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  1. Falken 615k is what y’all were running.......currently the bastard step child in the tire war world. Optimize what you have is always a good starting point for anything we do. The RS4 once warm (they take a little longer to get up to temperature) and working correctly is not that far off any of the new stuff. We did a fuel and tire change stop and had a minute left over (we were close to the timing loop so mid way pit road and actually stayed under 20mph on pit road). We took off RE71s to go to RS4s on Saturday because it was drying and we wanted to make sure we had them for Sunday if needed (cold, damp......lots of yellows).
  2. Teams have obviously upped their games. Cars are getting lighter, tires are getting faster and people are doing the work. The winning car on Sunday has speed still to give. Its heavy and I think they ran RS4s.
  3. The finished “fix”. Our man Ruffin did an excellent job. He had to use a screw to fill a gap. He did this with a 110v welder with flux core wire. I don’t have pictures of the rear because we just loader her up but will post some later. The rear broke at the outer swing arm mount on the left side.
  4. We might need someone to man our fire bottle. Can feed and water ya in between stops. 901 Motorsport.
  5. NCM was very strange this year. We had planned on running RE71s but after the test we decided the 14 tires we brought might not make it through Saturday . Two cars. RS4s for us then.
  6. Yes, we will debrief. I think it all started going sideways when he adjusted his mirror. One small moment of distraction (like looking at a text on the road) can lead to very bad things. We all dodged a bullet on that one. Again, very sorry.......please send me the dry cleaning bill for your driving suit as needed.
  7. I’ll send you the link. He was also adjusting his mirror and fumbled a gear right at that moment. Yes, could have been uuuuugly.
  8. We also have the rear facing camera footage that caught that. He got a black flag for passing under yellow at AMP that he thinks cost us the win on Saturday (it might have been closer but NLS had the pace on us) and he has vowed to never pass under yellow again.
  9. He thought the white flag was a yellow flag and jumped on the brakes to not pass. Very sorry.
  10. We shoot for 6200 stretch to 6500 if needed on occasion.
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