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  1. I have a brand new pair of hightop racing shoes- size 9, blue. $80- can deliver to VIR in December. https://simpsonraceproducts.com/sfi-driving-shoes/the-hightop-driving-shoe-sfi-5/
  2. NCE30 is a Facebook group- if you're not on FB just let us know and we'll find you something in that price range
  3. Then that means that all headers are open on all engines. Unless this is one of those secret handshake rules that only the cool kids know about. Is this in the rule book?
  4. So this will show for local yellows too? On a track like VIR btw T3 and T5b there are 4 flag stations- this is probably less than 0.3 miles of track. If a local yellow is at T4 will the box show yellow once I pass T3, or once I get to T4? Will it go back green once I get to the next flag station?
  5. So @vtjballeng, what is the realistic time delay for when a corner worker sees an incident, raises the flag, radios control, the corner worker explains the situation, control acknowledges and presses the button, before the box signals the driver of the local yellow?
  6. the car is visible when they come around the turn- it's just sitting there in the middle of the track
  7. Or just being aware. I’ve seen this before and sometimes you’re screwed, but this was totally avoidable if the driver was paying attention.
  8. Yes it does, that’s the point. But it’s not something that can be taught for the most part...
  9. As I do believe that Champ should make their passing rules more in line with other racing’s groups, I don’t think this is the cause of contact in our series. I think it comes down to awareness.
  10. @Doc- how many of these do you have on Kenny now?
  11. ^^^Damn Kenny- that's no way to treat a miata!!!
  12. I think your correct, looking at it on a larger screen the driver seems to be looking right and almost doesn’t see the car on the left
  13. and after how many races?? sorry couldn't resist but there are a couple of e30's for sale
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