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  1. I don't know that anything changed. I reported what I was told. This one's for Mike, send him an email.
  2. To be fair, they did not change the 90%. They changed the starting number. Again, please ask Mike or your friendly TAC members. We have a group that can now address this and recommend to change it back if warranted. I do not have a dog in this fight, just want the most appropriate outcome.
  3. Please ask Mike. I've never seen them, this is what I was told. If I had an e30 I'd do the research. It can't be that hard to go to Edmunds, etc, get the weight, and see how it matches up. {shrugs} I still think this is an item that should be looked at by the TAC.
  4. I have enjoyed serving with Bruce and an added benefit to having him on the Board is where he is based----out west. He's the only Board member in the west region. I'm technically in the central region even though I'm in Denver. Bruce has also done a tremendous amount of research to help us understand our lack of success out there, the why's and suggestions on how to fix it. I think we're in a great position right now because both Chris and Bruce are invested in the club and bring a lot to the table. Thank you for running again, Bruce. BTW currently every single race I tow to is over 250 miles away. I think that line would need to be a little higher but also like the concept. Andrew, I think I remember what you are talking about. I believe we as the Schumacher Taxi Service received a discount to tow to Iowa from New Jersey back in 2011. This does have the sound of that system a bit, although that one had varying levels of discounts based on how far you towed IIRC.
  5. FYI all we've already addressed how this happened as a Board so it never happens again. The new TAC will review weights and adjustments, and if justified, will be made once/year. Apparently what DID transpire is one or more teams showed the weight used was too low. They showed three reputable sources, so the weight was changed behind the scenes. Just an FYI and like I said, it won't happen again. Perhaps the TAC can look at it and decide it it was an appropriate change, dunno. I will ask at our next meeting. Contrary to popular opinion, the weight was NOT changed to get the swap to zero laps, although that was the net effect.
  6. As a guy that drives for Troy a couple times a year, I can tell you he is building in every little thing he always wanted to do to a car (and it's taken literally three years for him to complete ---not done yet). Buttons and dials on the steering wheel? Cool but is it any better performance-wise than having them on a panel? No. The car will look great until the first rub when all that wrap will come apart haha. It's a running joke on which driver will make the car unpretty first. I will bet you a lot of money the car doesn't even finish a race without major issue for 6 months or longer. It's still a new build and will have issues. Bio 1 had 3 years of teething issues before it started winning. And will it be as fast as Bio 1? The HP will be way down in comparison, and And if you look at lap times, BIO 1 is no longer an outlier. In fact, I think the best it has done in terms of fast lap in 2019 is 3rd fastest at one race. Maybe. I believe I did that at the Glen when racing against GWR which was still faster. So the sky hasn't fallen, having a lot of shiny bits doesn't make the car any faster (not even gold foil!!!), and it will get a point adjustment of some kind, I'm fairly certain. I don't know anything about the brake system but I'm sure Troy has checked that out with tech (although I really don't know). I'm looking forward to racing it because it looks like a fun car to drive, but my expectations are muted more than a little by the fact that it probably won't get through test day without issues haha. Nearly every car in the series is a purpose-built race car BTW. I still see a few cars that can be driven down the road home, but very few. Hell, my Miata is FAR from street legal. Anyway, can't wait to race again, bummer I'll be missing Laguna this year, but I'll try to bring my Miata out west again in 2019.
  7. Just read this whole thread. Drue and others, thank you for taking the time to post. It's obvious there is a lot of contention and it appears much or most of it is based on the operations and rules of the prior regime. As a Board member, we have taken many steps to stabilize the rules and keep racing competitive. In fact, there haven't been any "constantly changing" rules since 2015 or 2016. We have a stable ruleset that only gets tweaked once/year, usually just to help better explain the rules and improve safety. That being said, I think it will be very difficult to get a foothold back in the NW. Cathy has done a great job out there building her brand, and had we had better leadership in the past, she (and perhaps Joey) would still be with our organization. A it is, though, I don't see how she would ever work with us---it goes against logic, we start succeeding and her series takes a hit. We wouldn't, for example, help WRL succeed in markets it struggles in. In addition, tracks have a long memory, so we have to overcome poor behavior from past leadership just to get dates, and those dates will always be put behind Lucky Dog requests and for good reason. We are not going to change our rules to accommodate LDR entrants, because it would possibly alienate the 3000+ members who do support the organization currently. I will say the EC is not a forbodden class anymore, they can all run there, and that class has grown to be a pretty big class. A race within a race, many times. So the road back will be difficult at best, impossible even for now in the NW. We will try to redevelop the west slowly, keep our rules consistent, treat people well and hope for the best.
  8. I have a motor vent the block in 6 places and the exhaust came out the front and folded underneath. The oil fire was spectacular but it didn't last long. Once the oil was was gone, it was out. I'd say 15 seconds, tops. By the time the fire truck showed up it was already out. I did need to clean my underwear and that winter I upgraded all my safety equipment. This was nine years ago now, at CMP.
  9. JayDee raced my Miata at Nelson and was a great teammate and is a friend. He told me that the tank appeared very pressurized on the previous stop-out of fuel but the cap had significant pressure behind it when removed. That might be a smoking gun for problems to come. Since I also have a stock setup, this is important to pay attention too for me and others in Miatas ++. My old team the STS has had some pressure issues as well and I plan to pass along this info. I liked the post on the exhaust possibly (probably) heating up the tank and would be interested in knowing where his exhaust ran in relation to the tank. Since I put an Ecotec motor in mine, my exhaust runs down the opposite side. but still not far from the tank. I have an extra piece of heat shield laying in my garage, and I now know what I'm doing with it---covering the tank on the exhaust side. We can all learn something from this. If Troy is reading, you won't have to worry about me not wearing a balaclava anymore. I will always wear it now. JayDee, I hope your brother recovers fully and look forward to racing with you again. Take your time deciding whether to build again or not.
  10. Here is verbatim what I typed in my PM: "My position on the west is this. In order to keep trying to grow the series out west, I believe we should take a less is more stance. We keep throwing club money away on losing races out there. I believe we should do Laguna and Sonoma, which are at least break even each year, and add one more attempt each year to grow. Last year we had three losing races out there and we simply cannot afford that many losing races. Limit it to one. If it breaks even or makes money, then add another the following year. Grow slowly with a good product, because simply flooding the area with races destroys our financials. I don't want to give up, though, because we do want to be a national series. " This stance will probably cost me some votes out west, but the overall financial security of the club is very, very important. If the club fails, there will be zero races out west.
  11. I believe Bruce is electing to run again. I'm sure he will confirm (or deny).
  12. Since Nelson Ledges, I replaced the motor, trans and splitter in the Ergolab Miata. It's all buttoned up and goes to High Plains for testing next week. Hopefully all is well and we have a good race at Road America. Man that's a lot of work when you work alone, probably 50-60 hours total. But it's now done (I hope). The motor that cooked at Nelson developed all kinds of pretty motor glitter.
  13. First, thanks everyone for the nice comments. I really appreciate it. Huggy, on your question, yes, if I'm not re-elected the organization would need a new Treasurer. Maybe someone on the current Board could serve that role, I really do not know.
  14. Can you update the BOD listing removing Phil and adding Tyler?

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      Bill Strong

      where? the webpage was updated

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      found it and fixed on the forum

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