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  1. I'm having a ton of remorse for passing on this event, but I'll be there next year. Glad everyone had fun.
  2. I’m fairly certain the swapped versions are going up in points next year. We haven’t seen any recommendations yet. That’s what I know. I do so thank you for your passion. Changes are in the works, I’m certain.
  3. I think whether you spend a lot on great hubs that last forever or cheap ones that need to be treated as disposables, you get the same result: hubs that don't fail. One option comes with points, the other comes with more labor.
  4. I had that exact failure on a Timken. I went for one hell of a ride through the prairie at High Plains. That was the last time I spent more on a hub. Now I just preventively change them and have not had an issue. Of course I throw away "perfectly good" hubs. But we all know better.
  5. A 10 second search on eBay yielded this as the first on the list, $52 for 2-yes I have used them and they hold up as well as Timkens. If you add some good neo grease, probably even better: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-Wheel-Hub-Bearing-Assembly-Pair-Set-for-90-05-Mazda-Miata/131976897288?fits=Model%3AMiata&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item1eba6fa308:g:g2oAAOSwTaFdHwKE:sc:ShippingMethodStandard!80112!US!-1&enc=AQADAAAB4KX%2FKt4E1xf3SDqEdBclaYZwnNU6W79cTgTb4lND8wLlhF9b%2BuSCL1fC%2F2LZRoCKLbSiw37KxXMyxVPlwW4JwpuONdYLnRitWJ9DHihyCfEPBn06VKFbd4eWmwvVnGUaAOh7N4yBrUo5RYKnaFMYS1XrJIwVp8TGI48CUDygLMeJSDxxYEGuvpIjv5HuO83xA4pdHstX%2FriuUVQ7FEeXLk73o1usntGOXL%2FMRwKtjX58DwL7r6Xa%2BBAY1sVNrC0YGJdET6AaAM6Uctb%2BSex3TcH8q%2BTPTQ0SkA5jCKq8sCr97ouz%2FiXeRIJeSOHUDUV5kK7hOem22vMT09gyRYQMlF3y7MdjvOBjGgUZ%2FbhLPz6NcRM66EZE0wfExP7PibS8NM6%2B3YsnIUyhtP2PIwXX1zSAxV9t8Y7NlGyZJfPnUhhYFURbKsLrdf2ViH4Z9GFdZLnpaH51xOuHakusLj1i%2BSIGw1ZF0yW3dU%2F9LCW7nRceEwpVHMCvX1OLblEcZqPCKo2xsrvwA28w3aoL%2B%2FwFyPi0CpRThUYCQCavyof7ul7uupn3Ggh3GnechEUqF2hEMCK76F2UDaHeUj76IRuVHCbLx0EQgBLnl6%2B2qXAk148rxYkMkfI1Yfpm5fWB%2B1qkog%3D%3D&checksum=131976897288ee9057c921d740a5866501a26bb07c73
  6. You put it in green but that is the math. I seriously doubt I will even RUN the Miata in 20 more events.
  7. I just use $30 cheapy replacements on my Miata. I realize now there are super-expensive, long lasting hubs out there, but a few years ago I bought the best OEM replacement hub out there and it failed as fast as the cheapies. So every other race I put two new ones on the front and off we go (unless at Road America, then every 8 hours). $60 every other race is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  8. I believe they will be scored separately with an EC only file as well, so you get what you stated. Let's see how Indy goes as we work towards a good solution.
  9. The NCM attempt to fix this did not work, so at Willow Springs we did the following: -real leader was picked up, not an EC car. -the broadcast crew is/was strongly encouraged to not talk about any EC cars. -a couple of laps before the finish the EC cars were removed from the standings. -in the final standings on Sunday on beehive, Race Monitor, etc, EC cars were removed. Final standings Sunday are listed without EC. Granted there was only one EC car there, but the plan is to replicate this for Indy. In this manner EC cars are not polluting the final results, and do not get the advantages of being the "leader" during the race. It's a start, let's see how it goes. As a Board we are still discussing how to handle EC next year. Hard to believe, but the rules for next year have tone finished up in just a few months. We will keep you posted.
  10. No one in a position of authority has said you cannot run with Champcar in the future. Also, the swap calculator has been around for at least four years, this is not a new thing. Come out and race. Finally, we need to allow newer cars into the series, but the VPI will be set so they are not able to make obsolete all the other cars. Any overdog will be reeled in. There will still be speed creep regardless, as teams improve their cars, their driver abilities, and their use of the points already in existence.
  11. I think what you are looking for is actually 30 points. Call it what you will, but axle to axle is 10, forward of that is ten whether you choose to call it a splitter or not, and past the rear axle is 10 more whether you choose to call it a diffuser or not. Ray or Jay are the authority though.
  12. Thanks National Tech! This is really helpful.
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