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  1. My understanding is that your "wheel width" should be as wide to 1/2" wider than your tire tread width. If the CR-1 is wider and you did not accommodate for this in your wheel selection, it will roll more....and yes...you'll have to make up for it with camber/tire pressures. We've personally experienced this with A052s. Once we went to a wider wheel (by .5") it cleaned up the slop (especially on entry) and became less camber dependent (that is to say we could run slightly less camber than before).
  2. Similar to Rodger...we replace ours every 3 - 4 races. We also use a dry lubricant on the pivot points of the throw out and lever arm as well as the "shaft" the bearing rides/slides on.
  3. Both suits are 56 Euro. In my opinion the Sparco has more "room", especially in the thighs. I'm 5'11" 200lbs
  4. I have a driver's suit by each manufacturer (I had the Sparco first). When I get home in a bit I'll let you know how the sizes compare.
  5. How are the alum radiators larger/heavier than stock if they are an OEM replacement? Not only that but my understanding is that an Aluminum radiator is much more efficient (at removing heat) due to construction of a comparable OEM radiator. If you say it's heavier because it has more tubes...that's a bad thing if you're overheating on the stock radiator (and looking to solve that problem)? For what it's worth I run an OEM radiator and I do agree ducting is extremely important at keeping the temps down...but I wouldn't hesitate to run an aluminum rad either. But again...ducting ducting ducting.
  6. In your first scenario...I would tend to agree...ok...professional drivers...move along. In your second scenario...it depends. If they utterly dominate and are winning by 6 and 7 laps over the field at every race - track dependent and time (length in hours) dependent (and maybe by 10 laps or more over others who are running the same make and model)...then yeah it needs to be looked at because that team has figured out a performance advantage that #1 - other teams haven't figured out/or don't have the capability in the build (which is not really the winning team's problem) and #2) BOD did not know/expect/anticipate said performance advantage (which is entirely plausible...to me it's educated guesswork). In this situation...I think it would be fine to ask...did we miss this one.
  7. In my opinion the VPI as a determining factor in likelihood of winning is a little like using a hammer when you need something more like a dull knife. All VPi measures (what I believe it to measure) is the (possible) performance envelope of a given vehicle. It doesn't measure ability to build/prep, doesn't measure strategy, driver(s) competence, track characteristics, length of race nor number of cars for a given make/model...all of which play a part in a vehicle/team winning (I believe some of posts are alluding to this). My point is I'm not sure wins and VPi are directly correlated (not that anyone said that...but it seems like we are leaning that way). My thinking on how teams win could be summarized by twisting Chris H's quote at the bottom of his signature.....speed makes it possible, but prep/drivers/strategy make it happen. Having said that....VPi does seem to be the only tool we have to keep us on a somewhat level playing field (I don't think free parts is the answer). And since VPi is a guess at expected on track performance (which I will say is an extremely important factor in winning, it can cover for a lot of shortcomings) my suggestion would be to measure just that....performance...what are the in race lap times, what are the top speeds, how does this compare to the field, how does this compare to other E30s, CRX, Miatas...whatever. I think only then will you begin to build "performance profiles" of cars to understand how they perform/how they should perform against competition (against themselves) to determine whether the VPI needs to be adjusted (this is for cars in existence....new cars....I agree...hedge the VPi upward until a "profile" is created).
  8. I would check the cam position sensors. These are known to go bad on VQ35s (on VQ30s they will keep the engine from starting if bad...I've read the same about the 35s). If bad use Nissan only...won't be cheap but new design "eliminates" the failures. Also...if you check them/take them out and notice one/both are oily...you'll need to clean the harness connector(s) as oil is known to accumulate in these as well.
  9. VW Passat TDI 2000 - 2004
  10. 90 cars at Mid-Ohio is not a race...that's called bumper cars (or worse).
  11. Not sure about other people but I do see myself taping off the front more with the extra cooling capacity I just gained. Top end (and free downforce) here we come (track dependent of course!). Oh...and if you want to stop speed creep...stop the swaps....but that ship sailed long ago.
  12. I was referring to Veris posts mentioning Nissan J35s. I assume he meant Nissan VQ35s.
  13. I assume Nissan J35... means VQ35? Having been around both Hondas and Nissans quite a bit...my opinion (similar to Veris) is that vq35s will have the outright pace....but Hondas are far superior when it comes to handling (at least out of the box). Hondas also have much better manual transmissions..again in my opinion. So I guess the best case would be a Honda platform with a VQ35 somehow mounted to a Honda transmission. HA!
  14. 4x Wilwood Brake Hats. Used for one race. Wilwood Part number is 170-11804 (5x114.3 bolt pattern). However, hat offset is 0.274 (original was 0.540; they were turned down for clearance purposes). Pic is of 3 hats; 4th is still on the car. $300 for all four or $87.50 per individual hat. Buyer responsible for shipping costs. Sell is due to using hats with an even smaller offset. Does not include centering rings.
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