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  1. I miss the 'squarefold' - turbo manifold homemade from 3/16" rectangular bar stock. You could pretty much jack the car up on the turbo and it would have been fine.
  2. Reading this thread is like watching the titanic (champcar) slowly impact a glacier (power to weight based rules) I wonder who got that VPI so low..
  3. @red0 and I were very successful with an add-on turbo civic in 2014. We won, got a 2nd, and were winning in dominant fashion at another race when some wiring went bad. As a disclaimer, we had a dyno tuner and performance shop owner on our team so we had plenty of dyno time and a very robust tune on the car. After that run, Condren changed the turbo rules to make it about 1500 points to add a turbo, for a few years before it was lowered again. After that, I went to a factory turbo car (eclipse GSX) and got a couple wins with it. I know turbo cars and love racing them in an endurance setting. The eclipse will eventually make a triumphant return. It can be done, and it can be done safely so the equipment lasts. One issue that's hard to get around is that you have to tune a turbo car richer for safety, which will hurt your fuel mileage.
  4. I did not say that and that’s a pretty bold and inaccurate assertion. My opinion is closer to your second paragraph.
  5. You're right, those extra doors really slow us down.
  6. I feel like a broken record on infinite repeat at this point, but this car was tech'd going directly against written values in the tech desk, directly against rules in the rulebook, and stretching the rules to a comical degree that goes very much against the precedent with other teams and one can't help but assume there were favors involved. Not only that, the physical tech process used was systematically different than the rest of us use. So no, I've never actually been on that side of the fence. Perceived 'loopholes' are one thing, this is another. Please stop trying to put me in that box, because I have never and will never be there. I don't get favors from tech, much the opposite has been true. I too dislike whack-a-mole - It pushes people out and away from the series. We could and should do a better job and I have faith that with new leadership and tech we will.
  7. It wasn't the first or only time that happened. I think you either missed the point or are purposely missing it, but it's the performance potential that is concerning here. The other racers knowing that if things went just a bit better, or they improved the car/driving/racecraft in the right places, that they would have a shot at winning is important. Winning by massive margins even with signs of 'pedaling' at times certainly won't give you that feeling. It also doesn't help that we can point to obvious areas where the rules were tossed aside or changed during the tech of said car. Feel like this has all already been covered...
  8. Haha - Yes, that lap time was set by *your* teammate, the rest of us were a couple seconds off from him. That was a lap record.. until the next champcar race held at laguna seca. BTW by all rights the competition was not stiff at that race, and the few teams that normally would be in the running had problems (uncommon friends, for one) How is this somehow worse than a team that takes penalty laps (that was a very recent change) and still wins races by above or nearly double digit lap counts, at highly competitive races with large fields? I'm confused.
  9. OH! This must be you. My mother said 'It looked like everyone was racing except the volkswagen, it looked like he was going out for groceries' Keep after it, you'll find speed!
  10. I disagree. I won road america in 2019 - no swap, stock fuel tank.
  11. I think Chisek had a pretty dangerous mindset - 'we don't punish the competitors for our mistakes' which burned champcar pretty bad a handful of times in the last year, even. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt - maybe he was getting bad/incomplete information to make those decisions which he was then forced to stick by in impound. A 'gotcha' scenario like this should no longer exist in Champcar. I think if it's written in the rules, it doesn't matter what anyone - even the CEO - tells you, it's your responsibility as a racer to know the rulebook and try not to get spoken exemptions to the rules. If you get a special exemption it should be documented in the knowledge base, and the knowledge base approvals and content shouldn't come from just one person. Originally it was supposed to be reviewed and approved by the TAC but that seemed to have gone by the wayside very quickly. I also very much disagree with platform specific exemptions but that's another topic. Above all else, it should be protestable in impound. If it is determined to be in conflict with the written rules, no matter who told you that you could do it, it shouldn't be allowed. The rulebook should always have veto power on anything. I have faith in the new leadership that these issues will be mitigated!
  12. "I was told X Y Z, 3 years ago". Didn't we nix that with the tech desk? Since when is that anything remotely acceptable anymore? I thought we got rid of special backdoor drug deals? If not - can we finally do that, please?
  13. @MR2 Biohazard, the issue is that the TAC wasn't being utilized by and large. They have tried to create a formulaic/objective approach to VPIs and as I understand it that suggestion was dismissed. Many or most of the their suggestions were ignored or under-utilized by Chisek which I hope to be better in the future with Dana in charge. I'm hoping he can start to unwind the mess that has been created in the tech/rules side of champcar, or empower the knowledgeable individuals on the BoD/TAC to do so. @thewheelerZ - the current issue we have is that there is *one* individual on the TAC with some level of Nissan expertise who is advocating for harsh value increases and I don't think he really gets checked or questioned. This is a problem; he himself does not race a Nissan. Also @Huggy the A34 maxima is still the same VQ35DE engine. The only difference I know about was the 07-08 was only available with the CVT automatic.
  14. Fair enough. You could also do a thru-hole and nut on the inside maybe?
  15. Impressive design work, although I disagree that your pedal will feel the same. IMO it will be noticeably softer. Stock is single piston 1.89", correct? Also, I'd consider do the adapter out of aluminum too, machining will be much cheaper and you don't have to shave off a bunch of material, could just be a large block and probably the same weight. You could do steel thread inserts if you were concerned about that.
  16. This is why I consider you the authority on how long tires can go!
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