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  1. Any negotiations with Burke Lake Airport before it's tore down? 😉
  2. So JDM must have the same displacement and construction as the USDM and be within the 3% advertised Horsepower. They eliminated the swap rule, so my guess is that you can't swap anything above 3% as advertised.
  3. I read that it can drop your temp by 23 degrees!!! Anybody making a trip to Japan?
  4. I would recommend going to https://www.track-first.com/ or Summit. You can actually sit in the seat. They are not that far away and Track First gave me a great deal on my seat, I am a bigger guy so I went with Oreca Pro Head Restraint seat.
  5. Liberty wasn't much help I will check today or tomorrow if there are any serial numbers or anything can help identify it. Where are you located?
  6. Does Video help? https://photos.app.goo.gl/VKA3NxKFDQEfx4yYA
  7. MTX-75 Not sure of the final gear before will pulled it we ran it ran very well. (We swapped a Duratec which uses a different case and doesn't bolt-up). The previous owner raced it once in Canada after being rebuilt. I have 2 other stock MTX-75, if you needs spares.
  8. These were on the Speed World Challenge car that I sold, that was tuned and built by mountune. Feel free to make offers. Engine Accessories: G&R Motorsport Carbon Fiber Intake (BTCC Developed) Cosworth Carbon Fiber Engine Duct Price: $400.00 Allan Docking Radiator/Oil Cooler Price:$100.00 ECU: custom tune by Mountune Pectel P6 Engine Management System Wiring: Complete custom Racing harness with push button start Price: $400 Pictures
  9. Sold the engine but still have the ECU/ Harness, I sent you a email.
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