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  1. Unfortunately. If there's something to learn, don't ever trust any sort of quick disconnect fitting.
  2. I'm just happy to be physically okay. Thanks to the safety crew at Daytona. Congrats to Ed/Team Infinity and RAD on the great finish with a pair of brand new boxsters.
  3. You would just shoot yourself in the foot with all that nonsense and put your own drivers and car at risk which would be unlikely to pan out. You're clearly just trying to prove a point. WRL teams manage it quite easily and few of them take over 3 minutes even with tire changes.
  4. I'm so confused... I think you get my point but if you don't, I guess I'll go talk to myself in the corner. In general, I am very against people rushing around the paddock to change tires. I think enforcing 1 tire per stop is easy for pit lane personnel but I think some counter arguments are valid. I don't think a list of approved tire make/models is a terrible idea.
  5. Yeah but why? I guess the only scenario would be if you don't have any spare tires or you do and you're trying not to use them? I'd just swap the fronts/rears to new when they're worn out. Swapping front to rear during a pit stop is already a huge waste of time.
  6. I'm not really opposed to any of that, I've always been an advocate of leveling performance #1 and cost #2, and stop worrying about policing cheap reliability parts.
  7. Once again, we are back to the topic - what does champcar want to police? Cost or performance? It's an important decision we keep dancing around. Only one can be number one.
  8. I have a hard time believing this guy even genuinely cares about changing, as he already had way more chances than he was worth. If he 'apologized' or said he would change, I'm sure his ego barely allows even a thinly veiled lie. Thank you for representing our concerns Tyler/Chris
  9. He hit me at Indy in 2019 - Matt himself, and admitted to it. Broke my wheel and bent a control arm. He also publically defended taking out the contour at daytona with some ludicrous statement like 'I didn't move my steering wheel' He was met with such extreme disagreement by everyone that he deleted his post (I think it was facebook?) Letting him back in, so soon, is an atrocious and disgusting move by champcar. I would expect even a 1 year ban to be a fairly light slap on the wrist.
  10. I haven't been active on here. Too busy getting the altima ready to defend the title!
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