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  1. Wait what your suppose to wash your gloves?😧
  2. You can also try race ramps. Or taller stockish tires just to get car in and out of trailer.
  3. When did they sneak this in? NO MORE FREE PARTS!!! Next they will want more fuel cause they swapped in a bigger motor and now they can't go 2 hrs. NO MORE FREE PARTS!!!
  4. I have a BUNCH of na8 stuff. I thought almost everything minus the motor and sport brakes would transfer over though. One question i do have is will 15in rims fit over the sports brakes.
  5. Why is it not legal? I thought these were fia certified and therefore good for 10 yrs.
  6. I found a good deal on a nb2. I have heard that nb1 was the way to go at least for track purposes. Comments?
  7. So if one does not have coil-overs they have to pay the same 10 pts per corner for na top hats?😧 10 pts for mounting hardware sounds a little steep. I do agree that being double charged for mounting hardware when everyone else gets it for free is wrong.
  8. Any news on the laguna date? I know they changed management but trying to plan next year and its still not on calendar.
  9. espog

    COTA fuel usage

    I heard cota was something like $225k the first time we were there with optima street whatever it was called.
  10. Lost a grey pelican case with various go pros at race this weekend. If any body saw it please let me know. Reward!! Thanks
  11. There was a race at MSR Houston 2 yrs ago. Only 15 cars were there. Im guessing this is why we dont go there anymore. The race was in july iirc. Thats why it was such a low turnout in my opinion.
  12. Thanks Tyler, I actually was freaking out a little.
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