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  1. I had a bunch of cracking on my exhaust in the past and fixed it with flanges that held it in multiple places. This way the stress was not all on the bellows. I try to make sure I do not go more than 2' without some type of hanger/flange to hold it at that point. I also weld the flange around the pipe so it has a larger area to support the exhaust. On my front header I go 1' down and support flange, to a V band, bellow, 10' down to another hanger/flange, V band to muffler that has another flange/hanger. With solid engine mounts the more hangers the better.
  2. The breakers are only a few bucks each. Also, the aim pdm32 comes with a dash, datalogger and gps for around 2K. You can spend almost that on a dash alone. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08ZSJDVK6/ref=sspa_dk_detail_2?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B08ZSJDVK6&pd_rd_w=ScLWS&pf_rd_p=91afecf5-8b2e-41e2-9f11-dc6992c6eaa1&pd_rd_wg=GE73K&pf_rd_r=BJ5RSD5X017C33NP0T0F&pd_rd_r=b4f81c39-1aaf-4f4b-a3eb-a61fd4d57548&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExSU9GSjFGQzcySjdOJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwODM4MTM4UjBYTlIwWFVLTlgyJmVuY3J5cHRlZEFkSWQ9QTAxNDMyNDYzUUoxTjFLN1E3SlhWJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfZGV0YWlsJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==
  3. Fuses are there to blow, if needed, though there are much better solutions. The simplest is replace the fuse with a breaker. The next, if rewiring a entire car and want a dash is to go AIM PDM. I had a fuse blow, mid race, a few times, due to a wire chaffed that rubbed to ground in the middle of harness. When I came in and put in a new fuse all was good. We even taped a fuse the car and had to change it mid race a time or two until we figured it out. It would take 3-5 hours on track for it happen. It happened 3 times and I took apart the entire harness and started over and found it. Trying to find something like that can be very hard. I even had the correct plastic insulation, it just wore through and was behind and under something so I did not see it and would not have found it unless I remove the entire harness, which I did. If I had a breaker it would have just reset and been good, until it chaffed all the way through and then the breaker would not reset.
  4. Interesting. So the DI engine might actually be worse for us in endurance racing. Then I guess there is really no worry about the swap issues then. Good to know. Thinking about this also, when endurance racing and the engine being at WOT and higher rpms the engine bay will get hotter, causing the intake charge to be hotter, usually, and the engine intake manifold to be hotter. I wonder if the cooling effect of a port injection engine might be better at cooling the intake charge vs the direct injection model. So in reality and real world testing the port injection engine might be superior while the DI engine might win on the dyno. just pondering out loud on that idea as I have never worked on or own a DI engine or plan to.
  5. I am aware of that. My thought is HP is HP so the calculator will work. HP goes up so does TQ so our series the hp calculator works as it should. The exception that can be is a diesel, but the weight offsets the gain there. The DI might be lighter, but I can not imagine enough to worry about. On the 2GR it weighs 366lbs regular and 359lbs for the DI model. I am not seeing how 7lbs really matters. Efficiency is fine, but that is mianly for the mid range and low range tq. When at WOT the HP will equal fuel usuage so 200hp should be very close, if not the same, as 200 DI hp.
  6. Please School me. If a 2.0L 200hp and 200tq engine is regular injection vs a 1.8L 200hp and 200tq due to DI and higher compression. How would they perform different for us?
  7. What would that go into being a boxer engine? An older subaru? Again, it is rated at 200hp, put it in the swap calculator and good to go.
  8. For the Toyota 2gr they went from regular to Direct injection and raised the compression also when doing so to help, all which makes more hp. The regular was rated at 268hp and went to 301hp. Sure, the hp went up with DI and the engine evolution, but if you wanted to use that the hp would be in the swap calculator. The example here was a 2017 avalon vs a 2018 avalon. If the swap calculator works it should not matter. I also wonder about the other variables for DI. The extra mechanical fuel pump and being able to control all the variables for a new DI injection. The extra complexity for the gains might not be worth it for endurance racing, but that is speculation, though more things to go wrong seems like extra items to fail long term.
  9. Though as the hp goes up so does the swap calculator. The fuel efficiency I did not think off, but I doubt someone would put that much effort into a swap just for that difference. The hp should work itself out though. Though if someone wanted a newer car with a direct injection motor I would think it could come with a smaller gas tank stock so that efficiency gain would not really matter. So what you are saying is that the Fiero might be semi competitive if someone wanted to do that, maybe, if all went well in a perfect world. That seems like it would fit in the rules and Champcar just fine.
  10. Roger. I think anything is possible, but I hate the idea of limiting cars to years or teams. We might be worrying about something that might never happen and in doing so could be making a barrier for teams to enter Champcar. I never want that and as a business we always need to invite new customers. Do you know of specific swap? I know there was a concern over certain cars entering with specific DCT, and I get that, so we could limit those entering, or put a rule that says non DCT cars are VPI X only. Other than that example, is there another I am not aware of? Now if the swap formula and calculator work I do not see an issue with a newer engine going in an older car. HP to that car. We have E30's with modern K swaps in them and they are a competitive car that runs fine, when it runs, and do not run away with it. I see that as fine and does not hurt newer cars from entering. I do worry that if we put a rule that says only grandfathered cars newer than 15 years are allowed will cause teams to go to other series and never come back. I am not a fan of the, go to EC, race for a while and drive around not in the real race, pay us money to see how you do and then, maybe, just maybe, we will put you on the list if we feel like it. Or, your car is only 12 years old. We need you to race in EC for 3 years and then we can enter you in the real show. If that was me I would be like, no thanks, I will go where I wanted. I think we have tools and experience to know if a car should be a Champcar or not. We can look up the stats and extrapolate the possible results without bias. We have TAC, their experience and the tools to calculate what a value should be. When the BOD made the rule for no newer cars than 15 years and only grandfathered cars are allowed, what were the examples that caused it? I am thinking there must be some car out there or team running certain cars that has us making a rule to exclude them?
