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  1. No on purpose, I had a box with two in it under some taillights that I didn't know were there. I sure wouldn't have kept two drivers side rears.
  2. Here is what I have left (and am willing to ship) after selling most everything over the weekend: Silver Bistein coilovers, revalved to stiffer than normal, with Eibach springs in the correct 700-325 pounds, mounted up. I have $1800 in this setup, and it was good enough that I never bothered to upgrade to Penskes. $600 for all four, shipped. driver's side rear spindle/carrier. I have two, $100 each. dust shield removed from one of themfuel pumps -2 - $80 eachdiff carrier, had a torsen in it but the torsen went boom. The carrier is available for $150open diff-with carrier- $2
  3. My mind was mostly made up before Barber. Barber was the cement in the decision. But we had a Barber-like race at Indy too, and COTA wasn't much better. I did not take the track at Barber, got maybe 40 minutes at Indy and 30 at COTA. I've got a few races coming up, we will see how it goes. Luckily I have a lot of hobbies and want to add more so racing isn't the only thing. For me, anyway.
  4. I loved it too. But the work was so much last year that i briefly considered quitting racing altogether. But i think it's more a problem of maintaining the car and all the long tows. I spent 160 hours last year towing to and from four tracks. I will drive for others and see if the joy comes back.
  5. Stripped and being sold off. I can't do it alone any longer.
  6. I've sold a lot, but still have upper and lower control arms for each side front and rear, knuckles/carriers for all four corners X2, PPFs, driveshafts, rads, etc coming up. I should have a complete list by next Monday of what is left. Contact me if there is something specific you want.
  7. We think we can do the work on the car in the lot Friday afternoon. But that doesn't mean we can't come by. Let me ask the guys!
  8. No you didn't. The weights are really just a performance adjuster now, and that's been treu for a couple of years. Actually it was true before that too but management was still pretending it was actual weights back then. It was quite the brouhaha
  9. The car is GBU. Not sure on who. It's been addressed by the Board for 2021. Individual components would be 150 points moving forward. I think sometimes tech gets put in a difficult spot when someone above tech makes a call.
  10. I believe this is the direction we are going which will lighten tech's load and put more pressure on competitors to police. Of all the jobs in Champcar, tech has to be the hardest. Sorry I offended you, Ray. See you at Barber in a few days.
  11. Ray, let me give you an example. IRS 50 points. It's not in the rules and the components are, but somehow they got 50 points. How? Why? Maybe it's not tech, but tech was there. Maybe it was Mike. That's just an example. I hear far too often that "tech said X when the rules say Y". That's what I'm referring to. Some of that of course it shooting from the hip because there is no rule or point value assigned. I understand that, we just have to be consistent. It's a helluva job, I will grant you that.
  12. I know this isn't the purpose of the thread, but allow me to opine here. I don't think we have rules instability. We tweak them every year but don't make wholesale changes. What we have is instability in tech and their valuation. Dana will be making changes to that. Stay tuned.
  13. I tried to read all this. I really did. i got through 7 pages before I gave up. I proposed to the Board to ban the RE71. I was alone. I was NOT alone in trying to come up with options. And I've changed my view based on other Board member's feedback. Banning a specific brand or type of anything will lead to a whack a mole situation. There will ALWAYS BE a hot tire, hot brake pad, etc. We could make an exemption list every year which will limit tires available, cost teams money on tires leftover, etc. After reading what I did, I believe the best way to limit costs is to limi
  14. Bill will you guys be taking sound readings there? I'd really like to know how loud my car is now with a racing header and different exhaust setup. I'm not towing back to Laguna unless I'm fairly confident we won't break sound.
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