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  1. " Minimum 5 LB or 2 Liter bottle capacity – either AFFF / FE-36 / NOVEC 1230 –Rechargeable systems are highly advised" 2.25kg == 5 lb. The cylinder tag also says the capacity is 2.7L. The reason this isn't legal is because it is not FIA/SFI certified, you have to pay extra for that (not all their systems are certified).
  2. I really enjoyed those days, i got a lot of laughs out of your posts back then!
  3. Test and account for your car’s worst case, cover your arse
  4. You must detect a theme.. this one does not cost me points and it is in the rule book!! Enforce what’s in the rule book or delete it. This is one of the options I accept!!
  5. I think enforcing this rule is reasonable and I appreciate the heads up. I’m probably too close so my car will get more muffling. I did similar for my eclipse at laguna. thanks bill!
  6. For sale – 2006 Nissan Altima racecar Chassis was purchased with 112k miles on it in late 2018. Built the car in early 2019 and it’s first race was Indianapolis in July 2019. Car does have a clean title in my name. This is a turn-key race winner, change the fluids, bring it to the track and win. There is more speed left in this car for sure; it’s only had 1 brief season of development. I’m open to negotiating on how the sale is executed; I can prep for a race weekend, bring it to a race and provide support to help transition to a new team. Finishes: Indy (July 2019) – 6th/16th (first race, had some bugs to work out) Road America (October 2019) – 1st/3rd Sebring (December 2019) – 2nd/1st Build details: 1. Gorgeous TIG welded cage by McMahan Auto Sport in Akron. The cage is like few I’ve ever seen, the fit is tight to the body with corner gussets in key places and tabs to the body per champcar rules. NASCAR door bar with NO ‘S-bends’ (important criteria for me). Sill bar only on the passenger side. Stock dash was retained for a clean look. 2. Lower mileage junkyard engine that was mildly refreshed (untouched heads and rotating assy.) installed prior to this year. Engine is very healthy and burns zero oil. 3. Suspension has the basic free upgrades and it handles pretty well for what it is! There is more speed and tuning left in the suspension for sure. 4. Stock fuel tank, which is 20 gallons and will do 2 hours at nearly every track. 5. Car received a full suspension refresh before the start of the 2019 season. It is all still in really good shape after the 3 race weekends. 6. Custom fabricated exhaust with side exit away from fuel tank/fuel system components, primarily for safety. Can provide more detail to serious buyers. I spared no expense in this build and I was very happy with how it came out. The car starts at 490 points and the raced value is a bit higher only due to material points. Despite that, it is still very competitive. I have attempted to utilize all the 'open' items that don't incur points but other than that it is basically stock. This car has been incredibly reliable and robust; I’ve had essentially zero failures. Asking price is $25k. Comes with an extensive package of spares, including all suspension components, spare transmission in good condition, engine parts, ignition parts, ECU, gauge cluster, other electronics. Car includes a XL Momo Daytona seat, Sparco steering wheel with hub and quick release, and 1 set of knockoff wheels. AIM MXL2, cool suit and Schroth belts are currently installed and can be included for the right price, but I would like to retain them for my next racecar. I’m sure I’ve left a lot out, please PM me with questions.
  7. Thank you for the explanation @jamesclay! Now i'm super curious, I think i'm going to set my 6 year old AFFF bottle off outside to see if it still works..
  8. For sure, the sticky backing on those is very aggressive and I've even stuck that material to the bottom of the car which gets blasted with all kinds of stuff and hasn't come off in years. You probably can't use it in lieu of the metal firewall patches on any sizeable hole per rule
  9. I don't think that's what he's referring to... I could be wrong. That's self-fusing silicone tape that's really meant to be wrapped around something and back onto itself, where it will fuse and basically have to be cut off. I use that sort of thing often in electrical applications on the ends of sheathing where normal electrical tape will start to unwind. He might be referring to this sort of thing? https://www.designengineering.com/reflect-a-cool-heat-reflective-sheets/
  10. Glad to hear that, and I trust you are correct. I have removed that comment from my post, it is out of line.
  11. That is without a doubt the fastest car I've ever raced against in champcar, and I raced against it at _every_ race I entered this season. I think he set a track record at all of them, as well?
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