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  1. 2018 petitions

    Except ECUs, intakes up to the throttle body, exhaust, fuel cells, instrumentation, driver comfort, brake pads and cooling, wheel spacers, screens protecting the radiator, poly bushings, and if the Bernies have their way, Accusumps, fuel capacity, dry breaks, and oil coolers.
  2. Protests

    I suggest that we put an end to the "Tear Down Clause". It is clear that ChumpCar officials don't want to enforce because it creates friction. It's clear that car owners don't like it because they have to tear down perfectly good engine, buy a $300 gasket set and spend 10-12 hours of their precious time taking apart and putting together. There are many ways to cheat when building an engine and some of the ways are damn hard to find. In the past we wrestled with modified ECUs and eventually made them open because it was impossible to enforce. I say we make engine mods open. Yep, WFO, build whatever you want. 500 cubic inch big block, twin turbo DOHC V8, no problem, BUT everyone is limited to a 205 section width max with no exceptions. Tire size is molded into the carcass by the manufacturer and is extremely easy to read (if I remember my glasses). Policing is simply a matter of walking up and down the impound and looking at sidewalls.
  3. How is the dizzy driven? Check chain/belt/gears.
  4. Best Mods....

  5. Best Mods....

    Nope, all true. SPICA mechanical fuel injection.
  6. Best Mods....

    Changing the barometric compensator and injector rack settings to provide proper fueling for the cams/port work.
  7. Trying to buy parts these days is like trying to pull teeth. For example: I walk into the local OReilly's and ask for 4 CV boot clamps for a 70mm cv joint. The guy looks at me and says "what kind of car?" "you're not going to find it by application, its a universal Moog part" Blank stare. I relent "1983 Alfa Romeo GTV6" tippy tap, tippy tap "part not available" I pull out my phone, bring up their website and show him the Moog part number and the fact that he has them in stock. 20 minutes and 3 employees later he comes back with the proper items. "Next I need an Autometer 3246 coolant temperature sender" Now I already know these clowns are an authorized Autometer dealer and I purchased this very same part right off the self when I first built the car. There is even an Autometer display directly behind this guy. Tippy tap, tippy tap. "Is it a temperature vacuum switch like this?" "No" "How about this one?" "No, there is no vacuum part to this, all it does is run a warning light" "Is it for the same car?" "Yes, but again it is a universal part, you won't find it by application." "I don't have anything from Autometer." I point to the display behind him, and then show him the Autometer website proudly proclaiming that O'Reilly's is an authorized dealer. Blank stare. "Never mind" I didn't have the willpower to point out the words "PROFESSIONAL PARTS PEOPLE" emblazoned on the wall in 12" letters. So I call their other location and tell them I need an Autometer 3246 temperature sender. "Those spark plugs are special order only" "I'll keep looking and call you back if I need you to order them"
  8. Jeff- as hard as your head is, that's the best place for him to land! You don't want him to damage the car do you?
  9. If you get a ruling from tech that it is safety related perfect, 0 pts no argument from me. If not then its points per the rules Even if it's .5 sq ft that cane be the difference between a straight up race and penalty laps. Full disclosure: I'm pretty sure I've claimed all the sheetmetal reinforcements I've made. I also plan 1 more after finding the trans tunnel perforated near my right foot after the giubo let go.
  10. LandJaeger Cup

    I think the truck is back to 100%. I have a short car hauling job on Saturday that will be a good test. Unless disaster strikes we plan on taking part in test and tune as well as we have MANY demon tweaks to shake down.
  11. Pinch nut?

    Probably refering to a distorted thread lock nut. If not the only other possibility is that he is refering to doing squats with his driver's suit too tight.
  12. Got the engine out this afternoon and took a couple of pics. A bad picture of the broken giubo and belhousing: Everything on the bench is broken, including the beer I think I now know the cause of the giubo failure. It looks like both headers were leaking at the flange (2 piece headers) blow torching the engine mounts, causing the left side to fail, resulting in sever misalignment of the drive train, resulting the giubo tearing itself apart while destroying the yoke and breaking large pieces out of the bellhousing and turning them into small pieces, thus causing the driver (me) to defecate in his trousers.
  13. LandJaeger Cup

    Me too, engine removal day.