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  1. All the stuff got put back on the engine/car, relocated the fuel filter (terrible stock location in an incredibly difficult place to get to on one of the engine mounts...) and mounted the oil-pressure sensor. Hooked everything and the engine fired right up! Glad to have Ana alive again!
  2. NigelStu

    Pitt Race Potluck

    Now I wish I had a home-brew in fermentation....
  3. NigelStu

    GT86 in chump?

    The new crop of 200tw tires --> Hoosier A7s, based on my recent experience, would be worth 3-5 seconds per lap with the same tire size and no other changes. Drop the weight and do some power adders and it'll likely make up for that differential. Suspension changes to keep all mods at 0 pts probably a wash compared to T4 specs. I think it would be a fun car, and would have potential to chase down the field a few times over the entire race distance. Build it / bring it.
  4. Replacement engine is in the. Next time, I'm pulling the trans with the engine. More things to do, but much less effort/difficulty in getting things mated together and slid into place.
  5. A-pillar down tubes tend to go right through where lower leg passes. like this most awesome image I just drew up (my art 'skills' are for sale.... LOLOLOL!) Blue lines = vehicle body Green lines = standard 6 point cage a-pillar tubes. wrapping leg around this has potential to make things uncomfortable. Getting that bar as close as possible to the body limits how much wrap around can happen and keeps bar as far from the leg as possible. Put some SFI roll bar padding on this part to help. Orange lines = the optional foot protection with intention to prevent intrusion of tire/wheel into foot box area. These can be added in a way to envelope leg area, as pictured. If a plate is added to the inner portion of the triangle, you end up with a flat surface for leg to bounce off of, no wrap around. Other options, the firm foam crash pad things circle track guys use for driver door area. That could be trimmed and fill in area between a-pillar and firewall to keep the surface ahead of the a-pillar down-tube 'flat' / in the same plane as the down tube.
  6. See my post for the chassis for sale - I can have a race ready sedan for you over the up-north off-season, built to your specs.
  7. One of my teammates took an opportunity to pick up a cheap '93 325i sedan (over-heating engine that seems to be lack of proper coolant bleeding and lack of some basic maintenance) for some spare parts for our car. There was no intent to use the chassis, but it turns out it looks to be in very good shape - no signs of crash damage, minimal rust in battery tray and no other rust noted. If anyone is looking for a good chassis to start a new build, this could be a good one. Its solid, and should get a second life Chassis is currently located in Wausau WI. Car could be sold as a bare chassis or roller for cheap. Or I could start/complete a build for you to your specs, from a caged chassis to track-ready for 2019 season. Time is limited for this, as he doesn't have the space to store a chassis for longer length of time. If no interest, it'll get scrapped.
  8. Yanked the old engine and found where the stuff in the intake came from. Cylinder #2 has misplaced a couple of key components.... I hate it when I can look into an exhaust port and see light in the cylinder.... Such a mess, entire driver side of engine bay is coated in oily/watery crap. Clean-up and heading over to BlackHawk farms this weekend to watch some racing and pick up the replacement.
  9. Dunno. Can't confirm since I didn't have data in the car. And the video stopped recording ~15 minutes prior. Doubt it since that driver is the type of guy who would fess up if he did. Now that doesn't mean it wasn't over-revved just a tiny bit back in the day from the previous auto-crossing owner and the every so slightly bent valve finally fatigued. Or the tired old springs couldn't handle 6500-ish RPMs anymore and floated something. Just because I wasn't able to fit that engine in the back of my truck when I did the parts run over Christmas (had the bed packed to the TOP of my high-roof bed-cap), and I had this supposedly good running engine in my garage already (it was the spare for the old car)
  10. After having a bunch of fun out at PittRace over the weekend, hanging out in the ChampCar tent for a few minutes here and there between tossing my Miata around the track, got home and started disassembling the engine so I can pull it. A closer look has indicated that the engine did much more than just blow a headgasket at Gingerman. Water in the oil (lots of it), oil/water mess everywhere (in the exhaust, intake manifold, ICV). at least 1 valve bent. And then there is this... I don't think the throttle body is where stuff like that is supposed to be. Cracked the throttle to find Aluminum in various particle sizes in a nice oil and water mix. yummy. It was a cheap-ish used engine I found locally from an autocrosser. Apparently it was about 3 hours shy of usable run time to complete the Gingerman race weekend. This weekend, I head over to help a teammate out at an SCCA race and pick up one of the spare engines (actually, its the old engine from the former TBR car)
  11. Welp, started pulling motor apart for the pending replacement. The engine did more than just displace a bunch of water out the tailpipe down the back straight on Sunday... This was in the throttle body - a nice slurry of aluminum chunks/bits/paste, oil and water. And there are things that rattle in the intake manifold, some chunks on top of a couple of intake valves and one intake valve that is visibly bent. And a gallon or so of water poured out of the oil pan before water started coming out. And the ICV was full of an oil/water mix. There is now a giant oily mess covering everything on the intake side of the engine. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the issue isn't just a headgasket that finally gave up the ghost after the unknown number of miles on this engine... I'm guessing there is an exhaust valve stem sitting there wondering where the rest of it went.
  12. NigelStu

