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  1. I’m really trying to take this constructively, but I’m starting to sense that no matter what I do, people are just going to nitpick/complain. The vette pulls harder out of turns and is faster on the straights and we’re faster than a lot of the field (Our FTD was ~2:17). I had numerous instances (wouldn’t be exaggerating to say at least a dozen) do the exact same thing to me on the back and front straight where the vette is definitively stronger than most the field. Slow car to left, slower car in middle. Started looking right only to get pinched out. I simply backed off. I specifically recall one time on the back straight where another car went hard right, pushing me into the grass and I backed off. As the passing car, it’s my job to pass cleanly and safely. I don’t get upset, nor do I think it is complaint worthy, I just wait for a better time to pass; I just accept that as having a speed discrepancy between vehicles. So please take this with a grain of salt and perhaps it’s frustration speaking that we’re constantly complained about, your team might have experienced it once because your driver was faster than ours at the time. We experience this sort of behavior from multiple vehicles, constantly. We had zero contact this race. There were multiple times where some other team being insanely aggressive, where (at least for me) I had clear right of line, only to back off because of some other person going stupid and avoid destroying both cars. (We could talk about the white and blue BMW that decided putting his right side on the gators on T10 was a fantastic place to pass, and him pushing wide, forcing me to go wide else I would have taken us both out, then having to lay on the brakes to avoid swallowing a slower car in the right? Where are the videos of the other cars that did make contact so we can scrutinize them? It seems serendipitous that we haven’t seen any of those video’s. . . but people pore over their videos to look for a reason to complain about the vette. Again, may be its frustration but I’m really starting to get a sense of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.
  2. When you say "unnecessarily defensive", can you explain?
  3. The red glove gave it away; that was our absolute most novice driver. I asked him to stay out of other people's way. He's never been wheel to wheel or on VIR. As stated, he was probably overwhelmed; getting passed on the left, thinking you would follow suit. He honestly wasn't blocking but just trying to get out of your way.
  4. ^^ That looks pricey. I just finished putting everything away last night. Going to start ripping apart the electrical stuff tomorrow and install new lights.
  5. #allbirdsmatter I demand Champ hire a full time ornithologist to manage bird/ car relations.
  6. I'll have a talk with the vette tonight and make sure it knows it was a very bad thing dumping nearly 10qts of Amsoil all over the track. For reals though, sorry about that guys. We were all baffled that plug just up and decided to walk out. The canton pan has provision for the level sensor. we had a level sensor in there that we torqued down, but I guess it had enough and walked away. The thread was a M20x1.5 so a replacement for it was not easy either; luckily Quantum had the die for it and some material that while didn't give us fully formed threads, gave us enough to put in there and secure it with epoxy.
  7. Thanks. Yeah, some really wonky stuff happened that we've never experienced. We had a delrin trailing arm bushing that playdoughed itself out of the dog bone. . .Never seen that before. . . Killed a brand new optispark; installed replacement that was DOA. (Many thanks to Dave for letting us borrow their spare!) Lost oil fill plug in the pan that had been torqued. . . (Quantum saved us on this!) Brand new wheel bearing started going bad; finished the race with it but won't start a new one with it. C-Beam bolt nut backed off (And it was a friggin nylock!) Battery completely imploded; the pyrometer had it at 192*F after about 5 minutes of sitting out of the car. I really wanted Brian to take the checkered since he traveled the furthest for the race but he had to get out of there. I am glad we got to run till the finish but it was a herculean effort to keep this frigging car running. And thanks to you and your son for lugging that crap up here! Hope you have a safe trip back!
  8. Got in at 2AM last night. From this weekend, our recap - First time -ever- failing tech. Apparently using a tie-down is the improper way of securing a radiator. . . Where's the sense of adventure?! Tons of lessons learned this time. Some of the more notables: -Bring 2 extra optisparks. -Bring 2 more extra optisparks. -The light limits in the rules are completely ignored; go big. We couldn't see crap at night and we're maxed out on what the rules allow. -Tack weld anything that you'll never need to remove, ie extra oil fill plugs. -Put a stupid hood on the car. We're aero limited. Would pull away in the back stretch from cars, only to have them reel you back in because you're hitting an air wall. -Install an external vent/catch can. One of our drivers launched a fireball puff from the stock system not being able to keep up with the crank case ventilation and oil hitting the exhaust. -Need to move the temp sensor from the side of the head to the water neck. When I first went out, I'd run a hot lap or two only to have the temp climb to 230 and back off for two laps to cool down. We use the the long acre SMI gauges, the temp prop is extremely short, doesn't even stick out past the NPT plug that goes into the head. Our oil temps were fine at 250-260. Since the sensor resides between the two exhaust ports, I think we were seeing a lot of conductive heat transfer through the cylinder head into it, giving a false reading. -Need better com's. We have a baofeng setup; can only communicate in about 1/4 of the track nearest the pits. Need to get a motorola digital setup. -The vette is surprisingly gentle on tires. We beat the piss out of our falkens but after about 14 hours-ish of total racing, they still have about half their life on them. Tons of videos. Have one of the mustang going airborne after nailing a curve. We didn't have contact w/ anyone. Yay! I implemented the rule this year with the team. If anyone complains about our drivers to me (any of the teams or the staff) they were done for the weekend. No warnings, no refunds, just pack your stuff; you're done. Seemed to have worked We dyno'd the vette; 310 HP and 330TQ. We felt like we were running an extremely cheaty (LT4) motor so we just go EC class yet there were some other cars out there that were pulling on us pretty much the whole track. Would love to run D class and have a chance at something. Thinking of writing a petition about this. #Freethecorvette. Slight continuation of the discussion of the subject in the previous thread. Yes, the cobalt was slow. But I'd rather have slow cars out there than fast cars who think it's a good idea to run 3 wide up the esses. I was passing a much slower car on the way up, I obviously had to slow down as to make sure they had as much line as possible. I was horrified when a 3rd car decided we were both going to slow and shoved themselves against my left door. I instantly backed off, the third car almost swallowed the other car I was passing; the car getting passed had to go hard over the curb to avoid contact. Overall, there was some really good competitive driving out there but there were also some people that were simply way too aggressive. I'll start loading video's after I get them off the go-pro. Thanks to the staff for putting on such a well run event! Thanks to Quantum for saving us when we lost an oil plug!
  9. Starting driver was myself... And thankyou!
  10. Back on track after replacing the billionith issue.... So far this weekend, we've broken and replaced.... Stuck thermostat Fuel Pump Battery that nearly caught fire TWO optisparks Trailing arm that somehow squeezed the bushing out Oil pan plug that backed out and caused us to spray oil everywhere... Radio Still on the same set of tires though....
  11. Packed up for VIR last night. Last minute run to OG racing (anyone need anything?) Then heading down! And I showed some severe restraint. (More ammo to free the vette!)
  12. Thanks guys. Completely forgot to order a driver an earbud. I have a nice set for myself; I just bought a mono-stereo adapter and he's going to run his ear buds. I tried the 'cheap' set of tranducer headphones last year for drivers and they're absolute garbage with that hard plastic tube inside of them.
  13. Has anyone found an alternative for cheap racing earbuds? I simply can't fathom how some of these earbuds cost $90. Does anyone know of some earbuds or something that have the appropriate jack that can be used?
  14. Out of the parts vette. Has a cover. Will get some more details this afternoon. I can bring it to VIR if you want but will not ship. $50.
  15. For what it's worth, there was an engine masters on that, where they dented the crap out of exhaust runners on an engine and kept dynoing it. . . There was no change. . .