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  1. Started the car up for the first time in a couple of months Stared at the car. Drank beers. Started making a list of all the stuff that needs to be done. . .
  2. Sac city unit. Optical. Stumbles a bit on first fireup. Intermittent random miss. Falls flat under load.
  3. Last night: -Changed the oil. (finally) -Went to do a compression check. First reading, 40psi. . . tapped gauge, 190psi. . .tapped gauge again, 90psi. Autozone tools FTL. -Replaced the plug we hacked together on the track to plug up our oil pan. -Car still has a miss – it’s the brand new optispark. . .ugggg. This will be the 5th or 6th one this year. . .
  4. This. If someone pics this up, swing by and I'll give you a free hood. But me-thinks they want $250 for the hood. . . Which goooooood luck with that.
  5. Jake - I get where you're coming from. I'm not an 'old timer' but certainly not a noob. That stated, I also do triathlons as a hobby as well. Some of these (such as the Ironmans) sell out just as quickly; it really depends on the race. I've spent nights constantly clicking "refresh" to sign up for a race that sells out in 10 minutes. While I'm with you that chump could have offered more communication, the ultimate onus is on us to be proactive on getting information. You (or myself) could have easily have sent Mike or Bill an email asking when registration opens up. I was simply caught off guard as to how popular Indy is; we usually only do VIR which takes several months to sell out. I was checking every couple of days to see when it opened up. We both learned our lesson moving forward. That stated. . . We're #21 on the waiting list which means I need to sabotage 20 teams. . .
  6. Problem is, a lot of teams don't realize they can't make it until about a month out. I'm hoping we get in; would be awesome to race another corvette. Any idea when a waiting list (in order) will be published?
  7. Ugg, no idea indy filled up this fast. Was checking may be once a week to sign up before I saw the FB post about it already selling out. We really wanted to do another race outside of VIR this year and chose this one. . .Wait list it is I guess.
  8. Friends all over the industry, one is a plant manager for a big three. Have another working for Roush Racing. Also have some contacts for Volvo Penta. Send your resume to joe.a.guerra@gmail.com and I'll forward it along.
  9. Nice. Alcohol is seemingly for better thermal transfer. Real thing that breaks apart the sound deadening is the delta CTE; great when you want things to break apart. . . PITA when you don't (Aerospace world)
  10. I’m really trying to take this constructively, but I’m starting to sense that no matter what I do, people are just going to nitpick/complain. The vette pulls harder out of turns and is faster on the straights and we’re faster than a lot of the field (Our FTD was ~2:17). I had numerous instances (wouldn’t be exaggerating to say at least a dozen) do the exact same thing to me on the back and front straight where the vette is definitively stronger than most the field. Slow car to left, slower car in middle. Started looking right only to get pinched out. I simply backed off. I specifically recall one time on the back straight where another car went hard right, pushing me into the grass and I backed off. As the passing car, it’s my job to pass cleanly and safely. I don’t get upset, nor do I think it is complaint worthy, I just wait for a better time to pass; I just accept that as having a speed discrepancy between vehicles. So please take this with a grain of salt and perhaps it’s frustration speaking that we’re constantly complained about, your team might have experienced it once because your driver was faster than ours at the time. We experience this sort of behavior from multiple vehicles, constantly. We had zero contact this race. There were multiple times where some other team being insanely aggressive, where (at least for me) I had clear right of line, only to back off because of some other person going stupid and avoid destroying both cars. (We could talk about the white and blue BMW that decided putting his right side on the gators on T10 was a fantastic place to pass, and him pushing wide, forcing me to go wide else I would have taken us both out, then having to lay on the brakes to avoid swallowing a slower car in the right? Where are the videos of the other cars that did make contact so we can scrutinize them? It seems serendipitous that we haven’t seen any of those video’s. . . but people pore over their videos to look for a reason to complain about the vette. Again, may be its frustration but I’m really starting to get a sense of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”.
  11. The red glove gave it away; that was our absolute most novice driver. I asked him to stay out of other people's way. He's never been wheel to wheel or on VIR. As stated, he was probably overwhelmed; getting passed on the left, thinking you would follow suit. He honestly wasn't blocking but just trying to get out of your way.
  12. ^^ That looks pricey. I just finished putting everything away last night. Going to start ripping apart the electrical stuff tomorrow and install new lights.
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