  11. I think that could be a good thing. As a person who has submitted a petition or two in the past, I think having others perspectives on ideas would be great. Shoot, a lot of my petitions were form ideas I saw on the forum and talking with others, example is on tires. It has changed my own ideas and to see others perspectives that I did not know about. I think it could do the same for myself and others in the future. The only downside is that the vocal few of us would be the ones commenting on the forums. It might be a good idea to have petitions due at X time and then have time to talk to the racers and teams at the races that would not otherwise comment. Maybe have 3-6 races, have something printed out to get some survey data from a lot of members that race to get their ideas. We all might be shocked by what they say as we have not really heard their voice before. An example would be, a tire rule that says X and limits tires Y. On the forum we might have a 50/50 split of do not limit tires to limit tires so we have an impasse to not change the rules and leave it as is, which can be fine, but maybe not. Then when we talk to members out there it might be a 98% that says limit tires and 2% that says do not. We might find results that are expected, but we might find unexpected results. It would be great to have a broader perspective of a larger number of the members.
  12. What newer cars are we worried about? Can you give specific examples of newer modern cars that we should not have that are not in the vpi list? I think a lot of newer cars are usually small little cars with small gas tanks. I wonder what the average fuel tank size of cars is on newer ones, I suspect the tanks are smaller as they get more efficient. I think you have two main types of modern cars to look at. The smaller lower hp ones and the higher hp ones. The higher HP ones are going to be usually more expensive and obviously too fast for our series. What comes to mind is C5 Corvettes, V8 Mustangs and Camaros, Higher end Audi. ect. I think all agree that that type of speed is not for Champcar and there is WRL/AER for that. I think the lower hp ones fit perfect into Champcar though. The VPI list below, with cars running, are perfect examples. I did a quick google search of cars in the last decade that are good sports cars. Some on the list and what I would think fits in champcar and does not Miatas- duh, ofcourse they fit, that is exactly what Champcar is all about. Affordable fun small low hp sports cars. FRZ-BRZ- yup, same as above 2015 vw golf gti- I think this fits, though I have not seen one run yet. 2015 mustang v6- 300hp, but heavy, I think this fits with the speed we have Maybe nots 370z- I think the hp 332hp and potential is too fast i135 300hp- It might be too light for that hp, but not sure, plus the cost is very high s5 354hp- hp and speed too high 03 vette- light and fast, beyond what we see as speed That is what popped up when doing google searches. The rest were older and already on the list and racing today. I just wonder what we gain by saying no new cars that are newer than 15 years? Which cars will it not allow on the list that we would have before?
  13. nope, not yet. I write them down, takes notes at races, ect. I save them all and review on the first of year and then submit. That is how I start my new year, with hope. By now you should know the process.
  14. I understand how the points work, but do not see it. Yes, in this made up scenario, sure, that person could throw a wing on their car and may possibly go faster, maybe. I just do not see that as reality though for almost all teams. I want to find someone with a real world example of a free radiator making their car faster. If at 500 points and they have an alum radiator and take 10 points and a lap, there must be a hella good reasons for it and I would bet is has nothing to do with performance and has to do with availability. Though, again, this is a totally fake made up example. I have yet to see anyone do that. If someone really wants to bitch and complain about speed creep, lets be real about it and see what actually makes speed creep and stop putting false ideas about it. If you have races for more than 10 minutes you will know what really makes speed creep and address the real issue. The free rad has nothing at all do with speed creep. Petition time next year, just like last year, just like the year before. hehe. I will continue the fight to get us to embrace saving cars and teams and enjoying the battle to the end. Why the hate on me so much? I think accusumps save engines, which I think is a good thing as I want to see teams finish races. Whenever I see people say that they want points for accusumps or ban them I think that person must not need one and wants the competition to fail and break so they can win. Well, that is not me at all. I want to race the best teams at the end of the race and have the battle. I have gone home early with blown engines enough to know how that affects a team and drivers, no one wants or should have that is a solution is easy to get at to fix it. I have been told I am naive and stupid to think that way and winning is winning. Well that is me then. I was going to say use the money I saved on tires, but it would only buy me one tire and that is going to do me any good, or anyone else. I think my point on the alum radiator is that we talk about hypotheticals and what if scenarios, but the reality is I do not see any teams taking laps for radiators. I do not see people using 10 points to do X that is really going to make cars really faster.
  15. I guess we need to look and find an example of someone who took points on a radiator instead of a speed part and if they get that free rad 10 points show me a true example of them putting a speed part on that makes a difference. I doubt we will really find any and if we do it might be a one off at best. For most, it will save them money and the big picture it is a really good thing. For me, it saves me a lot of money and I know that is what most are doing it for. I am not against saving money, that is for sure.
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