    BMW Endurance series

    Of course, it is all relative. Absolute HP numbers cannot be compared dyno to dyno as there are too many variables. Heck, dyno type and correction factors have variance as well. I'm assuming Mustang numbers. Was the previously mentioned 190+ on a Mustang? DynoJet? Will has spent plenty of time on dynos and knows his approximate/average numbers. Both our cars were on track at the same time, door to door running down the back straight, so conditions were the same. We essentially conducted a couple of ~60 mph starting roll-on drag races. Will knows a lot about his car, I would be surprised if he doesn't have a good estimate of drag. With all of the information at hand, one can make a solid assumption of the WHP delta between the 2 cars and translate that back with reasonable accuracy to what my E36 likely would put down at NCM if I had been there. The key is, I am confident that with data and comparison, we can estimate that a ~190 whp E36 isn't out of the question with legal work done and simple external legal modifications done.
  13. NigelStu

    BMW Endurance series

    Real-world data from last weekend. With help from nerdy engineering expert. I have a stock single-vanos M50 in my car. Unknown mileage (guessing on the high side based on vanos / lifter noise). Basic maintenance stuff, fresh rebuilt vanos unit, fresh plugs/oil. Only machining I did was to clean up the exhaust manifold to eliminate any step from the head and reduce impact of the bolt embosses (can't do much with the plastic intake, didn't touch the head). Put in a nice smooth 2-1 collector at stock cat location to 3" straight back. Stock injectors/MAF, simple cone filter, Conforti/Turner off the shelf chip, 93 octane. That's it. We had power advantage over at least 80% of the cars on track down the straights, even with the extra heft (~2710 lbs with driver at race start). Hey @Hi_Im_Will - since you know all the details on your car... Comparison time! How much wheel horsepower would I have to put down in my E36 to be able to pull that car length on you guys down the back straight at Gingerman this past weekend? Saturday morning in 1st stint, had a couple of times when you guys came flying up on me through those turny bits in 8-9-10, and could pull up along side coming out of 10, then I could beat you guys down to braking zone by a hair (well, beat you guys to MY braking point... lol). I'm guessing I was able to get ~1 car lengths 'gained' down the straight. Even just equalizing acceleration rate to GWRs, my car had to have more hp then their car due to the extra ~300ish lbs of heft (?? totally guessing on will's car's weight). I'm guessing 180 whp range. I would expect 5-10 more with a known fresh engine that isn't down on compression, cleaned up head airflow, eliminated parasitic loses and optimized tune.
  14. I've been listening to day 2 broadcast today to keep work more interesting. Good stuff! Thank you guys for doing the broadcasts! @Paulie and @Doc - history of my team for future reference: 2011-2014, "Bavarian Mustache Werks" - E30 - "Thelma", RIP Watkins Glen Championship 2015, "Z, team formerly known as Bavarian Mustache Werks" - Datsun 280Z - "Eliza", she liked to consume engines. 2016 - nada, I drove with other teams 2017 - "Dirty Side Down Racing", one of my teammates bought TBRs old E36 - couple of successful races, then car was destroyed at Road America Oct race last year (pouring one out for my fallen homie....) 2018 - back to "Bavarian Mustache Werks" in the new E36 build
  15. The return of Bavarian Mustache Werks this past weekend at Gingerman was with mixed emotions. It has been a while since I have run the team with a BMW (last year the team ran under 'Dirty Side Down Racing' in TBR's old car, until its untimely demise at Road America), and I was excited to see what we could do with an improved build and a solid team of drivers. The first race for the ground-up new build worked flawlessly on Saturday. "Ana" did just about everything I expected; with the improvements I made over the old car, she was about a second faster, a pleasure to easily drive at the limit, solid and quick (no where near the fastest, but solid top 10 for pace potential). The only hiccups of the day was a slightly slow last pit stop (only working with 3 people for that one) and being the 1st team to dive into the pits to try to figure out why transponder wasn't working during those initial yellow-flag laps. Upon hearing it was half the field with issues, I headed back out on track, albeit now at the tail end of the field. Start grid lottery was pretty kind to us for Saturday, just 9 spots back from