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  1. There was a race at MSR Houston 2 yrs ago. Only 15 cars were there. Im guessing this is why we dont go there anymore. The race was in july iirc. Thats why it was such a low turnout in my opinion.
  2. Thanks Tyler, I actually was freaking out a little.
  3. I was at hastings. It was a 10.5 hr tow from dallas. Harris Hill sells out twice a year every year yet no new texas dates besides cota. We did cota the first year. Now that it has been taken off our bucket list we as a team will never go back. We are in a stock miata and have NO fun getting past by everybody on both straights. In the past couple of years i have towed out to laguna and barber as well because of the lack of texas dates.
  4. Just an fyi for those who are in charge of getting tracks for next year. TMS ECR Hallet MSR Houston MSR Cresson Harris Hill These are just a few of the local tracks in Texas, or close to, that we could race. That is if you guys dont want to dump on texas next year. P.S. Running HHR twice a year does get old after a few years in a row.
  5. I also spoke to mike this weekend about Texas and all he mentioned was Cota.🙁 Also an fyi, ecr is STILL being repaved/reconstructed. O well i guess there's next year or wrl.
  6. I can bring some fajita meat if you are willing to cook it on your grill? Cooks fast. Should be at least two of us coming to dinner. Still trying on getting a third driver.
  7. Get a 90* turn and face it toward passenger side. They check from the drivers side of the track at the front straight.
  8. We have billies and we were charged 40 points (by Jay) for having nb top hats.😥
  9. COOL! Thanks Bill. Its gonna be our first time there looking forward to it.
  10. Will event still be held with only 11 entries?
  11. Wal-Mart 20-50 change after every race. Whatever brand i can find 75-90 for trans and rear diff
  12. Hhr Because texas is the red headed step child of champcar and this is the only race champcar offers in texas even though it sells out every time. Laguna Because corksrew. Nough said! Barber Only did it last year in the monsoon. But beside the rain had a blast. Except for the kitty litter😫
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