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  1. Virtually nothing in 5x98. Speaking from experience.
  2. Still using my free red top. Best battery I never bought. Again, thanks JC!
  3. Maybe, send me some particulars, manufacturer, dimensions, photos. etc.
  4. You are correct sir! The TR7 guys had to be cheating!
  5. Just about ready to load the car for the Midwestern Council Driver's School and sprint races at Blackhawk Farms this weekend. We'll see if the repairs to the driveline hold up.
  6. Gravity seems to work for me. It's been very consistent since I started in Chump in 2011.
  7. That would be me. I haven"t been able to keep the driveline together for more than about 45 minutes. More fuel won't help.
  8. A normally open 2 psi Hobbes switch plumbed to an oil gallery with a momentary priming switch.
  9. Have you ever lost your car keys?
  10. You should be ashamed of yourself for subjugating one of nature's most majestic creatures for your crass humanism by writing on them. SHAME!
  11. I just want to point out that I still have an 05 Powerstroke Excursion for sale. I'll make a special deal for one of you Chumps, er, Champs.
  12. I'll be the donkey-hole and point out that it is "treadwear" And Mark it is a bit disingenuous to claim you have no friends and then state you are "asking for a friend". Sorry my computer ran out of green ink.
  13. I had a multi email exchange with Phil before replacing the rear springs on the Alfa in which I asked for clarification on the spring rule and flat out asked him if the intent of the rule was to allow lower cost replacement of OEM springs with like aftermarket parts or to allow teams to pick and choose spring rate and ride height for zero points. His answers were, eventually, "yes" and "yes", precisely. Unfortunately I no longer have a copy.
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