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  1. I did this as well with my ecotec build, and voila! we got a 40 point increase. Luckily I only had to make a few mods to get penalty free again. I'm still leaving a little room to play with just in case. Overall this year, one car got its VPI lowered and another raised, IIRC. I broached the subject of the MR2 with Mike and he said that no one asked for it to be increased. My own thoughts are that there are a plethora of fast cars in the series now, and the MR2 no longer stands out. Look at the last few seasons of well attended races ,especially the National Championships, and show me differently. If you feel strongly, right a petition so it gets addressed. You might not get what you like, but at least it will be addressed.
  2. The two biggest things in my experience are : 1) getting the oil pan on correctly and let it set up, a 2) get the gasket in the correct please in the filter cylinder lid. Those are the common failure points in oil leaks. It's complicated by the fact that it's extremely difficult to get a good dipstick reading mid-race. Next to impossible. SO you can't just "add oil". Too much oil and it will blow back and drain out of the air filter. ugh.
  3. Keep them cool and keep them with oil. My biggest cause of failure was oil leaks. I went through 4 motors in a year. now, none in a year. Still driving the same one.
  4. Chris is correct. Yes, both Doc and Tyler are running for another term.
  5. Ask them for their number. You also need your number. I think you can nominate more than two but I'm not certain.
  6. My biggest fail was the cheap ebay coilovers. Worthless. Going with spec Miata Billies was more expensive but the difference in performance was astounding.
  7. I would call the website number and ask for the track manager.
  8. If you guys want Eagles Canyon, call them and ask! They have resisted us, got some bad info from a competing series and won't give us a date. We would like to go there. Start a calling campaign and maybe they will change their minds.
  9. My Ecotec Miata build initially was about 6500.
  10. One of my top five anywhere in the country. I love NL.
  11. No doubt on any of these things. I heard an estimate to remove the tires and replace with stacks was 2.5MM!! I'm just happy we can still run there. Debating a tow out next year!
  12. This race suffered a bit in attendance due to scheduling. Very close to the VIR 24, and for me and I heard a lot of others, timing just didn't work out. I hope we are back, I want to race there again. I don't know that I'd do that super long tow from Denver though, but maybe...
  13. I'm looking forward to going back. Can't believe I'll have done every race there in the last two years.
  14. Not sure what your build is. Can you remove things to reduce your points and therefore laps? Things other cars like your don't have?
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