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  1. RIP Doc - I think few embodied the spirit of Champcar like he did. I know I had family and friends that tuned into broadcasts to watch me race and I've been told multiple times that the chemistry on the broadcast was really natural and entertaining. I think that was due in great part by Doc's exuberant personality and 'color commentary'. His love for racing was awesome and inspiring. Thanks for the words Bill, they were fun to read.
  2. OMG, can you build my next cage please?
  3. I know the military half round test courses all too well!
  4. Luckily observing that you've made the same complaint in 2 threads with little to no difference in your premise doesn't require being at the race. We get it. Honestly, real talk - email Dana or Chelsey about it. It will achieve your intended goal much better.
  5. Give it a rest man, isn't your yearly troll session over yet? We get it, you're not happy about what happened, no need to post about it in another thread thinly veiled by phrasing the question slightly differently this time.
  6. For goodness sake could you at least do your math right when you are trying to make a point? lol
  7. WRL doesn't cover it in their rule book. I don't look in the other rulebooks because i don't have time to navigate hundreds of pages to find the relevant subtext to help you out. You're the one complaining about the rules, you do the work and the burden is on you to substantiate what you're saying.
  8. Well tech has been taking pictures of piston tops, I don't know what info they're using but i'm curious as well!
  9. That's because you can see the green flag just after you crest the hill, and that's usually when they wave it.
  10. I'm sure they'd love suggestions, let's hear it! If it's not stock geometry, ima say yes.
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