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  1. No, when the tubular was added to the BCCR it was not specifically to help Mustangs. For years prior to being added to the BCCR Mustangs were racing with them, the only difference was that the value was bouncing anywhere from 10, 15, 20 points depending on the year and not in a sequential manner because it was not in the rules. As to the weight question, on Mustangs there is no weight savings as with all the strengthening needed for road racing it is pretty similar to stamped stock weight. The weight savings are in the tubular control arms but that is another 20 points. There are lighter K's but they would be folded after a couple of laps, they are for drag racing or street use only. There are only two K's that should be trusted for road racing, Griggs and Maximum. Both require coilovers so the swap is 30 points for the Mustang, no weight savings, and you are into it for a couple thou$ CDN with their setup. A couple of years later, the Mustang being so successful by winning a couple of races (without the tubular K), it was raised by 25 points. So if gaining 55 points is a "help", then yes I guess it was directed at the Mustang.
  2. When night fell on the big course at Utah it was neat watching the SoA Mustang pass and put significant time on the 911. SoA had one of the track instructors in their car while it was obviously an inexperienced person in the 911.
  3. What on earth were they thinking letting in a car like that? Oh wait, ChampCar did that too, so I guess it is OK then.
  4. The Happy Moose is not a $100k build. Randy doesn't haul his car out west for LD races, he just hops in any car that wants his advice. Cool story about Randy and how much he loves racing: I told my team he was showing up for the Utah race. Just as we were arriving on the turn-off road to the entrance there was a guy who had hopped out of his mini-van to take a picture of the entrance sign. I said I was pretty sure it was Randy, everybody else said no way Randy had probably been here hundreds of times, it is probably just some dude at his very first race. We pulled in to the line to get in and the mini-van pulls along side, down comes the window and out pops an arm with a Rolex on it, "Hey guys are you here for the race?", "We sure are Randy, great to see you out...".
  5. All good Jer except the $100k builds. I disagree with that and your other comment a while back that many in LD were up in arms with the series tire - I believe both are incorrect statements. I have not seen any discontent with the RS-4. The series intent is to stay for the amateur and not the big dollar builds. If you come with a GBU build and blow everyone out of the water you are racing yourself in SD class no matter how respectful you are on track or how you initially qualified (sandbagged). Not trying to promote anything but the truth, I wish Champ continued success as well.
  6. SD always has been for cars that don't comply. It is also for cars deemed to fast for the series, real time, during the race - I have seen several cars moved from A class to SD during the race. Initially a classed car but then when lap times are reviewed a change of class just like you received.
  7. I don't know that they have had to park anyone as per that rule, more typically they are just booted from the class to superdog (similar to Champ EC). It is done real time during the race.
  8. In CC for the unchosen it only takes leading the field by half a lap after several hours of racing to get hit with a 100 point penalty. It also only takes some wins with a small margin in a Cobra to get hit with points, or in the case of the Mustang GT no wins despite many attempts in numerous years to get hit with more points. In LD if you have a clearly superior car they will be having a conversation only with the clearly superior team, all other teams with the similar car but not superior performance do not get penalized. So the conclusion is what all of the unchosen have encountered for years: a level playing field is not in the cards. FYI, @mender was incorrect, GBU would not be on the trailer, they just get moved out of the classes and continue racing - just racing with themselves. Before everybody jumps all over that and espouses how close the races are in CC due to the rules, have a look at the close races also in LD. Not trying to convert anyone, just saying despite different rules the cars and racing are very similar. The biggest difference is the lack of arguing over the rules to maintain the relevance of your own car. If GBU did a similar performance in LD they would get the talk instead of favoured rulings, all other Vettes and Camaro's do not get penalized. If KRFL did a similar performance up to the engine fail they get a pat on the back from LD, not all TBirds get penalized. If Crowd Control did a similar performance they get a pat on the back from LD, not all Mustangs get a bump. If Tuttle did similar and ran 26 gallons, they would have a stern talk.
  9. That is a little racy for here... darn that typo, makes sense either way though.
  10. I’m good. Clearly you are not familiar with the Fox platform.
  11. Elite Belts here in Calgary will sew a custom SFI net for you, Canadian prices. I'm sure someone in the states could as well. Our original stock size was no longer made so for a similar price she sewed a custom one for me and she can also inspect and recertify her old net as an authorized SFI dealer so if in good shape you only need a new net every four years.
  12. Still waiting for you to show me where the floorpan rule exists in the BCCR and why the rule applies to my finished product but not yours. If it isn't in the BCCR I'm looking forward to seeing that wording along with a wheelbase requirement in a petition from you and enginerd. As well, where does one source blueprints for floorpans?
