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  1. F350 dully gas. I am not sure on tongue weight, but I would imagine it not being a lot as the two cars balance out the trailer well. I would even say it is less than shorter trailer with one car more up front on the trailer. Total weight is in the 11-12K range loaded, two cars. I had a 28' and one car and this setup tows just like it with no worries.
  2. That tool is for all my oem terminals for the engine.
  3. Your 24 sucks. It is to small and everything is so jammed in there, plus you have a tiny car. The extra 4' of space would make life 100x better. Do not get a 24, just get a 28. Do not get 3500lb axles, get the 5200lb. Two cars 32' minimum, 34' would be perfect. In Ga you are in the trailer capital of the world. For like $5200 you can gave a bran new trailer and be good go go. https://www.ebay.com/i/254600538735?rt=nc&_trkparms=aid%3D1110001%26algo%3DSPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D225074%26meid%3Da5890758c3f2448fb3c90a0ba23de352%26pid%3D100677%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D30%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D254595866857%26itm%3D254600538735%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2386202%26algv%3DDefault If you want two cars here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-8-5X34-V-NOSE-ENCLOSED-CAR-HAULER-CARGO-RACE-TRAILER-LED-LIGHTS-8-5-x-34/254601712293?hash=item3b4771d2a5:g:jTEAAOSwKKZeMfKp
  4. Personally I have switched to Deutsch connectors after many wiring failures. I find them to be much easier to use, install and change as needed as the de pinning is quick. They are not costly at all compared to other connectors. You can get cheaper crimp tools if you want to use the round style crimp terminals. I did go through a few different terminal crimp tools and now that I have this one it makes my life so much easier. https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/cPath/111_112_170/products_id/2268?osCsid=hubdpg7m3t2t34fr80e8v4pjl2 I still do not have the really fancy Deutsch crimping tool yet, someday.
  5. It is actually 450- automatic trans.
  6. On my car motor swap, yes, trans is stock, hubs rear stock front I take a bunch of points to make it work with different hubs, suspension has the same stock junk geometry. Every areo option in the past, but I have had to take more than half off due to the header 25 points and 10 for the alum flywheel to make my swap work so my swap cost went up a bit. I had to take off the flat bottom, diffuser, rear deck lid and side skirts. I have a wing, splitter and air dam now. I think it will be fine though and found that taking the extra items off and being lighter is actually better overall anyway. Aero adds weight and weight is slower more than the aero helps in almost all cases at our speeds and design. I should encourage free aero as it will really make teams slower with all the extra weight. My main argument is not for my own car, but lower tank capacity cars. I would like a little more fuel though. Most of my petitions are not for my car and are for Champcar overall and people love to ignore that. One was that if below 13 gallons you can go to 15 for zero points. I have 14.3 so it does not matter, but I see others needing fuel. There are a lot of newer cars that fit our series well, but have zero chance of winning or doing well at all since they have to stop 2-3 times more a race. Example is the honda fit that has a 10.5 gallon tank stock. It was doing well at PIRC and my team was concerned. I looked at the car and said for my guys to not track that car at all or worry about it. They pitted at 1:05 min as they were out of fuel. That is not cool and why I wrote it the petition. They should have a chance also. I see cars with 18 gallons or more having enough fuel in the scenarios I see. Usually as a car is heavy stock it will have a larger tank than 18. The 350z has 20, almita 20, ect. They have enough. I think the mustang and camaro should have a bit more since under 18. I purposed if below 13 they can go to 15. If 14-16 you can add 2 for free like we do now and can add 2 more for points if wanted. I would take some aero off and other things to add 2 gallons. I would be slower, but going 2 hours should be more competitive. 18 and above can only add 2 like now. It would help the smaller gas tank cars get closer to 2 hours. Either way I am good now as I just do not choose races that are longer. In that respect it can hurt Champcar in that they are losing at least one entry to events like Road Atlanta and VIR South that they had in the past. I know my one entry really does not matter, but who knows.
  7. please be specific on which two cars so we can see the difference. I would love to see it.
  8. Maybe I have been around for way too long and remember the real meaning behind the "I didn't pick your car" statement. A quick history of it was from John Condron. He would say that statement and laugh at you, in your face, when you brought up any issue and your car did not have what other cars had. He would say "I did not pick your car". What is really meant, and we all knew what it was. F*%K You and shut up and go back to Lemons. So whenever I hear a statement as such it is that we do not give a crap about you or your team or your car and you opinion does not matter. I always feel that all cars should be able to be somewhat equalized with points and modifications. Fuel should be on the list of points I think for certain size tanks. I do not feel it should be to give a big advantage for larger tank cars, but for smaller cars to go a bit larger then sure.
  9. There are points for that. Points for springs. Points for non oe susp pieces. Points for hubs. ECT. There are no points for additional fuel, yet.
  10. You are usually in the top 10 or top 5 I would guess.
  11. That is great news for me and smaller gas tank cars. I like it for strategy, it just sucks when on track and wanting to go fast.
  12. Agreed. We were not fast enough to overcome it at Road Atlanta at the time. We used to do with strategy, but people are wise to that now. On 24 hour races the attrition rate is so high a strategy of going slower without issues can win, but you also have more time to make up the laps if you go fast enough. 2020 should be interesting to see how it plays out with fuel vs speed, if we ever get to race again.
  13. Or not enter races that are not double events. We decided 2 years ago, after Road Atlanta, when we had to pit an extra time for fuel and had a basically a great race without incidents. We realized fuel was the key to winning at that point or going balls out way faster than the entire field. I now know if we go to a 14 hour race it is basically an HPDE event for us due to fuel. On the data VIR jumps out as slower FTD and that is due to the purple flag for everything so strategy comes into play more there than anywhere. WGI is also another track that does pace car often and show that in the data.
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