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  1. The wilwoods have a nice range in their models. I also went onto rock auto and spent hours looking up rotors and making a spreadsheet of diameter, center, offset to see what would work best. The excel calculator is key. When we are off by more an 1-2% bias our rears will lock up early, you see the devil and death happens.
  2. I am thinking it adds to it. Adjustable height 40 points, single adjustable 40 points, 80 points total. I see it as 80 point for single adjustable coil overs most can buy.
  3. Not anymore. We have for the past 5+ years, but that changes 1-1-2021 and we have to pay 25 points for them.
  4. My understanding is that any manifold from a car on vpi is zero points. The 25 point rule comes into play 1-1-2021 and add 25 if it is not on the vpi table. I now will add the 25 to my swap, which basically pushes my old car into the 4 penalty lap territory from 1 we have. We have decided to just make it EC now if we even run it anymore.
  5. I am at 61-63% front bias. I would think most front engine rwd cars are in the 70% front bias and fwd cars might be 80%. I did choose smaller rear pistons with the same calipers, but I basically had to max out to the smallest size rear piston size and fairly large front pistons to balance it out. A way to do it also would be a dual master pedal box and adjust the masters to the correct size for the calipers if to similar.
  6. You might get 3X the life as when the pads get low they wear exponentially faster. I went Wilwood for long term pad cost and having the same front and rear calipers I can use my half used fronts in the rear until I can use them all up. The cost benefit only takes about a year to save enough to basically get the calipers for free.
  7. I did think it was and I must have missed Chris's. My bad. We must have had two petitions for the same item and same basic thinking. I stand corrected then and I am sure you are happy to be the one to do it. Congrats, enjoy the day. I do not feel so bad now and totally blame Chris for all of this. Totally his fault, and Bill of course, just because. I went back to look at the petitions and here is what it was. Revised Rule: I suggest making radiators subject to the 1x rule. Rule XX-XX: Any radiator, regardless of materials of construction, is permitted at 0 points permitting i
  8. The interesting thing as almost all single adjustable shock setups are not all that great. Bilsteins revaled would be better in almost all cases. The single adjustable is nice in that it gives inexpensive options to teams to have a coil over and shock combo that might not have a good bilstein option. Also, a good portion of drivers and teams do not know how to tune for adjustable shocks anyway. They can learn, but how much faster will it actually be? 25 points is equal to 100 total, which is equal to a swap with like 30-50 hp increase in most cases, or a turbo setup. When you consi
  9. BTW- I put the petition through for zero point radiators. I did not put the petition to say that radiators that need points be pushed to 30. My petition was simply to get an aluminum radiator of the same size and capacity as stock for zero points to keep costs in check. How it got rewritten to what it is now and how the pointed rad went from 10 to 30 baffles me. 10 points is fine to me for an alum rad that is much larger than stock. If you need that much cooling you did other items and should pay the points. The problem I saw, and I have, is that a stock rad is mega money from Toyota and now T
  10. I wonder where the 30 points came from. Why? I would think leave it at 10 points like it was if above and then people would keep the same points they have now if needed. The rule was to keep costs down if a replacement rad is $87 off ebay vs $440 stock and both radiators are the same size and same cooling capacity. That is how the petition was written.
  11. So the teams with big money can do this then.
  12. But don't you need to find a retail chain store to justify the cheap ebay one? What if you can not find one?
  13. On the radiator rule. What if O'Riley, Autozone, Pepboys and NAPA do not have a radiator for the car as the car is so old there are no replacement ones. Then what? Can we use OEM at that point? What if the OEM does not sell them anymore and part not available? What do we do then when the only replacement option is aftermarket and aluminum?
  14. If Penske can make custom items then I would think they could make a shock without a valve to gill the gas. You would just get it and have them rebuild it to the valving you would want. This would cost more ofcourse, but be within the rules. When rules come forth it shows that teams with big money will get even more of an advantage. Currently a team can have a bilstien custom valved to what they want for a certain track and have a different valving for another track.
  15. I take points for my accusump and I am fine with it, but this is not about my car. There are cars that do not have points to get an accusump and blow up, but that team might not come back. What I do not get is how that can get ignored so often. Then if they blow up and do not come back people say, the caption choose their action so to bad for them. Also, please do not assume I am saying this or that for my car, as this has nothing to do with my car and I am trying to look at the series as a hole and for the future of teams and the series. Speed or reliability away from the caption.
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