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  1. No can do. But I could get one of them 'Hobart hookers'... lol.
  2. Slowly getting all of the refresh/replacement parts for this season together and prepped. A number of replacement parts from the crash at VIR, and a few maintenance items. Left front knuckle replaced with new hub, new rear toe arm and spring arm ready to go, new bearing installed in replacement rear trailing arm if that needs to be swapped out, replacement steering rack cleaned up with new inner tie rods and boots installed. Then I tackled a diff rebuild. Figured the one that felt a bit weird and not really limiting slip anymore needed new discs. It did. And then some. Luckily, BMW didn't change internal parts from e30->e36 and I was able to dig out some old spider-gear housing pieces from an old partially broken diff that still had good usable friction surface. Bit of cleaning, a few new parts and it's ready to get swapped in for the other open-ish LSD in the car now.
  3. Discord is a good communication app for messaging, etc. Great place for organizers to give updates and announcements (when they start using the system for that), ability to have a place to show standings, ability for members to share paints, files, etc, say hi to fellow racers or talk about the race, trash talk, bench race,etc. During events, it is a better way to talk to other racers (using discord) - multiple people can talk at once. Seems to work better than the iRacing chat function. Plus if you are in a group running a different race, you can chat in discord and not bother the other racers (or give away strategy)
  4. Last night's race went much better than last week. Almost the entire field behaved through turn one (as opposed to half the field all trying to occupy same space as others last week). Nice improvement, hopefully its even better next week. Seemed like mostly clean racing throughout and only a few mistakes that hurt the competitors. Managed to learn some things and dropped on average 2 sec per lap. Had a lot of fun running with Andrew and Devin after the pit stop, learning more by doing so (well, at least from Devin lol). Too bad I turned in a bit too soon on one of the laps near the end (combo of how dark it was and being on one of their bumpers, I lost all visibility of my 'normal' brake/turn cues) and got a cut course, which dropped me out of draft and I wasn't able to recover with my current pace ability. A second cut course sealed the deal for B-rad to catch me (quicker than he was already doing). He must have taught me something else, as I ran my fastest (dirty, but still fastest) lap on second to last lap in the pitch dark. Finally broke that 1:40 mark! Now, if this 2 seconds per lap per week drop continues.... I could give the podium a run. 😂
  5. NigelStu

    2019 ChampCar.Sim Schedule

    PCC is open setup, so I don't see how baseline here translates 1;1 to PCC races. I know I picked up some time relative to competitors once I started changing a few setup items to dial out some understeer. A couple of basic/simple changes (rear sway and tire pressure) does a good job of dialing out a chunk of the understeer that induces some frustration in the handling of the car that anyone can do really easily and doesn't make the car a tail-wagging handful. Plus understeer is less fun to drive than neutral. Of course fast drivers will rise to the top regardless of the setup, but I feel that lesser drivers will not be able to extract as much comparative performance out of a car that has a strong tendency to understeer. Us mortals have a tendency to highlight the handling issues (if a car has some understeer, mid-packers and the rest tend to plow off the track, if it oversteers a bit we like to spin it to win it!). I would expect larger delta in speed between mid-pack and pointy end with strong understeer vs a balanced car. I'll hold off for any other comments until after we see how the race goes tonight. Would you guys be open to potential simple setup changes based on vote from drivers that attend tonight? Get a participant voice on how the masses feel the car works.
  6. NigelStu

    2019 ChampCar.Sim Schedule

    I encourage a change from the base line. With soft rear bar, baseline damper settings and square tire pressure setup, this car is Titanic-esq in the turning department. Baseline seems to be a fun-sucker setup on this car. Car is much more enjoyable to drive when it is freed up a bit. Please at minimum, change the rear bar to stiff/hard setting and drop front tire pressures a few psi compared to rear; it'll still be on the pushy side, so 'safe' for those new to the car. Could also consider changing the overall and/or front rear balance for damping and minor camber/toe tweaks to make the car work better without making it difficult to keep the ends of the car in proper orientation.
  7. https://apexperformance.net/shop/brakes-pads-rotors/brake-pads/performance-friction-brakes/?fwp_make_model_year=1988%2Cbmw-1988
  8. NigelStu

