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  1. All this banter makes my head spin. For so many of these topics it once again it all boils down to allowing more stuff which are "reliability" items and should be free. Whether oil cooler, accumulators, larger fuel capacities, suspension bits, they all are changes that let a car be run harder, longer...which for endurance racing is a performance enhancement. Let's stop allowing more and more stuff to be thrown on cars, facilitating yet more speed and cost creep. Run within the limits of what the car is capable of so they aren't spending lots of $$$ fixing things they blow up or break by running beyond the actual limits of the car. One way to help constrain costs and reduce stress on suspension parts or slinging oil about, limit wheel & tire widths to something relatively close to stock. My $0.02
  2. FWIW, I have a Roux helmet and have found the built in radio bits to work great in both tin top and open cars. We skipped the built-in radio stuff in wife's Still for the reasons Shawn previously noted in this thread.
  3. Single mass, steel and at least as heavy as stock flywheel otherwise it is a performance enhancement.
  4. Many thanks to those that dropped off rotors at Road Atlanta. And additional thanks to whoever it was that also threw in some chain!
  5. The Chandler School kids had a good day at the track and extend their thanks to all that visited the hot chocolate stand and generously donated to the program. I had fun during my striating stint in Rat and coaching a few of our other guys, Overall tough weekend as one car spun and nailed our other car, both continued after some fender adjustments, until well into the race. Ultimately Rat decide to spit out the motor oil, fortunately noticed by the driver, so we think the motor will have survived. And Gator thought 4th & 5th were not appropriate for use in the dark...the kids now have a bit of unplanned maintenance to complete! As always many thank to the Champ staff and track workers. Ken
  6. Ron, Ceramic with aluminum hats really won't work for what we do. Huggy, we go thru 25-30 per season. If we come back with a few season's worth that is fine!
  7. For those coming to Road Atlanta, should you happen to have old brake rotors laying about that you are not going to use, The Chandler School would be happy to have them. Old rotors form the bases of the Sportsmanship award trophies the school creates. We could use a couple of dozen. SO if you happen to have some, swing by wherever we end up in the paddock, drop them off and meet the kids. See you at Road Atlanta. Ken
  8. Not at all, we were on latest edition of Rival S. For full disclosure, I work for Michelin/BFGoodrich motorsports... Of course other folks results vary as function of tracks, cars, driving style, etc. etc...Depending upon who we have in the Chandler cars the tires may go longer on one car than the other...We had more than 30 race hours on one set between VIR, AMP and a track day at Roebling. Now had I run those same events with our old SAAB 900, no way the front tires would have gone that distance. The original Piggy was a piggy when it came to eating front tires at many tracks.
  9. Perhaps we are just too slow with the Chandler Miatas but we've had no problems getting a full race weekend out Rival S, 225/45-15. Did the VIR 24 one set per car as well as AMP on a single set. Last time I ran Piggy at Rd All, we did the fully race on a set of 225/45-17 Rival S.
  10. This is certainly debatable. In the 38+ years I've been racing, which includes quite a few monsoon races, with one exception when in a SAAB Quantum Formula S racing with a bunch of vintage cars that had no lights at all, I've never really felt that rain lights needed to be mandated. Certainly not in the many showroom stock, IT, crapcan racer events, including the rains at VIR in 2017. So as far as I'm concerned, normal tail lights are fine. This is amateur racing for fun, not some pro event where drivers must press on. If one's vision is compromised by spray, SLOW down. I certainly did at times in the VIR 24, often because of glare from far too bright, crappy pattern lights on other cars, not due to poor tail lights. If we want to add more rules, how about mandating high & low beams with half the lights being off on low beam and only properly aimed low beams permitted when closer than 100 feet behind another car or when it is raining heavily. But that is another topic entirely.
  11. Requiring tail lights on in rain/low visibility conditions is fine as virtually every car running here has tail lights in place. Mandating a specific rain light when cars already have tail lights, is an unnecessary, unfunded mandate.
  12. When one of you Miata runners splurges for a set of these fancy Penske shocks, we will happily take your old Bilstein B6/B8 shocks as a donation for one of the Chandler School Miatas that has some brand unknown POS shocks on it. We wouldn't want those old yellow shocks cluttering up your valuable shop/garage shelf space 😉
  13. LOL. Those invisible, special diesel spark plugs, ignition wires and coil are really hard to find and trouble shoot!
  14. No it isn't the next covert Piggy project, but our alternate tow vehicle is a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 3.0L Mercedes OM 642 turbo diesel. Any Champers wizards with these? Ours suddenly refused to run and so far I'm striking out on why. Pretty sure it is injection related. So if you happen to have experience with these critters, please PM me. Ken
  15. I'll be at Roar, the 24 and super Sebring as my day job with Michelin pretty much makes being there a requirement. Feel free to swing by the Michelin tire compound and say hello. Ken
  16. Let's simplify this fender issue, drive down tire costs and stop the steady creep in wheel and tire widths, which IMHO have gotten ridiculous on some cars...Limit tires to no more than a 205 width or the narrowest stock tire fitted to a given car, (if stock tires are wider than a 205) and wheels to stock width or narrower...
  17. Bill, So have you figured out how to put all of the bumping, banging and driver red mist events into a single hour at a specific time in the race? That really will be "Quite" an hour! Cheers, Ken
  18. Has anyone contacted the CDC and reported the unusual illness that seemed to have struck many at VIR? I'm referring to the rare, possibly mosquito borne illness, commonly referred to as yellow blindness. There had to have been some sort of outbreak given the staggering number of times I was passed or observed someone else passing another car under yellows. When that count exceeded a dozen, I stopped counting. I'd thought the outbreak of this terrible disease was bad last year but it appeared to be worse this time around. I'm not sure what the solution is, but the easy fix is all those serving as steering wheel spacers to keep their eyes up, pay attention and stop driving like a blithering idiot. Now off soap box and kudos to all the ChampStaff and volunteers that worked the event.
  19. With our 2014 Ram 1500 Eco Diesel I routinely get 18-20 mpg towing our 18' open trailer with a car on it and running at a brisk pace. In early 2015, I did a round trip SC to CA and back with that trailer, empty outbound and a SAAB 96 on it for the return run and averaged 21.8 mpg. Towing our 24'+ v-nose enclosed trailer loaded for ChampCar events (~8K lbs) we consistently get at least 14 mpg. Did a run FL to CA and back with that trailer a couple summers ago with just a 3200 lbs. car in it each way and had a roundtrip average of 14.1 mpg routinely running 70 - 75 mph.
  20. Bill, No need to ban BMW, we just need to ban all cars newer than the 1991 model year!
  21. If the issue is load related failures of the wheel bearings, you might consider what grease to use. On our SAAB 900 front wheel bearings were a problem. I started to repack the bearings with Lubrication Engineers 3752 grease which our shop at work had used with great success to vastly lengthen wheel bearing life on test vehicles. End result, front bearings would go well beyond 100 hours of racing...This grease is quite tacky and highly water resistant so it is great for boat trailers too.
  22. Yet again a bunch of requests for fuel capacity and free reliability parts, all of which are claimed not be a performance enhancement. Yet another boat load of whale blubber. Anything allowing longer runs, or improved reliability allows one to either push harder or operate longer at a car's full potential is absolutely a performance benefit. IMHO, the allowed freebies and modifications for minimal points are already too much and have driven speeds and costs up. My $0.10 has been sent to Board.
  23. Cool car and pretty darn good rally cars in the day. Small fuel tank and 2.6L putting in class C are drawbacks. Pity this didn't surface before our current 242 somehow left onto our trailer and followed me home.
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