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  1. Except that I grab a separate listing of all the drivers registered for an event when I create the final information email. That way were are not sending every race's information to the entire club. And since you and your team where not registered yet when I sent out the email, you guys weren't included. Dana
  2. I sent out the Final Information email the other day. Get my your team information and I'll forward it to you. Dana
  3. Good, the Media and Marketing staff can pick up lunch for the rest of us...
  4. Probably not, the contract is complete and signed already. But this is the kind of feedback we need to give you guys the races you want to run. We can look into something like this next year, provided we have the car counts to make it work. We're certainly open to trying different formats. Last year we ran this on the huge course and for 24 hours, this year we changed the format based on the input from racers. So changes are possible. See you there. Dana
  5. No, we are racing straight through from green to checkers, 9am to 4pm. Dana
  6. Thank you... At least one person noticed.
  7. No, the garage and pit assignments will go out early this week. Dana
  8. I usually put something about that in the Final Information email, but I can highlight it more this time. And you are correct, part of renting a garage includes the parking space across from the garage bay. Actually, because of the way that area is set up, the only teams that should be in there are the teams who rented garage spaces. Dana
  9. I guess we could probably have worded that better. All entries are $650, so bring some friends! I have a plane ticket and a hotel room, so we are running this race. Dana
  10. Received and deleted.. Seriously, who are you again? Where am I, what is this place....
  11. That's nothing special, just another Ford...
  12. You are correct, under a local yellow you go by the flags. See the flag, no passing until you are clear of the incident (no matter how far away it its) and you can see the next station has no flag. With that said, the fence mounted lights on the NASCAR track caused us headaches. Right now there is no way to activate individual lights. On the big track it's all or nothing. So my options are to go full course for everything (which I don't think you want) or try to work locals. I've got some thoughts for next year and I plan to talk to the track and see if there's a way we can do this so you drivers are better informed. Dana
  13. It's still over a month out, requests are still coming in.. And between now and the Glen I'm in Charlotte, Thunderhill, and Maine.. And just because I'm here and writing. For those of you wondering about the waiting list, only one car has moved on the list and that was a few weeks ago. I'm not saying all hope is lost, but I know teams are wondering. We might have some changes after the Charlotte race, so stay tuned. Dana
  14. Daytona requires proof of a serious personal liability insurance policy to use a gold cart. Dana
  15. The USCA group has paid for overnight security at the gates Thursday and Friday, so the gate should be open all night. Dana
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