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    2012 Sebring - RX-7 (finished)
    2013 Daytona - Mustang GT (DNF @ 8 hours)
    2014 Road Atlanta - RX-8 (DNF @ 11 hours)
    Eagles Canyon 37 Hours - TBird (top 10!)
    2015 Daytona BMW 325 E-Racing (Finished)
    Sebring BMW 325 E-Racing (Finished)
    2016 Barber BMW325 -E Racing
    2017 Daytona BMW325 E Racing (DNF at 13 hours)
    2018 Charlotte Motor Speedway E Racing BMW325 P20/64 10th in class
    2020 Circuit of the Americas Miata Hong Kong Phooey Racing Finished Saturday/DNF Sunday
    Harris Hill Raceway Miata Hong Kong Phooey Racing Finished Sat & Sun

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  1. I do not see a waiver attached to the supplementals.
  2. Will we be proceeding in a clockwise or anti-clockwise fashion? Also, will this be a Champcar.Live event?
  3. Will there be any change to the prohibition of visitors/spectators contained in the supplemental rules?
  4. I voted same way (clockwise, of course) both days. Further complicating a race weekend is a recipe for some kind of disaster, large or small! Also, everyone should realize that since pit/paddock are in the infield, you CANT LEAVE until the days racing is over.
  5. Santa brought me a pair! They look and feel great, I cant wait to try them out!
  6. Discovery Parts has two. OMP FIA or OMP One?
  7. Who makes the BEST racing socks? Nomex/CarbonX/Whatever. Mine are threadbare and needing replaced. I want a pair, thick and cushy, that I never want to take off. Do they exist in the racing world?! TIA Todd
  8. Does anyone have a fueling suit/helmet for sale (not needed this weekend) 5'10 & medium helmet Thanks! L
  9. Since iRacing is not an option here, pleas post any GOOD YouTube videos of the track if you find them.
  10. Are we allowed to stay Sunday night if we bring an RV? The answer is 'yes'. I called the track. Also, there are only 5 RV spots left.
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