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  1. Eman911

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Miata summer package, DUH!
  2. Looks like an electrical problem. That rod knocked the starter right off.
  3. Eman911

    Fuel Pressure Gauge

    Jegs house brand (same as Summit) tapped into the fuel rail. I've had problems with every other conceivable piece of the car, but not the fuel pressure gauge.
  4. Looks like fun, hope to make it!
  5. Repairs from Brainerd are almost complete. Several problems were found and fixed, including a misaligned engine and a bent transaxle mainshaft. Progress has come to a screeching halt however as my father fell of the roof of his house. Broken wrist, elbow, ribs and hip. Surgery was successful and he'll soon be on the mend. This happened 1 week before my mother's scheduled bypass surgery. Looks like I'm driving to Florida sooner than I expected.
  6. It's pretty clear to me that you are exceeding the speed of light and the electricity can't keep up.
  7. This is the only result of the whole weekend? Come on man spit out the rest of it!
  8. I like the idea of and E30 on a burn pile!
  9. Eman911

    Ballooned Fuel Tanks

    I think the only solution is a spec fuel cell, say 8 gallons. No fill necks, just pout it into the top of the cell. It would make the policing a lot easier!
  10. Eman911

    Ballooned Fuel Tanks

    Angelica? or John?
  11. F.A.R.T. as you know stands for Factory Alfa Racing Teams. He is just expressing his support.
  12. I'll take it! Paypal ok?
  13. Ever drive an Alfa transaxle car? You have nothing to cry about.
  14. Impossible to do as the intentions of any rule are not specified, something I have wanted for a long time. Make a clear statement of intent for each rule and most of the B.S. goes away.