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  1. Yup - I'll be there too. Arriving Wed evening. Thur pit lane walk and other racing related stuff is all I know about what we are doing. Should be a good time!
  2. That was a bit of an odd race. Sure would be nice if more cars showed up. 1st time running that course in iRacing, took a few laps to figure a few things out. It is a challenging and FUN course - I had a few pucker moments out there for sure! More people should run it! (unfortunately, I won't be in the country next week, so have to miss that one) Lee crashed out before the start finish line on green flag lap, looked like he dropped a tire at exit and looped it into the wall. I had a weird issue where during my pit, I stopped fueling (while taking tires), once tires were done, car wouldn't move. Crew started re-fueling again and didn't let me do anything until it completed the 2nd round of fueling of 2 gallons. hind sight, should have turned off the tire change as it really wasn't needed. Not sure what happened to Ryan, guessing he had an off going into the corkscrew thing and damaged his car/engine, I saw tire marks that cut across the grass/curbing for the right hander.
  3. NigelStu

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    We did this at Road America after some contact. With a jack handle. Had driver roll car backwards/forwards a few times. Got our tire clearance back, only extended the pitstop by a couple of minutes. Its not hard or terribly time consuming. Use a heat gun to soften the paint up a bit and you significantly reduce chances of cracking the paint. Heck, before the contact happened, people probably never realized that I have nearly a 1" pull on my rear fenders....
  4. ^But were you ever 7th?
  5. I think one way that could help get more drivers for remaining races is vastly improved communication from the organizers. Get race setup at least a week in advance instead of the day before, use the forums here, iRacing messaging, discord, facebook etc to get some details out a number of days in advance. Encourage a practice time on other days (if/when one of the MX5 races coincides with the track we are running next). Get stuff out there to remind/encourage people to race instead of the perceived last minute toss it together and hope people show up thing. As example, the couple of other leagues I'm running now have their entire season already set in the League Sessions. Get at minimum weekly discord/iRacing communication on previous/next event. my 2 cents.
  6. This one? It'll be extra. That is my garage 10 pack beer holder.... Some interesting potential swaps I have contemplated that would make this thing a rocket ship. Nissan VG/VQ (with or without valve covers) Nissan VK NIssan TR (Altima/Sentra SE-R 2.5 4 cylinder - all aluminum!) Honda J-series V6 BMW M50/52 Mazda 1.8 VVT (140-150 WHP on a mustang dyno possible within 500 pts) Chevy V6
  7. I am contemplating selling the Datsun to free up some space and funds for other racing projects. Built the car from a half-project street car into full-prepped race car primarily for ChampCar. Fully stripped car down, installed cage, suspension, drivetrain. No longer has an engine in it, as I ran out of those... Raced it a few times (Road America, sort-of NCM and Gingerman), making it into impound just off the podium on one occasion (nearly 2nd place at Gingerman, but we were the cause of the end of race red flag with an engine that decided it wanted to show the world its internals). One of THE BEST sounding cars on track at Road America with that L28 straight six singing through the headers. Potential to be quick with stock power or very quick with a swap of some sort. Light, roomy cage built to provide excellent protection and maximize benefits for chassis stiffness. LOTS of points to play with (VPI 150) Fun to drive, no bad habits with the suspension setup. Good power out of the stock EFI motor with headers on it. Had a couple of bad luck used "good running" engines (that were not), mis-diagnosed alternator failure that cooked on engine and then a full rebuild that fell apart due to sub-par con-rod bolts the shop assured me would be OK. I'm out of complete engine, hence why it doesn't have one in it, and stalled with finding another stock / figuring out a motor swap. 98% clean '77 chassis (some not-great rust repair on back panel, rear fenders had been bondo repaired at some point in its life) Cage done by Schaut Speed Motorsports 18 gal aluminum case fuel safe cell NRG wheel/with removable hub adapter tach, other gauges Ground Control coil-overs, FR camber plates, RR slotted, tokico dampers stock sways Some poly bushings for suspension RR brakes swapped to discs - braided lines, mostly new hard-lines LSD from S130 turbo car (stock open spare) 5-spd trans (plus spare) Lots of new parts when first built Stock EFI in the car with new ignition/electronics Couple sets of 15x8 wheels with usable tires (for practice or holding the car up, few years old so not best to use for a race) extra brake pads Plethora of extra parts Turbo bits and pieces (came with the car) MSA front fascia Plywood front splitter simple rear spoiler As it sits, sans engine, points are at 265. TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE. For an awesome handling light weight car. VPI - 150 coil-overs - +40 front camber - +20 rear camber - slotted, free Brakes - within 2x, free Front fascia - airdam, +10 pts Splitter - +10 pts RR aero - +10pts Diff - +25 This leaves a whole BUNCH of points left over for doing a swap. Or cylinder head, headers, intake shenanigans. Aero could be improved. Suspension/brakes further updated. You could basically pick the car up, install a seat / fire system / engine, conduct some basic maintenance and go have fun. Car can be sold as is or with an engine re-installed and made race ready depending on how the buyer wants it. That being said, I have not some up with a desired price yet. Reasonable offers accepted. Available to view in Commerce MI
  8. Nice dense cold air = more POWAAAAHHHHHH. And more fuel.
  9. NigelStu

