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  1. The original Biohazard has a splitter directly attached to the car with no air dam added.
  2. At some tracks where you can't communicate with your driver all the way around the track, it is critical to know about where the car is so you can prep for communication. We also use it to know approximately how soon your car will hit pit road and prepare for it. And worst, is when the bar goes red. What happened!?
  3. That's great news. Just the one missing feature (predictive as to where on track your car is) was extremely missed and important.
  4. Those motors are so cheap, I'm SURE they will fall under the 2020 $2500 limit. BAWAHAHAHAHA
  5. I have suggested a clarification to the rules for 2020 on the height of the air dam. It's a valid complaint.
  6. Not sure what you mean?
  7. Yeah I often question the decision. The car has so much potential but we have yet to finish a race problem-free. Close a couple of times. Two blown diffs, one trans, 3 blown motors (that's fixed now) countless other suspension components. Clutch last race. We were in 3rd place day one at Road America when we lost the clutch. In 2nd the second day. At Nelson Ledges we were in 2nd when the diff went poof. Still hopeful for the next race. I think the car could set the Champ lap record at Laguna and that race has a red circle around it, we'll see. Sure hope we got the bugs out now. I say that every race. I will share secrets for beers, I don't wish these struggles on anyone.
  8. I know, right? LOL It's not easy, but compared to other swaps, not as bad.
  9. @Wink just come over to the dark side. Swap your Miata and win races.
  10. As the car owner I can back up what Jerry said. We make 160HP. I don't crack motors, I just go to the junkyard for another. I think with a lot of work (hand port/polish, tune the ECU) maybe you can get to 170. Maybe. I'm not doing it because it's a lot of work, I don't really know what I'm doing, and I keep replacing the damned motors.
  11. LOL no. It's not a race header. I have a photo of an Ecotec race header at home, I will post it up for you tonight so you finally understand the difference.
  12. The only way to do that with an Ecotec is to go the 2.2 route and add cams. And then the team that did it have broken rockers and springs nearly every race. That's why I opted for a 2.4 stock motor. But I get 160HP out of it with the tune.
  13. yes it is! If we come back here, maybe you'll come drive for me. I got down to a 2:06 in the Miata last test day there.
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