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  1. I would like to nominate JDChristiansen for Board membership if he is interested.
  2. But Paul, it's only $150. You should be excited about the opportunity to spend that how someone else wants you to.
  3. Midwest Council does not require an SFI rated fire system for example.
  4. $150, yes really. On top of the new fire system and its ongoing costs, and the window net, and the belts, and the helmet as well as the same consumables you pay for, and fuel for the tow rig. Oh and tires and brakes for the tow rig also. Too much is too much, and I think its too much.
  5. My Problem with all of this is the ever increasing "mandated" costs. SFI rated fire system with recert every 2 years and replacement every six, helmet expires regardless of condition, same with belts and window nets. And now you want my money to solve someone else's human performance issue with technology. Especially when we don't even have a driver's school of any value, nor do we require track recon? No thank you, I'll take my business elsewhere.
  6. I always thought it was ChampCar's official position to welcome drivers of all skill levels, or maybe I missed that part.
  7. Another unnecessary expense that does nothing but line someone else's pockets and increases my costs. I think I'm done with ChampCar as they have veered so far off the founding principles of budget racing with no interest in returning.
  8. Congratulations ChampCar, you have just mandated the straw that broke the camel's back for me. We made a turn down the wrong path when we abandoned the concept of a budget racing series with limited car prep and requirements. Your ability to spend my money has out paced my ability to earn it. It was a good run for a while but I'm out. Ciao.
  9. Let's face it, the only safe way to mount a coolsuit box is to leave it in the pits. Just don't trip over the extra long hoses.
  10. I'm as shocked as you. I had to chase the threads on 18 of the twenty I ordered, and apparently they are single use only as three of them stripped when we changed tires at practice.
  11. Test day today, and it was the usual good news/bad news. Good news is we will be ready for Gingerman. The bad news is rain shortened the session so my new driver needs more wheel time, I think the TPS took a dump and the Chinese lug nuts I bought are junk.
  12. Does anyone know if it is possible to request a pit stall assignment adjacent to one's reserved camp site?
  13. Yes they have. They were limited to 2 races in the not so distant past.
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