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  1. Yes - as a matter of fact we were able to get our car into the Mall of America rotunda to display the car and promote the series in the early days along with the BIR performance driving school folks. It was awesome. I talked to hundreds, if not thousands of people that day and our car was more popular than almost any of the racing school cars because it was relatable to the general public ("hey, I used to have one of those!") We also brought the car to a couple cars and coffee events, and my teammate and I also worked a couple other local/smaller conventions in 2010/2011 Thanks for re
  2. Hey, it's the guy who gives endless press, claim, and adoration to big names that race in the series on your live stream, while paying less attention to the more average guys (like you!) who make up the vast constituency of the series, who this series is subsequently marketed towards! And on the side, due to your connections you get side work with TLM, get to follow Riley's team around in pro race efforts, and more! (I am not against this, but please do not claim you are without bias)
  3. Bingo. It's all a bit (very) ironic coming from Bill (strong)
  4. Bill, are you saying that if it isn't specifically called out in the rules, it's open? I'd be careful spreading such a message. Nobody is saying an alternator won a race, we just want to know what the rules are. How many more of the 'alternator unsaid rules' exist? If there's many more (seems like there's at least a handful more in the car in question) then yes, this certainly could add up to a measurable effect in race results. I think giving special exemptions to people who already hold an experiential advantage, and aiming at a moving rules/enforcement target is taking the fun out of
  5. With all due respect I wouldn't be so quick to dispel your concern, however, I don't put the complete onus on Riley.
  6. Good question.. it is possible but maybe more likely they'll have firewood at the fleet farm in Plymouth.
  7. As the title says I have a new unused Allstar 10214 window net that I bought and never used. It's the style that needs an upper and lower bar. Expiration date is June 2022. $20 plus shipping or pick up at Road America next weekend.
  8. yeah your check valve is bad or it doesn't have one. Imagine how it feels if your car operates on positive manifold pressure! (ask me how I know... that was scary!)
  9. Was a pleasure racing against this car and JSK, best wishes for future endeavors!
  10. you gonna pick on champ-legal cars with your big fancy EC machine?
  11. Just over 50 races, and somewhere between 150-200 hours. Mostly champcar, a handful of WRL. I think around 10 wins.
  12. I'm actually really jealous of the car count and sad I won't be there! Bring on the competition, I say.
  13. Dont bring logic into this! There's no place for that in champcar.
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