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  1. But my old red brick still works.. with no less capability and no issues with core functionality. Not understanding the comparison. I'm saying if there's issues with core functionality, not adding new functionality. big big difference. If it's a trial period before the required period starts, do I get a guarantee of having one available to try?
  2. Another question that comes to mind - for those who diligently attempt to get a jump on this rule and buy the device (whenever it is they become available), what happens if 'fixing issues' requires changing the hardware? Will those teams get an updated device for free, or will they have to buy another one?
  3. I heard the track day is cancelled?! This does not bode well for my slow arse.
  4. You would need a 4 foot diameter steering wheel to make this car okay. lol
  5. I bought a primary and spare electric steering components and columns to match that I had previously run on my car back when steering assist was driver comfort and open/free. I built custom bracketry and mounting, and wire harnesses. Those are all useless to me now as I don't have points available and if I did, I certainly wouldn't use them on what is solely driver comfort (sorry drivers) I had to scrounge (and it was NOT easy) for used DSM power steering components - pump, lines, reservoir, etc. As I had scrapped all of them. Mitsubishi does not make really any of those components anymore, those cars aren't in junkyards and most enthusiasts deleted their power steering system long ago. On that thought.. it was definitely much more than $400 in total, not even counting the time...
  6. Lol Bill, I appreciate your sense of humor. Unfotunately, joke's on you because I can't work on my racecar while i'm at my day job! But can you please list the number of days until: 1. Flagtronics is available for sale 2. When flagtronics will have all it's advertised features which are planned with initial mandate 3. Days until cutoff date when final decision needs to made on whether to delay mandated use (and change the rule which requires it Jan 1 2020) or press forward? Also, 'every line of code'? I may have been sleepy when I posted but I don't think I've yet typed raw java into a forum... I hope it's clear through this that I genuinely CARE about the future of the series or I wouldn't voice my disagreement. The $150 has no serious impact on me in general but I want to feel our investments are actually valuable and we aren't duped into them. This is a 'member run' series....right? ...right?! (trying to convince myself)
  7. I'm torn about Mobil 1. I trashed the first motor in my altima after 4 laps at NJMP with mobil 1 0W-40 synthetic. My buddy who owns a performance shop has a sign on the wall of his dyno room 'No Mobil 1' after experiencing an excessive amount of engine failures running M1 oil. 5W-30 (recommended by nissan and redline for the VQ35) it is NOT racing oil. They did not recommend racing oil on higher mileage junkyard engines as they don't have the same detergents you'd normally run on a street car. Racing oil also needs to be changed more often and they recommended it more for freshly built engines.
  8. Looking forward to this! Driving with Troy on 'TIRED'. Good time for some open track! (though of course i wish there were more entries). Hopefully the new owner will also welcome champ.
  9. FYI - my oil temps averaged 280F at Indianapolis. I don't have points for an oil cooler. The rotella T6 oil is marginal, most test results aren't super favorable for it. I run Redline synthetic as it tests much better by almost everything I've read, I recommend you run a better oil. What i'm told (consulted about half a dozen powertrain engineers about this) is that 280F is doable for a race weekend. My oil tested positively after Indy - it still held viscosity and all the major properties checked out after 20 hours solid at that temp. Modern synthetic oils are capable of pretty impressive stuff. If it was consistently over 290 I would get concerned, but indy was warm ambient so I don't foresee it getting much worse. 2 cents, hope it helps and hope you get it back together! Would love to see this build.
  10. I most certainly did! And so did others. That's a significant amount of work (and potentially cost) for a number of teams.
  11. I wouldn't classify flagtronics under 'properly certified safety gear'.
  12. Yeah, it's just $150, and the new electric steering rule cost me $400, the window net rule cost me $80, the fire suppression cost me $300, The fender rule cost me 2 days of pain and a $50 fender roller, the fuel bulkhead rule cost me $300, and on and on and on it goes. The 20pt oil cooler rule (I know, this is not new but Kevin would approve) might have just cost me a $1000 junkyard engine (those are just what immediately come to mind, i'm sure there's lots more). I want to emphasize the fact that this has potential to be a *really* awesome tool; I embrace technology and safety advances in racing. I truly hope this system eventually replaces traditional flagging as well as our reliance on AMB. The way this has all been handled - from Bill deleting the thread I created a year ago to discuss the 'black box', to the rule slipped in without a mature proven product - could have been, and still could yet be handled better.
  13. This 1,000%. I don't mind surprises but the ones inflicted on us just seem to hit me straight in the pocketbook, constantly.
  14. How can I have a trial period if I haven't been able to buy it?
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