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  1. {yesterday} - decided it was a far better idea to go play at the track instead of going into work. Ran the first laps in the new car. Which means "Ana" (short for Anastasia) can now officially be introduced to the world! Things went well. Overall car feels good. 4th session finally started really pushing the car, chased down a M4, ran my fastest lap of the day and then promptly relocated vast majority of the power steering fluid from inside the system to the underside of the engine, most of the engine bay, left suspension, wheel, brakes, a good portion of the left underside of the car, some of the left fender/door, some of the track, and the windshield of the Vette that I let back past me as I was doing my best to make it back to the paddock with minimal impact to where grip was really needed. Today, I'll be changing out the P/S line (which failed at the crimp) for the spare and ordering a new one. And cleaning up the underside of the car and checking everything over again. And then finishing up the little bits to make her legal (master power switch and fire bottle).
  2. And here I thought those oval ducts in front of the rear wheels didn't do a damnthing on those cars...
  3. ^you'll get another ~20 lbs if you just leave the doors off... Last couple of nights in between teleconferences with Japan, managed to get coolant and brakes bled, phase-1 brake ducting installed, rolled the rear fenders, suspension torque check/mark, fix a P/S leak that showed up with latest engine run cycle and system check and tidied up some of the harness. Test day on Friday. Weather outlook indicates that I also need to get the wipers functioning and probably get the roof panel on the car. At least a wet track can help to highlight handling issues.
  4. NigelStu

    Decibel rating

    Most tracks have a mic positioned somewhere along the track. Records as cars go by. Or organizers dictate where mic goes. Won't be in same spot relative to throttle use, rpm, side of car, near things that bounce sound around, etc at every track. If you are concerned with sound level, increase the muffling ability or get the exhaust aimed the right way for where mic is located. If you are concerned and don't want to change car, find out where the mic is and make sure you are off/part throttle when near it. And then be ready to mod the exhaust after corner workers/competitors call your car in for being loud.
  5. NigelStu

    What to race

    @dvot - come join the 9:15 EST GTC race tonight! SLowstice on Summit.
  6. NigelStu

    What to race

    Lower splits just means less potential points for championship. Example, top split winner may get 120-140 pts, 2nd split winner gets 80-100, while 3rd / bottom split winner may only get 60 pts. Splits are roughly grouped by iR and keep approximate "skill" level together. Get better, improve the iR and you can move up the splits and score more points (along with getting to race with drivers that are less likely to do stupid stuff).
  7. 2 major milestones today. 1 - finished putting everything required on the car and put the tires on the ground for the 1st time 2 - And then did a couple laps around the neighborhood. Kept the revs low to keep a low profile (ha!), and kept it slow to check things out. Nothing strange happened, no weird noises. Steering is a bit off and brakes need a full bleed, otherwise it seems she's ready for her first test!
  8. NigelStu

    What to race

    Mudskipping! But that is just week 13 fun. Radical is a lot of fun and definitely challenging. Could be a fun series to run for sure. But I will say, just like in real life, go for something low power to learn in. That makes you learn how to use all the grip available in the turns and balance the car to get everything out of it. Power/aero can mask deficiencies in skill a bit. Low power cars don't really have any advantage over other drivers anywhere, so it all comes down to skill and maximizing what you have. I ran GTC cup last season in the Solstice. It is slow, and understeers terribly. But it is a solid series that doesn't have quite the level of BS that is generally found in the <1500 iR in MX5 races. I will run that car again this season since I am still a few seconds off pace of the really fast guys. I still have not figured out how to effectively get around corners in the virtual world without the G's. Still learning how to use 2 senses to the maximum with my best sense on mute.... SRF is another similar series with lower power and focus on driver skill. Granted Solstice and SRF and Dr Jeckly and Mr Hyde when it comes to handling. Solistice = do whatever you can to get that f'r to rotate (it still wont). SRF = do everything possible to not induce any lateral G's with no or reducing throttle otherwise it WILL rotate.
  9. It even looks super geeked about going really fast down the straight to Donnybrook too!
  10. The car started for the 1st time ever in this configuration. Time for celebratory beer.
  11. NigelStu

    Roll cage back stays - BCCR 3.2.4 questions

    Hence why I said almost flush. So wall thickness is maintained.
  12. NigelStu

    Roll cage back stays - BCCR 3.2.4 questions

    Yeah cut those off. Cleaner to grind down the old weld to about flush with tube. More flexibility for new tube location and less PITA/ugly. Little hard to tell in the pics, but top of RR shock towers likely a good place to go. That main hoop looks nicely close to the roof.... you care about a couple holes in the roof for access to get complete welds? Might be able to go down the bend instead if there is good access through window opening. Add bracing, end up with something like this.
  13. yeah. Nothing to see here, move along.....
  14. Agreed! Well, low points might be easier to get than larger races, but coming out of that weekend with <4 pts is going to be a challenge...
  15. I see you are taking cues from Tubby, but I think solid tow hooks take paint better. (btw: Those tow hooks will make their way into the new car. or related parts. at least one. maybe special tool to add to the toolbox/trailer.)