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  1. Interesting. I appreciate how you made it sound like you are actually the one who does that....
  2. So, a serious question. Is there anyone watching this thread and thinking about entering? Are you on the fence and worried because the entry count is low? I'm willing to make some accommodations if that will help you decide. I've said before that we are committed to all races nationwide. So if you're thinking about it, please contact me and let me know what I can do to help you get registered. Thanks, Dana
  3. Yes. They look a lot like a brown paper grocery bag, but I swear they're actually masks......
  4. Much of the wording on the Supps was pulled from previous years. We are not doing group driver's meetings at events right now. The information you need will be included in the Virtual Driver's Meeting video. I will record that and have it pushed out about a week before the race. Thanks, Dana
  5. We are no longer doing Tech that way. We are testing the electronic self-tech form this weekend at VIR and if things work well we will continue to roll it out for the rest of the year. You will be able to enter all your modifications and points yourself. Tech will only be checking for safety equipment. This should speed the process up considerably. Dana
  6. There's several parts to the camping question. There's the actual camping area along the front-stretch, camping in your paddock, and camping way out around the track. The short answer about camping over night right is that we don't know. Last year the decision about camping was based on Covid. The various restrictions with Covid are changing so there's no way to predict what the situation will be at this point. The areas in the paddock that have been blocked out in the past were based on whether the track had another renter coming in after us. That also will depend on
  7. Good catch, I really need to hire better people...... It should be Double 7's, someone's finger overran its braking point and slide into the number 8 wall.. I'll get the Drone in Marketing to fix it. Dana
  8. It's not that we don't want you too, it's that when we got setup with the new radios they were coded for us. We don't even have the ability to look at how to tell you to scan it. Plus, keep in mind, you're only listening to us talking to ChampCar staff on pit-lane. The communication to the corner workers if handled differently at each track, sometimes the tracks use their own radio system, sometimes they hire a contractor with radios, some tracks have a closed circuit system, each one is different and we have no ability to affect that. If you can figure out how to scan us on pit la
  9. We say it all the time, read the Supplemental Rules. Your answer is on page 1. Thanks, Dana
  10. So it's taken a bit to get an answer back from the track. But here's what they said. 93, 96, 100, and 110. Thanks, Dana
  11. Currently we have the limit set at 50. Dana
  12. Check your in-boxes. Whatever email address you have associated with your ChampCar membership. And congratulations to Mike, Tiffany, and Chris! Dana
  13. Pt assignments were attached to the Final Information email. It went out on Sunday. Dana
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