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  1. Thanks for that. Confirmed its legit. Also confirm the older one is NOT a 44 but rather, a 580.
  2. Both work. Ones old, hours unknown. Other I purchased off Amazon($150) a couple months ago and has about 4 hours on it at VIR. Selling cause I went back to a stock setup. $100 shipped for both. Text for pics/more info/sweet nothings. 757-five oh tree won too fo nine.
  3. Does anyone know who has the yellow C5 thats parked by the garages? Need to talk to them asap. Looking to see if they have a lead on some c5 brake pads.
  4. Are there garages still available for rent? Who can I email to get one if so?
  5. Hahha, I'm so thankful champcar does this and I know its not their fault. The golfcart thing for example seems stupid. It's not that they don't allow carts, they just dont allow carts -for us-. They seem to want to put their hands into everything. That and what you get for the money. For example VIR is a top notch facility, their staff are incredible, and they don't give you the boot at 9pm. Indy have made it very clear they care more about the profit than they do the sport; when you do that, then I start to look at it from a financial side only and judge based on that. If we win,
  6. All of this. We're doing indy this year for the novelty but their restrictions are beyond onerous to the point of bad faith. I've already concluded we will not be doing indy next year.
  7. For the vapor lock; when we used a pump to get the fuel out of the tank for the first time, we could visibly watch the fuel phase change when we attempted to suction it out; its why we moved the pump into the tank. Another thing that didnt help us; I was using an old style atl black box. It wasnt rigid with trap doors but rather, a piece that was glued together. The glue had started disintegrating and managed its way through our entire system. Fun fact, the summit inline fuel filters don't affix the start/finish pleats together. So while the filter material may be rated for 10 micron, having a
  8. That's what I'm afraid of. I think I'm going to take it back out and zip tie the line in place too. We ran into fueling issues at VIR. Originally we had a bosche 44 outside of the cell. After a couple hours, the fuel pressure died. We'd pull everything apart, changed the pump, clean the filter, only to re-experience it 30 min later. Put the pump in the cell and it helped. Talking to a corvette guru, they stated it was too much pump for our (stock) setup; the return fuel from the rail was heating up, and going back into our tank, causing vapor lock. When we opened the
  9. Does anyone have a product (other than hose clamps) to attach a pressurized fuel feed to the OEM fuel pump? The fuel pump just has a smooth 3/8 nipple on it with no lip. Last thing I want it to do is wiggle free and have to dive into the fuel cell (again) to reattach it.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.indystar.com/amp/3403080001 So interesting. Its not that Indy doesn't allow golf carts, they just dont allow them for us. Did they want to charge champcar to have some (exorbitant) fee for insurance?
  11. Wish this would have been removed earlier... had to cram in VIR to do indy :/. That stated, supps state age 18 and up in the pit. Are less than 18 allowed in the paddock? Thanks,
  12. When is the balance due for this race? Couldnt find it in the sups.
  13. Some people were full crazy on the first couple laps. My incident involved another team coming into T12 way too hot. I had to make room for them otherwise they would have taken us both out. And by room, I mean a LOT of room. As in all 4 into the dirt room.
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