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  1. Still waiting to get the motor back; apparently one of the rings was bad. Said I should have everything back by thursday. Opted to get everything balanced. Stock, it was out by over 2oz. . . They balanced to under a gram. . .
  2. Got tons of parts in today Does plastigage go bad? This is in an OOOOOLD box and it's extremely brittle. . . That said, if you're doing VIR 24, today is the last day to sign up and get the discount
  3. Hence the joke.... I was just trying to get our techs some free bourbon....
  4. Pinkies up then...
  5. Give tech a couple bottles of bourbon and they'll tell you how many penalty points you'll be getting
  6. Could use 1. Car has been completely redone w/ a new driveline and will be bringing a spare driveline to boot. Specs on the car: '84 Corvette with an LT4 and 6 speed trans. ~330HP. Can accommodate from 5'4" to 6'4" drivers (Our tallest is 6'4") We run EC. Currently have 5 drivers. What we're looking for: A GOOD driver, no noobs. No hot heads. If other drivers complain about you on your first stint, you will not be allowed to drive the second. Cost: $1000. Payment of $200 reserves your spot. $400 due before you climb in for your first stint. Second $400 before your second stint. What this gets you: A spot in a large class A RV to sleep, hang out, eat. Use of the golf cart. And of course, driving. PM me if you're interested.
  7. Just a suggestion; if you're coming in from WI, I'd assume you'd be landing in Richmond. I found a website called RV Share; we rented a really nice class A RV that sleeps 6 comfortably. Way cheaper than getting the Villa's for the trip and you're right there by the pits. Just a thought.
  8. I feel ya. You used to be able to get at vette power steering pulley from the dealer for $12. GM stopped making them, now they're $140 used . . Good luck on wed
  9. What brake fluid are you guys running? Currently, we're using the Type 200 blue stuff; is anyone going all out and running Castrol SRF? Or just running RBF 600?
  10. As long as it doesn't explode on the track, I don't care.
  11. And just like that. This "Look at the bearings" has completely snowballed. Bores were crap; cut 0.004" out to get them round again. . . Looks like I have to punch the motor
  12. Getting some pics from the machine shop. . .
  13. Ugg, don't think my motor will be back from the machine shop else I would