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  1. Car 747 had the live video feed going at night. I was watching it and their light setup seemed really good. 747 team let me know what your light setup is.
  2. In the effort of simplicity, how about just make a rule that doesn't allow a swap to add cylinders. Sorry guys who swapped up, but this seems like a simple fix. All other rules would stay the same.
  3. Careful giving out free transmissions and differentials. If those are free for swaps than they need to be free for the rest of us. Im sure there are teams that would like to just swap a trans or diff for a better gear ratio or reliability etc and keep the stock engine.
  4. I can't keep up with this post. My one line change idea is move "stuff" outside the brackets to its own additional cost while keeping the in-out no negative rule in play. Stuff is where the money is hiding to make a hard swap possible. Also don't allow fuel cell size to be larger than stock as others mentioned. These two simple changes will fix the swap issue.
  5. Wow, it must be national f!?k off at work day. This thread is blowin up!
  6. This video and the Mario cart video are remarkably similar.
  7. I watched some of my video today. Gods last name. . . . Team orange car came out of the pits in front of me on Sunday afternoon. You guys are dumping considerable amounts of fuel out in right hand turns. You should get that fixed.
  8. On the old forum when I went to unread posts it took me to the page in the post that I last read. With the new one it always takes you to the first page. Is there a setting that I need to turn on, or is this a feature that is lost?
  9. Couple thoughts here. Congrats to RH on the win. I had a lot of fun those last few laps. I would have liked to had a run at you coming on to the front stretch on the last lap but you worked some serious traffic magic and I couldn't pass any of those guys thru hog pen. That's usually how it is for inacurate. The traffic seems to part like the Red Sea for Ronald's, Simon says, and the like. All I get are blocks and guys who want to race me for a lap. Take the mustang for instance, he had no reason to be tracking down towards me when he had THE RACING LINE open to his left. I can only think he was blocking. I was pushing the issue on the last laps but there is no reason for that IMO. That reminds me. Do people actually know the difference between ON the racing line and OFF the line? You should be on the line unless your passing or blocking. So to all, STAY ON THE RACING LINE!!! People who are trying to pass you can't predict what your going to do when your bouncing around the track. It is the overtaking cars responsibility to make a safe pass. Stop using your mirrors and drive the line, and pass off line. Your lap times will drop once you stop worrying about getting hit as you turn into a corner. As long as your predictably racing you will be fine. Last two laps were crazy at the top of the hill. Almost plowed the Camaro. I don't think vir did anything different than they had all day. The only time the 35 yellow came out was when the tow truck was on track. Until then the cautions were local. With only 2 laps remaining I suspect they didn't plan to bring the tow truck out until the race was done. Any way good fun was had. Thanks to chump staff for putting on a great weekend! See you at RA
  10. Water and simple green or purple power type products work fine for a general cleaning. If you need to get rid of rust look into a product like the wd-40 rust eliminator chemical.
  11. Restating the easy button. MPV + (ACPV/IN -ACPV/OUT) + Stuff + Surcharge(s) = TCV Nothing else has to change. If you all want to include more swaps for cars that suck, lobby for a change to the MPV value and the surcharge value. And for all those who can't make their current car work with this, too bad. Unswap your car. That's what I had to do.
  12. I'm an engineer and I'm having a hard time figuring out this thread. But seriously, All this swap bs has a simple fix which is move "stuff" to outside the in-out equation. Like it was supposed to be in the first place. I have an email from chump saying that stuff was going outside the in-out. Then when the rules were written some how stuff made it inside. My guess was to accomidate the crazy saps that already existed. All crazy swaps will then not be possible with stuff moved out. Sorry to all with crazy swaps already but all this complaining is coming from about 4 or 5 cars with crazy but legit swaps. Compared to all the rest of cars in chump.
  13. I think an easy change would be to make the corners always waive the flag around. If your in the middle of a task heavy pass it can be easy to miss a flag. If it's waiving it's easier to catch especially from a longer distance away.
  14. Check the engine coolant temp sensor. Maybe just unplug the sensor and see what the effect is, or plug in a donor. Also make sure there isn't air in the coolant by bleeding it out. I would also try a different ecu if handy.
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