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  1. Watching the Miata on Miata wreck- almost looked like the purple Miata was thinking about pitting the way he keep moving to the right
  2. Who filed the protest? I heard from different people that it was Mike C.
  3. I don't think ChampCar will ever do complete tear downs. I believe this has been discussed in other threads. But I do agree that opening up a valve cover and not being able to measure anything is kind of lame. I know that the powers that be are looking into ways to address this fact and hopefully will have ways to measure/check/and scrutinize engines correctly in the future. So you have an issue with the winners, or other racers, congratulating each other after a race? Or do you feel that there is a secret group of teams/racers that turn a blind eye to each others cheating habits?
  4. It's a fine line on how hard to push at what point in the race. By all means if you can run down the position in front of you, then go for it. Other times at the end of the race, you need to keep it clean and just hold your position and not risk doing something that can get you penalized (or wreck) and moving backwards...
  5. At night things are different and I feel that a somewhat risky pass in the daylight becomes a high risk pass at night due to limited vision. Another perspective is why are you racing Brew Krewe so hard? It wasn't for position at that point.
  6. Yeah- you know me- I always take things so personally
  7. then I would have seen them plenty.... kind of like you always seeing @Huggy
  8. so partsbadger running in the 42's shouldn't raise any eyebrows as they have less weight and a wing. Plus some really fat tires... I wish I got to run with them during my stints- but never really saw them at all on track
  9. Seems like after races now, instead of congratulating teams for doing well and posting videos of some fun battles, people just talk about how fast a car is and that they have to be cheating. This is getting really old- I do miss the old forum...
  10. chip

    2019 Official The 12 hours of VIR (South)

    Any teams coming up from the Tampa area? Looking at some car parts down there and was hoping someone could pick it up and bring to VIR
  11. We went through tech Thursday night and didn’t see any fender checking. I doubt tech checked and fenders, other than maybe to glance at them. But nothing was said to us about it. But let’s not open up this discussion again.