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  1. I guess we could probably have worded that better. All entries are $650, so bring some friends! I have a plane ticket and a hotel room, so we are running this race. Dana
  2. Received and deleted.. Seriously, who are you again? Where am I, what is this place....
  3. You are correct, under a local yellow you go by the flags. See the flag, no passing until you are clear of the incident (no matter how far away it its) and you can see the next station has no flag. With that said, the fence mounted lights on the NASCAR track caused us headaches. Right now there is no way to activate individual lights. On the big track it's all or nothing. So my options are to go full course for everything (which I don't think you want) or try to work locals. I've got some thoughts for next year and I plan to talk to the track and see if there's a way we can do this so you drivers are better informed. Dana
  4. It's still over a month out, requests are still coming in.. And between now and the Glen I'm in Charlotte, Thunderhill, and Maine.. And just because I'm here and writing. For those of you wondering about the waiting list, only one car has moved on the list and that was a few weeks ago. I'm not saying all hope is lost, but I know teams are wondering. We might have some changes after the Charlotte race, so stay tuned. Dana
  5. Daytona requires proof of a serious personal liability insurance policy to use a gold cart. Dana
  6. The USCA group has paid for overnight security at the gates Thursday and Friday, so the gate should be open all night. Dana
  7. To save some money I'm going to stuff the entire staff into your Honda Fit.....
  8. I know Stuart may be a bit of a haul, but I've used Gear Head Fabrication for a few jobs. He does complete builds, or will install a kit if you bought it elsewhere. His workmanship is excellent, clean welds, bars fit tight to the body, and he takes the time to have you bring your seat and make sure you fit properly under the hoops. Gear Head Fabrication 772-283-6115. Dana
  9. Hey guys! It's been a month since Bill's post and we still only have the same three cars signed up. Let's get some teams registered! Dana
  10. Yes, the RV lot will be available over Friday night. They are usually pretty generous about keeping the gates to the garage, but at some point they will close them Friday night. Dana
  11. Sure, you can tent camp, no problem. The self contained part means there aren't a series of hook-ups spaces with power and water for campers. Dana
  12. The short answer is no. Not only does the line quickly block the main road, but it blocks the entrance gate where workers at the track need to get in and out. This is why we specifically ask in the Supplemental Rules that teams remain the over-flow lot next to the ticket building. We only open that ticket building so early teams can sign the waivers and not create a back-up at the gate during the initial entry. The track gets a lot of scrutiny from local authorities about entry lines backed up into the main road, so it would be extremely helpful if teams remained in the over-flow parking until the gates open. Thanks, Dana
  13. Every time I get close to being done, more people sign up. Not the worst problem to have, but it's a thing. I'm trying to do something nice for this race, so don't worry, they'll be out soon. Dana
  14. Have they raced with ChampCar before? If not they need to meet with me before they can go out. Dana
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