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  1. This clearly makes Penske race shocks for MX-5 free as they are not adjustable. Such shocks cost more than the track oriented coiler/adjustable shock package that came on our car and works adequately enough that I can't justify buying other replacements. So we get a crap load of points for stuff that is less expensive than what can now be free. Another example of this no longer being focused on low cost as it once was...
  2. The red line version is quite nice for quickly finding the updates. Clearly some good work improving clarity. I am a bit puzzled by some font changes such as the radiator points topic already mentioned and the every increasing range of free stuff. Very disappointed that nothing was done to address the lighting. It appears to remain unchanged with no real clarity on how a car with modern LED headlights with say 4 light emitting bulbs is going to be legal, and if treated as other LED lights is considered a single light source or will it be limited to only two light sources per light u
  3. Cars: 3 x Saab 900 3 x Saab 93 two stroke, not the modern 9-3 4 x Saab Sonett III 2 x Sonett II 1 x Saab Sonett V-4 2 x Quantum Formula Saab 2 x FV 1 x C Sports Racer 6 x Miata 3 x Saab 99 EMS 2 x Mazda RX-3 1 x Mazda RX-2 1 X Saturn 1 x Toyota Corolla 2 x Datsun 240Z 1 x Datsun 280Z 1 x Lotus 7 1 x Lotus Elan 1 x Lotus Elite 1 x Alfetta GT 1 x Mini 1 x MINI Driven in 250+ race events, many of which were double or triple weekends; 11 of those 24 hour races. I have no idea how many races I've wo
  4. If your car has separate bulbs for high and low beam and you are retaining those lights, that is all you are allowed under the current rules. I hope the 2021 rules improve the lighting section as it is a mess. With a limit of 4 bulbs, as I've been told is the case, technically none of the LED lights are legal as they have far more than 4 light emitting sources....
  5. Former SCCA ITB/EP race car mostly used for hillclimbs in NE. New fire system, belts, harness in 2019 just prior to being raced at the Mitty. Fuel cell, lexan windows, Shankle suspension, nice straight body. Transaxle in car has welded diff, comes with spare that has open diff. Running on 15" Volvo wheels with custom adapters both to the stock Alfa hubs. Comes with 2 sets of wheels. SCCA log book going back to mid 90s. Cage door bars are not to Champ specs. $7000 PM if interested.
  6. We have been quite pleased with this MIG from Harbor Freight. https://www.harborfreight.com/migmax-215-industrial-welder-with-120240-volt-input-63617.html While I usually don't get such things there, a local welder had been using one of these for some time and gave it a strong recommendation.
  7. We will have to see what the rules say. When we ran the very first east coast Chump race it was a true cheap car, the original Piggy 900 turbo, purchased for less than $300 bucks, added safety stuff and a new fuel pump. We had a car that was quite competitive and had podium finishes. For me the non-stop evolution to free parts and more mods is absolutely tragic and has totally changed this from the true low cost endurance racing series it once was. While family and work issues have significantly impacted us, keeping us from running the 3-5 races a year we did in the early Chump days, the h
  8. First get the wheel and tire sizing under control. IMHO, they never should have been completely free. Allow cars that come on wheels that are less 16" diameter move up to no more than 17" diameter. Cap width at 7" for any application with a stock width of 7" or less. Anything with a stock wheel diameter of 17" or greater must stay with stock diameter or smaller. Any application with an OE width of 7" or more must use stock width wheels. For tires, anything with a stock width of 225 or less may run up to a 225 width tire. Any car with a stock tire width of 225 or larger is l
  9. I was curious about this as well. Any examples or photos of set ups that are considered good by Tech?
  10. We had a good time with both the MINI and Sonett running trouble free.
  11. We will be there. Looking forward to getting Lorri some track time in her new ChampCar! Also going to run a few shake down laps in the Sonett vintage racer to make sure it is OK before towing to Put-in-Bay for the Fall vintage race there. So at least 1 of our cars will still be a Swede!
  12. Currently towing with 2014 Ram 1500 Eco Diesel. Added Air lift bags to manage sag when towing. Our enclosed trailer used for CCES is 24' plus V nose checking in at about 8-8500lbs loaded. Running about 70 mph is will routinely return 14-15 mpg assuming I don't pound it hard over steep slopes. With my 18' open trailer it returns 18-20 mpg. Running back & forth to work it does mid to upper 20's. Life time average over the now 226000 miles on it is just over 22 mpg with more than 40,000 of those miles towing, including 5 trips between SC & CA. The life time average is 3 mpg better
  13. I have a set of new American Racing wheels, 5 on 108 bolt circle, 20mm offset (I think) that were purchased for the Volvo Piggy which has since been sold. These need a new home. $200 plus shipping from zip 29681.
  14. All this banter makes my head spin. For so many of these topics it once again it all boils down to allowing more stuff which are "reliability" items and should be free. Whether oil cooler, accumulators, larger fuel capacities, suspension bits, they all are changes that let a car be run harder, longer...which for endurance racing is a performance enhancement. Let's stop allowing more and more stuff to be thrown on cars, facilitating yet more speed and cost creep. Run within the limits of what the car is capable of so they aren't spending lots of $$$ fixing things they blow up or break by ru
  15. FWIW, I have a Roux helmet and have found the built in radio bits to work great in both tin top and open cars. We skipped the built-in radio stuff in wife's Still for the reasons Shawn previously noted in this thread.
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