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  1. DuncanDana

    2019 Official Thunderhill West Double 8+7 Enduro

    Hey guys! It's been a month since Bill's post and we still only have the same three cars signed up. Let's get some teams registered! Dana
  2. DuncanDana

    2019 Official Daytona 14-Hour Enduro

    Yes, the RV lot will be available over Friday night. They are usually pretty generous about keeping the gates to the garage, but at some point they will close them Friday night. Dana
  3. DuncanDana

    2019 Official The 12 hours of VIR (South)

    Sure, you can tent camp, no problem. The self contained part means there aren't a series of hook-ups spaces with power and water for campers. Dana
  4. The short answer is no. Not only does the line quickly block the main road, but it blocks the entrance gate where workers at the track need to get in and out. This is why we specifically ask in the Supplemental Rules that teams remain the over-flow lot next to the ticket building. We only open that ticket building so early teams can sign the waivers and not create a back-up at the gate during the initial entry. The track gets a lot of scrutiny from local authorities about entry lines backed up into the main road, so it would be extremely helpful if teams remained in the over-flow parking until the gates open. Thanks, Dana
  5. Every time I get close to being done, more people sign up. Not the worst problem to have, but it's a thing. I'm trying to do something nice for this race, so don't worry, they'll be out soon. Dana
  6. DuncanDana

    Official The Stars Fell on the Alabama Grand Prix 2018

    Have they raced with ChampCar before? If not they need to meet with me before they can go out. Dana
  7. The pumps at the track will not be open for use. Dana
  8. We rent and assign the garages. You can request one through the registration system, or when I send out the pit requests I can take garage requests then. I talked to Bill before I did the post, I copied him and he'll use it to update the Supps again tomorrow. Dana
  9. Okay, so now that Sebring is completed I can get back to answering questions here. So some of the information in the supplemental rules you can blame on Bill, other stuff you can blame on me. But, no matter. The times and the Practice information has been corrected. Additionally, the camping part you can blame on me. When I wrote no camping I meant no campground type place. You can camp overnight in your paddock, whether in the garage area or wherever you setup your hauler. Additionally you can use the Motor-coach parking directly behind the garage area. Hook-ups are available in the Motor-coach area, and power is available in the garage area. The bathroom facilities will be open round the clock in garage #2. If you rent a garage, and please do there are plenty left at $100, you can park your rig in the adjacent space. If you did not rent a garage you can paddock in the area labeled "suite parking." Basically the area outlined in orange on the attached picture is open for our use. Gates are "Anticipated!" to open around 3:0pm. But, that depends on whether the track is rented Friday. Right now it is not, but if they do rent it we will have to wait until it clears before we can load in. Also, please remember we do not have the facility rented Sunday night. We must be completely out by 8:00pm Sunday night. Thanks, Dana
  10. Please wait. I send out an email to Team Captains only when I begin to assign pit-stalls. Once I get Sebring behind me I'll begin the work on Auto Club. Dana
  11. DuncanDana

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    Garage rentals, requests for specific spaces, requests to be next to (or away from) other teams, last minute withdrawals, last minute additions...
  12. So about the camping, Bill is absolutely correct, our contract with tracks ends when the event ends. Now, some tracks will allow teams to stay on site, some will not, it's totally up to the track. Additionally, Thompson had some management changes since last year, but ultimately, it's up to them. So, what does this mean for next year? I discussed things with the Operations Manager. Next year we will still have to clear the paddock area (over the bridge) after the event. But if you want to remain there Saturday night you can camp in the area alongside the oval track or in the camping area outside turn 1.
  13. DuncanDana

    Official - 2018 Thompson Speedway 12-Hour

    Only the car needs to go through Tech Friday, and only one team member (preferably the team captain) needs to come to Registration. Has your driver done a race in 2018? Does his gear have an annual gear check sticker already? If not, someone can walk his gear through for him on Friday. If he hasn't done a race yet with ChampCar before have him get together with me Saturday after the start and I'll give him a quick run-through of our rules. Dana
  14. DuncanDana

    Official - 2018 Thompson Speedway 12-Hour

    He should be ok. Some tracks have a specific age limit. Other tracks have a more general limit, one that allows them some options, depends on insurance and local laws. Dana
  15. DuncanDana

    Official - 2018 Thompson Speedway 12-Hour

    Yes, the track times are correct. I've abused Bill too much lately to have him make another change! Dana