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  1. We get it. You feel it's an advantage. Champcar will clarify the specifics of the rule, hopefully to everyone's satisfaction.
  2. And that's the sum total of the references to red flag in our ruleset.
  3. "except in non-points paying races" but I guess since we've technically got a points qualifier for the national championship race that's irrelevant. Never said they made it up, I just said it wasn't always applied to Champcar paddocks, and nothing I've seen told me that changed. Until Saturday anyway.
  4. I agree it needs to be explicit (as @FlorahDorah stated quite well) and equally enforced. If I run into you at Pitt we can chat as I'm not quite convinced there's an advantage gained over the running field. Think about the team that happens to pit with a flat tire just as an extended FCY comes out... the team behind the wall under red doesn't lose places, but they certainly don't gain anything back, as they're still going to rejoin at the rear of the pack once things go back to yellow. My opinion, no experience outside of Chump/Champ to draw on here..
  5. Apologies, but it hasn't always, and if you can find that in the rulebook, please point it out because I couldn't find it when I looked on my phone on Saturday. I have definitely been at red flagged events (granted, I've been doing this since 2011, so times change) where all *on track and pit activity stops* but, if you were already in the garage/paddock prior, you could continue work. Like I said, we stopped once were were told the rule on site, and not even all the experienced Champcar staff present were in absolute agreement about what the red flag meant, garage wise...
  6. Caught me by surprise too... Jimmie was almost embarrassed when he came to tell us we had to stop work. We stopped after he told us too, but we got held at the restart anyway. That's racing I guess.
  7. Wasn't in my own car this weekend so I don't have our full story, but I have a great time driving this track... another 100 or so laps and I might finally figure out a way through Turn 4 that doesn't suck We were in the #379 Miata, only it's second outing as an endurance racer. I'd say we got everything out of it we could considering our early "minor inconvenience" about 40 minutes it... We tore in and got it cobbled back together... we were helped/hurt in equal measure by the red flag as we were 80% repaired when it was called... ended up taking a ten minute penalty for working under a red (in the paddock? really? I must have missed that in the rules) but all in all we lost less with the penalty than we would had we stopped work. Live and learn. Must have done our repair well as we managed to set FTD for all "A" cars and tenth fastest overall, winding up 21st out of all cars after restarting dead last after the red. Granted, we were driving pretty hard to get there. As an FYI, RE71s last about 10.5 hours on a Miata at Thompson when driven by a very talented young F4 driver (and four idiots)
  8. Gearhead_42

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    Same as a 1991 240SX 🤔
  9. Gearhead_42

    Downloadable in car lap timers Android

    Never ran with one in my own car, but after driving for a team with it I'll be adding it to my setup... seeing what you can get out of Racechrono pro for analysis (not to mention motivation on track), I will highly recommend it.
  10. Gearhead_42

    2019 VPI Early visibility?

    Thanks Ray, I'm just thrilled that we have a well defined (and responsive) channel for requests like this now. Now back to fixing my daily driver Also, I'll try to meet up with you IRL at Thompson this weekend... I'm driving for Subsonic Motorsports in their Miata...
  11. "I raced a Champcar at Indy" I really want to be able to tell people that for the rest of my life. shorter/flatter tow than VIR even, and I've done that one. If it's under $2K I'll try to con a few other guys into it... if not I may just haul out, run a stint, wait 2 hours, repeat x5
  12. Gearhead_42

    2019 VPI Early visibility?

    Just sent a few. My apologies ;-)
  13. Gearhead_42

    2019 VPI Early visibility?

    Are you all getting the "tech@" emails now? there's an email for Jay, then the main tech@ address. That the one to use?
  14. Gearhead_42

    2019 VPI Early visibility?

    Who's the holder of the 2019 VPI as of now? I've gotten 2nd hand reports that a car not yet on the list was assigned a value earlier this year, but never made it to the official list. I can email, just not sure if that a @chisek item or something the new tech director (or advisory board?) is managing. Yes, I'm trying to get a jump on next year's build plans 😋