  13. I will let you know when I am going to show up to a race and you can fly out with your tape measure, micrometer, and blue prints from Ford. What’s next, do I have to drive through a profile template and be within 1/8” everywhere then go park next to the legal Parts Badger Miata? Hahaha. Looks like you and Drew better get working on that wheelbase petition - or make up more stuff not in the rules.
  14. Right, read it many times and I don't think it has changed. Added matching wheelbase and floorpan requirements are NOT in the rule and just recently made up depending on what kind of car it is for. Saying it is perfectly fine to vertically section one car (altering both wheelbase and floorpan) while another must meet stock wheelbase and floorpan dimensions is just the usual bias depending on what car you are talking about in a rulebook that is supposedly applied equally to all cars. Makes perfect sense to someone.
  15. Excellent, now we are getting somewhere with further rule clarification. Again, please point to me where in the rulebook it states that teams must show up to races with floorpan blueprints and how would I go about acquiring that from Ford? I would like to reference that along with the wheelbase rule that you have yet to point out to me. I would like to add the wheelbase as as Point #6 and floorpan as point #7 in the above justification. Please do not tell me you are making up random rules, surely you are one of the ones most familiar with the rulebook.
  16. It is almost as if the series is trying to write out the Fox chassis, outlaw Mustangs and TBirds. I AM NOT TRYING TO BRING THE TBIRD INTO THE SERIES, you already allow it. Why don’t you just raise them all to 600 points and be done with it FFS?
  17. Now why on earth does a vertical sectioning have to be proven and the only method acceptable of altering a wheelbase? Where is that in the rule book along with a wheelbase requirement? Doesn’t everybody keep saying: 1. Use your imagination 2. This is a builder series 3. Cosmetics and VIN’s do not matter 4. Meet the 60% rule 5. We have a platform swap rule so you don’t have to build an entirely new car to claim a different vehicle of the SAME platform within the generation.
  18. 200, they were obviously winning too much and needed to be reigned in by three laps.
  19. BMW's were pretty much the only platform to benefit from getting the limited slip for free that I know of. I'm honestly not keeping up with the rules anymore, is there a wheelbase rule somewhere now? Good to see they increased the VPI on a number of Mustang models (third increase for the base GT), they have all been on the podiums far too much lately.
  20. Can you point me to the new wheelbase rule, I must have missed it with all the changes. Is it near the 60% body panel rule and did that change to 100% as well? I guess since my wheelbase is halfway between a Mustang and TBird that would make it illegal in case I ever make it to another ChampCar race, have to use up that one credit some time I guess. We sure do, only BMW's get to use the auto convertible weight for swaps in a manual hardtop, call the fudge factor what you like as everybody knows where the numbers originated. We also have a pretty clear idea of "winter packages" and how that created a new BMW rule to save 25 points because they weren't very competitive. Don't forget all years get to use the large tank. It is fun to watch one sided arguments, I am sure more rules are on the way to help BMW's.
  21. Out of the seven, which ones are justifiably getting points added to their VPI for 2021?
  22. NA is North American in the context of the statement. M4L was I think the only team to make the Neon successful but that was in the days of AIV so there was no way raise the VPI of the individual make to prevent a North American car on the podium. VPI gave the series the ability to control the model on the podium. Dominant AVI cars are E36, Cougar, Neon, maybe a few others I don't care to look up. AIV was mostly E36 winners in the hands of many teams. Dominant VPI cars are the list above, none of the AIV cars.
  23. It led a race that one time by half a lap so it got hit with 100 points. It was later reduced to *only* a 50 point hit. Has not won since 2012. Even when equipped with a 435+hp Coyote in the hands of a previously multi-winning team with the same platform was only shown to be competitive against the fields of today at Indy and Road America and did not take the fastest time.
  24. Just because you say it doesn't make it true. The GBU Corvette was just an embarrassment catering to one owner, any other team could not duplicate the build and be assessed the same points. The Fox Mustang has been proven capable, in the 11 years of the series I think five teams have put it on the podium despite many teams trying, used to be 10-15% of the car count. So better slap it with points (twice), can't have that happening again. What other cars have been multi-years wonders yet did not get slapped with points: MR2 E30 Miata Miata swap SC300, did get a points hit and still wins because the initial valuation was ridiculous 944 Saab 9-3 Boxster Infinity Neon (but that was numerous rule sets ago and one team) a rarity NA in this list
  25. That is hilarious, if you actually believed in closing the gaps between the "haves" and "have nots" you would also believe in fuel for points. Short on fuel, good luck!
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