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  1. 50th week of 2016 and 2nd week of 2017. I have 8 total but four of them only have ~20% tread left.
  2. Can take to VIR or indy. Have ~75% tread left. (Just under 7/32). $160 for the set of 4. Tires only.
  3. Tires in. Other consumables should be here through the week. Getting ready for VIR.
  4. Looked around, couldnt find anything. Ended up ordering some 4000i driving lights from Amazon (rally lights strongly suggested them) I really wanted to order through rally lights because he suggested that, but they were nearly 40% more expensive.
  5. Tire rack doesn't sell and the other company doesn't have in stock.
  6. Anyone have a vendor CONUS they'd recommend? I had an order with summit for over a month and a half that kept getting pushed back with no delivery date in sight. Looking for someone with these lights in stock inside the US that can ship immediately. Weary of buying outside US due to warranty/forgery issues.
  7. Anyone know a good photo size adjuster app? This 100kb limit is annoying.
  8. Signed up! Looking forward to some good night racing
  9. Figured this was applicable to a lot of people on here....
  10. Which variant ATL cell is it? And where are you located? Thanks ,
  11. It's kinda of funny. If you look at the entry lists for races, usually around 50% of the cars are either Miata's or BMW's. And last time we threw our C4 on the scales it was 2880# w/o driver. I'd venture to add another 100lb since we had to put the hood back on. We can -barely- make it 2 hours w/ a 22 gallon cell. We're faster on the fast tracks, but tighter tracks we get walked over for being piggy. There are several 3 series that can just out perform us.
  12. Yeah, it's just yet another cost onto it that drives it up. It also make it seem like indy kicks everyone out at 9, as in you can't sleep in the paddock (need to pay for a hotel). Is this correct?
  13. New race hype. That and this race is very expensive. I just noticed in the rules where you -have- to buy track gas at nearly $4/gallon. *ack*
  14. Side question - Do you guys send your injectors off to be cleaned/flowed? Or do you just run 'em...
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