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  1. Miami, nothing to see there! Lol. If you go to the keys stop by Robbies in islamorada, kids and adults love to feed the tarpon. Down a bit further is the sea turtle hospital kids enjoyed seeing that also. Key west is more of a adult attraction. Not sure of the age for airboat rides? Worth checking it's a good time for all also. If you can book a tarpon guide from Englewood, March is a little early but they are starting to show up and a blast if your in to fishing. Again that would be more adult attraction.
  2. Wrangling is a good word for driving in the rain with RWD and some HP under the skinny pedal. Throttle control is key for sure.
  3. Wait till it rains! 😁
  4. Sn 95 knowledge is scarce for sure! You guys did a heck of a job building and driving! I was glad to see a Ford in the spot light! Would have liked to see the bird up there on Sunday also.
  5. If you want it real close to the track I am 10 mins down the road and have plenty of room. As for safe I am definitely off the beaten path, never had any problems with my trailers or anything else.
  6. What is the point where someone with a fancy shirt steps in to say enough? Not your out but stupid moves have consequence other than body damage. In Palm beach years ago there was a backwards truck that did a lot of carnage and got a good talking to! Seemed to help if my memory serves me right.
  7. After watching both videos, may just be a lack of understanding how to drive! The whip was brake induced for sure.
  8. Had one of the marshals yelling Mask, Mask. Took me a sec to figure out what the heck he was yelling about. The driver getting out of the car visor was up, I flipped it down and got the thumbs up.
  9. Here ya go. Sure Bills link will be more helpful.
  10. So if my face hair doesn't hang out of my helmet I can skip the balaclava right. 😁
  11. Yes there was he gave one of our crew a card. I'll check and see if he kept it it so I'll post it
  12. I forgot the no camera clause lol, Now you know where the name came from.
  13. Must have been a bit deformed by the time he found itπŸ˜‚
  14. I was the other guy. I went out early due to hitting a muffler or something on turn 16 and taking out my oil cooler. I wasn't driving my son was and that was the description he gave. However I run EC. We actually run a mix not straight race fuel but smells good and has a real pretty color. The cost for me to run straight race fuel is $1500. Not going to happen! P.s. fast lap was 2.361......Other team in question 2.355...... I want to say his was 3rd fastest lap maybe 4th?
  15. I really hope I don't damage it bad enough to need a new one! πŸ˜‚ On a serious note I had the same question, hoping not to need to change them out in December.
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