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  1. With enough penalty laps it won't matter. We won't ban them because they are fast. That's just petty. But we can even the playing field by starting them with more laps in penalty.
  2. As a board we voted, not unanimously but it carried, that IRS will be valued as the components that make it up. So they will have to contend with that too on top of the higher starting value. Just an FYI. we are trying, but there will always be a loophole to exploit. They exploited one exceedingly well. We are also raising the values on other older cars with gigantic fuel tanks.
  3. In my experience, boxing in the rad is way more important than which rad you run. i went back to stock to make room for a header in points and there was virtually no difference in running temps.
  4. How many teams are doing all of the above? Maybe a couple. Again, let's not overreact.
  5. I use a stock rad and it's fine. I'm not changing my alternator to save a couple of pounds. Wilwood brakes were always available, that hasn't changed. if your car is stopping fine now and you can get through a race, then you are set, just like always. You don't have to spend a mint to compete.
  6. I'm too friggin old to push the car every time. We had to do this at a race and it SUCKED.
  7. Show me two starters that weigh 14 pounds different from each other. Hell, I've never even held a starter the WEIGHS 14 pounds! You guys are taking this too far. That's my opinion, feel free to vote me off next year, assuming I even run again.
  8. I wish I would have known what a shitstorm alternators and starters would be, sorry guys. So I've been educated on an advantage of a lightweight alternator is. Anyone got those same concerns about starters? I mean, they start the car. That's it. And they carry weight. We can make a 300 page rulebook if we want to carry this to the nth degree. BTW I have been in on those conversations about these items bearing points. There was no backdoor deal with the Board, that i can assure you. in fact we have a NOT unanimous vote on the IRS and the majority on the Board thought those i
  9. That has been changed by the board so it's valued by component. I reminded Ray and Jay of this. Tech will be interesting at RA, too bad I won't be there. That is corrected for 2021.
  10. Okay, I'm reporting how the board voted and why. I personally never considered it such a big advantage that people would be upset by it. Please write a petition for next year. And yes, this crap all came up because of Riley.
  11. No performance advantage and very hard if not impossible to know if it's stock or not.
  12. I've done well over 150 races, 7+weekends per year since 2008. Like Troy, I plan to do perhaps five next year. It remains to be seen if I will campaign my car after Barber in December. I just don't have the time to be on an island in Denver as a car owner.
  13. What was the penalty for? I've seen video footage used to figure out who was at fault on collisions before. And yes, the rules are clear as mud.
  14. There was. But due to COVID we have to be careful as an organization so its unlikely in 2021.
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