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  1. Congrats @Team Infinitiwas pulling for you all day- well at least after @Hurljohnwas out.
  2. I wonder if the CEO can be held legally responsible for any damaged caused to another competitor by MCM at the race?
  3. and it worked. I think I said my grandmother drives faster on Sundays...
  4. Check out my stuff for sale on FB- hit me up if you want something...
  5. When he said battle- I thought it would be much more other than a quickly executed pass of your slowness...
  6. @Prefect Racinghate to see this. Glad the driver is OK. Very glad to hear you got a full containment seat for the next car.
  7. We do this just about every race if we are sharing a pit stall with another team. Just talk to your neighbors and see where else you can pit when needed.
  8. why is this not the FTD? 163 Hong North Grumpy Butt 1985 Toyota Supra (White) 10:43:12.566 18 laps 250 1:40.767 133 90.744 miles/h There might be faster, but a few times were better than the one you listed. I understand math is hard...
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