    Indy 2019

    ooo - good catch. I missed that. And it is different (based on apparent T5 location compared to the 2 versions of turn 1) It would be cool to have 2 different configurations for the 2 days. Updated. Red, SCCA, blue ChampCar Sups
  10. NigelStu

    Indy 2019

    Yellow highlight - ChampCar/SCCA Runoffs config Red line - SCCA runoffs T13-14 path, per the data trace Blue line - ChampCar T13-14 path, per the sups
  11. I don't think I ever noticed how close your brake duct inlets were to your rad inlet. With air trying to go in multiple directions right there (up/down, outboard, into rad duct, into brake duct), even though it should be high-pressure area, there might be too much going on for flow which could be causing some stagnation around edge of rad opening/brake ducts. This has potential to reduce efficiency of air going into both rad and brake ducts. The whole string tufts testing in that area would show what is going on (if strings taped around edge of brake duct are NOT going straight into the duct, you have a problem). Just need to figure out a way to record what is happening. Moving those brakes ducts outboard, giving enough separation between rad and brake inlets to prevent weird airflow may help both cooling aspects. Again - testing needed to determine if this is the issue.
  12. NigelStu

    Indy 2019

    @red0Looks like nearly the same layout as Runoffs, except the data plot shows a 90 degree run into the last little infield bit (T13) vs going past that cutoff road and taking the sharper RH turn in to the last section of corners. @BSFSTIRE1, I wouldn't call T13/14 a 'kink'. You'll be in that section for a chunk of time. Removing that section and all you've really done is extend the "straight" from T12 to T1, since none of these cars really have enough speed to make Indy Turn 1 a real turn (and most will likely be WOT from exit of T11); it'll just be more WOT time. That sounds boring. I'd rather have another good braking/passing zone followed by a couple of turns that you need to get right to maximize speed entering onto the long front straight. 10 hr races is a nice bonus that moves the cost/race time a bit closer to normal. I'm a little sad about not being able to move about the track area for different viewing points. The whole turn 1->6 complex is pretty cool to watch from. Will the stands on the outside of the track be open to go watch from? I'm curious about the fuel rule. Does this mean that we cannot bring ANY fuel into the track? So if we already have jugs of fuel filled up in our support vehicles/trailers before getting to the event, we wont be allowed to use it? Have to find a place to put it and refill jugs there? This one seems odd.... And what happens if you have repairs that need to be completed that go past 9 pm? Need to move the car out into camping area? Have to come back at 6 am and try to knock out the rest of the work?
  13. Did you see what I did on the hood on my car? What I did is this turkey flap thingy peeps are talking about. If you wanted to be really scientific about it, tape up the hole on the top of the hood, remove all ducting behind radiator and measure pressures on the top and bottom of the hood in various places. you want the hole to be where the pressure differential is greatest, with higher pressure on the bottom of hood. If that doesn't work, then add the flappy thingy right behind radiator to create that low-pressure zone. youtube this shiz out of how to do this. couple different methods and fancy tools you can use.
  14. If desire is to have a very racy chassis with all the fun suspension goodies, you could always convert the car back to the 4 cylinder. BMW E30 (M42B18) 300 There are a number of those running about that do quite well (IIRC, there was one that finished on podium, or at least impound, at Nelson 24 hr race). Chassis are the same, just swap out the drivetrain/harness and boom, 4 cylinder. Heck, you might even be able to find a team that bought a 4 cyl that wants a 6 cyl that'll trade drivetrains with you. And with updated VPI, you get 50 more points to play with than a 1.8L Miata, so could do some power-adder work. End result could be a 500 pt car with great suspension/handling, and not far off on power to weight ratio compared to the 6 cyl, non-swapped E30. If lack of HP doesn't sound like something you want to do, then just build the car as you want and come out to the races and have fun dicing it up. E30 6 cyl power with good handling improvements would likely keep up with the pointy end of lap times. Run it in EC and you can still bring home a trophy (EC entries have been up in last couple races, when there are enough EC cars, EC class winner gets a cool trophy and bragging rights)
  15. Incredibly special THANK YOU shout out to your driver on Sunday at ~11:07ish am for having quick hands and the right reaction. This is the Non-contact-contact that we got called in for. Looking at the video (I'll post it eventually, this computer doesn't have the software), looks like your driver was giving space inside/went too deep on brakes/was out in the marbles/didn't want to drive all the way over the rumble strips or some combination and had the back end slide out a bit, which of course angles the car back across the track. Perfect timing on the catch, you can see the counter steer happening in the 3rd pic. I'd give it barely mirror width between the cars at the closest.... But no contact!