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  1. ^^ That worked. Thanks! Yeah, that's some insanely stupid and dangerous driving on the BMW's part. They literally just pitted the driver in front because they couldn't pass.
  2. But my work screens are big. . . now I have to look at this tiny screen like a peasant! Thanks!
  3. This. It's the passing cars job to pass safely.
  4. Many thanks and excellent job to the champcar live crew! We couldn't attend this year but they made us feel like we were there!
  5. So I just checked the points on the car values too. The LT1 is a 100 point hit over the L98. I could get a lot more speed out of an L98 for the 100 points that it almost has me guessing swapping. . .
  6. So I had to re-watch the video. First, I’m glad your driver is OK. Second, there is so much “WTF is that driver thinking”. Did the passing driver really think there was room to the left? I think it really boils down to the driver, not just being an EC car. Our car is notably faster on the back stretch of VIR. On multiple occasions I've been closing in on the cars ahead and there wasn't much room without forcing the issue. There's this thing you can magically do to the gas pedal called "lifting" and just wait for the pack to arrange itself so you can pass more safely.
  7. Many thanks. Missed that. I think we're going to try and get off EC for next race, so doing what I can to minimize points
  8. So we had taken out our dash. I was going to re-do the wiring/dash (make the interior neater). Question is the following: If I use plastic to remake the dash, does that count (Rule 4.3.2) as 3 points sqft? Or should I just get a stock dash and trim it up to fit? Thanks!
  9. Correct. Apologies for not being more clear. We still do safety inspection, but rather than tabulate points, we just tell them we're EC and they don't worry about it.
  10. Cool. So do EC cars get a reduction in entry fee as well since they're being ignored? And you say you welcome them yet go on to suggest they're second tier with a later registration? Can we also bump BMW/Miata's before the field turns into a spec series? I thought the mantra was "You chose your platform." This thread is a bunch of people ticked off at other peoples platform and of whining EGO's. We go to the race in an EC car to have fun. We could run a different class but we never complete enough laps to ever be competitive. . . so rather than wasting tech's time of inspection, we just run EC and turn fun laps. That's it. I understand as to being competitive but this mob is being overzealous and IMO, the antithesis of what this series is about. If you want to be super competitive, there are other series for that. Someone did a spreadsheet of faster cars (lap times) vs laps complete. The faster the car is (EC), the more likely it is to break (and less laps complete). I don't think we've ever completed a race within a hundred laps of the whinners.
  11. Pfft. I'd buy the guy a beer that shows up in an L83 running stock crossfire
  12. No, it’s a fuel cell with a deformable bladder; it’s an ATL SP122B fuel cell. Basically, they sell this: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/abt-tf703/overview/ This is half of what you need. I could build the oval piece for really cheap to save a couple hundred bucks.
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