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  1. Yes those are for foot/lower leg protection. They end at the firewall, welded to a plate which is welded to body (similar to all the other main cage tubes). That is right about where the tire would try to come into footwell in a frontal impact. @wvumtnbkr has pics from his car which shows why that is a good idea.
  2. ^correct. based on your pics, I don't see any issue with your A-pillar bars. Looks like they follow the a-pillar far enough that moving it further forward wouldn't really add extra space. IMO, not worth the cage tear-up to get they extra 1-2 inches near the bottom. Get the shin bar dash bar moved up to appropriate place, gusset as required if you need a bend to clear steering wheel space.
  3. With A-pillar bar moved forward: Easier ingress/egress . Easier to tie A-pillar tube to body. Easier to make dash bar straight(er).
  4. Yeah, you want that bar up and away from legs. For both ingress/egress and crash safety. My E36 - similar to what Huggy did, except I was able to do this one wi/o bends Datsun - based on the tech article, looks like I need to modify this one as I only have small gussets bottom side of dash bar to A-pillar. I bent it this way to be able to tie into the cowl and give hand space.
  5. That one is on hold for a bit until the BMW is ready to go and I can get out and about to find a good drive train for the swap. Probably going to hold it to more like 7k. Targeting 13:1 on the nose.
  6. Math isn't working for my car(s) right now. Both are pretty light at the moment. E36 is probably ~2100 ish lbs as it sits without driver Datsun has to be ~1700 ish, maybe less.. But neither has an engine/driveline in it, so zero HP.... This is an irrational discussion for me.
  7. If you get Bill to join your team for the 7-hr, ya'll can't crash into each other like IRL.... 🤣
  8. Team Name: Bavarian Mustache Werks Number: 662 Class: P718 GT4 Driver 1: Ben Schaut Driver 2: Jason Cange Driver 3: TBD
  9. I am still flabbergasted that I actually spun that car during the practice round. These cars have the rotational stability of a cruise ship in dry dock. Still looking forward to the race and navigating the sea of Sonoma in my mini Boaty McBoat-face!
  10. That looks like normal I96 / I94 traffic through Detroit area on any given winter evening... eeek.
  11. I am HOPING I can get the Datsun out for this one. But if not, the BMW might do OK too.
  12. how about a pic of what was still attached to the wheel?
  13. I'll echo it is likely a nut torque issue. Small potential if bearing went that it allowed for the axle nut to loosen up and disappear. Or somehow stretch in the axle itself. Or threads on nut failed/stretched. Or the corner wasn't fully assembled. Those nuts take a ton of torque, and shouldn't just come undone. When rebuilding, make sure bearing is full installed, hub is pressed in completely, axle fully seats and confirm your torque numbers with a second, known good torque wrench.
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