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  1. This guy. I'll come right out and say it - we need someone who is gonna stand up to some of the nonsense happening, and I believe Alex would do that! (better him than me!)
  2. Jer, I will agree and say it's a tragedy that adjusting VPIs is the only action that came out of this. I guess making a bunch more stuff free in the 2021 BCCR perhaps is another action but is that really the type of outcome we should expect from an incident like that?
  3. When @scottyk decides to tune his car properly, I think it will be faster!
  4. Meanwhile, the VQ35 actually loses HP with the available aftermarket intake manifold options..
  5. This generally does not work - see WRL. They are now using dynamometers, which is where that idea would likely eventually go. The issue is that different engines respond differently to the same modifications, sometimes drastically. The estimator would create loophole outliers for sure. @the5 can tell you allllllllll about it
  6. minimum 5 bars through the firewall for your strut tower bar.
  7. We know you're friends with people on that team, seems like some bias is present. Just sayin.
  8. Yes, I am. Sebring has quickly become one of my favorite tracks and I'd love some more time there!
  9. From what I saw of GBU at Daytona they were very careful and courteous drivers, which helps mitigate some of the risks of the speed differential. The differential wasnt' crazy to my car, but to some of the lower pack cars it might be pretty drastic. I for one am VERY interested in seeing how things play out at RA. A couple of my friends are bringing their well sorted WRL (detuned) C5 corvettes (that will be in EC) and I will be interested to see how they stack up. Those are top eschelon GP1 cars in WRL.
  10. I don't think there's often been a full broadcast from RA as Paulie is normally driving. Same story last year, Bill did one solo but it was limited with no interviews.
  11. I think only after we fix the enforcement will we know if the VPI is correct and/or as big a role as the tires play. Too many variables right now and we need to eliminate the most obvious.
  12. I don't think the VPI of this particular car is the biggest issue, nor tires, but that's just my opinion.
  13. The issue is that this all started when reasonable concerns were rejected ("you don't have a protest form" and now "we'd like you to withdraw your protest"). It doesn't make any of us think that the series leadership desires to resolve it. But of course, Tyler does and I hope he's able to do work on our behalf!
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