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  1. This seems to exactly describe us and MK Motorsports. I think they got 4 hours out of a set of Coopers at NCM (admittedly a track very hard on tires). We got the whole weekend out of 4.5 tires. Granted I think we do need a softer option than RS4s so we can not completely suck in the cold.
  2. I'm not sure about them being the best. They're definitely quicker than RS4s, but WTF evidently didn't get any more time out of them than they did RE71Rs. We obviously get way better tire life than they do. For us at most tracks they'd be one-weekend tires. Maybe two weekends at Sebring.
  3. Yup. ChampCar is unique in that it has no minimum weight. You guys want to go fast for cheap? Well the only way to do that is weight reduction. Everything else costs money. And of course testing and suspension tuning. A well set up car is easier on tires and brakes. Prior to our first race (VIR North) we probably had 20 hours of testing and practice.. I pointed Justin and the grey 'vette by on Sunday near the end of the race (we were two laps up), then tried to keep up when my co-driver bet me I couldn't over the radio. He was right. My left rear was coming apart and the motion sickness
  4. KSR did the safety equipment and general fabrication: roll cage, fuel firewall, fire system, that sort of thing. All the performance mods, tuning, suspension setup, most of the general wrenching, etc. was done by me and my co-driver, to my specs. We do store and work on it at KSR. Kevin is doing very well with his YouTube channel and association with Cleetus McFarland, so his focus is on drag racing these days. Our engine is stock, unopened, and makes about 167whp. It's lost 2-3 hp from VIR, where we completed the race with failing fuel pump (16:1 AFR).
  5. On our car RS4s essentially never wear out, but they do turn into rocks. I'm not sure we'd run a set for more than one race weekend for this reason, so a softer tire wouldn't necessarily cost us any more. This is very heat dependent though; you'll find getting an RS4 hotter will make it get harder more quickly (per my durometer). I've discussed autocross tires with autocrossers extensively, hoping to find one we could run on my car. RE71Rs have fairly typical life. A052s are faster wearing, and Rival 1.5 Ses are considerably slower.
  6. It's a determent because they could have spent those points on other things of which hopefully would offer similar performance. NASA does this by making tire compound and width alter the car's adjusted weight to power ratio. Of course there's no way to balance any mod or tire across all the different cars.
  7. Troy the whole point of points is to balance car and modification performance. Stickier tires are an extremely effective modification so should be worth a lot of points, if ChampCar decides to go the route of policing tires. WRL more or less relies on tire changes increasing pit stop times. Would be interesting to see how that works.
  8. At our local track (the Firm in Keystone FL) I've done 1:17.86 on fresh RS4s. In warmer weather my co-driver did 1:17.70 on the Coopers. However this was a week before VIR, so we were not pushing much. We were there to make sure the Coopers would work for us in colder weather, because the RS4s definitely do not. My daq was also not working, but I noticed my (GPS) speedometer reading 83 mph in a corner where we'd previously maxed out at 80. I want to get proper data from the Coopers at the Firm but don't know when I'll be able to. I'm going to test V730s next.
  9. As a point of comparison, we started VIR North with Coopers we'd tested on for a few hours. We'd left a drifter lap the car, so they only had about 80% tread remaining. We had some pit lane issues on Saturday (no crew, just me and my co-driver; 0/10 do not recommend). I was having motion sickness problems but not as bad as NCM. I had FTD on Saturday and my co-driver got it on Sunday, which we won. After the race the Coopers had 1-2/32" left, depending on where you measured. There was more center wear as we were running too much pressure. Granted my NC is probably easier on consumables th
  10. Sorry yeah, I deleted when I realized I'd mis-read you. The car is on stiffer springs (coilovers), no rear sway bar, a stock front sway bar, and a very low CoG. All the suspension bits were visible during protest. It's not anything any other car can't do without points, or with a bit of materials. We took points for coilovers because I don't want to invest a zillion hours into making OE-sized springs work.
  11. Yes 2 drivers. I was having motion sickness problems and way off my usual pace. The LF after Saturday was toast. Unfortunately we only had 4 Coopers, but MK Motorsports was kind enough to give us one of their Cooper scrubs. So we mounted that one and rotated everything before Sunday. We also had to rotate the LF-LR during the race. NCM is very hard on tires. At Sebring I'd expect the Coopers to last us two weekends.
  12. The silver NC Miata is mine. We used about 4.5 Coopers for the weekend, however we're on 255/40-17s with a 2000# car. At the end of the Sunday race my left rear was coming apart. We might've been slightly faster with narrower tires, but we would have needed another set. I was having motion sickness problems and way off my usual pace; if not for that we would have surely needed more tires. The WTF Miata was on 205/50-15s, and went through I think 4 sets? NCM however is very hard on tires. We easily did 15 hours of VIR North on the same set of Cooper RS3-Rs. C
  13. Anyone who doesn't change stock front NA/B hubs after every race is nuts, or really slow.
  14. So why not just penalize faster tires? That's a lot easier than figuring out what hubs are on a car.
  15. No one is asking the value of speed adders to go down, least of all Troy. His petitions would significantly slow the pace of the fastest ChampCars by limiting them to harder compound tires. Some teams maybe driving slightly faster with an oil cooler or baffled pan is insignificant next to the advantage of say Rival 1.5 Ses over RS4s. I say this as someone who runs a car with FTD in all 4 races its done, on softer (Cooper RS3-R) tires. Harder tires would be very bad for me, especially in the cold. Also there are many cars in other series which could be run in ChampCar, but are no
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