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  1. Anyone using the Yi to record their race? We have the 4k and the 4k+ and are having the devil of a time getting it to record more than an hour. We have a huge card in them. the other frustration part if the complete lack of information about the Yi cameras.
  2. We (Visceral Racing) were wondering what happened to you guys (Shut Up Racing). I'm not sure we had much for you based on the first four hours. Your car was fast and it was being driven well. Thompson is always a tough race with all those hairpins, and very technical lines. To pull a good, fast lap every lap is very difficult. You guys clearly knew how to do that. Once you dropped out, our race really came down to keeping the car on the track, staying out of trouble (Lot's of traffic for only 31 cars), and keeping it running.
  3. So, is there consensus that the Devinci Resolve 15 is the best for editing, converting and uploading. I find myself with 7 hours+ of video and it takes me two weeks to edit (I don't edit much) convert to correct format (usually avi for you tube) and then upload (involves multiple fails). Ive been using videopad video editor (free).
  4. Is there a forum string for video? If not there should be. I hate that it takes multiple nights to get things uploaded to YouTube and it would be great to see if there were one or maybe two best tools to use to download, edit and upload. I'm tired of overnight uploads that fail with 12% to go
  5. I was in the Porsche during the hit. It was in the bus stop and maybe the driver got a bit too aggressive but I've tried the outside pass there myself. The hit was pretty light. hard enough to feel but not hard enough to even leave much of a mark. I may have shook a fist and that was enough. He did come over after the stint and apologize but to my mind it was just a racing incident and not big deal. But still great that he came over. I've been hit much harder and not seen anyone so class act. and glad that there was no damage to your car either.
  6. Here's a link to all of our videos. Sorry it took so long, I had to edit out the bad driving parts and there was a lot of that. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_0yG-OTd3W-UrJK59uMZ9Q
  7. I have to say that for the four hours I was out there: 9 to 11 and 3 to 5, the driving, with one or two exceptions was really great. I tried to give racing room when I thought someone was trying to come through or when I was trying to pass in one of the corners and for the most part I was given racing room when I needed it. I saw no contact at all the entire four hours. I was in the #918 Visceral Racing Group 944 Porsche. I particularly enjoyed the twenty minutes or so that I, the #999 and the Honda Fit were going at it. We were all overdriving at one point or another trying to either stay ahead or get by. I was going to stop by their pits and just say thanks for that but we blew an axle and that pretty much ended our day. We were in second at the time with about 5 hours to go so it sucked.
  8. Thanks, I was not sure of topic area but did not see anything that was better. Sorry you had similar experience. I certainly won't be sending any more of my money their way. I've heard from others who also had similar experiences.
  9. I bought a pair of Alpine Star gloves as a back up pair to the gloves I was currently driving with. I like to try to have a back up pair of gloves, shoes, and other supplemental equipment in case something goes while at the track. The gloves I had been using lasted quite a while but finally gave up at a race in early September at Thompson Speedway. They started coming apart during practice on Friday. Good thing I had another pair. I swapped gloves for the race on Saturday. These were brand new gloves, in a never opened package. After my first two hour stint I noticed that the new gloves had come apart at the seam. The stitching had given up along a three inch piece on the inside thumb of the right hand. So, the following Monday I figured I would start the process of getting a new pair from Alpine stars since this pair was clearly defective. I emailed them and after a few days they emailed back that they needed a picture of the gloves and a copy of the invoice. I sent them both and was notified that there was nothing they could do as their warranty is only good for one year. Granted I had bought the gloves more than a year prior but they had only been worn once and for two hours. I offered to send them the gloves so they could see that they were brand new with no wear. They said send the gloves and they would make an offer. The pair that I had bought was $140. Their offer was to sell me another pair at $130. Not much of an offer. When I then asked to have my gloves returned they refused saying that the gloves were damaged and could not be returned. So, I’m out the $140 for a pair of gloves that lasted just two hours and don’t even have that pair anymore. Pretty lousy policy and pretty lousy customer service. Jut posting this as information for others who may be thinking about making an Alpine Stars purchase.
  10. I expect to have the rolling "drivers away from home" motorcoach by then for all of us who are going to be homeless due to racing this summer by then
  11. Let's just ban wings and aero--splitters, winglets, etc. That's where a lot of the cost is and it's what often makes those fast cars even faster.
  12. Love the video. I'm okay with Champcar. I think I would have preferred something not taken from another racing series but no one under 50 is going to know that so maybe no big deal. Like it better than Chump. Good job guys.
  13. The problem I have with Troy and the Biohazard car is that he refuses to grow hair. His bald head is clearly an aero advantage as it allows his helmet to sit lower and reduces drag as air moves through the interior of the car. I've spent a lot of time recently behind biohazard and I have seen this play out over and over again. There really needs to be a rule to even out the aero advantage bald guys have. Or make them wear a half inch insert in their helmet to even things up. I, for one, am tired of this kind of cheaty behavior that can be so easily remedied.
  14. We, Visceral Racing, thought we might be able to do just about 4 hours in the wet. I think we managed 3:45 and 3:40 so we did have two pit stops that were around 4 minutes overall
  15. You complimented the men on their race craft but chose to comment about the woman's smile, picture and accent and think that's equitable? And Troy's got a gorgeous shiny head, although I don't think that qualifies him as a potential Board member any more than an accent or smile. You were not the only one doing this. And let me add that this is just my own opinion. I'm not speaking for anyone but myself. I appreciate your posting the apology as well but it's kind of like a "sorry for kicking you" kind of thing.
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