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  1. If i remember right a miata won at cota this year beating crowd control.
  2. Does not have to be mega points for everything and 500 pt max does not have to stay the line in the sand. That could move to a different point value.
  3. I do not mind classing based on points. But if we are basing on points then anything not oem should be points. I find it silly that if we base everything on points and then give stuff away at 0 points. Makes absolutely no sense!
  4. If classing is gonna be based on points then EVERYTHING not oem should be points.
  5. Surprised no one said poly bushings. And lose weight!
  6. I don't know what happened. but I have added the BMW to the entries. You need to go add your drivers, and I need your driver pool and pin.
    I think your driver pool is 480, but I need the pin.



    1. espog


      Driver pool 480

      Pool pin 3801

      I went ahead and added one driver the other apparently needs to pay dues. I changed car as well.

  7. Dont worry there will be tape on the car in a few different places. Wouldnt be a racecar without it!
  8. Well officially we are car #0 but we run 00 on our car. It is 0 on timing and scoring. Sometimes they do have us as 00 on timing and scoring. When we first started 10 years ago we started as #00. Three or so years into it they made a rule banning a 0 in front of another number. After Chisek took over and i asked if i had to write a pettition to get #00. He said we could run 00 on our car but we would be 0 on the official timing and scoring.
  9. Have not raced this year because of covid but we have raced every year since 2010. We are Two Beaners in a Bucket car #00 a 99 miata.
  10. So is the bumper cover good enough or do we need the crash structure underneath?
  11. You can also try race ramps. Or taller stockish tires just to get car in and out of trailer.
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