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  1. Troy still has one on Biohazard.
  2. Poll added. This would be for 2021.
  3. We know what you know when it comes to the virus and our economy in general.. But the Laguna race was pushed to a Monday-Tuesday this December by track management which likely hurt attendance. We are back in the lottery for a December weekend in 2021, assuming Laguna is still open. I hope we can go back, I'd love to race there again.
  4. The name Longest Day is supposedly held by someone who threatens to defend its use. But we've had many 24s there and I'm sure we will again.
  5. I do not believe this is true. For example, you can cut a bumper to make fender flares. no points.
  6. They did it right. Track first. Check. The rest comes later.
  7. Seems heavy. It's a small car. My Miata is 1950 or so without driver and no fuel.
  8. I wish we could race at NL again next weekend. Such a great track!
  9. I cut mine off because of weight. I have more to remove but don't want to screw up the balance. If I ever remove most of the front bumper support, I'll take more off the back. I left just enough bumper to sort of be a bumper but not a parachute.
  10. Hey it was a pleasure racing with you guys. You were clean, fast and sometimes aggressive. But you were competing, and i would have driven it the same way. I look forward to racing with you more in the future. Congrats on your well-earned podium.
  11. I remember racing there 6-7 years ago when it would be 55-60 in the Fall and beautiful.
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