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  1. espog

    Rolling miata fenders

    NO MORE FREE STUFF! If your tires dot fit go with a narrower tires! Simple
  2. espog

    RS4s out for season... which tires to run?

    How about the original rivals. Jackson motorsports group has some in stock.
  3. espog

    2019 races

  4. espog

    2019 races

    So no laguna? What happened? Also ECR was on the list when it first came out not anymore what happened?
  5. Trying to make driver lineup for race and was wondering if na8 miatas had issues going 2hrs at barber.
  6. Some people only get half year memberships for half the price.
  7. espog

    Another tire question?

    Update FWIW We ran the re-71s and they were worth about a second a lap faster than the rivals and star specs. However they only lasted one day. 😧This was at harris hill raceway a 90 sec track.
  8. espog

    What Tire Size Does Your Team Run?

  9. espog

    Another tire question?

    I was just trying to see if i could get a second or so a lap with new tires. Thanks
  10. espog

    Another tire question?

    We have no problem with blistering or chunking. Just wanted to try something different. Right now we can get at least 1.5-2 full race weekends on a set.
  11. espog

    Another tire question?

    No aero. We have always been happy with a 205, but we have never run a 225. So we dont really know what we are missing out on. Car weighs around #1940 dry. My theory was that we are small/light enough that 205s were fine and we might not generate enough heat for a 225. Just a theory.
  12. I have a sub #2000 miata with 8 in rims. In the past we have run 205/50/15 rivals(non s) and been happy with them. I was thinking of maybe going with something different like the re71's in a 205 or the rs4's in a 225. They dont make the rs4 in a 205. Thoughts?
  13. espog

    This is only a test...

    This shiz is getting crazy, i count 5 ads on this page. When is this going to stop. By this time next year we are going to have to go straight to page 2 to start reading a post, because the first page will be nothing but ads! PS: why cant the stuff about the vir race go in the OFFICIAL vir topic page.
  14. espog

    2018 petitions

    Not mandated. So teams are stilll scrambling at the begining of the race. You really expect them to bring something from their house that they dont need.