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  1. It sure can, and I run one like that, I think Tyler knows how that would work!
  2. I'll take this one step further - if the swap causes the car to be dominant, and it's within the PWR guidelines used accurately in the calculator, then perhaps the base car is just underperforming, and has a lot of un-realized potential anyway? In this scenario you'd raise the VPI.
  3. Junkyard equivalent engine 'swaps' (installing a replacement, same engine) are free Didn't think I was gonna have to explain that!
  4. If I tell tech that I swapped from my blown numbers-matching engine to a junkyard replacement, does that mean i get free racing headers?
  5. @red0's tow rig is basically a shuttle bus... reminds me of an airport/rental car shuttle every time i see it.
  6. I bought a 99 dodge ram cummins with about 160K miles on it for very cheap from down south. Got the transmission upgraded with fancy parts (which is totally reasonable on these things, tons of aftermarket support) and now I have an indestructible tow rig that can pull a house down (4.10 gears) and still gets 11-13 MPG pulling a 28' enclosed steel trailer fully loaded. Cheap to maintain and easy to work on; oil changes and fuel filters for the most part. At some point I'd like something newer and nicer, but this workhorse gets the job done! It's moved me from WI to AZ, back to WI, to MD, and done multiple 1000+ mile tows to races, never missed a beat.
  7. I have a message out to him via the facebook page, i'll update when i find out!
  8. You sure? I'm interested in a test day if there was one!
  9. Awesome!! Anyone know if that fee is per car or they're gonna ding us per driver?
  10. No specific details on any race yet aside from the fact i'm considering attending, at this point i'm gauging interest and trying to develop lists of interested drivers. Can you PM me with racing resume and references? We can do it over email too, I just don't publish my address on the forum for fear of more spam email!
  11. Well said! Tyler has a level of passion for this series like nobody I've met. He was a good addition!
  12. You don't want to use outliers if you want statistical accuracy. I'd use the mean value, that way it does make you work a bit but doesn't penalize innovators. The more data points the better, obviously. BUT, if we're going to start comprehensively weighing cars, that should make it into the rule book as a requirement, because as of now it seems like trickery. The MR2 thing continues to be a sh*tshow, talking of outliers. This is a large problem that needs to be fixed. Either that or I'm building one
  13. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/irregardless
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