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  1. I bought the Momo Daytona in XL. Be warned - it's still smaller than the OMP HTE-R XL. They do sell it in XXL but it wasn't readily available. Price was really good. I was warned that the BiMarco might be also a tighter fit but based on that picture it doesnt' look much different than my Momo. Great fit for me but the bigger boys who drive my car might not like it.
  2. Yeah. I OK'd it with Chisek in advance - the intent is not to have new teams, new cars is less big a deal.
  3. Slugworks is paid up! I guess it gets real from here, time to get the new car out for testing!
  4. Oh man, that sucks, glad you're okay! Would you be open to sharing what you think caused the brake issue?
  5. It would fix the linear distance between the strut tops but wouldn't constrain any movement allowed by rotation of the joint about any axis (3 DOF connection)
  6. I think we need to limit petitions to a couple per person. And I agree, but i don't think it means we need to stop listening to member input, either.
  7. Excellent point, thank you for adding that. I agree - in my work industry, all my reports and engineering changes go through multiple review cycles which does a great job of refining the idea into something thats well vetted. Trying to approach this politely, without trying to imply that Tech is writing substandard rules because I don't think that is the case.
  8. That's true, it can work, but it can go horribly wrong (as we experienced with JC). I brought up this issue at the end of the BoD meeting today - I asked what the board thought about including rules changes submitted by tech (non safety related, if that's what they wish) being included in the yearly petition review process - allowing member comments and encouraging BoD discussion. The current process clearly isn't working, as Matt T pointed out in the live video discussion thread, that some of the more controversial rules are the ones inserted directly into the rules by tech. I've mentioned before, based on a couple of my discussions with the BoD, these changes are seemingly easily overlooked as they get lumped in with a bunch of other changes and don't require specific individual discussion like member submitted rules petitions. I'll summarize the answer from Mike, who quickly interjected on this question - He stated that the source of rules changes come from many sources - Members, tech, event directors, BoD. He said it is within the powers granted by the Bylaws for BoD to implement any of these changes, they don't have to be submitted by members. I'd like to clarify/expand on this bit - I am not proposing a change to the Bylaws, nor the powers granted to the BoD. The member submitted petition review/feedback process (I don't believe is in the Bylaws either) was a GREAT step for this club and allows members to provide input and value into the rules and direction of the organization. However, allowing what may be perceived as a 'back door' where changes can get instituted by tech, event directors, BoD, etc. (which may be controversial) without member visibility, review, or feedback and often times without due discussion by the BoD, undermines transparency and balance in the club. Including ALL proposed rules changes (by ANY party - including BoD, tech, or event directors) in the yearly petition review will restore this transparency and allow feedback so the membership viewpoint can be considered. I think this is a critical next step towards this objective. I do plan on writing a petition in 2020 and I hope it will be supported by the club. @Doc, @E. Tyler Pedersen @Bill Strong @Jer
  9. I deal a lot in AFES systems and i'm lucky that I haven't been spontaneously blasted in the face! Of course, in a racecar you'd disconnect it when not racing, but still!
  10. A bit sad I won't be there for this one.. I have been weirdly feeling the need to drive RA lately (despite the fact I just moved 1000 miles away from where I lived in Oshkosh..)
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