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  1. I thought as long as you kill the power to the regulator on the alternator it will not keep putting out voltage and charge/run the car. On my setup I have the pos from the battery to the alternator and the alternator to the starter. On the battery Positive goes to the master kill switch. The other side of the master kill switch goes to the switches. Ignition switch goes to the ecu/alternator/coils/fuel injectors, then a switch for the fuel pump, then aux for brake lights,dash and charging station. If the master is cut off all power is turned off to all switches and the car will not
  2. In the WRL rules they use hp or a modifier for TQ. I guess they are scared the diesel rabits might take over. WRL rule: For the purposes of determining class, POWER shall be defined as the greater of peak dyno horsepower OR .89 x peak dyno torque as collected using the process described in D.1
  3. No one is worried about the Opel, it is not like you will ever finish it. Add all that heavy steel weight to it and see how that chassis handles it. Good luck.
  4. This has become such a convoluted mess it makes me wonder what processes do we have in place. Who writes the rules, who checks the rules, who thinks about how the rules will affect all teams? Current rules 4.3.2 Flywheel / Clutch - Aluminum / performance “light-weight” SFI recommended rated flywheels with stock type clutch: 10 pts• Flywheel / Clutch - Multi-disc and / or smaller diameter clutch/flywheel systems: 50 pts 4.7.2 • Flywheel - All flywheels must be OE, OE equivalent, or SFI rated.Unmodified, SFI rated steel flywheel with similar dimensions and
  5. Flywheel / Clutch - Aluminum / performance “light-weight” SFI recommended rated flywheels with stock type clutch: 10 pts • Flywheel / Clutch - Multi-disc and / or smaller diameter clutch/flywheel systems: 50 pts
  6. Has our insurance contacted us and said we need to have SFI rated? If not then why the push? If SCCA is only recommending it why would we ever try to require it? Why even copy them if we do not have to? I am still so confused on how SFI even go thrown into the rule here and hence the major issue we are all having.
  7. Why the need to even have the SFI in there then? Why does Champcar need to have a different requirement than everyone else? I am so confused on the need to have SFI in there at all.
  8. Thank you for answering and I appreciate the time and effort you all put forth on the TAC. I know it is a thankless job most of the time. A few points you bring up. The idea of hope, cross your fingers and trust that tech will take your word for it. I hope they are that logical. With Ray all up in a hussy about flywheels and clutches I do not see him just saying it is ok and let it go. I could see it being an argument match and ending very ugly in tech. The real issue is that rule is there and why. How does a new team look at the rule? How does a team that wants to cross over loo
  9. The only one I have seen that last long term is the SAAB and they are heavily over engineered from stock, well the old ones, the new ones, not so much with a gm engine. I have seen tuttle try it for a while and then went to a na swap instead.
  10. Tyler, great work and we are all very lucky to have you on the Board and doing all the work. We appreciate you, well, I do at least. On the note for flywheels. If an alum flywheel has to be SFI rated, I have a Fidanza and their site says some are SFI rated, but nothing on the page where you order and I do not think it came with an SFI certificate. Bill said his has as stamp, but I did not see one on mine. Should I spend 8 hours to remove the trans to look and then put it back together. I would have to assume that almost all teams with alum flywheels are in the same situation. With
  11. At NCM we ran Porterfield RS4E pads. They felt fine and did not last all that long. These were old pads and about half warn when we started. I could modulate the brakes and trail brake into the apex. The next day we switched to the ST43 pads and rotors that were bedded for them. I could not modulate the brakes and stay right around threshold braking as well. It was like up to 80% they are fine and after would go to lock up. I also could not modulate and trail brake with them very well. I was 1.5 seconds a lap slower with the ST43 brakes and did not give me confidence. I am told that the ST43 w
  12. I'll share with you what TAC's recommendations are. THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL, as the BoD has not approved these recommendations yet (or may not.?.) -All flywheels must be OE, OE equivalent or SFI rated -Unmodified, SFI rated steel flywheel with similar dimensions and stock type / single disc clutch 0 pts. -Dual-mass flywheels may be converted to single-mass meeting above specifications for 0 pts -Aluminum / performance "light-weight" SFI rated flywheels with stock type clutch 10 pts. -Multi-disc / smaller diameter clutch/flywheel systems 50 pts Tyler- Is this what t
  13. Exact same for. Pad transfer so bad it caused vibration after just a few hours. They blamed my bed in procedure, my rotors, my calipers, until they finally admitted they had a ton of complaints on that pad. I am still baffled as to why they even sell them. BTW- The carbotech XP24 is similar to the G-Loc R18.
  14. RP2- never ever. We tried them for a year and they blamed our rotors and brake setup all day long. The RP2 is a terrible pad as it depots pad to the rotor in an uneven way and causes highs and lows. Carbotech admitted the pad was not good for racing after to me, but never publically, and had terrible compound issues with it. Carbotech also assumes that since we are Champcar we do not use enough brakes to justify higher pads and that is not true either. I went with their XP24 after, even though they recommended against it, and they worked great. They have good feel and modulation.
  15. I guess you define older cars different than I do in the Champcar world. To me that is in the 20+ gallon capacity of cars in the 60's and 70's. That is older to me, but dang, I am getting pretty old myself. My first car was a 73 Challenger, way back in the day.
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