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  1. I asked AIM about having it live and they said they have no intentions of doing that anytime soon. I also have the AIM smarty cam and run the YI4K. My thought was to get a small tablet, that my ecu can bluetooth to, and have a gauge setup, though it would not show the trackmap or G forces.
  2. For a person/team who has entered two cars for WGI, IF MCM there I am going to have a dedicated spotter on them the entire race and when we pass them, or get passed by them, we are going to be way wide and give them space. We will have eyes on them the entire time. From my understanding it was multiple items that caused the ban. Bad driving, aggressive driving and retaliation with driving, which for me is the worst part. We have enough issues and do not need to have NASCAR type of take outs happen. I have 1000's of hours into my cars and do not need someone to get mad and take me
  3. I am looking at these also, but are costly for my size. RE71r is 182 and CR1 is 205, thought RS3-r is $200 also. The good old days of cheap RS4 that last are gone. Choices.
  4. Maybe I am remembering race to race battle then, I am getting old and all my races start to blend together with highlights from some that stick out more than others. I do know I was amazed at the grip level and speed and then checked and saw re71r and it made sense.
  5. Points should equal speed. How many points? How many groups of tires? A= Fast = 20 points? B = middle = 10 points? C = standard = 0 points? How to determine the points? If we truly accept that 10 points should about equal a lap then it should be good. Porsche boxster example is at 475 points, 20 points and they are all good and happy. A SC300 is 500 points and at 20 points that would be two laps.
  6. The rule with time would hurt the larger cars, heavier hp cars and FWD drivers. Lighter cars that are well balanced will have an advantage. Hey wait, that is me, yah, I like the penalty rule, kidding. I want to run the cheap ass tires that last for races so I can race more.
  7. I am not sure points are the answer. Some teams and cars have points to spare and some are at max points to start with. That would give a huge advantage to some and hurt others. Why not penalty laps based on fast tires? I am still not sure why people are so against this idea. Can someone explain to me how it would not work out in the end? Team A uses fast tires, starts 1-2 laps down, team B uses slow tires. Team A is 2-3 seconds a lap faster. In the end they should be close to finishing at the same point, though I think the fast tire car, if driven right, can have an advantage. It
  8. I disagree with you and you are the odd man out with how you use tires. I can say that I raced you at Barber a stint, then another day your car was transformed and pulled me in corners compared to the first day. I was like WTF. Then after the race I looked and saw you switched to RE71r. You know the difference in tires and how much faster they are. The tire cost is simple. If a team, such as myself, uses RS4 we use them for two weekends. Cost $400 per race. If we use RE71r we will use 6-8 of them at $1100-1500 per race. That extra $1000 is not growing on trees. At NCM I
  9. What tires? A good portion of the field runs re71r, rivals, coopers, V730, V660, ect? What are the approved the tires? I really only see like 3 RS4, 615k or vr1. That really means everyone will need to be on RS4 and we become a spec tire series, which most are saying heck no to. I still do not understand why people are against giving laps to cars with those tires. If someone wants to choose those tires and try to make up that time, then that is their choice. I still think they will make it up and can win, it just gives the low budget teams a chance. I also w
  10. Two rules should fix it I think. 1-If you run certain tires you get a lap penalty, maybe a multiplier based on race length and/or track length. A lap at Nelsons it not equal to lap at Road America. 2- You can not change tires in the pit stop that you take fuel, no air guns, only one side of the car jacked up at time. -exception is you can change a single tire only during a fuel stop if that tire is flat. That should fix most of the fast tire issues. RS4 tires do not need to stop to change a tire and are slower. The faster tires are faster and can make up the lap and
  11. I do not have the big cars, big girls are a lot of fun. I have had some of my best memories racing the USS enterprise. The issue is physics, the higher weight and higher top end speed coming into a turn is a concern. I do not see your car as this issue though, no offensive, yours just does not have the crazy top end speed. I do not see you close to 400hp and are in the 300hp range if I guessed. BTW- I had two MR2's and the first one, Bio 1.0, has been totally dismantled and all safety items saved for my new build that will be at WGI. She just need to much to fix it yet again and ch
  12. I am glad I am not the only one who saw that. We disagree on a lot and have enjoyable discussions back and forth, but we agree on that one so that must say something.
  13. On tires. XYZ tires get a penalty lap and the rest do not. We all know what tires are XYZ. you can not change tires and fuel in the same pit stop. If you do change tires no air guns and only one side of the car can be jacked up at at time. Easy and done.
  14. my example was for points based classes. I think most like it, it will work great long term, but a few complained loud and got to be dismissed.
  15. We have run 205, 225 and 245. All the same results with hubs. We just changed them after a race.
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