    E36 Sedan --> part out

    Discovered some really shady back-yard repairs on the rear subframe while going over the car today (wheel stud "welded" in to sort-of help keep the front RR subframe mounts roughly in correct place. maybe...). Chassis is a no-go for a car build. So.... Part out? yeah, part out. Upper body is in decent shape, only driver door and left front fender are things that should probably just be tossed. Some decent parts on the car. Running engine, working trans/diff. I'm keeping a few small parts for sure, but if you need something, let me know. Pick-up for large/heavy bits. Can ship at buyers expense. Things can go cheap, so toss offers my way.
  9. NigelStu

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Fine Robs, I'll explain it better just for you. Take your car, ready to race, make vertical walls 12" away from FR/RR body. Keep aero inside that. Loves yous buddys.
  10. NigelStu

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    For you... No more aero for you! For everyone else, take the car as it sits with whatever factory components are in stock location, make a vertical wall that follows the shape of the nose/rear end, move those walls to 12" in front and behind the car. Keep aero within that space.
  11. NigelStu

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Never ceases to amaze me how something that seems clear to me can be interpreted so differently - that just goes to show how differently people think about things and why it can be difficult to write short rules. While it doesn't specifically say, assumptions based on like-to-like dimensions for the other aspects tell me its the top most part of the wing assembly (airfoil, mounts or endplate) that must stay below the 12" above roof line. Splitter max 12" forward. Should be pretty clear that means the front-most part of splitter can't be more than 12" in front of front bumper. Wing max 12" rearward. Should also be pretty clear that means the rear most part of the wing assembly cannot go beyond 12" behind the rear bumper. Using same logic, that puts the top-most part of the wing as the limiting point for the 12" above the roof. Measuring gap between roof and bottom or airfoil does not follow the same logic as the other parts. Think of it as you have a box around the car that is placed 12" in front of car, 12" behind car and 12" above roof and touching the sides of the body. All the aero has to fit within that box.
  12. NigelStu

