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  1. And extreme example of a 2pc that coned. I think this was a speedway setup from back in the mid-late 90s.
  2. Bolted 2pc vs floating 2pc doesn't really add install complexity since the disc goes on like any other. Yes, the racing floating setups will typically be more expensive. Usually a result of more/specialty hardware used (bobbins, rings, etc depending on the floating system) and more complex disc machining required. Volume also plays into as well since foundries prefer to cast by the tens of thousands vs the hundreds.
  3. Less distortion at high temps. A bolted 2-pc setup will still want to cone as the iron expands at the extremes, reducing/changing pad contact and increasing vertical pad taper. Better brakes is all about consistency. A floating setup typically allows the disc to remain | in the caliper at all temps, maximizing pad contact throughout the temperature range under braking. Again, this is at the extremes, and may not be relevant to the energy we see in our brake events at this level. It becomes a bigger problem when those brake zone entrance speeds are in excess of 150mph with cars that way 1.5+ tons. On a BRZ we can get away with a bolted setup, on a C7Z...not so much.
  4. 3400, w/o driver I think is still the current min, but exactly. I'm not surprised the corner speeds are so close. People don't seem to grasp just how narrow a cup car's tires are (currently) for its weight. As usual, a DoT reference for everything NASCAR, lol. The format and cautions aside, the current cars are just painful to watch going through corners. You don't really see it on the ovals, but its glaring on the road courses. They look like they drive like a 50s pickup. The new car is really going to make the show a lot better, IMO.
  5. We have one on ours. See, you should have come by at CMP, lol. It actually sticks ok, but our mistake was applying it while flat on a bench. Once the lexan was curved/installed, the elements lift in certain places. Still haven't used it and honestly, with any airflow in the car, the Lexan doesn't fog nearly as bad as glass. It rained all day at Charlotte, and the only time the Lexan fogged was during pit stops. YMMV.
  6. I agree. I'm hoping it becomes a permanent fixture on the calendar. Thanks @krispykritter Here is the aftermath of that clip:
  7. I can't find my exact one, but similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H7LFPYX/ref=twister_B06XQV5DDP?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Its just secured with HD velcro to an aluminum plate. So far I've only run the 8 on it, but didn't have any power/recording interruptions all day at Charlotte 14+hrs. The card finally maxed around 9:30pm. I plan to incorporate my old 3 silver as a rear view and run it on the other port.
  8. On my 8 black, I had to remove the gopro battery from the camera to run it continuously off the external pack. The 256gb card ran like 12hours at Charlotte. I will also suggest locking the stabilization if you run on a banked track. 50% of my footage at CMS was looking at the floor board. Not sure there is anything you can do about the clips. Mine also saves in 15-20min blocks.
  9. We use this guy: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rjs-10000201 I have no idea why Simpson prices theirs that high. Its smaller so maybe its just a function of sales volume. I know the special color RJS nets are over 2x the price of the basic black.
  10. Thanks. After several months building it and a relatively successful CMS race, it was a bit of a gut punch. We had all our family coming down and everything so lots of disappoint to go around. I doubt we'll be back with the VG just due to good used parts availability, looking at later model engine/trans swap options now.
  11. Thanks. Yeah I wanted to walk around and say hello to several teams, but only got a to a couple before we were ready to head out. Haven't see the results, hope you guys had a good weekend.
  12. On a hot lap in the last practice session on Friday exiting T8 onto the back straight, I noticed a slight loss of power.....followed immediately by a kaboom. I exited track left and brought the car to a stop, a stream of oil through the grass behind me (luckily none on the track). Our last usable engine and good spare transmission meant our weekend (and season) was over. Only pic of the aftermath so far. This is bottom/rear of the oil pan between the engine and transmission.
  13. Did a compression test so we have something to worry about during the weekend. It wasn't terrible, but not super great either. With no baseline, we'll just have to see if things get any worse. New radio harness checked and installed. Found one of our headset wires was torn/frayed and remembered the rubber ear/strap piece broke at Charlotte. Grabbed the new parts from Racing Radios (nice having them local). They've been great to deal with. Frostfighter defrost wired up since storms are expected on Saturday. Spent about 1.5hrs going through and cleaning out the track tools and reorganizing spares/fluids. Staged everything to load up tonight. TR delivered a set of RS-4s yesterday, dropped off for mounting/balancing this am. Raised the pop-up to air out and do a little cleaning. So happy we get to have family/fan club on site for a race again. Its gonna be a fun weekend.
  14. Yeah, I think you'll need to go to Camden or Lancaster for significant food choices. Both are about the same travel time (~30min).
  15. First, slow clap to GRM. If you have forward suspension arms (like most Nissans), these are a great/cheap/easy option to cool your brakes. https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/articles/building-bargain-brake-ducts-porsche-gt3-parts/ Spent the week/weekend finishing up the new livery. Started off as just a change of colors to match Nissan's white/black/red color scheme, but my [graphic designer] brother took things a step further. Car is mostly back together now. Have a few more things to finish up but she's mostly ready.
  16. If you registered for the test day, it says gates open at 5pm Thursday.
  17. Sanding. More sanding. Sanding. Did I mention sanding? Felt like I got into a fight with Chester Cheetah all weekend. A few things left to finish up and its ready (at least as ready as its going to get) for paint towards the end of the week. Need it back in my garage next weekend to do final prep for CMP.
  18. If you've still got some units left, we'd be up to trying it out at CMP.
  19. I'd also add to not just take other's recommendations as gospel, even if its a similar car/build. Brake pad compounds are like ice cream, everyone has their favorite flavor and what's good for one build is not always good for another. Listen to other's/mfg suggestions, look at what you have and what you like/dislike and use the info to make your own choices. The unfortunate part is that it will take a good bit of trial and error (and $$) and needs to be done at track speeds. But, IMO, nothing is more important than sorting out the brakes. It will give you confidence to charge the brake zones which translates to quicker lap times. Got the spare wheels tossed on to roll it out for a bath since it was still wearing the grime from the Charlotte race. Its getting moved to the paint booth this week for a livery update and contingency decals in time for CMP.
  20. Troy turned me on to Seals-All. Works on fuel systems and fixed this exact issue on our car before a race a few years back (ours was a tweaked FP flange keeping the o-ring from sealing. Always keep a tube on hand now.
  21. @mindspin311Camden and Lancaster are probably the best options, both are right about 30min from the track.
  22. Yeah, the big shift seemed to occur around 2013-2015 after the switch to a points based (and not $$ based) ruleset. Seems like yesterday.
  23. Yeah, back when guys were running cars like this one, where the weight and drag clearly negated any downforce increase: Now they all look more like this: Times definitely changed.
  24. Bought this with my 2020 helmet. I just wanted to have a helmet bag with HANS but it was able to hold all my safety gear without being too cramped. Gloves and undies go in the side pockets, helmet/hans/shoes/suit fit easily in the main compartment. YMMV. https://bellracing.com/2120014-hans-pro-v-2-bell-helmet-bag-v15.html
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