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  1. Yes, we had swollen balls. I machined the aluminum for more clearance.
  2. Pictures? Ugh.........please be awful. Please be awful. Please please be awful. My wife asked yesterday.......”don’t you have enough cars?”
  3. Oops......you better do 1A Visceral because if 901 wins a race at Barber they will be on top and we all know those clowns shouldn’t be on top.
  4. Wikipedia defines a Minivan as a vehicle with a sliding door. It’s on the web so......
  5. No....in the interest of accuracy.....the company that makes your car also makes minivans. BMW only makes driving machines. Ultimate driving machines.
  6. Also. 901 Motorsport is/are (my grammar sucks) bringing two 30 year old turds and no matter the format we are kicking all of your butts. Let’s race.
  7. You knuckleheads are missing the elephant in the room. How are you delinquent washed up never beens going to beat GBU? Out GBU GBU? Riley already proved he can better do a Crowd Control of the rules. He has polished that turd better than any of us could dream possible. So....how ya gonna beat them. If you give them the chance Saturday night they will have a new engine and transmission and flux capacitor in for Sunday. Make him make that turd go 15 hours without his crew of 20 mad scientist and pentagon spending getting eight hours to freshen/polish it up.
  8. I think there is another way to look at it. Champcar wants excitement and participation for the national championships. We need to give as many teams/people the idea that they have a chance at the championship. First step is to open up teams eligible for the big show (I think this is being done lowering the threshold from 5 to 3 races to be eligible?). Winner take all was a big step. Then you introduce the variable of the “special” format. Champcar is an endurance series. Having everyone not touch their cars overnight makes it a two sprint races wrapped into an endurance race (plus we start dr
  9. Seems stupid really. A team that wins the national championships should beat the best teams in the series. Accommodation should be made since the schedule was limited by the pandemic.
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