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  1. Hans sold. helmet is almost new and high quality. I paid $600. selling helmet only now for $325 shipped! surely a newb out there needs a helmet. still has Hans connectors.
  2. Still avail. Email vprinzo@yahoo.com for details.
  3. I’m selling my Spec E46 race car. Follow the link below. Not exactly a Champ car, but tell your friends. Thanks. https://www.e46fanatics.com/threads/for-sale-se46.1284762/
  4. Selling Bell M8 helmet with Hans. Only used helmet in 2 track day events. It is SA2015 certified. The Hans is from 2005. $500 plus shipping for the set. I can send the original pics upon request. Thanks.
  5. This video and the Mario cart video are remarkably similar.
  6. I watched some of my video today. Gods last name. . . . Team orange car came out of the pits in front of me on Sunday afternoon. You guys are dumping considerable amounts of fuel out in right hand turns. You should get that fixed.
  7. Couple thoughts here. Congrats to RH on the win. I had a lot of fun those last few laps. I would have liked to had a run at you coming on to the front stretch on the last lap but you worked some serious traffic magic and I couldn't pass any of those guys thru hog pen. That's usually how it is for inacurate. The traffic seems to part like the Red Sea for Ronald's, Simon says, and the like. All I get are blocks and guys who want to race me for a lap. Take the mustang for instance, he had no reason to be tracking down towards me when he had THE RACING LINE open to his left. I can only thin
  8. I agree with Bill on one of the most dangerous situations was getting stopped for red flags. We almost rear ended the field on the back stretch, and I saw a pile up in T1 as well. Don't know if it's because cars stopped really fast or if it is the distance between corner workers. But it should be addressed how to stop for a red at the drivers meeting. As for the driving. I'd say that it was on par or better than most races. For the most part people were driving a predictable line. I only had issue with 2 or 3 bone head moves in my stint. I'd say that's half as many as normal.
  9. The legend does not like hog pen in the wet. Slick as snot.
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