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  1. We ran into some electrical gremlins with the #5 - Lompoc, but later brought in the spare and had a blast with this RX7! It was my first time here and what a great track! Here is the teams fastest lap 1.50 and a few fun moments!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYziIAGL3TY At one point during my stint, I raced with a red Miata... aggressive but very clean driving sir!
  2. Yes, that car was flying... i actually was driving that morning, it was my first time so was not really pushing it...it was lap #5 when we got the 2:01.2 Here is a the video of the 10 laps before and after the engine blew >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0Mq9J_Op78 Had to put the counter there
  3. Had a great time with PNR #33 both Saturday + Sunday. This car loves the Ridge! Saturday first race we finished 4th, I think had a chance for a podium...was pretty close But driving in the rain was a handful! 2nd race 7th and Sunday we had some tire + brake problems.. This car loves the Ridge and I had a great battle with #80 BMW Sunday for a while. He had really good pace but I kept the pressure on him which had a toll on his line and tires i beleive... as he made mistakes, i closed in Good racing with you sir! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYJ5F4Ss6cA&feature=youtu.b
  4. This was my first time at VIR and what a great track! I had the pleasure to drive No Mo Money's flyin Miata We really had good pace but unfortunately one of drivers got unlucky and hydroplaned into the tires, loosing us 90 minutes in the pits... non the less we came back up and finished in top 25! Paul is a great guy and has a solid team and his miatas are setup perfectly... a big thanks for the seat and opportunity, looking forward to more races with the team in the future! Here are 2 laps from night and 2 laps pushing it during the day, fast lap 3:16.8... driving at night in the wet wa
  5. Yep, that matches what our driver told us... Not sure how the BMW decided to make such a move from that far away...clearly it was not gonna happen? We should do some genetic research on (some) BMW drivers to find the root cause of this type of aggression or better send them to driver training
  6. Yes, I have no idea I'm doing that until I watch the videos lol
  7. Had a great time with PNR33 on Saturday. We had great pace and had moved up to 2nd place durig the first stint,but the racing gods were not with us as a series of bad luck dragged us back later that day. The team was awesome as always for mending the contact we suffered from a turn 12 incident with a BMW but later a clutch problem sealed the deal. Some footage from my first stint, had a good battle that lasted more then a corner or two with a Toyota,looking forward to racing you again sir! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tATSGja1C5s Hoping to see you guys at Ridge
  8. Had a great time with Paul's team at Daytona this weekend. Being a northwest driver, meant i had to take a redeye from Seattle to get to the track (and a redeye back home) but it was well worth the hike! The car & team, everything was perfect. Given Paul's sailing background, I can say it was smooth sailing ! Also that track! what a awesome place! was on my bucket list! So happy to to be able to see this track and finally drive it! Our stock Miata, being a 1.6 meant we knew our chances were pretty slim, but getting 15 place was still awesome. I also had a epic battle with t
  9. First off... what a great track! I've never been on such a technical and exciting track before! I'd been racing mostly in the east coast, and we really don't have anything comparable to this... I was one of the arrive-drive drivers for the 1971 Datsun, "Beach Dudes Racing", and i can tell you they have a great operation, and a great bunch of people! Thanks alot Mark for the oppurtunity to allow me to drive in such a fun car! I was the first driver, and had some great battles with a 328 i think, and also a camaro (which i think later on caught fire or something)..... i met both of those driv
  10. Thanks Bremsen... you were right on.. I had to adjust my line due to the dive bomb mid corner, i could have lost it...if i didnt see him dive bomb i could have closed the door and caused both of us to be in the wall... if he was right next to me before my turn in...he had the way,, but he was a couple feet behind me when i started turning in...i see chump-car as a multi-class race (althogh it is advertised as 1 class),, slower and faster cars need to know how to co-exist together and take on risks that actually makes sense... no need to be a 1 lap wonder, its a enduro...glad to see many peop
  11. Right on buddy...! glad to hear from you...a proper drivers driver... see you on the track
  12. Thats awesome, looking forward to round #2 of this battle with him
  13. That is a good question... i def. had the top speed advantage like you said, but my car had bad low rpm torque,, the miata was also nimble on the S's as designed. So.. as i caught him on the back straight, i knew i could outbrake or attempt to outbrake him..it was a bit of a bluff...my plan was if he was checking his mirrors on the braking zone, he would see me braking heavy in the inside line and back off, and let me take the inside line to 10a,, but i'm afraid most of the time he had no idea i was right next to him...or maybe he was bluffing me Would love to hear the thoughts of that driv
  14. Yea, both cars were faster from each other in diffrent sectors, which made it the battle last quite some time. Saying that,, the reason why i gave the finger salute was,,, because i had already did a point by to the guy before him,, and had already commited to my turn in on last T...when he dive bombed me... i thought to my self "why the hell can't you wait for a second,, and pass on a safe area"...he almost pushed me on the grass...you can't tell quite from the video but the car was twicthing around and i almost lost it there, quite scary
  15. LOL Yea.. i knew he was dead focused on my back bumber...and wanted to make sure he didnt hit the car trying to pass me on the outside on T1 as i slowed down for that yellow... i only knew there was a car in the middle of the road from the tire smoke,, and the yellow which came a few seconds after that smoke. I also did not want him to get a black flag...had a feeling the battle was just starting lol The car was #33, and camera gopro2
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