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  1. Yep, that's the 900 I was thinking of. Not sure it was while you had it or after you sold it. I worked a bunch of races on pit lane and talked to the team quite a bit at several races. I recall working pit lane and talking to the team at MIS and GingerMan for sure. I think there was also a black one that was at GingerMan as a two man team. They had to borrow a pit neighbor to hold the fire bottle while they fueled the car. I'll contact both Tired Iron and Robin as soon as I find out when the car can be sold. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Did you have the red one? I remember a red one that raced a lot in the Ohio/Michigan area 8-10 years ago.
  3. An elderly family friend died recently and I was asked to help sell one of her cars. It's a '85 900 Turbo 16V manual 4 door with 115,000 miles. It hasn't been started in a decade or more, but it is in great condition from what I can see. The body has one small bit of surface rust on the front fender, but it's otherwise nice inside and out. I didn't look underneath it. She parked it when she got a new BMW many years ago and then she just kept getting new cars and never drove the Saab again. It has been registered and insured the whole time and always garaged. I thought briefly about buying it as a DD, but I have way too many projects already. I'm sure the fuel system is a mess after that many years. I don't know yet when it can be sold as the estate needs to value it first. Her son thinks it will be in the $1000 - $1500 range at most. I'd love to see it go to a race team rather than deal with random CL buyers. I'm a Datsun expert, not a Saab guy, so I don't know much more than that about the car. The car is located in Akron, Ohio.
  4. Hey Mike, I am about to put the engine back together after tearing it apart and having the machine shop check everything out. All in all, it wasn't too bad. We do plan to race in 2019. We plan to run the 24 at Nelson Ledges and we are trying to get Z teams from all over the country there with us. We have at least five Z teams that say they will run that race. Hopefully all goes well and we are ready for testing in the spring.
  5. ECU is fine. The problem is that EVERY aspect of the car now has its own module and they all need to talk to each other. HVAC, window motors, exhaust valves, electric steering, traction control, seat motors, gauge cluster, ride height sensors, etc. etc. As an auto engineer I see more and more every year. It's getting crazy how many modules there are. A friend is converting a modern car into a track car and it took a lot of work by electrical engineers to turn things off so he could accomplish his goals.
  6. The modern electronics and auto transmissions will severely limit trackability of current and near-future cars on the road. Everything is so integrated, that it will take a bunch of aftermarket stand-alone modules to make the cars function once stripped down to racing form. That said, the Fiesta ST, FRS/BRZ, Miata, and some of the manual Hondas will do well.
  7. Has anybody called TireRack about when the 225/45R15 Dunlops and/or RS3's will be back in stock? We're a long, cold winter away from needing them, but I'd guess there are teams racing in warmer areas that are getting nervous.
  8. Has anybody checked out the "new" Kumho Ecsta V720?
  9. Great topic. We're switching from 14" to 15" rims this year and we'll be running 225/45R15 tires on the Datsun. I'm leaning towards the RS3's, but we won't buy anything until spring, so we're open to ideas. Our Z weighs about 2500 lbs and has a 50/50 weight distribution. The 195/60R14 Falkens we've been running wear okay, but they just don't have enough grip to compete. When I bought my 15" rims from Discount Tire Direct, I asked them why they don't carry RS3's and I was told that Tire Rack now has an exclusive deal with Hankook. DTD wishes they could sell them, but they can't get any.
  10. I have tried speakers and they were poor at best. I use earbuds and have had great luck with them. I bought a very high quality helmet set this year and have found that a high-end mic with noise cancellation helps as well. As for speakers, have you ever seen a professional racer use them? I sure haven't.
  11. It used to look awesome with the wing. Good luck with the sale.
  12. It all depends on the driver. I get out after a 2 hour stint and I'm barely warm with little sweat. One guy I know sweats so much in the same temps that his suit is soaked through and the seat is wet with sweat. My tolerance for cold is terrible though, so that probably explains a lot. It was -16°F here this morning and I wasn't happy.
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