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  1. Eman911

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    My interpretation has always been, if it was done with common hand tools it's free. If it's purchased or done using machine shop equipment its points as determined by Phil.
  2. AJR- If your MS is controlling spark you will have to claim points for an non OEM ignition as well as the non OEM coils. I went through this when we Squirted our car.
  3. Eman911

    2018 petitions

    Yay! No new freebies!
  4. Eman911

    Decibel rating

    And rotaries!
  5. Eman911

    Tire Temps (what's too hot?)

    Finally get your drivers on a diet?
  6. Fall down a well your eyes go crossed, hit your face on a wing they go uncrossed, who would have figured?
  7. Limit straps or adjustable perches. On the homefront, nothing has happened to my ChumpCar since the test and tune at RPM in April, but lots of work on the tow vehicle. Coming home from RPM the truck started losing power on the long hills and dropped out of cruise several times. Tripped a MIL with a code P2290 (low injector control pressure). Made it home without difficulty and started researching the problem. The logical place to start was the injection control pressure regulator. This created the need for special tool number 1. Cleaned, tested and reinstalled the IPR with a new screen and orings. First half of the test drive was awesome, good smooth power on demand. Stopped at a truck stop, checked under the hood and continued on my way. Barely made it home. Top speed was 40mph and sinking fast. Next step in the diagnosis was pressure test the high pressure oil system. Special tool number 2. Pressure test indicated the high pressure oil pump was good (Thank you Jesus!), but a couple of small leaks from the oil rail. Ordered parts ans special tool number 3 and built special tools 4 and 5. Replaced all the orings in the high pressure oil rails and injectors. I WILL NEVER DO THAT JOB AGAIN, unless the engine is on a stand. Initial test drives are promising, but the full test with the trailer in tow has to wait because the ball joints are scary bad. Started replacing the ball joints today (which required special tool number 6) and things went well, despite all the horror stories about Super Duty ball joints on the interwebs.
  8. Ditto on SA, it helped point out what I've been doing wrong for the last 4 years. Read the manual before you download the trial version, take all your measurements and then you have 10 days to play around with it.
  9. You are correct sir!
  10. Photographic evidence of an otherwise cultured man soiling his very soul working on a German car.
  11. Eman911


    One of my favorite beers not brewed in my basement is Huber Bock from Minhas brewing in Monroe, Wisconsin, which happens to be on the way to Road America and Blackhawk Farms! Once in a while I find it on sale for $10/case.
  12. I run an AFFF system in my car for 2 reasons. It can be recharged at the track, and it will provide cooling. I also have a 2 lb Purple K extinguisher at the driver's right hand. A dry chem or Halon type extinguisher works by interrupting the chemical chain reaction involved in combustion. Water works by cooling the involved materials below their ignition temperature. It takes over 1000 BTUs to turn a pound of water to steam. Foam will also aid in extinguishing a flammable liquids fire by forming a film over puddled liquid fuel (AFFF stands for aqueous film forming foam). It is not so good at spraying or running fuel fires, but nothing really is.
  13. Not to downplay the importance of safety gear but the melting point of polyester is approx 485 degrees F. If it gets that hot inside your suit your "bits and bobs" are toast anyway. As are you. My duty uniform worn under my bunker gear is 100% polyester with no adverse effects. As long as you can get out of the car in a timely fashion you will be adequately protected. Your biggest worry should be inhalation injuries as your lungs are completely unprotected.
  14. My initial build included a 0 point aftermarket electric fan to replace the OE unobtainium electric fan. I'm confident that anyone would be allowed to swap like for like for 0 points but going from mechanical to electric is a cow of a different horse. As an aside I'll bet my fan hasn't run a total of 5 minutes in 6 years while the car was on the track.