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  1. Gearhead_42

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    I've had great use out of my ATD sets.. both the compression and leakdown kits have proven quite reliable https://www.amazon.com/ATD-Tools-5639-Compression-Tester/dp/B004IQR0MS
  2. OK, BCCR is out but has some fixes pending, 2019 VPI is out but may not yet be final, the last open item from the builder's point of view is the Swap Calculator, with its weight tables, target PWR, and "other" factors that may or may not be included depending on who you talk to. Any word on locking that in for 2019? I'm right on the hairy edge of 500 points, a tiny shift either way in weight or target PWR may make or break my build, and I hate doing things twice in the same build year
  3. Gearhead_42

    Enclosed Trailer Advise

    What's the GVW on a 27 footer typically Ray?
  4. Gearhead_42

    Enclosed Trailer Advise

    I saw that escape door recently at a race, it immediately made my list of must haves...
  5. Gearhead_42

    Enclosed Trailer Advise

    Anybody want to share some manufacturers/models that they've been happy with? I too am amazed at the resale on these things, might as well buy a nice new one!
  6. Gearhead_42

    Utah under new management?

    https://jalopnik.com/geely-just-bought-a-racetrack-in-utah-1830238664 Geely apparently bought themselves a racetrack!
  7. That's a REALLY good point, as there is currently NO driver tracking system for races... it has been brought up several times in the last few years, but thus far no solution has been implemented.
  8. Gearhead_42

    Track Jack Recommendations/Experiences

    My Jegs jack is 6 years old, used as service jack at home and over the wall at the track... barely heavier than the HF 1.5ton, much lighter than their 3 ton. https://www.jegs.com/p/JEGS/JEGS-Professional-Low-Profile-Floor-Jacks/1715510/10002/-1
  9. Point being, the calculator hasn't been updated, but thanks captain pedantic...
  10. Definitely no updated swap calculator yet... dropping horsepower still adds more than 50 points Make: PontiacModel: Trans Am (8 cyl)Year: 1989VPi: 200Car Weight: 3026Original HP: 235New HP: 234Points Added to VPi: 77--->NEW VPI: 277
  11. Gearhead_42

    NJMP and Summit Point

    And oh that Turn 1 banking 💘
  12. Gearhead_42

    Standardized VPi evaluation

    So where would you estimate the new and improved PWR be set? Fully tuned and lightened E30? Or something more aggressive?
  13. Gearhead_42

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    Cheapest running one I could find was $7k... there's an acid dipped and caged chassis (not even a roller) an hour up the road from me for $5100!
  14. Gearhead_42

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    15.7 gallons with a cell and surge, uncorked intake and exhaust plus unlimited ecu, added lightness and some wilwood superlights. Look out world.
  15. Superlite pad shape (thicknesses vary), same shape @mender refers to above... Every friction manufacturer I know of makes their compounds available in this shape.