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  1. The bridge is the next part that needs investment, before working bathrooms. I know a few structural engineers who would have heart palpitations if they were in the same county as that thing.
  2. So here's the fast lap in Biohazard for the weekend: 1:15.2 https://youtu.be/xF9nkD6qiMg?t=14734
  3. If you don't see god in turns 1 and 2 you aren't doing it right. It took me about 4 endurance races at NL to figure that out.
  4. You never know when something is gonna fall off of Bio 1.0. Have you seen that car? In all honesty I want to thank Troy for having me on the team and putting together a fantastic car to drive. I have yet to drive 2.0, and only got about 6 laps in the rain on practice day before the AMP crash, but even post-crash Bio is one hell of a machine. Congrats to Visceral - they ran a great race and we just didn't have the pace at the end with the splitter falling off to really make a contest of it.
  5. Jer, if ChampCar is going to be sticklers about having a form submitted, then they need to make the form available at the race to anyone who wants one. Saying, "we're a self-policing organization" and then putting barriers in place for that process to work is the definition of a chilling environment. Its not like we're all hauling printers around in our trailers.
  6. We made ours out of plywood with a light coat of polyester fiberglass resin. The resin gives it good abrasion resistance.
  7. Also, I believe, posted over the door in their F1 development center.
  8. Why not just do the Ecotec like everyone else? Its a proven platform, the 2.4 has 10 more hp and 10 more lb-ft, and the swap already fits the $1500 limit. And its not like you can just swap a couple of parts and get K24A2 power either - the heads are different.
  9. A hydrogen atom walks into a bar, and says to the bartender, "I think I lost my electron." The bartender says, "Are you sure?" The atom replies, "I'm positive."
  10. It could be that the rotor face isn't square. The rotor mounts to the hub face, the wheel mounts to the rotor face.
  11. So iracing shows I'm a member of the league, but for some reason it says "league ineligible" next to the 9pm session. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. I've only spun a car on a racetrack once, plus a few here and there at autocrosses. I've gotten way sideways and saved it a whole lot. In each case I knew the difference, and it was pretty darned clear to me the exact moment when I became a passenger and needed to just stand on the pedals. I doubt that during a spin anyone has enough situational awareness to evaluate the traffic around them and consistently make the right decision, especially in heavy traffic. I don't think I could and I'm definitely not a novice. As an example, I was in the back of a pack of about 15 cars at N
  13. Am I the only one who wandered in here wondering why crank journals made in Poland would be a big deal?
  14. Is the calendar posted somewhere? I'm eagerly anticipating joining this season.
  15. I wasn't really trying to bash the rules - I think ChampCar has the right formula, or I'd be racing somewhere else. Its just that when someone complains that the new rules made their 1982 tunaslapper uncompetitive, sometimes that's a good thing.
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