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  1. That was Bill's update on the 8th, we're at 27 now. But it's still a good point. This is such a fun track to run, lots of variation in turns and elevation. Plus they have great food and a huge selection of ice cream. What's not to like? Dana
  2. We talked to Ballenger recently. He is planning to have some units for sale at VIR, and of course we will have units available for just the weekend. We are going to open up the feature in the Registration system so if you purchase your own you can add the unit number into your car info in the same way you can plug in a transponder number. If you haven't tried the system yet you really need to check it out. Remember that VIR does the Code 35 for anything on track they have to respond to. The Flagtronics system can send you both Full-Course and Code 35 messages. That's going to be super helpful especially at night. But wait, you also get... The pit lane timer.. When you cross onto pit lane the timer feature will kick on and you can see your 5-min time displayed. yes, we will still be using the egg timers, we're going to keep running both for a while as redundancy. Hope that helps, Dana
  3. Wyatt and I have talked, we have something worked out. As soon as I get the confirmed details I'll push it out to the Team Captains. Dana
  4. So in the way back days when I had my Factory Five these Serpent Express covers were popular. You can get just the frame and cover to add to an existing trailer. https://serpentexpress.com/home
  5. You have way too much free time. Not saying it's not funny, I just need to get you more work....
  6. No idea. We worked two races last weekend, and we have two more to work before then. Once we have some of this behind us we'll get things updated about VIR. Dana
  7. Not exactly, but sort of. There will be a time where we close pit-lane, we cannot have half the field trying to get in and out of the pits while we are trying to collect the field. Also, be cause of how small pit-lane is, we may bring the field to a stop on the track right at start/finish. We will discus all of this Sunday morning at the drivers meeting. Basically the same way we handle weather and lightning related red-flags.
  8. It most certainly is! I only have one drone in my Marketing department and he gets distracted easily. I'll have him get the Official thread started. This is one of my favorite races to work and I am very much looking forward to being back there! Dana
  9. Actually, we're going to try something new this year. Bill will be wearing the special awards, things like watches, rings, wallets, etc. The first person to knock him down and take them, gets to keep them. If he fights back, it's all just part of the fun! Enjoy! Dana
  10. Holding off as long as I can, teams are still adding crew members and I don't want to miss anyone. The restrictions we are operating under are written into our contract. Until Watkins issues new contract guidelines we have to work under what we've signed. Dana
  11. What makes you think we don't realize it?
  12. I keep pushing this out, and it is important to remember this detail. ChampCar does not ever allow spectators. We are insured as a member-only club. We have no coverage for spectators, and if our event is classified as a spectator event the track rental fees increase dramatically because the track has to meet their insurance requirements for spectators. So spectator is a bad word. We can allow visitors to purchase a one-time membership for the event weekend. This does allow friends, family, etc entry into an event and meets the insurance requirement for membership. I know it seems like just a wording thing, but it's an important detail to ensure we remain in compliance with our insurance contract. For the Watkins Glen race, we have very specific guidance from the track stating that every one attending the event must be registered, in advance as a driver or crewmember on a team. ChampCar has to provide a complete list of all participants prior to the event, pulled directly from that registration list. This is the written directive we have from the track. If that changes we will provide an update, but this is what we are currently operating under. Dana
  13. Interesting. I appreciate how you made it sound like you are actually the one who does that....
  14. So, a serious question. Is there anyone watching this thread and thinking about entering? Are you on the fence and worried because the entry count is low? I'm willing to make some accommodations if that will help you decide. I've said before that we are committed to all races nationwide. So if you're thinking about it, please contact me and let me know what I can do to help you get registered. Thanks, Dana
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