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  1. FYI - matt connolly himself was the one that hit me at indy and broke my wheel and bent a rear lower control arm. He admitted it - so it most certainly is not just his rental drivers.
  2. I was hit by MCM at Indy last year. there should be no tolerance for this sort of behavior.
  3. Purchased! Love your pictures, can't wait to see. Make sure to do it early, before my car breaks
  4. I would have GLADLY built an SE if when I asked for a value for the SER, I was given one over 500. a bit late for that now. Now I must buy a whole bunch more parts, throw out a couple grand in spares, but another couple grand in spares, and spend a bunch of time playing the Champcar game. Because mike made a ‘whoops’? And then what happens when they raise the value of the SE/standard models? I sell the whole car, take a bath, and start over yet again? (if I want to race without penalty laps which most would) no thanks. And I couldn’t have done it in 4 days even if I wanted to. rest assured, if I do that I promise the car will be faster.
  5. I would not be opposed for a reasonable effort to gather real data, as long as they are doing it to everyone. Always! I'm fully aware you can't help me with much.
  6. I missed this question and I do want to answer it. I truly hoped it would not be 'mole whacked'. I did fully expect a reasonable point increase after discussion by the TAC/BOD, etc. even though I think they need more data points to adequately know the potential of the car. Whether I am getting all of the potential out of it or not, 1 data point does not equal statistical significance. Maybe that's why champcar had not enacted a change, maybe they wanted more time and more data points?
  7. Are you a fur trader? No offense meant to any fur traders..
  8. I think you missed my point slightly. They boil down a car into quantifiable metrics which can then be balanced. Each platform has cars, and each car has common attributes which can be balanced. I guess I don't really know what you're saying. lol. You know what the swap formula is attempting to calculate right? Power to weight ratio. They also use that for a guideline now when attempting to assign VPIs. It's going there, it's just crude right now and difficult without actual weights and actual power numbers.
  9. Excuse me for looking at it realistically. I forgot you live primarily in the imaginary world of champcar bench racing.
  10. You really think champcar is going to police that final drive ratio between the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder transmissions? Might as well just assume the 4.133 for all the 5 speeds. It is literally the same transmission model #. After all, you can mix and match final drive within any chassis code, right? Or is that just BMWs.
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