the chosen one, so it hurt a bit to drop back on the 'good' day for starting position. All I have to say about that first hour or so, especially first few laps, was HOLY $*&#$^*@^#$*(&&# that was slick! I think I counted 5 cars spun off on the first 2 pace laps, I myself had a nice full-lock counter steer moment in turn 5. I feel that I did not get the tire pressures right for that weather, even running the rain line I was struggling to find the grip. It wasn't until about an hour to 1:15 in that the normal race line was fully usable. Once we got going, we had a clean race, with all of my drivers running clean laps with solid times. I'm the only one who did anything visually notable to the car, taking out brake marker 1 in turn 10 with the dead center of the front bumper after nipping the apex curb coming through the transition and having a mini-tank slapper (sorry to anyone who needed that marker....). I snagged one of the locals from Spartan Racing to show us how it was done, who set our fastest lap of the day. I think our spread of fast lap times was 1.5 seconds, and that was with having Tracy run fuel saving laps. Found that we could only use about ~15 gallons out of the tank, which gave us a struggle to hit even hour:50 stint length going all-out in the dry (the delayed start/wet was key for the day as I was able to go full 2 hours on fuel in the wet, Jon from Spartan managed hour:45 going all-out which was disappointing for stint length), forcing us to go into fuel save mode for the last 2 drivers (My brother Nick and team-mate Tracy). We could pull 16+ gallons out of the old TBR car with the same pump setup, so I have a little bit of work to correct that. We finished Saturday's race in 6th, about 36 seconds back form TRMotorsports guys (or about the time lost from dropping ourselves to back of the field at the start - son of a....). While I most certainly would have preferred to be on podium (or at least in impound), sll in all, I am very please with the 1st showing for a new build! My favorite part was I really didn't have much to do with the car, just bleed brakes, do a quick nut/bolt check, oil/water level check. All was good. Sunday morning I think we went through 42 strategy changes as we all waited for the fog to lift. We finally made a decision for the pre-break stint and let my brother loose. Starting near the back due to lottery luck for the day, he set out to see how far up the field we could get prior to the red-flag. Stint was going pretty well.... unitl he got a bit ambitious and "Maldonado'd" Tyler in the Crank Yankers car in turn 3... The pack they both were catching was dicing amongst themselves and not at nearly the pace as our car. This caught Nick out a bit and he went for an apparent gap from way too far back with the extra speed he had... Contact ensued, he called in right away that he tagged Tyler and knew it was all him. I think I'll post up the vid as a learning tool for others. There was a lot going on, and I can see how enticing the gap looked from the driver's persepctive. Lesson in eye's up driving for sure. I chattad a bit with Tyler as they were correcting the vacuum leak that the impact crated, Nick served his 5 min Black Flag penalty and then we went to work to correct the 1/2+ toe out and sent him back out just before the pits closed. That self-inflicted mistake dropped us back to 33rd leading up to the break. After the break, we figured the only way we could get back in the to 10 was to push like Salt 'n Peppa, run Tracy for full 2 hours with a fuel stop in the middle as late as possible, and give Jon and myself 3 hours to maximize lap times without worrying about fuel. Things were going rather well, as Tracy was picking off cars and making up the laps we lost ourselves. Tracy was up to 16th when the pit window opened up at 1:50 pm. Unfortunatley, with 15th place getting close and the 2 hour driver limit coming up, the unknown mileage, ex-autocross car engine I had in the car determined that 11 hours of racing was plenty and decided to move a whole bunch of water from the radiator to out the tail-pipe, and threw some of that water back up the intake for good measure. No warning, no over-rev, temp gauge never moved. Momentary engine flattness, then a whole bunch of smoke. Weekend done. Sadness wiht being one of the many teams that packed up early. So big positive on Saturday with a solid finish. Potential for improvement with possible podium on Sunday that ended with a mechnical on one of the few un-touched parts of the car. Work is underway to get Ana running again with a few small improvements. Looking forward to what we can do out at PittRace!