm not interested in being in "stock" class and being doomed to being crushed by the faster classes. D class won the 24 at Utah last year. Though it wasn't invented yet the 25 at Nelson in 2012 would also have been won by D class. I'm sure there are others. Most of the popular spec cars end up in C or A leaving more opportunity in D or B for a class win. Of course at any given race you may find a ringer in B or D it's just the nature of the game.
  6. Charlotte on my favorites list. However if you put in the chicane this track goes off that list for sure. And FWIW it was the only place I heard people talking about my Saturn as "cheaty". Should be my all time favorite just because of that lol.
  7. By saying "tracks we run" I assume this includes only what is on 2019 schedule Charlotte. Where else can you go flat out at over 120 through a 180 degree corner. And the road course is decent. First class facility Gingerman. Do love the technical challenges this track presents, relatively lower speeds, tons of runoff in most places Nelson Ledges. Mixed emotions with this place. It is where we started. It is primitive, excepting for the relatively new pavement. It is easy on brakes but speeds to me are harrowing - particularly with those ancient tire barriers. What these all have in common to me: - Night racing - Podium finishes
  8. The short version of any track. So far I've have to run the short course at Gingerman and Mid Ohio (admittedly not much shorter). Can't stand it the track is there so use it. After that it's tracks with not much runoff. Took a lot of time in the simulator to convince me to go to Watkins Glen. I don't think these get to the point of the question though. I don't have a good answer for that as I'm not too fussy about track configuration.
  9. Only one podium P1 P2 P3. We have seen every spot on the podium filled by cars representing each class we use. This will not happen in WRL or any other true class racing. Last race I was in had A B and C on the podium - Mazda BMW and Saturn.
  10. Funny EC cars were not a problem until they started showing up at the front of the pack. I don't like EC cars there is enough speed differential between the faster and slower ABCD cars. It's just a matter of time before an EC has an incident with a slower car or a contender and mucks up someone's weekend. Last time I checked this league is open to beginners I can't see how that speed differential is a good thing. It is my opinion the ABCD cars should have preference for attracting sponsors over EC. EC is not supposed to be here to win the race. To be clear if ChampCar wants to have them I'll go along, but the confusion needs to be addressed. Even if we can keep it straight on the broadcast, what is recorded will cause confusion. If we run two races then there will be two winners as the EC teams will certainly say they won the race -> creating confusion. I don't like this either. I advocate a set laps penalty based on length of race (1000 lap race = 200 lap penalty, 500 lap race = 100 lap penalty or whatever likely keeps them out of the top half of the regular scoring). I could also support them being classed and taking penalty laps based on their TCV.
  11. Mostmint Racing put down our deposit today. As long as the racing gods at Indy cooperate we will be at Nelson to defend our P3 from 2018. It's a little more than three months off now - time to start thinking about it!
  12. I would like to provide comments on the petitions with what I submit. Has someone created a Word version of the table on page 3? Edit: did something myself: 2020 BCCR Petition Index PageNumber Petition NumberPetitionTopicPetitionAuthor NotesPassFail 1 1Incorrect Swap Formula MathChris Huggins Answer: 3 2Incorrect Swap Formula MathChris Huggins Answer: 5 3VPI WeightChris Huggins Answer: 8 4Cars not added to VPI tablesChris Huggins Answer: 10 5All new vehicles must be approved by BODChris Huggins Answer: 12 6Swap RulesChris Huggins Answer: 15 7Publish / Make Public Swap SheetsChris Huggins Answer: 17 8HeadlightsChris Huggins Answer: 21 9Carb/Intake manifold/Throttlebody pointsChris Huggins Answer: 24 102x Rule define national chain store / ReceiptsChris Huggins Answer: 28 11JDM / EDM EnginesChris Huggins Answer: 31 12Suspension BushingsChris Huggins Answer: 34 13Skid PlatesChris Huggins Answer: 37 14Model, Chassis, Year, Generation definition ClarityChris Huggins Answer: 41 152019 VPI List ErrorsChris Huggins Answer: 44 16Fixed Point Value –Heads, Valve Train, CamsChris Huggins Answer: 47 17Fixed Point Value -Drive ShaftsChris Huggins Answer: 49 18VPI Lexus IS200Chris Huggins Answer: 51 19VPI –Mazda RX7ChrisHuggins Answer: 53 20VPI –Mitsubishi Lancer EvolutionChris Huggins Answer: 55 21VPI Table Note #1, #2, and #3 not included in BCCRChris Huggins Answer: 58 22Definition of an Automatic TransmissionChris Huggins Answer: 60 23VPI –Toyota CoronaChris Huggins Answer: 63 24VPI –Volkswagen Beetle / Super BeetleChris Huggins Answer: 66 25VPI –Dodge / Plymouth NeonChris Huggins Answer: 70 26VPI –Weights –Nissan 240SXChris Huggins Answer: 75 27VPI –Pontiac FieroChris Huggins Answer: 78 28VPI –BMW E30 M20B27Chris Huggins Answer: 81 29VPI –BMW E30 M10Chris Huggins Answer: 84 30Prize Race CreditsMatt Terrico Answer: 86 31Empty Pit Box During RaceAlex Macevicius Answer: 88 32Headlights during inclement weatherChris Kniseley Answer: 90 33Shocks pointsGreg Kuhn Answer: 93 34Black Flag During non-Green Flag conditionsJason Cange Answer: 95 35Maximum Swap CostJeff Christianson Answer: 98 36National Championship Qualification RevisionJeff Christianson Answer: 101 37VPI –Inaccurate WeightsMatt Terrico Answer: 103 38VPI improvement for better competitionRich Cook Answer: 105 39Logbooks open to all teams throughout the raceRob Greenwood Answer: 107 40VPI changes from year to yearSean Norman Answer: 109 41VPI –Swap VPI Tom Moorhoff Answer: 112 42Fender FlairsTroy Truglio Answer: 114 43Oil AccumulatorsTroy Truglio Answer: 117 44Limit fuel to 94 OctaneAaron Bluestone Answer: 119 45HeadlightsJustin Lipson Answer: 121 46Use OE instead of the term stockMatt Terrico Answer: 123 47VPI –Ford FocusChris Huggins Answer: 127 48Raw Swap Calculation as listed in the BCCRNathan Gardiner Answer: 129 49VPI –Cars being raced but not on the VPI listNathan Gardiner Answer: 131 50Safety –Roll cage Pedal Box BraceBill Strong Answer: 134 51Safety –Fueling with passenger side fuel cellBill Strong Answer: 136 52Safety –Roll Cage Design Clarification in BCCRBill Strong Answer: 139 53VPI –Move to a common Swap VPI SystemBill Strong Answer: 141 54Oil AccumulatorsBill Strong Answer: 144 55Non-Podium Tech Inspection Bill Strong Answer: 146 56Open Tech Policy Andrew Nabb Answer:
  13. Yes 2012. So much irony we helped convince Mike to lengthen race from 12 to 14 hours. Oops lol
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