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  1. I own one. Would make a terrible S197 racecar with the stock gearing. Hates to rev, heavy flywheel stock. Not enough points in the chassis to give it what it needs. If you like the S197 chassis the 4.6 V8 or later 3.7 V6 (that would be my choice) have far more potential, and aftermarket parts and tuning support, even with their higher starting points.
  2. Fair enough. Though I take issue with "electro-hydraulic steering system" being classified the same as "electrically driven pump". I'll put that in my list with "brake lights need to turn off with kill switch" and carry on.
  3. Has anyone gotten a points decision on the use of the electric power steering pump in place of a belt driven pump? Conventional hydraulic rack, just replacing the belt driven pump? Trying to weight custom brackets vs custom lines vs something like the Volvo pump in a swap car ...
  4. Similar, I bolted a small Pelican case I had laying around down to my previous battery location and used sfi foam to block in the battery.
  5. So right or wrong with how it's been (ab?)used, the question for 2021 remains: Are the "singled out" one model Techdesk rulings staying or being thrown out when these rules (finally) become "final" ? Are they being reevaluated one at a time or only as protested, like post race challenges?
  6. Old weight 2870, new weight 2830? Points go "up", for the same 190 horses. I make it 60 points... and I was already going to be one lap down.
  7. Oh FFS, again with boning my car. Guess it's a good thing I never finished up that VQ30 swap, I'd be stripping it back out anyway. Back to the drawing board!
  8. Hell, if I were going to install a GM engine I'd just drop in the L33 V8 I've got on the stand next to the car
  9. Yeah, it's on the list of possibilities, might still try it but the VQ series is so much better understood in race environments. Though I suppose I could look to the Sentra/Altima crowd for inspiration. Not to mention they are going for 2x the price of the VQ i'm planning, and 4-5x the price of the FWD QR motors
  10. If I actually make it back to CC next spring, it's going to be in EC for the simple fact that my car is nearly 30 years old, and the absolute newest RWD compatible motor I can put in within the swap math is more than 20 years old. I go one year newer and suddenly I'm over 500 points without ANY other parts. So screw it, I wanna race, not spend weeks rebuilding a questionable junkyard family sedan motor (or worse, another truck motor), so I'm putting in a nice low mileage swap and run EC with an otherwise totally CC legal car.
  11. To @LuckyKid and anyone else running a too loud Miata, may I recommend a system from MBS? Insignificant losses vs the Springfield setup, but soooo much quieter, with a far less annoying tone. http://mandrelbendingsolutions.com/spec-miata/ I and several guys I know even run them on our street cars (I welded in a high flow cat on mine) as well as SM and Champcar builds. Loud pipes suck
  12. I still disagree with this part, but I changed mine as per the rules. Previously my brake lights (and ONLY my brake lights) were wired to always function. I considered it a reasonable safety concern and my kill switch otherwise disconnected the ignition power, and alternator/starter from the battery. So the "preferred" method as above just with the brake light circuit on the battery side. Still don't like the idea of having no lights on the tail at night if you have to shut down the rest of the car via the kill, but like I said then, that's the rules!
  13. Leaves you exactly 37 calendar days to order, receive, and install them prior to tech for the first race of the year! Plenty of time!
  14. Call it a "we didn't choose your car" benefit, but these Penskes (along with nearly every Miata "shock") are designed specifically to work with stock diameter springs and mounting hardware/top hats. It's been baked into the Spec rules pretty much forever that that's the setup, so that's what vendors who want to play in that market build to. I know the "only available through" thing makes it sound like it proprietary, but that's there because Spec guys change their hats and bumpstops like some people change their oil
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