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  1. Good used 1.8L VVT Miata engine out of an '02. Located just north of Ann Arbor - pulled in good running condition w/ ~154k miles with no signs of issues and even compression. Get engine throttle body to exhaust manifold, exhaust, harness, ECU, maf, alternator, starter, Subframe, clutch/flywheel. $800 for all engine stuff above Titanium Gray RR bumper with 'tupperware', slight damage from saying hi to a guard rail near ToD... otherwise good shape - $60 Very good condition trunk lid - $120 underbody and FR strut tower
  2. J30 is one of those engines where you can unbolt the intake manifold/lower runners, turn it 180 degrees and bolt it back on. only 'fabrication' needed is to block off a newly exposed port. That is exactly what I've done with a couple of the street car J-swap miatas I have done.
  3. Work on that setup so that it is easier to drive it with constant slip angle FR and RR and we probably could have worn those tires down a bit more.
  4. I'm accounting for material points for the splitter diffusers ("ramp"), per tech valuation.
  5. This seems to clearly show that a nationwide car number registry would be absolutely doable and prevent the annoyance of a team having to change a number at half their races since half the races are run in a different 'region' that has no real bearing on anything that we do anymore.
  6. Thanks - I did find my issue. it was a bit... different than initially expected. It is really really hard for the hydramat to work when it is floating around inside the other side of the saddle tank.. Yeah, it fell off the pump. doh! Reattached and back up to getting all but ~.5 gallons out of the tank (but still can't hit 2 hours)
  7. Parc ferme for the Championship Contenders, double race weekend for the other racers. Run concurrently with Contenders gridded 1st on both days in qualifying/Saturday finishing order. Separate trophies for Championship Contenders and the Weekend Racers. Any contender team that choses (or mechanicals chose for them) to not participate in parc ferme can be re-classified as weekend racers.
  8. I think Rob is busy today. But I can tell you it has already been on the trailer....
  9. Thank you Mike for bringing ChampCar to where it is today!
  10. not quite. • Shock absorbers / struts with damping/ rebound adjustment, 25 pts per corner This is JUST rebound/bound damping adjustment. • Adjustable spring perches, or any non-OE part or modification giving ride height adjustability 10-points per corner. This is JUST adjustable spring height/pre-load They are separate items in FPV, so therefore additive. Correct point walk per corner: Non damping adjustable, non height adjustable = 0pts Non damping adjustable, height adjustable = 10pts Damping adjustable, non height adju
  11. Based on this rule, and the fact your oil line to the accusump (and accusump itself) is not fully shielded from the driver compartment, I'd go with "no". (note from 2021 rule set) Any fuel, oil, or coolant lines (including Aeroquip steel braided lines) that pass through the driving compartment must be metal or encased in continuous steel conduit or aluminum tube. (Flex-conduit is not acceptable. Lines wrapped in aluminum tape are not acceptable.) Gotta cover the whole thing up. Gah! Huggy beat me to it by mere fractions of a min
  12. Sahlen and Visceral are signed up for both. If you can make it happen with one of those teams I'll bring them down with me.
  13. I have some usable used tires that I've hung onto for spares / test day use. Getting to be a few too many. This would be great for testing or as emergency spares. No flat spots (yay ABS!). Direzzas could last half day, maybe full race day on a car that is gentle on tires. RE71Rs are, well, RE71Rs - so best for that last stint tire change. RE71rs sold. Direzza still available. $30 per tire. Direzzas are 255/40R17. RE71Rs are 245/40R17. Sold ZIIIs
  14. What's the call on spectators / weekend membership? Any changes from the note I saw about neither available? I have someone from Pittsburgh area that is wanting to come out, but isn't about to go full membership just to do so.
  15. I Haz tireds after yesterday (and the rest of the weekend). Did you know that you can double your daily step count by excitedly/nervously pacing within your pitstall? Thanks for letting me be part of the team Tyler - it was an honor to WIN with you guys!
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