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  1. The tiebreaker is finishing position in the Championship race.
  2. I made one out of a long PVC pipe (Home Depot) and some hard card with bright yellow signage on each side. Every 3 years or so I have to do it again because the corrugated hard card final gets bad enough.
  3. Open fueling with funnels is now outlawed. You must use hoses/closed methods of fueling.
  4. I think I'm keeping my own garage this time. Last time there was no place for my rig outside because I shared. That was less than ideal. Sorry.
  5. $375. I asked and that was the answer.
  6. garage rented! Man the list of good teams grows and grows!
  7. Please keep in mind that the TAC was new last year and I would view all the valuation changes as resets. I don't believe that will happen again this year, at least not nearly to that extent.
  8. He should have braked harder and chose a side. 50-50 but by not choosing, he almost guaranteed a collision. The Acura maybe could have got on the brakes to become more stationary. Easy to arm chair QB these situations, but also most of us have been in them and survived without a collision. I personally have been in these sorts of scenarios at least once a season.
  9. yep, I was a little surprised that I liked as many as I did but most of Chris'petitions were clarification/corrections, not really rule changes at all. If you guys read through them you'll understand what I'm saying...
  10. Getting back to the petitions, I went through them extensively this weekend. A great many of them are simply clarifications, not really new rules but how to utilize/interpret the ones we already have. I found myself in outright favor of 1/2 of them, with another 13 tabled for the TAC (valuation petitions). I was only against 16 of the 66 outright. I thank all of you who submitted petitions, and want to point out that Chis spent many, many hours researching data, cars, etc and although he submitted almost half of the petitions, i am in favor of the vast majority of them. Keep the passion, guys, and again from the BOD, thank you.
  11. You need to also run a Mazda powertrain, correct?
  12. My stock tank has a vent line. In relocating my fill, I also need to relocate the vent line.
  13. After going to the rules for context, I believe this is strictly for the addition of fuel cells, not relocating the stock fuel vent line. I have a rollover valve in mine which shoul do the trick on a stock setup.
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