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  1. I have a used AIM Solo GPS Lap Timer, comes with laptimer and Mounting bracket, I do not have any of the cords. Price: $200 plus shipping Pictures
  2. USED AIM Inline Water Coupler Price: $10 https://photos.app.goo.gl/mq1LwWLty8VDCUXz8 Used AiM USB Adapter Cable for MXL2, MXG/MXP/MXS, MXm, EVO5 Price $20 https://photos.app.goo.gl/WJDQ1Qq8hDHJKTHx8 Used CORBEAU SEAT BRACKET - FORD FOCUS 2000-2011 Driverside SKU: E2008T Price $50 https://photos.app.goo.gl/pyzoEZbVrbSfoBEG6 Used Bosch Fuel Injectors Set (4) 0280155766 1996-1998 Volvo 2.3L I5 Turbo on a custom Ford Focus Fuel rail Price: $100 https://photos.app.goo.gl/xsFNLK3vYDNA3Byt7 Used Bosch Fuel Pump 0580464074 FORD E/F SERIES 7.3L 1999-2003 Price $60 https://photos.app.goo.gl/FRaZGyXNBcfQnabu6 Ford Focus zetec o2 Sensor Price: $15 https://photos.app.goo.gl/A7ybFsKfH54WFETK7
  3. Jegs Brand New Weld-on Quick Release Steering Hub Meets SFI 42.1 specs I purchased it for a project and never used it. Price $65+ shipping
  4. Just wondering if anybody does sim racing (non- Iracing) If you are interested in racing I race the following: On Ps4 Gran Turismo Project Cars 2 PC Asseto Corsa Rfactor GTR2 Dirt F1 2017
  5. Looking for someone around El Paso,TX can check out a karting operation in the next two weeks before I pull the trigger. It is located in a storage facility. Willing to pay, sent me a email for further details.
  6. My other thought was having the screw welded to the underside sticking towards the roof. Would it better to have that metal welded to the underside with the bolt?
  7. Trying to get the seat to the lowest point has anybody mounted the slider to floor using a larger steel plate (champcar legal)? If so can you please post pictures.
  8. Has anybody imported a race car recently Canada to the US? Did you use a broker? I am interested but it comes with spare parts and I heard that that can create another issue.
  9. 2) Pre Race Inspection Prior to the event (or when teams register) add a online form that allows teams to upload the tech information and add a Q&A, Tech can add notes to conversations or text messages/phone calls about legal and illegal parts. When it comes to the races for the physical check, tech will have some idea about the car prior to rolling up and documentation during impound. I am assuming that most of the tech infractions are not malicious, and as the cars become newer and more complicated, there will probably be more research and communication needed in general. I still think that Option #1 impound is needed for the checks and balances. Most of my racing experience has been in spec series. During the prime of that series everything was tech'd and their was a claimer rule. New lazy tech guy took over and started a random selection on what was being tech'd, people started to cheat, they started to add complicated rules and the series eventually imploded. Unfortunately I don't think the claimer rule would work in champcar, although it would be interesting to be able to buy a Porsche Boxster for $500 😋
  10. If you do a search for the celebrity Celica's you can find one already built. Typically they are usually very abused and overpriced in my mind.
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