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  1. Gearhead_42

    Decibel rating

    I can guarantee you that my racecar is actually quieter than either of my streetcars... The factory "muffler" @ the manifold outlet has a lot to do with that though
  2. Gearhead_42

    In car timer.

    Like this? (don't turn up your sound unless you like screaming brakes)
  3. Gearhead_42

    Cool Shirt Cooler DIY

    One thing I found at WGI, is my "old school" Cool Shirt brand shirts were a royal PITA to connect to the metal latched "FAST" branded cooler... the fitting sealed just fine, but only after manually "popping" the latch open feature on the female ends. I guess new style shirts have some kind of tab that trips the latch? Anyway, I *think* the plastic latched female fitting works with both, types of male (shirt) fitting so if you have the option grab those for the widest compatibility.
  4. Gearhead_42

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    VG30 used belts, was in small Infinitis... but was a V6
  5. Gearhead_42

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    Errr, wut? The SR not only has pins on the cams, it's a timing chain. So I'm not sure what you worked on, but that wasn't it!
  6. I won't claim it's edge of your seat racing, but here's uncut final Sunday stint footage. Although if you enjoy seeing faster cars flash by, this might just be your video 😉 This is a 1.6l SM legal car, and I'm (generally) our slowest but least drama prone driver Part 1, starts with me ending my pit-out lap... track has just started drying at this point, but gets steadily faster. Also, I start remembering how to drive. Part 2... the camera dies 3 laps from the checkers, I could have cried
  7. Gearhead_42

    In car timer.

    This. 10-12" analog battery operated clock, ziptied to the passenger dash area.
  8. Gearhead_42

    CHAMPCAR @ Pocono

    They repaved/refreshed all the infield section in 2013? I think, with curbing set up to run either way... I *think* the 2.5x mile roadcourse config is preferred" to run clockwise, which puts pit out at the end of the straightaway right before you enter the infield again. Otherwise you'd be trying to enter Turn 1 from a dead stop at the end of pit row... not impossible but I'd be entering T1 at somewhere north of 130 off the pit straight if we ran it that way... not sure I'd want to come up on somebody in too much of a rush to get up the banking...
  9. I make it a point to attend at least one a year, and another anytime I run a new-to-me track. Everybody can use a refresher, don't care what series you run.
  10. Gearhead_42

    CHAMPCAR @ Pocono

    I did a trackday there last year, on one of the configurations that used Turn 1... the 14 degree one. Holy hell that was exhilarating. 100% would race, if that corner is in there ;-)
  11. Gearhead_42

    Turbo Kit Class Question

    Your B class becomes C class. The class is separate from the value.
  12. Gearhead_42

    Groupstar Number Panel Light

    I still have mine from the old car... if I can find them this weekend they're yours for shipping cost. Granted, given the state of my garage, that's a big "IF"...
  13. Sorry for yelling at you guys about visors during your fuel stops... don't feel bad, I yell at my guys about their visors too
  14. Aha, another 1.6 squad, good I was driving for a new team this race rather than running my 240... They're not forum active so I'll give a quick rundown, and hopefully some video later this week. Subsonic Motorsports debuted a new-to-them (us?) 1.6 Miata as #379 this past weekend. Three of our four drivers had driven together previously under the ChubbyGecko banner, with the fourth (car co-owner) coming from years of HPDE and motocross racing... no prior wheel to wheel. We got a good round of shakedown in Friday, adjusted tire pressures and suspension settings, tweaked a few minor issues, and started out Saturday with high hopes. Saturday: First stint went well, got our first pit stop out of the way, and were just settling in when our rookie called in that he was stuck in 5th gear in the bus stop. We'll blame youthful exhuberance for how he managed to jam a Miata 5 speed. Got towed in after what felt like an hour but was certainly 30 minutes before the FCY came out for recovery, managed to source a replacement at the track (THANK YOU) and set about replacing the tranny. This is where knowing your platform came in as we managed the complete removal, turret replacement (slightly different year) and reinstall in four hours from the time we got the tow. I got in for what we figured would be a run to the end, got on track under FCY and made it 1-1/2 laps before the car stuttered coming out of the boot and died with a complete electrical failure in 9. Flat towed in (quickly this time, thank goodness) and found the main fuse blown. Finally traced it to an undocumented extra wire a previous owner had added to the starter stud... it hadn't gotten reattached after the trans replacement (why would you feel for a wire that shouldn't be there anyway?) and had arc'd enough to pop the main. Decided to bag the rest of Saturday to go back over things and get prepped for Sunday. Sunday: As @Rapido mentioned, the wet was our time to shine, and we clawed our little underpowered jalopy up into 4th in A class and 17th overall in the wet late in the second stint. Then, our own misfire popped up, losing 2 cylinders *intermittently* around the track. We came into the garage to check things over, and of course it magically cleared up while driving from the pits to the garages Decided to just *send it* and back out we went, the stop unfortunately losing us all our hard fought positions down into the low 60s. Misfire continued to pop up at annoying points around the track, but we just kept circulating. I climbed in for the last stint to an "at-least-its-not-pouring" track, and managed to keep up some respectable pace given our power and the conditions. I clawed back to 48th overall and tried desperately to hang on to it with 10 minutes to go, but the gap to the two hard charging cars behind just wasn't quite enough given their nearly 10 second a lap speed advantage, and got passed by the Kar-Go and MLC cars on the white flag lap, dropping us to 50th on the day. On the plus side I did manage my personal best lap of the weekend (2:42.8) on the last lap of the race! Overall a great event, my only quibble is with WGI's no hot pulls policy... when you're the guys broken down, it REALLY feels like an eternity! Champcar's efforts to keep the green flag racing as long as possible is to be commended though, and I can't fault @DuncanDana for that policy AT ALL... especially given how, um, "active" some of the stints were ;-)
  15. Gearhead_42

    Fluids bin

    When you blow up as often as I do, you need a lot of fluids on hand 😋