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  1. I'm not certain. Tiffany is now our secretary, but I don't think we are taking detailed notes like in the past. Please reach out to her or Doc.
  2. MCM will not be at WGI. The Board will entertain a path back for any team including MCM, but he will need to sell the Board on real change. My personal stance is forget it, don't care if they ever come back and I made that clear. But maybe he can sway enough of the Board to get another chance later on. It would involve a probationary period, be at a track that is NOT Daytona, WGI, Indy, etc. It might involve a bond. But the short answer he won't be at WGI, nor will his cars. Two on the waitlist will get those spots.
  3. Our Board meeting is now Wednesday. We will report back, but you should put pitchforks and lanterns away for now.
  4. I personally don't see the difference between a good Cobalt portable LI gun and an air driven one. So I've never really understood limiting tools unless you're going to make teams use old fashioned tire irons. That would be fun to watch.
  5. Well the point is you can do front to swap without penalty under any proposal. If you can't take care of your tires that's on you.
  6. Only if you do that. We RARELY flat spotted tires on the Miata despite not having ABS.
  7. Lots of discussions about tires in another thread. In my opinion it's the biggest issue facing our series today.
  8. I want to take this chance to thank everyone who has put forth an idea or contributed to the debate. I think it helps members understand the pitfalls of each idea and why some of this hasn't already happened. It also has helped with new ideas not previously considered. The wisdom of the masses, synergy, however you want to describe it. We truly appreciate it and I will be discussing some of the more viable ideas with the rest of the Board. Because Chris and Tyler have both seen this thread too, they can help present the various ideas. I'm not sure what will come of it but it will be disc
  9. We will meet as a board next Tuesday. Not sure we will get to tires but obviously it's a hot spot.
  10. You could see this coming a mile away, the manufacturers pulled the same stunt for autoX "street" tires. Make a sticky tire and slap whatever label you want on it, it's still a sticky tire and not rated properly.
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