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  1. Had a good run! Made it into the top 1/2 for qualifying and finishing. 2:18.294 qualify was a new PR for me but I was not able to replicate that speed in the race. Was happy to get that close to leader qualifying times with this long and technical track, and being < 4 months into iRacing. Only one off requiring the car to stop, but many little mistakes (wrecking without wrecking I sometimes call them) also cost me some time. Just finished watching the HJBC coverage on YouTube - several adventures for some top 5 drivers with our less experienced drivers! Kind of a wild card out there - does remind me though that ChampCar is an entry level series. Usually try to pit one lap before leaders come in but this time Justin came in right behind me and I went one lap time rolling down pit lane looking for my pit stall. If it were a one hour race I think I could have managed to finish on the lead lap. Looking forward to Indy with the street stock car! My default car settings failed tech at VIR I'll need to figure out if we all get the same settings or do I need to figure that out too before 9/9.
  2. I've spoken with Mike Chisek in the past about this it seems most of our ChampCar counterparts don't really want to do 24 hour races (edit: enough to support one race which is at VIR). Car count in 2019 was low although we all know Indy was a priority for a lot of teams and that money had to come from somewhere. Going to need some help from other teams convincing ChampCar to do another 24. 8+7 not a good format for the Saturn it is not fast enough to run up front for those types of sprints lol. If we run it next year it'll be driver development or with a new car. Still love the track
  3. Not the first person I know with VR problems. Must be a lot better than 3 monitor setup to take the risk of fail? I'm only into this about 3 months and running a budget 3 monitor which I'm quite happy with now. just trying to figure out VR vs monitors
  4. Relevant. Certainly I have no issue with this type of discussion. Actually at the more productive end of what goes on in this forum IMHO
  5. Considering current owners inherited that mess (decades of pile and not restacking properly), and they do not have unlimited funds, this is something requiring more work. This year there was an earnest effort working with the SCCA and many other supporters to start improving the tire barrier situation. The focus of the weekend was on the corner worker stations. As Kentite mentioned earlier it was a muddy mess but lots of improvements were made, and considering the current social distancing environment, it was nice to see people showing up to help. Don't get me wrong there is a long way to go. Current owner knows what state of the are barriers look like, that these are not that, and has been working on a solution to replace those tires with something better. Can't tell you when or if he will succeed, but when you look at the shear manpower required to restack all the tires as an owner, you have to decide to make that investment or wait for the final solution. The business of getting rid of all those tires is not simple, as tire scrapping is quite expensive. In addition, they have been acquiring nearby properties so in some places they can move the outside walls further back to provide more runoff. I can empathize with the problem, as my Saturn hit the barrier a few years back at relatively low speeds and rolled over since the pile is more of a ramp than a wall. While the barriers tend to be hard on cars, I have not heard anything about injuries from cars hitting the tire barriers. I will share with track management this line of discussion from this thread and hopefully the tires can get re-stacked in the interim to fix this. In the meantime on parade laps or first laps at any track, drivers should be assessing the safety barriers and driving accordingly. This could be a good point to emphasize in the driver meeting, just to help raise awareness (did not attend this year so don't know if it was discussed). If I were them I'd start charging restacking fees for impacts with the nicely stacked walls so they can get people in there to keep it in current state so future volunteer or other efforts are toward improving.
  6. April and May will be soggy, and / or quite cold. We had snow up here the first week of May. September into early October is probably the best weather wise but ChampCar has to figure out how to fit in all the races
  7. thanks for the video. 1) any off in that fast section of the track is likely to induce a spin 2) I'll talk with track management about the access road maybe the ground can be redone to avoid tripping like that. I'm guessing they already know but I'll say it anyway. Edit: they have addressed the issue by fixing the grade up to the access road. I'll inspect next time out
  8. one hour away. what size rim? Beretta guys have my contact info as does Fred Wolfe. Will try to check back later And I am behind Premium Dudes now in yellow car? and what BMW engine is B class?
  9. Without the fans the Indy and NASCAR races look a little more like ChampCar races. We just need a few more big haulers in the pits lol.
  10. 16 took the start. I managed to eek out a 1:39.9 and started 10th. Practice went reasonably well but when the racing started so did my mistakes. The first two offs netted only cosmetic damage and I was able to continue albeit in last place. My third off was shortly after pitting for tires/fuel and resulted in enough wall contact that I had to nurse it in and use my fast repair. Despite all this I still finished 9th the last car one lap down. Most of my places gained were due to attrition. Expecting more of the same on race day. You have to respect this place or it will eat your virtual car!
  11. I appreciate your perspective on it. I drove the first ChampCar endurance race weekend there in 2016 and the event was sold out. MY friend towed his car 20 hours one way so we could race there. I am not a great driver but the complexity of this track make it interesting to me, though I struggle understanding what other drivers like in a race track. I joined iRacing in April and have done just the last three ChampCar iRacing events - funny thing is I have actually raced at all the tracks used virtually in those events. I liked them all though I liked Charlotte roval better without the chicanes off the speedways sections. Bummer on the penalty. I finished 14th and stayed on the lead lap by less than .2 seconds which was my excitement, and moved up from 105th to 60th in points lol
  12. I had 9 - all 1x offs. I read it wasnt being enforced though I was not realizing what that really meant til I watched the replay on YouTube. That is a large track for 24 cars. Fortunately with the relative position window I could see the guy behind and not get too complacent since there was no one in my vicinity. Unclear why the car count down so far from Charlotte which was not that long ago.
  13. If all of the prior races run under the ChumpCar name count, then we did have 72 cars make laps in 2011. Admittedly the attrition rate back then was much higher so it may have felt like there weren't that many after the first couple hours. In the records, there were only two cars that broke into the 1:20.xx range back then. This year 1/3 of the field will be faster than that. Some of that is the track repave and some is the evolution of our cars. In 2011 the Saturn ran 1:26 and last year it ran 1:19. Not sure what the question was. But yes we were there. this was the most recent installment of an annual track day I have organized there for 6 years now. This time we had 9 ChampCars participate in this event. The endo'd E30 happened in practice on the old pavement - (watch closing rates please) and the airborne was a case of red mist gone overboard (my opinion). As far as passing there are plenty of places to pass. For high power cars front straight, between 1and 3, short chute before turn 4, turn 4 exit about 1/3 into carousel, back straight, are obvious choices. Momentum cars can outbrake into 1, 4. There are other choices for the better drivers. Two wide through the kink not advisable as it is slower so if you get side by side on the back straight you may want to give - particularly if someone is catching you. What I recall from the high traffic days is that sometimes you just need to be in the lane with the faster cars. Also you will see three wide racing during this upcoming race as the leaders will be in a hot hurry to pass cars and stay in contact with each other. If you leave 2/3 car width on the inside just don't be startled if someone tries it.
  14. For the record, the practice round had the exact same format as the race will.
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