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  1. What was your cold pressure Sunday morning?
  2. I just hope (a) certain team(s) that doesn't/don’t think rules apply to them and has a huge trailer to hide things, sneaks in race gas, gets caught, Indy gets mad at Champcar, Indy decides its not worth letting a bunch of rubes race on their track and this becomes a one and done. Cough....valve-cover....cough. Now smuggling in beer......”how did all that beer get there?”
  3. How do you get around the new 1000 subscribers policy on YouTube?
  4. Our AIM flashes red and displays “WTF” if a driver goes over 6250 rpm.
  5. Was. Cracked the head a Daytona. New head has brought power level in line with 901. Has coil overs and sway bars and hard mounts. It handles great but was a dog because of the weight and down on power. 3.73 final drive hurts on some tracks. It’s going to be spec’ed out like 901 soon but not at Indy. Even if it was fast we take our time during pit stops and change driver when we feel like put fuel in when we shouldn’t, stay out of people’s way.........because EC is really not in the race........right?
  6. It’s going to be interesting to see what if anything Champcar does for Indy. I don’t get the mentality of a team that runs EC would ever think to say/feel they won overall. It says right in the rules they do not count toward the overall. In the rule book........I guess we should cage that GT3 RS so we can say we won a Champcar race (we’d probably still get beat by Ickx or the Shark not to mention that freakin’ SAAB).
  7. Our “for fun” car is currently EC (it’s and old SE30) but its slow. We call her EC- We are planning on making it faster (reduce weight reduce weight reduce weight) and comply to C class by VIR24 so we can participate in the race.
  8. We have one of your wings. When we got it we just ordered something you had because we needed it quick (I think it was for a Miata). We will need two more in the near future. It would help if you made something turnkey for the BMW e30. It’s a very popular model in Champcar and I think you’d sell more if you added an easy button for dummies like me.
  9. Okay.......? “Nuts” was metaphorical but thanks.
  10. I don’t but more than would like to admit it means a lot. My own team mates as an example. They even keep track of class position and we are a C. Drives me nuts because all I care about is where we are overall minus EC. But........whatever.
  11. Or just increase the number of overall awards, say top five and not give class awards. It won’t be long until the 626 that finished out of the top ten won’t be seeing that first in B class trophy. Or the fuel starved fragile Camero was the sole survivor in 25th but still managed a D class trophy. The Eco tech Miatas and the well built/run Mustangs will make all the hardware go to the top five anyway soon enough. It won’t be a BMW Miata and Civic exclusive club. I personally like seeing the occasional team that squeaked in for a secondary award after a tough day but that’s just me. I’d like to see more. They seem so much happier about it.
  12. Champcar writes the rules to make the class awards the participation trophy. All classes have the same chance at winning overall (separate argument on how effective they are). Everyone races for the overall. If the 5k let the 50-55 age group start 2 minutes early it would be like Champcar. If A class was designed to be slower than D okay. It’s not. They may not want to say the class trophies are participation trophies but they can’t call Champcar a single class series if first place get an overall award and a class award. The class trophies are a bone to teams that aren’t quite there and a really cool bowling trophy is their reward for almost there (participation trophy) and would mean much more to them than the first place guy collecting his second but secondary award. Trophies work. Participation awards work. Race decals work. Race T-shirt’s work. They get people and participants excited and keeps them coming back. We need to utilize them more effectively. Take out the top three overalls and roll the class awards down.
  13. She was the fastest 40-44. She was the fastest master. She was the fastest female. She was also faster than the male 40-44. All awards she would get if they did it like Champcar. They take the overalls out of the lesser awards. I’m proposing to change awards distribution to be more effective. John. Why is he getting a class win he just got an overall Bob. He was the fastest C class John. I thought Champcar was all about overall and class was a fun distraction. Bob. But then some guy that wasn’t. the fastest C would get it. John. But the overall is the most sought after and why would the winner even want a consolation prize. Bob. Because he deserves it John. Sounds like he need over affirmation and need to see a doctor. I’m just proposing a way to better utilize the awards. We can go on for ever who deserves what but the class awards were implemented to give something to teams that are not at the tip top.
  14. My wife just won a triathlon (well she was seventh overall, they do separate the men and women still......for now). When she signed up she was put in the 40-44 age group. When she crossed the finish line first she beat all the other older and younger (in theory should be faster) females. They gave her the overall award but she also should have received the masters first place and the 40-44 first place age group award if this race was set up like we currently distribute awards in Champcar. She only received the overall.
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