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  1. Sahlen and Visceral are signed up for both. If you can make it happen with one of those teams I'll bring them down with me.
  2. I have some usable used tires that I've hung onto for spares / test day use. Getting to be a few too many. This would be great for testing or as emergency spares. No flat spots (yay ABS!). Direzzas could last half day, maybe full race day on a car that is gentle on tires. RE71Rs are, well, RE71Rs - so best for that last stint tire change. RE71rs sold. Direzza still available. $30 per tire. Direzzas are 255/40R17. RE71Rs are 245/40R17. Sold ZIIIs
  3. What's the call on spectators / weekend membership? Any changes from the note I saw about neither available? I have someone from Pittsburgh area that is wanting to come out, but isn't about to go full membership just to do so.
  4. I Haz tireds after yesterday (and the rest of the weekend). Did you know that you can double your daily step count by excitedly/nervously pacing within your pitstall? Thanks for letting me be part of the team Tyler - it was an honor to WIN with you guys!
  5. My driver was a ways back, but the camera did manage to capture your exit stage left... I'd guess the issue started a bit earlier in the lap. Right away in the video, you can see the mini going into T8. As my driver rounds T9, there is dirt in the air and you can see the mini doing a bit of off-roading coming out of T10. The pack of cars blocks view of the mini in braking zone for T11, but a couple of chunk of car bits show up just before the mini comes into view making a b-line for 3 Blonds Brewery. Glad driver is OK.
  6. If you have tire pressures set right (e.g., not too high where you'd over-heat the tires, not too low so that you get too much roll-over), I would not expect any fall-off until you cord them. Evan's fastest lap was his last full lap of his stint, after ~1:45 on track. I ran my fastest laps towards the end of my stint, another 1:30ish, so essentially no fall-off. We also only had the tires on for those last 2 stints on Sunday.... They would NOT last a full day on my car, so had we put them on in the morning, I would have expected some fall-off in 3rd or 4th stint when the cords would have
  7. I have ZERO shame for utilizing the process that is provided to all of us to help keep our club in check. No one should have any shame or reservations to do so, as long as there is some just cause in the protest and research for what should be right.
  8. Ahem. Thread Jack. @IPF Racing @wvumtnbkr.... Both y'all are required at my property pre-brew-b-q to help break-in the Schaut Speed rally Gran prix circuit.
  9. Back of my car gets filthy. Rest of car stays relatively clean. Any holes back there and air goes in the cabin. I've worked to seal it all off to prevent fumes. We run NACA ducts in rear quarter windows with hoses (when the stay on...) Looped to point at the driver. It helps.
  10. Bavarian Mustache Werks had an excellent weekend as well. The racing has always been great here and the competition sure has stepped over the years! No longer is the Coookie Cutter Classic the 'easy points' race with a light field that it used to be. AWESOME to see that so many others have discovered how good this race is! I give it 5 of 5 stars, would recommend! I made a number of improvements and other changes (maybe improvements?) over the looooong off season; some aero work (not planned, test-day a few weeks prior at Gingerman sort of, uh, forced me to make a new F
  11. If you hang that pic up on the wall, that room will end up with glitter everywhere
  12. In your testing, did you pull the hydromat out of the fuel until no longer pumping fuel, then put a corner back in? Does it re-start itself? I had some fueling issues at Nelson's, initial testing seems to point to my current lifter pump with hydramat (previously mentioned walboro and long skinny hydramat) stops transferring fuel to driver side at some point. I'm thinking fuel is finding its way somewhere not by the hydramat and wont re-start once fuel does come in contact again. Pump type or pump damage from previous dry-running could be issue.
  13. Hey now, I've been working on my mustache for 3 years now. It might even be passable for a Jr. high-stache now.... and 2 of the team mates have them.... so... ? At least the helmet that crossed the finish line last year had stache's on them...
  14. Hey Bill - are reserved car #s posted somewhere on the website? I thought mine was reserved, especially since I've been running 662 for last couple of years. Looks like Haywood made a number change from last year to this year when they added a second car.
  15. Bavarian Mustache Werks 662 VW Jetta Ben Schaut, Nick Schaut,, Jason Cange
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