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  1. Welp, I've decided to put the helmet on the shelf for a period of time. I'm not quitting racing altogether but just taking a break. I'll still be racing with my team at the long distance ones from FL ( Indy, the Glen, Road America, Mosport, where ever they go ) but for now I won't be on track with you guys anytime soon. I will miss it, least I hope I will. But that's kinda why I'm parking it for now. I feel I've lost some of my mojo for being out there. And by taking time away I really want it to come back. Only time will tell if I'll go back to full time with the team or remain a part timer. Don't know why I'm putting this down here other than for myself. It's convoluted ya know. Tough to explain without writing a book about it. Take care all, I'll pop back on the forum from time to time to bug the hell out of ya, so see ya when I see ya. Mark
  2. Team Jack Ickx and KSR/Flatout racing. 5 wins each here. The rest of you need to step up as we've had this on going battle for years now ! LOL I will not be there for this event but want to wish all the best of luck and a safe race !!! Hydrate bitches !
  3. Looks like the Merc slid over the rumble strips and got a tiny bit loose on exit of Deception and that slowed em, then he got passed on the right which messed with his head even more. I would bet he never even saw ya coming.
  4. Ahhh, sarcasm............. learned something, now I know.. Cool beans, all good !
  5. And I haven't a clue as to the green font, honestly need a clarification on that. Not a digital person yet so I'm clueless as to the modern world. Other than my DVR, don't touch my DVR !
  6. Mehhh, lets take a vote then, who likes hyjacked threads more than "click and see" ?
  7. If ya have wondered why I haven't been on the forum of late it was because of this. Almost whatever topic originally discussed ( THE CHAMPIONSHIP AT NCM ) has been taking a turn to another subject. In this case so far its BMW rear ends. Its supposed to be about a epic race. Had to vent Just made this for ya'll
  8. And a shout out to the Level One miata, they made the end of the day very focused for me as they were super fast hunting me down. Had to step it back up with about 10 laps to go on sketchy tires and put in fast laps to hold em off. And another shout out to the 901 Motorsports BMW for putting up with me just following them around the track for pretty much all of the middle of the last stint Sunday. They were pacing fast enough that I was happy just to follow the car, and it was driven well from the driver at the time. Smoooooooth !
  9. Course we did, ya always want more ! Nobody stroked out, few baby cramps but we've learned over the years how to hydrate well enough.
  10. Hah, that was me behind ya when ya almost lost it. I thought for a second or two you were toast, but you somehow gathered it back up. Nice save ! No video from the the blue car of ours but ol whitey had a full memory card after Sunday so we think it recorded all the day. Least I hope so ! Be a while before its posted tho. I'll let ya know when its on utube. Had a good weekend for all of us, the learning curve of that track was the steepest we've encountered yet. Thanks for the Friday practice is all I have to say, going out there without it and trying to drive at race pace would have been crazy. The 935 ( white car ) Saturday broke a front hub on the cool down lap at the end of the day. Really lucky there it didn't turn into a crash for us if that had happened just minutes before. Easy repair but it put us into the EC class for Sunday. Thought we were going to win EC Sunday as we were running third overall when the throw out bearing collapsed ending the day with about a hour left in the event. Bummer ! Kinda ironic that we could have won a class that as traditionalist we've always been a little opposed of it being in the series. Go figure 😀 The GT30 ( #66, blue ) had a flawless run both days. Ended up with a top 5 which we were happy with that considering the competition, the heat and the unknown of the track. 4 drivers, 8 hours driving each over two days. We were tired ! Very tired ! Thanks to Mike and his outstanding staff, another great event for Champcar ! Congtrats to RVA for the WIN !!!!! Awesome job. And thanks to all you competitors ( sans one ) for a safe event. Lots of heads up driving and really great awareness on a tough track to make passes at times.
  11. Didn't get to race against ya enough sadly, but still remember what it looked like at the first Charlotte race tho. Brown, ick. 😀
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