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  1. What are calling BS? That I want an epic battle? That I am trying to look at for others. You clearly stated on the thread you think people deserve to blow up be not choosing an accusump and taking laps. So you want carnage and an unsafe environment to race on.
  2. RedO. Your profile says it can not receive messages. Just an FYI.
  3. Good point. I just remembered why I have not been on the forum in a year. It riles me up. I want the series to succeed and want to have epic battles. I want teams to succeed and finish races. I see myself now as a minority when speaking of such things on the forum. At the races though it sure is a different story. People helping each other. People wanting great races. People hanging out, smiling and laughing. When someone fails in person I feel bad for them and try to help fix it. On the forum it seems the opposite. You all carry on. I will go back to working on my car and life once again.
  4. Maybe limit it to 10 posts or something. Having someone here spew negativity for years and not even a member is not a good thing. If you wonder why the % of people that race are actually on the forum is so low it is because of that.
  5. I have not gone on the forum in forever because of garbage spittle the likes of you spew. If you are a member contribute. If not shut the hell up, bring your BS to someone else’s house. It sure seems like you are the enemy trying to bring negativity. Again. What series do you race now? Do you race? Do you build cars anymore? Are you just on forum and that is your life to live through others? Are you that bored and have no life that you just spew garbage into a series you are not even a member to get a rise out of people? Again, what is your end game?
  6. Mender. What are doing here on the forum? Just curious? You have not raced with champcar in years and all you seem to do is bring negativity to the forum. I do not see you helping and you are only hurting this series. Is that your goal? What is your end goal? I assume you do race do somewhere or no? If petitions were still open. I would put oneforth that says only current members can post. Maybe then you would at least anti up the $50 to spew your spittle.
  7. I do not disagree with you finishing a race to do well and why I take the points for it. What about others? When you make it points you penalize. If you get laps and start from the back only a select few top teams can overcome that. Mody can not and will not do they will blow up and may not come back for the next race or come back at all. Is that what you want ? Because that is the reality of what is actually going on at the races. You can not just talk on the forum and get people to install and accusump and take laps. The reality is that they do not and blow up and do not race. Yet again lost revenue. You will not convince people to add points, but you will convince people to put an accusump on if they are free and they can finish races and come back. Simply put accusump penalty points are causing champcar money in teams not racing. That is what is happening. The real fix is to make it free. That is the only real solution. Talking to them and telling them to take laps is not going to do it.
  8. So free accusump equals people who finish races and come back again to race. So better racing and more future customers. It is really that simple. If accusumps are not free some teams will gamble if they do not have points. Example is the sc400. They have zero points and do not run one because they know the 1 lap penalty could and probably would cause them to not have a chance of doing as well as they could. With how fast teams are now, as shown at ra this year, people can not afford laps. So they gamble and this race do ok. The next they blow up and then cancel the next race due to funds to fix it or not enough time. They may have had such a bad taste in their mouth after that they quit racing all together. When this happens the team that was vocal on the forum, so they are heard the most in some eyes that look at the forum, yet the minority in actuality of the opinions at the races. This person and team win the race and have a better opportunity to win the next race because that other team blew up. Yahoo for them. Pat yourself on the back for winning and doing well at others demise. I personally want to race people to the end! That is my goal. To have epic battle memories, not if memorries were I went out of my way to cause s rule against someone ekse so they fail. That is what I think is sad.
  9. That is were you missed the entire point and what I have been saying for years. I pay for the 10 point accusump. I write petitions for the series and not for me, yet the alum rad for free was to save me $300 and not gain my anything so I do admit that. I do petitions to make the organization better for the organization. Most only think about themselves and how it can affect their team to help or a way to hurt other teams so they can gain an advantage. You assumed wrongly that I did it to just save myself 10 points. You are wrong and I pay the 10 points just fine. I did it after watching multiple teams blow up engines and then miss races. This causes champcar to lose revenue. This is a business and needs to make money to continue. A business needs customers, but according to a lot of people if those customers are not there they can win themselves. That I see as truly sad and if you feel you need to win by watching others blow up and not have the money or time to race again so you can win just makes me feel sad for you. We need to be open to teams coming back to race over and over again. Why would anyone say otherwise is really beyond me. I would rather lose and have an epic battle with someone at the end of the race than just beat someone because they failed. I go to the races to race, not to watch others fail.
  10. I stand corrected then, sorry. Carry on.
  11. I have not been on the forum in a like a year. I see nothing has changed. Sad.
  12. I am selling my current truck and trailer combo. As the 2nd car comes to completion I am getting a 2 car trailer and larger truck to tow it. This combo has worked really well for me and I would be keeping it forever if not the need to get a 2 car team setup. 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty V10 XL 2wd 192,000 miles. 3rd gen v10 6.8l engine. Zero plug issues with 3 valve engine - 362hp 457tq. All coils have been replaced as a preemptive measure (original spares included). New alternator (have spare) Cold AC with NEW compressor Helper springs for towing make it like an F350 4 new disc brake calipers and new front rotors 4 new tires and 2 good spares 38 gallon fuel tank Clean interior, no tears - can fit 3 people. Gas mileage not towing 14-15mpg Towing 9.5mpg 60mph, 8.5-9.0mpg 65mph, 8.5mpg 65-70mph, 8.0 70+. This truck tows great! Only $6,250obo Pictures here http://mr2mini.blogspot.com/ 28' enclosed trailer - 1997 United 5200lb axles Completely set up, ready to go - needs nothing. Selling due to requirement for larger, two car trailer setup 4 new D rated tires and 4 spare tires Diamond plate flooring Insulated walls and ceiling 2 x 4' tire racks Wall units for storage of EZ-Up, and accessories Front cabinets and bench 3 x 4' fluorescent lights Breaker box 12v dome lights New break away battery Small bath room if needed (currently used to hang clothes and storage) Compressor location if required and lines Wired for roof AC unit and roof vent Only $6500obo Pictures here http://mr2mini.blogspot.com/ Will sell both together for $12,500obo (will include special-fit toolbox @ $12,500)
  13. You will lap a stock MR2 about every 30 minutes. Have fun with that. Now back to working on my new car as it is actually nice outside today on my half a day off from work. Enjoy your bickering people.
  14. It has been brought up many times and the look the base car hp as the mr2 is low. This has been said many many times already, but keep bringing up the same thing over and over for some reason.
  15. The two mr2 in the central I know of both have V6 engines. I think there was one 1st gen MR2 and it was swapped with a v6 also. I have never seen a stock 2.2L mr2 ever race in CC in the last 8 years. I am not everywhere though, but us MR2 guys do talk alot for ideas and have FB groups.
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