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  1. The BMW Tarheel chapter allows them. They do events at VIR, but nothing coming up until late September. I’m sure other organizations that run at VIR would too. But of course check first....
  2. Exactly- if you win your class, then you get a trophy- If you podium, then you get a trophy If you win your class and podium, then you get two trophy's seems simple enough to understand...but I guess some people want participation trophy's too
  3. Tribal knowledge... So the fix is/was so easy as was discussed pages ago (EC = -100 laps at start), and it seemed like this fix would be implemented during this race as a test. It would be very transparent (as the top dogs always state they are and want to be) if the reason was provided why it wasn't done. This example is a real good one as it is not stated anywhere in the standings which cars are EC, so I guess that red0 question is more than valid as how would anyone know that HoChunk didn't win?
  4. I have an idea- let's just re-write the rule book every year so that nobody will be legal... ever again...
  5. but one series is about racing... the other about parade laps...
  6. Understood- in the east it is the best thing going for turn-out hands down. But CC still struggles in other regions, and I'm not sure if that will change anytime soon. just glad I live in the east...
  7. and yet CC still gets much better turn-out than these other class based groups... must be a bunch of 'front runners' that keep coming back
  8. Agreed- this only impacts how EC cars are handled on T&S. Why not do it at the next race as a trial at least.
  9. Like 100? Must be @Wyatt that's why he's so fast...
  10. at least the other drivers would get their stints in...
  11. not bad- at least in my opinion- we had a 2nd and 1st at VIR north in the rain last December. The second day we did put the wing on the car and that helped. It really isn't that bad, but for some reason it didn't like Charlotte...
  12. It was at Charlotte, especially in the heat of the day. Did not like trail braking at all. Handles much better at VIR and RA. The rear of this car is light, so it moves around a little more than usual, but typically very consistent.
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