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  1. If you do a search for the celebrity Celica's you can find one already built. Typically they are usually very abused and overpriced in my mind.
  2. I raced in a spec karting class with a spec tire and spec engine. It didn't get cheaper, the tire manufacturers never committed over a year, so all the used tires became worthless and money was spent elsewhere, but I am sure Marx and Engels approved 🤣. I was at the Kart track at Pitt listening to them staging another Spec tire...funny how the spec tire turned a 21 kart fields to 3 in a couple years. I would think the advantage of Tirerack is the variety of choice and my vote would go towards a blanket discount on all products, let the manufacturers compete to sell more tires with further discounts and rebates.
  3. Tony is a good guy, Hopefully we can meet next year Yes, I was haven't seen it in a few years, hopefully we can meet next year.
  4. No, I ran with 69 nice racing Honda Prelude, they had issues with old fuel hoses.
  5. I saw some photographers taking pictures anybody have the links?
  6. Any negotiations with Burke Lake Airport before it's tore down? 😉
  7. So JDM must have the same displacement and construction as the USDM and be within the 3% advertised Horsepower. They eliminated the swap rule, so my guess is that you can't swap anything above 3% as advertised.
  8. I read that it can drop your temp by 23 degrees!!! Anybody making a trip to Japan?
  9. I would recommend going to https://www.track-first.com/ or Summit. You can actually sit in the seat. They are not that far away and Track First gave me a great deal on my seat, I am a bigger guy so I went with Oreca Pro Head Restraint seat.
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