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  1. This is a pretty good example of racers pointing out rules issues. We are all out here digging in junk yards and ripping apart parts cars to get a spare trans or diff and as we are doing it, we see a part that looks better than some POS rusted junk we have on the car now. Suddenly we figure out that BigCarCo got smart and replaced part X with part Y and its wildly better. Then we as racers have to deal with the fact that even though part Y is a factory part and its not $500 like the really slick aftermarket version, we may have to pay the price to use that upgrade for competition use?
  2. VERY happy to inform that we have been working hard on this and have a fix. There are multiple apps that you can use that will make your mobile device look like a desktop device to the YouTube servers. The first one we tried was terrible. Luckily we tried a second one which was less shitty and then a third one was awesome. YouStream worked REALLY well for us in that it didn't stress the phone and make it hot or run the battery down faster than it could be charged. It also will reconnect automatically to YouTube if signal is dropped. This is of huge value to us as you don't want
  3. Inside the last week, YouTube has changed its service standards and will no longer allow anyone with less than 1000 subscribers to stream live from a mobile device. In short, this means that if you stream from a phone at the track, you are boned unless you have a huge stack of friends to click your links. For most of this, this is a problem. As such I wanted to come by and warn the Champ collective of this issue. In hopes of resolving this, I would encourage all teams who use or may want to use YouTube to post up your YouTube link so others may follow your page and that you may
  4. Oh, hello fellow idiots. Sorry I missed this as I tend to avoid the forums at most all costs. Just gets me in trouble... Glad to see there are other teams around Central Ohio. Good luck guys!
  5. Any in car video? I saw him post on another forum that you dive bombed him.
  6. They were pretty fair quality pieces. We fear that we may have blowed them up while spinning them on with a big impact gun and not really thinking about it while it was happening. Ya know, clack clack clack clack (the sound of stress fractures) then we go out, beat on them and hit and get hit by a few cars and boom. A few studs fall off the car.
  7. I'm sure! I think seeing this much hillbilly stuffed in a tiny VW coming at him with as much speed as we carry right there would inspire most folks to get out of the car.
  8. Rob, I also want to thank you for keeping such a well stocked trailer with spare studs for us! As Jim pointed out, we actually had decent quality stuff on the car. What he does not say is that we fear one of our newer and rather talented young guns may have blowed up the lugs with a big ole air impact thumper. The bad news is that it cost us a top 10. The good news is that we now have something to give him crap about all winter as he drove lights out and would otherwise be insufferable to deal with if not for this one possible error.
  9. Mostmint... Have any vid of a similar spin with me glued to your six with about 90 min left in the race? I was pretty tight and saw your car going around and thought... Ok, so which way do I try and go around? I picked the wrong side and had to dive into the grass on the inside to not blow you guys up. You can buy me a soda next year to thank me for not mussing your paint.
  10. We were also down to a science. Come in. Put in fuel. See what wheel studs broke this time. Change them. Go out and break some more.
  11. Was it the psg side bit that failed? We suffered some pretty hard contact at turn 12 as your car tried to squeeze between me as the little red fiesta. As for what to drive next... please no on the big red truck. That thing is fast and large. I don't want to be on track with you guys in that battering ram!
  12. I heard about these dudes and we were also trying to find them some time. We had a little we were exploring sharing but then never heard anything else so we just kept after things as planned. I wondered where the other civic came from and hoped it was them. After getting the feel for the track and the car they were going at it pretty well! Kudos to them and to those who helped get these guys a great experience!
  13. Wait... do not act for one second like you can't control the rain and wind and temp. We all KNOW you made it cold wet and miserable! As for sandbagging. Really? AYFKM? Matt and the whole Tigers team run a class program. The guy was known for popping motors until this year and if anything he was faster last year. Does this mean he was sandbagging by dialing out a little HP in the interest of running for 25 hours and not 18? What about us? I was coasting in a broken car with less than an hour left in the race trying to finish with a decent position until I got a call that we were close enoug
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