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  1. We did similar with keeping track of who spent what and would settle up after each race- this included race costs and car prep before and typically after (replacement of damaged part from race)- it works great when all team members race at every race- it starts to get ugly when not all members race at each race.
  2. This Friday track day is not a Champcar event- if you have any questions you should reach out to the organization that is hosting the event- Kaizen Autosport. This has been on the VIR calendar for sometime now- and they probably haven't sold many spots and thought to bring in Champcar teams to help with costs. Wyatt works for them....
  3. In the end- this is probably the best way to go. I was on a team that had multiple owners and costs were split evenly- now this works only when all owners race. What happens when something happens at a race and not all owners were there- should they have to pay the cost for upkeep of the car from that race? The team started out with way to many owners and over the course of 5 years it was whittled down to 3 owners and then two owners. Even with just the two owners it wasn't always easy- much easier than more though. Now I rent a seat for races- I help with car prep and upkeep which is almost as fun as the racing itself to me, for many different aspects I feel that I'm kind of an owner of the cars it that I get to work on them, race them, have input on development and what races to attend, and most all aspects of car ownership. But in the end, I just hand over money after a race and that's it. Good luck with whichever path you choose.
  4. Let me ask a pose a question to the masses (well really the small percentage). What about rain tires? Is the consensus that there is no issues if a team wants to run rain tires in the rain? But then they get penalized for changing tires once the rain stops?
  5. Well that sounds like a dumb rule, so let’s improve our standings....
  6. Two different weekends? Or just two races. Saturday Aero was 7or 8th, Sunday for the win.
  7. So Pinkies Out won the CMP Sunday race on old scrub RS4s. Maybe lasting the entire race matters more than tires. Again, you choose where to spend money...
  8. Modified race formats- Many years ago we had a Sunday race at Road Atlanta- it was only a four hour race, but the format was a little different. You needed 4 driver stints- minimum stint length was 30 minutes, max was 2 hours. With this format, there could be two 4 hour races on a Saturday with at least 1 hour between (or two hours) races to work on cars. It was a bunch of fun.
  9. I agree that some tires are faster than others. I just don't care and don't feel this should be made into a rule. I get that this is really upsetting you and others that some teams are changing tires multiple times a race. Good for them. Is this in the spirit of Champcar? Probably not. Do these select teams care? Probably not. So I will ask you the same questions- What kind of tires do you run? What's been your finishing position in your last 3 races? What did the podium cars use for tires in those same races? (@Rodger Coan-Burninghamsorry this is going against my job function for the team. Maybe the job title can be changed to add pot stirring...)
  10. But you don't know- kind of like you said we were on A052... So what if one tire is faster than another- some cars are faster than others. Some drivers are faster than others. Where does it stop. Can every driver get those seconds out of the 'fast' tire? Doubtful.
  11. same questions to you- So what kind of tires do you run? What's been your finishing position in your last 3 races? What did the podium cars use for tires in those same races? This is still racing and racing costs money. My stance on tires is that any rule legal tire is fine to run. Nobody is holding a gun to your head saying you have to run the most expensive tire, or use multiple sets per race, or change them every pit stop. But there are plenty of people that are complaining like the rules state this stuff. You want to keep your costs down, then keep your costs down. It's that simple. Spend money where and how you want. Other teams can choose how they spend their money- what does this matter to you? Champcar is still a very cheap option for racing, but if you feel it isn't, then you are free to race elsewhere. For me, I'm sticking to champcar because it is cheap, and fun, and exciting.
  12. Reliability in endurance racing? Who needs it. So what kind of tires do you run? What's been your finishing position in your last 3 races? What did the podium cars use for tires in those same races?
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