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  1. Jer

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    I think we need to use the correct weights for all the cars, not just single out the MR2. Nothing was presented to the Board on that. Now I understand that it could have been changed, a lot of stuff was changed. But my understanding is we (Mike) tabled more changes until 2020. As I noted, there are a number of marquees that need changes. That means perhaps the M50 swap could be a lap in 2020. The MR2 will get likely (if reports are true) a weight reduction. It's going to be time consuming to go through it all, and I don't have that kind of time, but I will start with the hot spots and take it to the Board later in the year. Work is still crushing me and will for another 4-6 weeks. sorry.
  2. Jer

    Rolling miata fenders

    I gave up in the back on my Miata, where 245s are sticking way out. Seems almost impossible to roll the rears. I'm attaching flares.
  3. Jer

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Sorry, guys, work kicked my ass this week. Here is what happened, in a nutshell: The 944 was adjusted to the correct base/platform, and a corresponding move to lower the VPI by 25 points was also done. The goal was to get the value correct for performance, not basically outlaw them. So it was a compromise. Now it follows the swap rules many have been clamoring for (including me) without being shut out of the series altogether. They do not appear to be overdogs as is. As for the MR2, it will get a weight decrease but it was too late in the cycle (hell it's already 2019) to make those changes I believe. The Board was never actually given any weight changes even though I heard the TAC had recommendations. I believe there was just so much to do in a short period of time, that time simply ran out on changes for 2019. I expect a slew or weight corrections for the next year. So you might ask about the changes for the 944 and Miata, but they are just applying already existing rules in the proper manner. I will take the out whack cars (using weights from listed authorized sources) to the Board later in the spring so that all cars get proper weight for swaps in 2020, even BMWs. Wish me luck. Someone posted a table of the weights and discounts; if someone could point me towards that again, it would be a good starting point. Making the series better is a continuous process, and sometimes that progress is slower than some would like. Sorry about that.
  4. I emailed you Ray. No worries. I do have points to use it on one side but I’m not sure that will make s difference.
  5. Ok then I can’t use these. And I agree non stock. I have to go back to a stock bar because of the swap change on Miatas. I will use stock end links.
  6. Maybe I can get Rays attention here.
  7. And that’s where my tech expertise ends. Lol
  8. Poly bushing This is a sway bar endlink
  9. I’ve asked tech with no reply. This is probably ten points per side. What do you all think? If it’s ten them I’m back to stock.
  10. Tech wants it 10 and 2. It's already written that way. And so it shall be. And yes being on the Board is frustrating sometimes...
  11. I have a small issue in the rear on my Miata, so I too am going to bolt on plastic half moons. Contact is so rare for me and my team that I'm not terribly worried about them getting wiped out. If they do, I have spares i can install in a few minutes on pit road.