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  1. the car is visible when they come around the turn- it's just sitting there in the middle of the track
  2. Or just being aware. I’ve seen this before and sometimes you’re screwed, but this was totally avoidable if the driver was paying attention.
  3. Yes it does, that’s the point. But it’s not something that can be taught for the most part...
  4. As I do believe that Champ should make their passing rules more in line with other racing’s groups, I don’t think this is the cause of contact in our series. I think it comes down to awareness.
  5. @Doc- how many of these do you have on Kenny now?
  6. ^^^Damn Kenny- that's no way to treat a miata!!!
  7. I think your correct, looking at it on a larger screen the driver seems to be looking right and almost doesn’t see the car on the left
  8. and after how many races?? sorry couldn't resist but there are a couple of e30's for sale
  9. Or wreck you trying... The 300 car did this and was still totaled- I have to agree that teams that are consistently taking out competitors at every race should be dealt with by management.
  10. Too many potential options with this pass- but to me it was kind of clear that the blue car was not giving an inch as the passing car could never really catch (pull fully along side) the blue car coming into the bottom of the esses. If I was the lagging car- I would have just tucked in behind the blue car- because either A) he didn't know I was there, or b ) he wasn't going to lift to allow me by before the entrance. If the closing speed was greater, then the blue car could have given him room on the entrance (car width or so) and never would have to worry about it.
  11. The actual line at that point is track right- or maybe right of center as you are transitioning from track left coming out of oak tree to track right just past south course pit out. Your driver exits oak tree nicely, makes the pass of the 240, and then instead of continuing to move to the right (actual line) he moves left prior to pit out. The right side of the track is very clear and safe at that point (but really can't see what's behind your car from the mirrors). But even with him moving left at this point gave plenty of time for the #6 car to adjust. It is interesting that your driver is checking his driver side mirror- maybe he was frozen in seeing the car there and didn't react- maybe he could have moved right some- Looking at the HJ vid around the 22 to 23 second interval it seems that the #6 car makes an abrupt move to the left to get around your car- there is a car behind you some on the right side and maybe that's why #6 moved left (could have/should have just waited a few seconds) to make the pass. But your driver does hold his line the whole time. Can't see the yellow that you are talking about, but it wouldn't be the first time someone has missed a yellow and continues racing- probably had laser focus. Still the #6 car is responsible for the incident- I was out there during this stint and saw the aftermath- really sad to see this happened- always like the 300 car.
  12. Jason- great meeting you this weekend- We were both happy and disappointed to see you behind the wall Saturday night- we love a good fight and you guys know how to bring it on track. Your podium finish was well earned and deserved after all you had to endure. Congrats to you guys- Can't wait to mix it up again.
  13. There was? I didn't see one- but maybe I missed it. But the 112 didn't act like he pointed him bye
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