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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/534887237145446/ I know some team is racing the Maserati Biturbo
  2. Our racing year in review: Raced the mighty Saturn at Indy and Nelson Ledges: 2 race weekends, 2 post race interviews, 2 class wins, one top 5 and a quick cameo in the video at 20:28
  3. Mostmint originated about a decade before the team started. It started with a 76 Trans Am I had - which I jokingly said was in "mint" condition. It was solid but the poor thing did not have a straight panel on it. Me and my buddies would kid around about how mint our cars were - which only led to me claiming I had the most mint car.
  4. 2019 trophies. Since 2016 we have done 7 race weekends, won class in 5 and within those also had two podium finishes. All with the mighty Saturn
  5. Well I finished third to an E36 at Charlotte in 2016. Too old? An E36 set FTD at the Nelson 24 this year.
  6. We lost a wheel at Indy on day 2, fixed it, and won B class. 15 B class cars that weekend. Maybe it was that high HP Saturn engine that carried us! You're just jealous lol
  7. Looks nice and clean underneath - one of those small things that will help greatly as you work on this car
  8. We call that role crew chief. We have a list of all items planned for each pit stop. crew chief sends texts to group in advance of pit stop. About 30 minutes ahead all the items on the checklist are assigned to someone. Sometimes crew chief will do ice, change SD card in the camera, hand over gas cans, do radio checks. Crew chief also make sure we have someone on the radio, we have gas cans refilled, and have a mechanic type on duty in case the car comes in unexpectedly.
  9. So the obvious learning here is about the fake belts. My best guess on how to avoid buying them is stick with a reputable seller. I am curious if anyone had any additional thoughts on this. The second lesson for me is to look at the runoffs and decide the longest path to the wall. There are a lot of risk vs reward decisions to be made in just a couple seconds here. It looks to me like he was trying to avoid the wall entirely by trying to take a wide radius left turn, except that didn't work and it ended with a really hard hit into the wall. It is a decision I could have just as easily made myself - not wanting to wreck up the car. However another option to consider is to take a much wider arc or go straight as it looks like the end wall for that runoff area was further away and may have scrubbed off more speed before impact. Reviewing the off track layout and thinking about disaster scenarios like this have to go into my pre-race prep with my team. Practicing in simulators, observing in the track walk, reminding drivers ahead of the race are all things I need to add to the plans for races as a result of this. What track is this? Was that a sand trap he went through?
  10. To my fellow ChampCar club members, I cannot support having Mr. Myers on the board. The reason I bring this up is there was an incident on the last lap of the 2019 Indy race (Saturday). In turn 1 he missed the corner by a lot and hit us in the right rear - hard enough to buckle the strut tower and the trunk floor. My driver never saw the car that hit him and we were not racing for position. We hung around the garage for several hours after the race prepping the car for Sunday. Never sought us out, we were pitted right next to them! Only when I talked to another team who witnessed it and they checked video overnight did I figure out who it was. I confronted Mr. Myers the next morning when the cars were in pit lane pre-race, then he told me we did not give him room to race (we did - watch the video) and apologized about the damage to our car. https://youtu.be/OckeFXH607M People make mistakes on track - we're racing in a beginner league I get that. However his actions post-incident are not those of someone I would consider for the board.
  11. I am not sure OEM is required, but definitely agree to get quality parts. I have been to this school of hard knocks as well
  12. I would love to see the safety aspects of this track improved. I believe they would get a lot more sanctioning bodies holding events there. We are not that fast compared to some classes in other leagues. With that said, we raced for 24 hours there and every car but 1 that went off was able to continue. I will also say that the safety of the Armco at Watkins Glen seems worse. I've run Road Atlanta in the simulator countless times, and that last turn before start finish has so little runoff and has a lot of speed - can't bring myself to race the car there.
  13. Happy to report no one needed welding this time. We were offered to use one of the huge generators there and we had access to grid power as well.
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