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  1. yep- that about sums it up- I think you hit all the highlights....
  2. Again- all good points you make. There are places you can't see a flag station. But we have radios and always have eyes on S/F. Plus we listen to race control, so we know when they are planning on going back green. There is always that risk of being told "Green" and then the station ahead of you is still yellow due to a local issue...
  3. It’s what VIR does for ChampCar and NASA only. It has its pluses and minuses. It gets back to racing earlier but it can be frustrating for the points you make. Overall, it probably is a wash over the entire race. VIR used to do hot pulls for Champ races, and all other races, but someone hit a emergency vehicle during a yellow at a NASA race and that’s when it came about. The hot pulls are much better and VIR was one of the best at doing them.
  4. Shenendoah would be awesome- did the CC race there a few years back and had a blast. They should try to get that one back on the list. I have not done the other configurations, so can't speak to them....
  5. Agreed that this is probably a little safer using the champcar approach, it's just different than most organizations- that's all I'm saying. Plus it's not currently in the rules (at least I can't find it). That being said- it is a different approach for most corner workers and they probably don't see many PUY infractions because they are watching the portion of track that is past their station and not before it. That's good to tell your guys not to pass under yellow because it's against the rules 😄
  6. They mean different things for sure, but it's still all about track awareness. Still most organizations use race to the flag, this isn't something new. What champcar does is different and I would say most corner works aren't watching the cars coming towards their station and have their eyes down track on the incident.
  7. Then it would be a waving yellow most likely, and with rescue would probably be FCY.
  8. I wish we could just race to the flag as this is what the flaggers understand in the first place. The incident is always past the flag station.
  9. So this is from BMWCCA racing rules (which is typical of most organizations): Absolutely NO PASSING is permitted from a point tangential to the first station displaying the yellow flag, until completely past the incident(s) and until such a point as the racer can visually confirm that the next manned flag station is in a green flag (that is, no flag) condition. So you can race to the flag. However- I thought the Champcar rule was line of sight- meaning that no passing starts before the flag station displaying the yellow flag. This difference in the rules is why many flaggers don't call in the PUY, because they are used to racing to the yellow flag. The flagger is looking past their station and not before their station. But I didn't find this in the current rule set.
  10. hmmm- @BurninghamI'll be heading that way in about a month- throw enough money at me and I could be convinced to bring a trailer with me...
  11. we use the big guys on the team to carry those heavy jugs....
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