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  1. The dude was way more composed than I would have been. Go fuggggg yourself would have been me. Dude needs an award for self confidence and patience.
  2. I do not but it’s such a cool car and I’m glad they have front running speed now. Curious to know as well. Fun.
  3. We do this for fun. Tell your driver to up his happy meds. Never EVER ever yell at a volunteer.....EVER......and and......also, tell your driver he’s a DICK.
  4. Are passengers allowed during the practice?
  5. E46 door latch makes it hard to put an added bar above.
  6. Are these what are called s bend door bars?
  7. He slammed on the brakes when he realized no one was in the flag stand. He was on the radio right away pleading his case that he thought the flag had been pulled and he wouldn’t shut up long enough for me to calm him down. We had been calling the greens to both cars but we had missed a few so he took charge thinking I might have missed another one. Could have been ugly. This guy has a lot of experience so it could have happened to anyone. I hope the Flagtronics system helps with this and perhaps the code 35s will be actually 35.
  8. Ran flawless but it spent time in the litter box at turn one. At least you didn’t try and drive the wrong way to pit road. The fuse was not a BMW part btw. It was a Frankie....aka head pit monkey.....concoction.
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