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  1. Bunch of stuff over the last couple of weeks. Would have like to have gotten more done to get car done in time for Gingerman 1st weekend of April, (especially this weekend since it was gorgeous out), but sometimes normal life gets in the way and sometimes cars are just a-holes. I miss having week nights to play in the garage. Last weekend/week - Sealer/paint removed from key areas. Cage landing plate templates made, plates cutout, bent into shape and a few welded into place. Saturday - Got lucky at a local you-pull-it place that had a black E36 that had a good-enough front bumper still on it. Checked out some of the other cool cars on the lot too (C3 vette, Mitsu 3000 GT, number of turbo saabs) Fuel tank - new lines/hoses fitted to replace those 24 year old things I don't trust. Check. Not so bad other than feeding the new vent tube through the body and figuring out how to connect it to the tank in the 3 sq inches that are available with the tank close enough to actually connect it. BMW engineers are a special kind of jerks with how they decided to design things.... fuel tank re-installed. with the welding in close proximity to the tank done, time to put that thing back in. holy mother of pearl, I don't want to do that again. Ever. I think my neighbor a few doors down might have heard me coming up with new ways to combine colorful language. What I thought would be a nice easy way to finish off the day and head out for 'job well done' St. Patty's day happy hour by 6, turned into giving up for the night and just having pitty beers well after happy-hour had ended at my local brewery. Today, new approach that included raiding my bolt assortment and getting creative with a few tools. As soon as the 1st strap was in place, the rest went in without more new words... With fuel tank finally in, I could put the drive-shaft back on. replacing CSB was took 3 tries as the old worn one came off in 3 pieces. It was definitely time to swap that thing! Rear suspension - last of the new bushings installed, trailing arms in. Then i discovered that the diff gets in the way of the inner control arm bolts. DOH! luckily diff doesn't need to be out, just lose, to get those in. Might have finished that work off, but the replacement rear shock that was supposed to be here by end of day yesterday is MIA. In the end, checked off a bunch of things and added a couple of small items to my to-do list (now includes bending up some new rear brake hard-lines, since both of those had stronger rust than hex - even with some liquid wrench soaking and brake fitting tool). Car is coming together, just not sure if car will be ready for opening OTD at Gingerman in a few weeks... Still pushing. Luckily there are a few other test days available.
  2. Yes to a Euro trip over summer break Weight balance with Jetta sounds like a good way to go. Thought about the start. At least for this track (and maybe others with a long run-up to turn 1), can we run split starts? Things seemed to be a bit dicey with SS cars coming very quickly through the Miata field from green to turn 1. Everyone seemed to have done well and avoided major catastrophic events, but no need push the envelope if we don't need to. Other tracks it seems just fine to run w/o split start, Daytona looks to have more potential for issues.
  3. There is enough track lighting on the road course that the SS shouldn't have too much of an issue (not sure if that is the case on the moto course). Should be a very interesting race with the SS cars having to pass a 20 long train of drafting miatas every couple of laps This is maybe out there for next 'season' (or for an extra fun race? or mid-season addition?) but looking at the Miata lap times posted so far, it looks like it would be just fine to open things up to the SLOWstice and Jetta. Miata looks like its a tic or 2 off the Jetta in times and in the neighborhood of 5 seconds faster than the Solstice (races I did in GTC this week, fast laps are ~2:10 in Jetta and ~2:17 in Solstice). It would be just like our own A-D class. A-Slowstice, B-Miata, C-Jetta and D-SS
  4. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/group.asp?GroupID=NOMEXTHREAD thread AND nomex hook&loop fasteners. Don't go sticking regular old plastic based velcro stips on your suit - those will just create neat permanent indicators on your arms that you chose those wrong material (in the case of a fire)
  5. Worst mods

    "De-fogging" hose curved around passenger side A-pillar. did nothing to keep windshield clear, but did an excellent job of directing water from outside the car onto what would normally be the dry side of the driver....
  6. ^This. I did the update last night and it took ~40 min or so.
  7. Roll cage "pre-inspection"

    Jim - where are you located? I'm assuming not too far from Gingerman and hoping near-ish to Detroit area. If that is the case, I would be more than happy to do a good look-over on your car. I can't give final official blessing, but I've been around racing and various rule books long enough to give a educated evaluation. I am NW Detroit area, and plan to be out at Gingerman for testing April 7th weekend.
  8. Along with fixing the tiny rust bits around RTAB pocket, I also started removing the sealer to prep for cage. Looks like I have a chunk of floor repair to do... That whole seam at back edge is held together with hopes and dreams and the hole on vertical surface is much larger than it looked like it was. Not sure what happened, but moisture was definitely hanging out in this area for a while... Boo.
  9. I consider 4.7.6 to cover rusty parts of a car (aside form requirement to replace floor bits for safety structure as indicated in Rusty metal can be considered defective, broken or ventilated depending on how severe it is. Teams can replace components with OEM equivalent. The body is 'part' of the car. It would be pretty daft if repairing rust/crash damage was not allowed without points; that would add a lot of points to a lot of cars. In this case, since I know that the one particular sleeve has significant rust associated with it; between the bolt snapping off inside, a few weeks of penetrant oil, heat, beating, hammering, EZ-out attempts to no avail and the sleeve moving rather easily when I tried using a hammer/chisel to knock the bolt shank loose, its clear there is rust on the inside of that portion of the RTAB pocket that has compromised the integrity. I opted to repair the area with a U-shaped piece of metal approximately same thickness as the pocket material. If tech wants to add some point value for the .04 sq ft of metal I used, so be it. Either way, I'm at ease knowing that I have done something to greatly reduce the likelihood of that corner failing.
  10. ^Yup, that corner of the pocket with the stud is suspect for integrity from the rust - don't want to mess with a significant load bearing portion of the car so it will be getting some repair/reinforcement. At least the rust seemed to be localized to that corner.
  11. I gave up on removing what was left of the rusty broken bolts that holds the rear trailing arm on, and turned that one into a stud. At some point, the rubber plug above that bolt came out on this chassis, allowed what must be the entire shank to rust solid to the car, didn't take much effort at all to snap that bolt head off when I removed it (bolt extractor was a no go, surprised I didn't snap that thing....). Nextup is fixing the other rusty bits (entire car was pretty clean, except for that little section, seems strange). The bit around the fuel tank strap holder concerns me.
  12. E30 15 x 8 Wheel advice needed

  13. Infiniti G35 sedan

    G35 sedan is essentially a longer, heavier 350Z from the same era with a large enough fuel tank to go ~2 hrs. G35s are nothing like the Maxima beyond the parent company and the name of the engine (The "previous Gen" I35 was essentially a Maxima, but the G35 has a completely different chassis with completely different suspension that is a variant of what is found on the Z car). It should be a fun and fast/capable car. I would HOPE that valuation given would be really close to the 350Zs/E46 330i. 540-550-ish would be reasonable in my eyes. With a good build and strategy, potential to make up the laps is there. That said, forum speculation is all this is. Email tech.
  14. Nickel's Pitt BBQ - excellent Rooster Fish Brewing - also excellent Wildflower Cafe - also excellent