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  1. Greetings, So we have confirmation that Thompson will open the gates for load-in at 9:00 am Friday. As per usual, please let's not have everyone rush the gates at 9:00. If traffic starts to back up onto the main road it can cause issues for the track with the neighbors and city officials. Let's try to be kind to them. Also, the test session is now running from 1pm to 5pm. This gives you 4 hours from the time gates open before the test session starts, plenty of time.
  2. So a little updated information for any of you watching this thread. It looks like we'll be able to get into the track earlier this year. Perhaps as early as 9 or 10. As soon as I get the final time we'll push it out. Because we are the only group on the property that Friday, Thompson is going to expand the times for the Friday test session. Probably 1pm to 5pm. You can sign up for the test session at the track. However, if you are planning to run it, please take a minute and sign up, it helps Thompson to plan early. Garages are still available to rent. Contact Thompson Speedway directly to make arrangements. Keep an eye on the Supplemental Rules, once we have confirmation of the gate opening times we will update them and Bill will update the first post. See you soon, Dana
  3. Everyone participating in our event must be a member of ChampCar, it's part of our insurance requirements. If you're on pit lane, you are participating and must be listed in your registration as either a driver or crew member. With the Covid restrictions, no one will be allowed in unless they are registered as participants.
  4. Per Car. Adam was supposed to update that info on the HOD site. Probably hasn't gotten to it yet.
  5. When we load in on Saturday there will be a ChampCar staff member at the entrance to the Lake Loyd RV area. When you enter the camping area the staff member will collect the $75 and you pick a space. In all the years we have been running Daytona we have never used more than half the available spaces, so there's plenty of room.
  6. So based on my experience either your Team Captain's email is not correct in their ChampCar profile, or they have unsubscribed to Constant Contact. Dana
  7. We received confirmation today for the new date. September 18-20. Same format, load-in Friday. HOD is hosting an HDPE Friday that is open to you if you chose to sign up. Two-day, Double 7's race Saturday and Sunday with the reverse configuration Sunday. Bill will update the Supplemental Rules shortly. Dana
  8. Started? My waiting list goes back to February...
  9. Yeah, I've had that part of the conversation with the track. Fortunately the track manager also races with us, and he wants to run Sebring also so he has the same motivation. Dana
  10. I didn't know that was the new date. Thanks, I've made a note in my work book and I'll take that into consideration as we plan things. Dana
  11. Many of you are familiar with our friends at Wine Country Motor Sports. They are on hand at our Sebring races each year and many of you shop at their store locations. They are offering some shop at home options for those of us who can't get out right now. Call-In or use our website for ordering with FREE SHIPPING to your home or free curb side pick up at any of our four locations. Offer ends: 4/1/2020 Sonoma Location New Operating Hours Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm Sunday - Closed Effective Monday 3/23/2020 Open At 4 Locations Sonoma Raceway | (800) 708-7223 | Sonoma, CA 95476 Near Palm Beach Intl. Raceway | (866) 320-3278 | Jupiter, FL 33458 Sebring Intl. Raceway | (863) 655-7777 | Sebring, FL 33870 Colorado | (800) 251-8917 | Englewood, CO 80112 ‌ ‌ ‌ Wine Country Motor Sports | 1003 Jupiter Park Lane - Suite 4, Jupiter, FL 33458
  12. So, I guess it's time we got some news about the Palm Beach race out to folks. Since we have the new date for Daytona and the new date for Charlotte lands right on top of PBIR, we are going to have to shift the date. We just cannot handle that many races so close geographically on two weekends. I have been in touch with the track and we have some dates we are looking at. I can't confirm anything, but I also don't want this to be a last minute surprise. The best I can tell you right now is that we have some dates in late August and mid September that seem to be workable. As soon as we get some solid information I'll get it out to you. What I can tell you is, both ChampCar and Palm Beach International Raceway, are committed to getting this race run. I know this could be a cause of additional uncertainty, but on the positive side, if you were trying to figure out which Florida races to run at least you know now that the dates will not conflict. Thanks for your understanding.
  13. So this is an excellent question, and an excellent point. Our decision points are based on the decisions and limitations set by the local and state officials. And, as you can imagine, they are evolving rapidly. Right now, Monday at 10:40am... And speaking only for the races I am running, cause that's all I can focus on.. Daytona is still scheduled to run. I emailed our regular point of contact at the Track last Friday and she confirmed that we are still scheduled to run. I emailed her again this morning and I will remain in contact with her. If anything changes, I will contact the affected teams immediately and work with Bill to get current information out to you. My next event is Watkins. Right now New York has a ban on groups over 500. We are under that number (barely), but we are under and planning to run. Again, we remain in contact with the tracks and we will update you. Thanks guys, and please stay healthy. Dana
  14. You're right, the motorcycles ran in the reverse direction. And in the way-way-back days the south end of the track looped around through what is now the drag race staging area, ran parallel to the drag strip, then joined into the drag strip near the shut down area, and connected back to the track we run today at the far north end.
  15. Now that the thread is up, I figured it would be a good time to talk about running the track in reverse on Sunday. I've had some racers contact me elsewhere and I thought maybe I could answer some questions. Some background, I live about 20 minutes from PBIR and I've been going there since I was a kid and it was called Palm Beach International the first time, before it became Morosso, and then Palm Beach International Raceway again.. So I know the track. We've been working with the management at PBIR since early last year on both a date and the configuration. I had some concerns, some of the same concerns that racers have expressed to me, but since last summer I've made around 5 trips to the track just to discuss this race. Last week I brought a second ChampCar staff member with me and we met with 5 members of the PBIR track management. We walked and drove the track in both directions. We addressed and developed solutions to.... Add barriers (tire bundles, wall sections, barricades, etc) to every area of wall or impact zone we even remotely thought would be an issue. We will add corner worker stations and move existing ones so the corner workers can see and flag properly around the course. We've addressed the placement of fencing so the reverse direction does not allow cars to jump barriers. We discussed the placement of service vehicles so they can respond to either direction. We are adding markers on the track surface to better identify the pit-in and pit-out entry lanes going each way. We are setting up pit lane so there is space at each end for cars to safely enter and exit, while allowing teams to remain in their same pit location each day. We've looked at each change from the standpoint of not creating a new or additional problem elsewhere And we are adding the chicane. Probably a good time to talk about the chicane. There's been some speculation about adding the chicane to "slow down cars". But that was not the purpose. As many of you know, the back stretch at PBIR is very long, so long that the high-horsepower cars can just run off. We wanted to change the tack configuration in such a way that the smaller displacement cars have an opportunity also. Essentially I wanted to be able to give you two completely different races in one weekend. With all this said, we are not done. PBIR is going to physically set up the track as we agreed at our last meeting. I will go back again, and both walk and drive the track with some speed and make sure we are all comfortable with it. If we identify any new issues, we will make additional adjustments. We are very aware that running a new configuration is a cool thing, and that it can create new and unforeseen challenges. I won't let the cool factor override the safety challenges. You guys are my customers, and many of you are close personal friends to me. I promise you I take your safety seriously. If I wouldn't run the track myself, I wouldn't ask you to. Looking forward to seeing you in Palm Beach! Dana
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