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  1. Selling the Cabrio because taking a break from the sport for a while. It has always been a great and very reliable car. Just raced at Barber and won our class for the weekend. We have had a lot of top 10 finishes with this car with 4th being our best at the Corvette museum last year. I can also include a trailer with it if you need one. It comes with a Sampson radio system, transponder and a current fire system. It has been raced in 10 races and has been a great car to drive. It comes with only one set of 14" wheels but I have lots of spare parts packed in bins that you can have. If anybody in interested please let me know and I can give more details of the extras I have for it. I also have a 18' car trailer I can sell with it if you need one.
  2. I was driving the green VW and our clutch just went out but the car that was smoking was an RX7. I followed him all the way back to pit in.
  3. Scotty K we had our pressures set around 28 at Road America. Looks like we are NOT running the RE71R's now because they are out of stock on them in our size and they wont have any until May 22 at the earliest so we are going back to the Falkens again. I really do like the Falken tires a lot. The only reason we were trying something else was because we went from a 14" to a 15" wheel and it opened more options up to us that we wanted to try.
  4. We are trying the Bridegstone 71R's at Watkins in 3 weeks for the first time. We just tried the Yokohama AD08R's at Road America and did not like them at all. We also run a front wheel drive car. I will let you know what we think in a few weeks!
  5. We will be testing this out for the first time at Road America in April. Will be using an iphone through the race connect website.
  6. We run a 96 VW Cabrio right now, I don't think it could be worse then that!
  7. If chumpcar used KBB for car value then everybody would be running in EC. LOL
  8. I am trying to find out the value of a 2000 Audi TT front wheel drive. it is not on list list and I just fell into one for pretty much nothing. Might sell our VW Cabrio and use this car but I need a value. If anybody can help me out with this please let me know. Thanks
  9. That is so awesome because that is our green VW!
  10. The orange ones right? I know the yellows are an upgrade because they are adjustable.
  11. I emailed the tech person about this but still have not heard back yet, thats why I thought I would ask on here.
  12. Never said anything was wrong with them, I just know Koni is a good brand and am guessing that they might last a little bit longer then a KYB so I am not replacing them all the time.
  13. Just pulled this off the tire rack website. "A great O.E. replacement that offers additional stability, control and handling without a harsh ride" So is that good enough to pass as a OE replacement?
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