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  1. What Conti tire were y’all on? Size? Great win! Cool car.
  2. “Deception” is deceiving (turn 12?). Three offs (four off on a asphalt run off) in three laps got me a black flag. The third off was the black flangers fault. The frantically waving flag scared me. Great track. Underrated.
  3. I think the issue was that you couldn’t cut a oe e30 rear spring without re-engineering stuff. I guess they felt the e30s were at a disadvantage because it wasn’t a simple “just cut the spring” to get ride height.
  4. Top and bottom will not address the rear spring loophole for the e30 but I don’t know of a e30 team using “straight” rear springs.
  5. We have gone from cut stock springs to 700/1000 and the cars get better and better.
  6. I just hope (a) certain team(s) that doesn't/don’t think rules apply to them and has a huge trailer to hide things, sneaks in race gas, gets caught, Indy gets mad at Champcar, Indy decides its not worth letting a bunch of rubes race on their track and this becomes a one and done. Cough....valve-cover....cough. Now smuggling in beer......”how did all that beer get there?”
  7. How do you get around the new 1000 subscribers policy on YouTube?
  8. Our AIM flashes red and displays “WTF” if a driver goes over 6250 rpm.
  9. Was. Cracked the head a Daytona. New head has brought power level in line with 901. Has coil overs and sway bars and hard mounts. It handles great but was a dog because of the weight and down on power. 3.73 final drive hurts on some tracks. It’s going to be spec’ed out like 901 soon but not at Indy. Even if it was fast we take our time during pit stops and change driver when we feel like put fuel in when we shouldn’t, stay out of people’s way.........because EC is really not in the race........right?
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