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  1. new build need lighting recommendation please
  2. Does software in a stock ECU have to be claimed,not a piggyback chip just software
  3. I agree dog I worked race control and I can tell you a corner worker can only do so much .I saw so many passes under yellow at the flag stand on the front straight.theres no excuse for that.i also think it should be mandatory for ALL teams to have radio communication.At least crew to driver
  4. So its time to purchase a new skid lid.Any suggestins good,bad Zamp,HJC are new to me anybody have these brands.
  5. do you wash your suit with molecule too?
  6. 83 vw scirocco Motul 5w40 motul b fluid Motul gear lube Broke in new motor with rotella.have run ! nine & 3 sevens with no oil consumtion. P.S.low emission too.
  7. Does anyone know who took out the # 918 what a bad deal such nice guys
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