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  1. Petitions are suggestions from members. As a Board we are not restricted to the wording of ANY petition, we can always create our own rules, modify petitions so that we address issues, even if not the exact way any particular petition is read, or come up with rules we deem important to address current or future issues. In a lot of case we might have three petitions that address the same issue, but none of the three is the best solution. We often will merge the best components of all three petitions while denying each one individually. Hope that helps...
  2. Roy, we are fully insured, including business practices. Just an FYI.
  3. To add to this, we tossed out rules that had five solutions in the past and told members to submit separate proposals for each option. That led to a plethora of petitions but it was what we asked for. Also, many members submitted similar petitions because who knows what is submitted and what is not. Each one is considered, although we grouped the for discussion in the essence of time. We had three separate meetings (other than the monthly meetings) just to discuss petitions. It's time consuming and some of us got bloodied during the fight, but we came out with conclusions on all. I'm not sure how to streamline the process, suggestions welcomed. One problem area was tires. How to regulate how many are used, which are allowed, etc. The Board simply could not agree and each solution had potentially serious hidden consequences. The closest we got was to restrict stops to one tire or charge 1 extra minute of time for each additional tire changed. That narrowly got voted down, 4-3. I tried but could get one more vote for it. Hope all this helps.
  4. I can address the rad rule. We've tried to implement one for a couple of years now. This is Champcar, we are running a lot of older cars and in some cases there is no longer a stock rad available OR it is outrageously priced. One of our series goals is affordable racing. There are usually 2 core aluminum ones on eBay for $100 for most marquees, but we were charging 10 points for one. With the idea of alleviating the costs of new OEM rads (that still have plastic ends on them), we made 2 core or single core free and only wanted to charge for triple core or racing rads. That brought a lot of negative feedback from not only the teams that had triple core rads and were paying 10 points (we increased it to 30), but also from tech who didn't think they could easily tell the difference between 2 core and 3 core. Hell I couldn't tell from looking at one. So we decided to punt on it and make them all free. Every car needs a rad, unlike oil coolers, trans coolers, etc. If you want to know who all voted and how, we had 5 members of the board on the call (two couldn't make it) so we had a quorum. Four voted for free rads (Tiffany, Chris, Rodger and I) and one voted to leave the rule the way its been (Tyler). Seats up for election this Fall are Bruce, Mike and me. Feel free to vote for or against us. Or run against us.
  5. Club course or pro course? Never been before, noticed the chicane before the keyhole. Will we use it?
  6. Good to know, I'll print up a vaccination card for me and Troy haha
  7. What's the closest airport? Looks like its halfway between Cleveland and Columbus? Trying to get flights, then I'll worry about a room.
  8. And I admit I was a bit harsh with Matt in the meeting. I'm still pretty angry about what MCM has done in races, damaging, at last count, at least 7 cars and totaling 2 of them.
  9. For me I did not hear contrition. I heard a whole lot of excuse making and had zero confidence that things would really change. At the end of the meeting I felt almost the same as when it started. For me it was valuing the grass root members more than the race entries MCM would have brought. We reviewed all the videos and history and mixed those with Matt's answers after the meeting and they just didn't mesh.
  10. MCM appealed their ban last night to the Board and were denied by a majority vote. A number of us did not hear what we needed to bring them back into the series at this time. Just an FYI.
  11. I sent them a note two days ago, no reply. I'm planning on racing with another team at Laguna but could do both.
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