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Intent of the change in base swap points on the NA is to make it so that any NA that gets a particular engine swap ends up at the same points. That wasn't the case before and it is now. What you have now is a 375 pt car (+50 for engine swap, +25 for diff). Based on the performance at Sebring, it appears to be pretty competitive for speed as it sits. NB chassis is different than the NA, and needs to remain separate. NBs are a chunk heavier, bit more structure/rigidity and some suspension differences (along with more stock power). NA with 99+ components ends up with better power to weight ratio and plenty of points to make suspension changes to match 99+ handling capability, so extra points is reasonable. Miatas have all sorts of potential, and it shows in the results all the time.
  13. In a nutshell, had a 50:50 season. Half being just off the podium for the standard version of racing, other half being much closer to the "podium" in the golf version (lowest # laps 'wins'). Goal was to have fun with my Dad and brother, and that goal was definitely achieved! Secondary goal was adding to the trophy collection, and we were oh so close! Out of the 4 weekends: 6th, 35th (DNF), 47th (DNF), DNS, 16th (minor crash), 4th, 4th, 32nd (DNF) Long version: 2018 was a bit of a rebuild year - figuratively and literally. All new complete car build after we were helped to retire the old TBR car at Road America fall race last year. Anastasia (Ana for short) was a complete chassis tear-down (with some good fun weekend of help from the teammates) and build-up. Lots of rebuild/refresh parts with goal to make a better car than what Tubby molded into greatness over a number of years. It mostly worked. Still kept the front tow hook. Its still red. We did get the whole Bavarian Mustache Werks gang back together (Tracy being the other original team member), and even pulled our former main crew guy up into drivers duties. This team aspect was all sorts of awesome that just adds a whole other level to the fun. Racing wise, the car was pretty good out of the box. Faster than last year, but not fast enough to keep up with a chunk of the competitors' improvements. We came out of the gate fairly strong, grabbing a 6th place at Gingerman first weekend out after battling through some pretty shite weather and none of the drivers really feeling at ease in the wet with the setup on the car and discovering a couple of issues that directly impacted performance. The new build wasn't without some teething issues, as the engine I found locally from a fellow autocrosser only had about 16 hours of run-time left in it. Unfortunately, Saturday was a 8 hour race and I put about 4 hours of test time on the car.. That left us a tad short for Sundays 7 hour race as we smoke screened the back straight and made really cool sparkly bits out of the engine... Ended up 35th out of 45 for Sunday. Snagged the old TBR motor from the wrecked car a few weeks later and get it installed in time for Pittrace. Practice day there showed some promise, but a missed shift by 2nd driver ended our day. Had a VERY interesting experience at a local salvage yard, but alas, they couldn't even locate the CAR the engine was supposed to be from/in... that weekend was done, but we did get to have a blast on the kart track and the special Mike C milestone (100 races?) pot-luck was a spectacular good time. 2 weeks to Road America. I managed to source an engine locally (from Spartan's - thanks!) and get it installed and running. A few other small improvements, but missed out on a key one. Improved some of the handling stuff we found at Gingerman/Pitt. But it was cold and started to rain. Quickly changing conditions caught me out and I did something I rarely do. Spun the car coming out of 3. Found a tire wall. Damage didn't look bad at all, but it pushed the exhaust up under the bumper and I was feeling a little nauseous by the time I got back to pit lane. That took a bit of time to fix, crew did a great job using unusual tools/methods to get things about back in place and sent me back out for rest of my stint - dropping form about 8th to 55th. Team ran well rest of the day, eventually switching over to the A/S tires we should have put on when I pitted for the repairs and managed to crawl up to 16th. Sunday went much better, clean race other than a BF call for contact that never happened. We lost a lap at the time of the BF, but were given most of the time back via being allowed 4 min pit stops (ended up calculated at losing only about 1 min, which wouldn't have made a difference). Good weather pretty much all day. Team ran well. The cold weather helped with power, and made the car thirsty. The improvement I did not get to was with fuel system, and we 'starved' with 3 gallons left in the tank on the 2nd driver near end of his stint. We pushed it to 1:50 so that we could make the race without an extra stop. He nearly ran out of gas at pi-in. Remaining drivers had to run fuel conservation mode, and we were able to make it home in 4th. it felt AWESOME to get the car up into impound with so few races on the car! We also got lucky enough to win a door prize basket full of goodies (ya'll really should stick around for awards ceremonies!) Made some more changes for VIR and made the trip down there. Weather was as nutty as you'd expect Global Warming / El Nino impacted mid eastern coast to be. Kept it clean with solid driving all around from the whole team in the treacherous conditions. I had an epic chase down in the last stint, managing a pass that finally stuck to snag 4th place going into turn 1 on the last lap. We had a good dinner and some delicious beers that night. Sunday was going well, crawling up to 6th/7th by around half way point of the race until once again rapidly changing conditions caught us out and one of my drivers lost the back end of the car when the inside tire spun up very quickly on a new slick spot through the uphill and he made one of the corner workers poop his pants by trying to high-five him out the window. Luckily (ish) the guard rail was there to stop anything terrible from happening. Broken and bruised, we changed the necessary parts to get Ana on the trailer and brought her home. Repairs underway with a few more improvements planned for 2019 while we are at it. First race will be the Championship in Charlotte.
  14. Dude, you can't even remember who's driving your car for Indy.... (sorry Robs, I had to.)
  15. Justification for question being this is a well established NASCAR oval that has run races under the lights at night, and NASCARs don't have lights. I don't know how well infield is lit (if at all), or if regardless of there being adequate track lighting if the cars still required lights just because of time of day. I'll add 'working head/tail-lights' to my to-do list.