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  1. I'm still inquiring whether or not this is a one off or a standard moving forward. Given that I've never seen this before, I think it was just a Road America deal.
  2. NOPE, it wasn't for one accident. It was announced at the driver's meeting. It was for the whole race. The only question in my mind was whether it was announced Saturday morning or Sunday morning.
  3. I'm asking Mike M and will let you know. I didn't like it, but we had a dreadful weekend so it didn't matter much personally.
  4. I was there. It was announced at the drivers meeting that they were closing Pit out on ALL FCY. It wasn't a one off. And it probably really messed up a bunch of strategies. I didn't like it, we have cautions speeds that are supposed to make the track more safe for the workers, and cars that are flying should be black-flagged anyway.
  5. I have the, ummm, pleasure of taking an MR2 out in it. And I KNOW Troy will stick me with the wettest stint. lol
  6. If we could get the Texas people to tow up to Colorado, maybe we could add High Plains in 2021! If you haven't driven HPR, you're missing out...
  7. And the forecast says.....drumroll......RAIN! (at least Saturday. Survivors can race in the sun on Sunday).
  8. Rich and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of stuff (although we do on other things), which i think is really good for the Board overall.
  9. With the wing in clean air it handles so much better!
  10. Let's do a scenario, I'd like your response. A new swap comes on the scene. Never seen before, but it's a killer-easy swap, below 500 points, and decimates all the races its entered. Five more just like it appear, and now they are winning ALL the races handily. In stock trim this car is a non-contender, in fact it's a bottom ten car in stock trim. Yes some people are still racing it. We use 90% of the weight of a model according to the original formula, and it points out under 500. Everyone is up in arms over this new winning swap. What do we do?
  11. I'm A CFO in the past and a CPA, but I've been the President of two separate manufacturing companies for 3 years now. I'm also a part owner now in those businesses, which are under common ownership despite being unique business entities. In a former life I was a M & A specialist for Price Waterhouse Coopers and did a significant amount of business analysis for investors and lenders. I thoroughly enjoy running these businesses, far more than the financial work I've done on the past despite the challenges and stress that comes with it.
  12. Thank you for racing with us!!!
  13. I've never raced a Miata WITH power steering.
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