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  1. A bit sad I won't be there for this one.. I have been weirdly feeling the need to drive RA lately (despite the fact I just moved 1000 miles away from where I lived in Oshkosh..)
  2. I’ll 2nd this, Dave drives fast and controlled in any car, all situations. He’s also a great wrench! He drove stints in both of our wins at Laguna Seca in 2017, and drove in the Championship at NCM in 2018. He was supposed to drive with me but I’ve had some delays with my new car so it looks like I won’t make it.
  3. In a FWD car, the rear end gear is located in the front. 'Rear-end' is used to describe the gear, not the location on the car. (green font)(maybe) In an MR2, the FWD rear end gear is located in the rear. What's the issue now?
  4. One of the few of your posts I completely agree with That's a good way of describing it and what I feel like i'm participating in - a fracking scavenger hunt. Further, there's a process to highlight proposed changes and they circumvent that only in (apparently) this specific instance and do it without any specific mentions in the change log. It's very confusing and if I didnt' know better, almost seems purposely deceiving. (I do know better)
  5. Keep in mind, most true electric setups have big issues with heat, and increasing chance of alternator failure due to increased continuous loading. This would mitigate part of the gains, if there are any.
  6. Considering he admitted to oiling the tires (seems now to not be the case) - you'll know, trust me as I've lived it. Probably similar to hitting an oil slick on track, but worse.
  7. What happens when you oil your tires and ram into a barrier? Or worse, another car? I sure hope I never have to share the track with a team that beligerant towards their own safety, track condition, and the safety of other teams. Shame on you dude, for real.
  8. You're right on that, power loss is RPM dependent, but pumps have optimal RPM ranges so we had to change pulley size and also change vehicle idle in certain scenarios to hit optimal pump RPMs, so it does have an effect but is more or less negated by those factors. At the end of the day what you have to think about is that it takes a fixed amount of power to turn the wheels in given use cases, so all it comes down to is the efficiency of the power generation method - which i admit is likely better with electric steering but by how much? Likely very little at the end of the day. I'm actually interested in gathering more data to see how much, because i'm sure you agree, is the fun part of being an engineer. I think you highlighted a key point - only difference at the end of the day is driver comfort. Power gain is less than removing all forms of power steering. I think Tech needs to acknowledge this.
  9. I can agree with this...mostly. I think we debate and regulate things that make it more expensive and more difficult to race. As a club and a business, I don't think this is a good idea.
  10. I also have proprietary data, and I was genuinely surprised at how little power draw it actually is (even on a vehicle with wheels that are much larger than car wheels and weigh a lot more - with the vehicle off, I don't care how strong you are, you can't turn the wheels. The pump is also sized for PTO - extra idle draw as compared to a car). As i'm sure you're aware, dry steer at low speeds is some of the highest power draw scenarios, which honestly doesn't affect us much on the racetrack.
  11. You've been practicing your politically correct BoD marketing answers! Nice work My point, is as a member run org I think we should have more visibility in those 'tech to BoD' changes. I realize they're documented in the rules but I'd rather not have to do my own compare report of the rules (which is hard when a lot is formatting/grammar/punctuation). It would be nice to just get a list of impactful rules additions, removals, or changes and perhaps a why behind them? The petition process does a good job of that (providing an explanation as to what problem is being solved and how the new rule change will solve it), some similar transparency for 'other' changes would be nice. It honestly sounds like even the BoD is missing some of these changes in your review, based on Jer's response (I am not pointing fingers, it seems like it'd be easy to miss, I don't blame him for that)
  12. How about if your fluid was leaking and oiling your tires?
  13. Which decision are you speaking of, exactly? What is the 'it' they discussed?
  14. Email from Mike Chisek: "The addition was made after discussion with tech officials at our August 2018 meeting. They asked to have it added for 2019, we discussed it, I agreed, submitted it to the board in the 2019 BCCR. Whether the entire board read the BCCR in detail before approving it is not something I can speak to." It probably is, but it hasn't been used for that purpose. Could be, and I definitely agree.
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