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  1. We have billies and we were charged 40 points (by Jay) for having nb top hats.😥
  2. COOL! Thanks Bill. Its gonna be our first time there looking forward to it.
  3. Will event still be held with only 11 entries?
  4. Wal-Mart 20-50 change after every race. Whatever brand i can find 75-90 for trans and rear diff
  5. Hhr Because texas is the red headed step child of champcar and this is the only race champcar offers in texas even though it sells out every time. Laguna Because corksrew. Nough said! Barber Only did it last year in the monsoon. But beside the rain had a blast. Except for the kitty litter😫
  6. I personally dont care if you add x amount of laps or make a seperate page. What i am more worried about is that an ec car does not have to be on the vpi list. Or that one can put a motor from a car that is not on the vpi list. I always thought that even though they are ec cars they all had to play by the same rules. Just like they have to have 180tw tires. How long till we see ls1,or coyote powered miatas being the norm. This is not what champcar should be about.
  7. images.mp4 So what your saying is that i can build a ls miata... Hmm.
  8. What????? I thought all swaps had to come from the vpi list?? Am i missing something?
  9. Bro what happened to your lights??? It looks like your trying to run from the cops. I didnt see them till after you hit the car. You guys are truly brave souls.
  10. NO MORE FREE STUFF! If your tires dot fit go with a narrower tires! Simple
  11. How about the original rivals. Jackson motorsports group has some in stock.
  12. espog

    2019 races

    So no laguna? What happened? Also ECR was on the list when it first came out not anymore what happened?
  13. Trying to make driver lineup for race and was wondering if na8 miatas had issues going 2hrs at barber.
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