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  1. Ok, that's funny right there...
  2. You know Bill doesn't do the pit assignments right?
  3. Are you driving? Cause the event email to the drivers had the pit assignments attached. However, we've had more cars sign up since then and I hope more to come. so I've been updating it. We'll have copies at Registration. Dana
  4. It's in the supplemental Rules. https://champcar.org/register/supplementalrules/389.pdf Dana
  5. Am I missing something here? Yes. First, I said I was "asking" that you not bring your campers in, but I also acknowledge that some teams have the camper as part of their hauler and equipment. I'm not going to post someone at the bridge to inspect each unit. This issue isn't how long people took to leave Saturday. The issue is the number of campers in such a small space and the campers who had no intention of leaving until Sunday morning. I get that having a camper for your team to function from is helpful. But last year we had teams bring 3 and 4 campers then set them up in a small compound. I can see a need for a single unit, but not a need for 4. Last year people where caught off guard by the word "gate" and where they could stay Saturday night. That's why this year I'm defining the difference between the "front gate" and the "bridge" to the paddock.
  6. He just forgot, he actually emailed me back on the 4th, and again today.. But we very much appreciate you keeping us updated. We enjoy Thompson very much and we're looking forward to being back. Dana
  7. The Pittsburgh race is now sold out. I have started a waiting list for entries. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list please email me at Dana.Morrison@ChampCar.org I will contact teams based on the order of their emails. We really appreciate all the teams that want to race with us, and we want to fill any last minute vacancies if possible. Thanks Everyone! Dana
  8. Uh... Thanks Bill... Someone get the number off that bus.... About the track time Friday. It's important to remember that the practice time for this event is run by Thompson Speedway. So the times for Friday are set by Thompson. The times we have were what they sent to us at the start of the year. We list them in our Supplementals, but we don't control them. As of the 4th Thompson was planning to change the times to 1pm - 6pm. The times should be update on the track's web site, definitely go with the times they have listed. Thanks, Dana
  9. Except that I grab a separate listing of all the drivers registered for an event when I create the final information email. That way were are not sending every race's information to the entire club. And since you and your team where not registered yet when I sent out the email, you guys weren't included. Dana
  10. I sent out the Final Information email the other day. Get my your team information and I'll forward it to you. Dana
  11. Good, the Media and Marketing staff can pick up lunch for the rest of us...
  12. Probably not, the contract is complete and signed already. But this is the kind of feedback we need to give you guys the races you want to run. We can look into something like this next year, provided we have the car counts to make it work. We're certainly open to trying different formats. Last year we ran this on the huge course and for 24 hours, this year we changed the format based on the input from racers. So changes are possible. See you there. Dana
  13. No, we are racing straight through from green to checkers, 9am to 4pm. Dana
  14. Thank you... At least one person noticed.
  15. No, the garage and pit assignments will go out early this week. Dana
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