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  1. I picked up 8 of these units from a golf course I deal with in South Florida. I sold one to a buddy and I am keeping one for myself. They are slightly used, but have been well maintained and are in excellent working condition. These are super handy to have to move things around and just to get around at the track. Here are the details and link to pictures https://www.turfnet.com/classifieds/item/33673-2014-cushman-hauler-1200x/ contact me with any questions.
  2. Thanks, I just don’t get on here much anymore and didn’t want to put up a new post.
  3. We are looking for two divers for Daytona. The car has a solid record of finishing races and will have a freshly rebuilt engine, transmission and rear end. Our main issue has been fuel which we have corrected with a “pickup mat” in the bottom of the tank so we are able to utilize all the fuel in the cell and extend our runs. The cost per driver is $1500, that covers fuel, entry fees, tires, maintenance, etc. Contact me with any questions!
  4. We still have an open seat for this event. I do not check the forums often so the best way to reach me is to call or text me at 352-613-0587.
  5. Sorry I just checked the forums, I don’t get in here very much anymore. You can contact me at 352-613-0587.
  6. We are looking for one driver for the September Sebring race. We ran well at Daytona and if it wasn't for the 18 penalty laps, 13 pit stops (17 gallons of fuel, per hour!) and an MSD box that went sour on us which we swapped out and returned to the track, we would have finished far better. We are going with a smaller carb and less gear for Sebring. We were hitting the rev limiter much too early at Daytona, and ran most of the open sections of the track at 3/4 throttle. We are also taking a few things off the car to shed the penalty laps. The cost is $1800. That includes everything needed for the weekend and a mechanic for the day of the race.
  7. We recently installed a full containment seat in the Raccoon and want to sell the old seat. It’s a 17” Ralley Sport, Ultra Sheild Road Racing seat. The cover is in good shape, no rips or tears. It does have a couple of small burn marks from the welder popping. $200. I will be at Daytona this weekend and can bring it with me if needed. I am unable to upload a picture for some reason but can text them upon request. Nathan 3526130587
  8. Thank you. The building requirements in my neighborhood didn't allow for me to do 14' sidewalls on my shop, so I had it engineered with 12' side walls, a 6/12 roof pitch, with a 2' recessed tray that allows the lift to go all the way to the ceiling. Prior to taking it down in my warehouse, I ran the lift all the way up and took a measurement prior to ordering my trusses. D.
  9. I logged on to update my post that we are only looking for ONE driver at this point. We did have an issue at Sebring, it was "team error" and we didn't check the oil until there was a gaping hole where cylinder #7 used to be. This was our first race with this car, I purchased it from Rick Maguire, formerly "Silver Bullet Racing". He built the car from the ground up with all new parts...basically a "frame off" restoration. The front frame and clip on this car is powder coated, that's how Rick does things. The car has ran a few times with decent results, it's a rocket ship down the straightaways and obviously a track like Daytona is a big advantage for the bigger V8 powered cars. When Rick had the car, the only issue they had with it was a broken transmission that was replaced and the car sent back out a few hours later. We were running 17th at Sebring overall and had a great run going. Everyone got to drive one stint prior to the engine failure. I believe our fastest lap at Sebring in September was a 2:42 - 2:45 with most laps being in the 2:48-2:50 range if you were taking it easy. We really were all responsible for the failure and everyone as a group chipped in for the replacement engine, it was an oversight on everyone's part. The team name is "Angry Raccoons" and the car is a 1979 Camaro Z28 with a 350 Street Stock Engine. At this point I am looking for one driver, and a crash deposit will be discussed over the phone or in person. We are pretty easy going and only I only want likeminded people behind the wheel of my car. We really can make a go of it with three drivers ( if we cant find the RIGHT driver that's what we will do) but the extra help in the pits and splitting the cost up 4 ways helps out with the maintenance cost on the car and for a more enjoyable race for everyone involved. I have attached a couple of pictures I had on my lap top. The car is solid, its clean, well built and reliable. We have a really good operation, but we are more into having fun than trying to break records or wear the car out. As I mentioned we totally f'd up at Sebring and didn't check the oil. Had we stayed on top of that, we would have finished in the top 15 for sure.
  10. First, a little about the Raccoon. The "Angry Raccoon" isn't for the faint of heart....it's 350 cubic inches of manly American iron that breathes fire from it's dual exhaust and it's four barrel consumes dead dinosaurs like it's going out of style....not some 4 banger that is better suited for taking the kids to soccer practice or a trip to the Whole Foods Store for gluten free beer. It's a man's car through and through. As soon as you strap in and rev the throttle, you will become a new man. Your Viagra pills will no longer be needed due to your testosterone levels increasing to levels they haven't seen in years, your hair will stop thinning and younger women will flock to your side in droves..begging for your autograph and your Snap Chat info. If you happen to be trapped in the friend zone, those days will soon be over my friend. If this sounds too good to be true, it isn't. A couple of our guys can't make the event due to work related events, therefore we are looking for two drivers to complete our roster for this event. Our car is extremely safe, fast, super fun to drive and is reliable....it's a purpose built car and the build is very nice. Due to ''team error" at Sebring, we ran the car out of oil at the 7th hour, lost oil pressure and exploded the engine.We forgot to check it, therefore one of the primary requirements for the two potential drivers is the ability to read a dipstick. We were running 17th at the time and moving up the leaderboard. We are a fun group, we like our beer cold, chicken wings hot and egos low. We also have some really cool stuff that we bring to the track with us (RV with outdoor kitchen, Air Conditioned Enclosed trailer, beer,pit box, Polaris Ranger, beer and a Chevrolet mechanic). The cost per driver is $1500. Yes, it's more than what it costs to drive a Miata or Honda because we burn more fuel per hour, run massive tires and use up more brakes. We will have two sets of tires at the track, one new set to start the race on and the set from Sebring with 7 hours on them as a spare set. Based on our fuel usage at Sebring, we anticipate burning 10 gallons of fuel per hour. Our car has a 22 gallon ATL road racing cell so we think we can go at least an hour and a half to two hours on a tank of fuel.We also have a hired Chevrolet mechanic on our team to handle any mechanical issues that may arise. The only thing expected of our drivers is to help with pit duties, respect the car and the other members of the team. If you think you are the next Jeff Gordon or Al Unser waiting to be discovered at a ChampCar event, we are not the team for you. If you are a bad drunk, ultra liberal or a drama queen, we kindly ask that you stop reading now. If you crash our car, you are responsible to fix or replace it. If your wife leaves you, and ends up taking the dog, the house and the 401k due to younger, more attractive woman taking notice to your newfound masculinity after racing the Angry Raccoon, that's also on you. I am located in Homosassa ( 3 hours west of Daytona) so we are a Florida based team. We would prefer Florida based drivers because we are planning a testing session to break in the new engine at the local short track.If you are interested and would like more information about us, feel free to contact me on the number listed below. I don't check the forums much anymore so that's the best way to reach me. Nathan Florian 352-613-0587
  11. Does the early entry discount apply to "payment in full" at the time of deposit, or within 60 days of the event?
  12. You are onto something. Rotella is frequently used to break in high dollar race engines for a reason. Several of the metals that are no longer found in some of the more expensive oils are still in the Rotella formulation.
  13. Where can I find what car numbers are currently available for my region? Thanks!
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