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  1. I was wondering the same thing- you want to store helmet, hans, suit, 2 pair of shoes, underwear, socks, and a change of clothes....
  2. nothing wrong with 131 @6k... if that's the case, then let's swap in the 3.73 and call it good leave the 4.10 in the other car
  3. the one major difference, from other organizations, is that in champ the passing car really doesn't have a right to a line until they are clear of the car they are passing. Meaning the car being passed doesn't really have to give you room (clean and complete pass). I understand the drive your line thing, but not everyone out there racing does. Whereas in other organization the passing rules state (for example) your bumper is at their door, or there is overlap, etc., then you have a right to your line... Other things I try to keep in mind- always have an out during a pass- you should be able to back out if needed don't dive bomb- to me this is don't try to pass the car on the inside of a turn after they have already turned in but don't hit anyone is always a good thing...
  4. Where’s the picture of the scantily clad women?
  5. what ever you finally settle on, I think that scantily clad women should hold it up
  6. You guys have values? I guess I shouldn't confuse values with morals... Keep up the good work- joy to race with you guys always!
  7. This makes me think about opening up the tuning of cars. Used to be points, but then it was decided that some cars can do it undetected while others can't. So the new rule said it was open and free to all cars. So applying this same thinking to cars that come with coolers, or cars that have the bushing hidden. So some cars can have it while others can't. Just throwing this out there for thought.
  8. that's what you guys did- right?
  9. If that's the case, then can you drill the hole anywhere you want in the hand made suspension bushing?
  10. Let me ask you a question- Do you think that suspension bushing can be hand made out of suitable material?
  11. I'm all for teams running more aero- especially just a rear wing. Can you say push... Most of the aero that is in champcar right now is mostly ineffective, but sure does look cool, and promotes slow lap times...
  12. not necessarily true that skid plate=curbs Depends on the car, the track, and the driver- as for an advantage- again would disagree- running over curbs isn't always faster. I still see this as a safety issue that could prevent oil spills, red flag conditions, clean up costs and reduced racing time for all teams.
  13. are you going with the $700 option, or the $5000 options- people want to know...
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