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  1. I tried to read all this. I really did. i got through 7 pages before I gave up. I proposed to the Board to ban the RE71. I was alone. I was NOT alone in trying to come up with options. And I've changed my view based on other Board member's feedback. Banning a specific brand or type of anything will lead to a whack a mole situation. There will ALWAYS BE a hot tire, hot brake pad, etc. We could make an exemption list every year which will limit tires available, cost teams money on tires leftover, etc. After reading what I did, I believe the best way to limit costs is to limi
  2. Bill will you guys be taking sound readings there? I'd really like to know how loud my car is now with a racing header and different exhaust setup. I'm not towing back to Laguna unless I'm fairly confident we won't break sound.
  3. The Board voted to open clutches and flywheels as they were assumed to be difficult to check. Tech thinks they can check them consistently so there seems to be a reversal of position. Honestly, we could have used more of a push or given one back in September. Everything was delayed/not driven this year, not sure why. Well I have some ideas but it wont help now. we will try to do a lot better next year.
  4. Who is running successful races at these other venues? Lemons gets about 50 at High Plains but that's a very different series. No one else really runs these tracks anymore. I wish we would run more in the circle, I live in that circle!!
  5. Veris, there are not enough racers to support races in the white circle. We have tried at Brainerd, High Plains, Hastings, and Utah three times. No one signs up!!! While we would like to try at High Plains again, we won't put the club at risk on races we KNOW will lose money during COVID. After this is over, we will almost certainly try again.
  6. As I've now said twice, make it three times, this does not apply to Championship weekend.
  7. No it's not. You are making assumptions that are not true. On Championship weekend last Feb there was no MOV nor should there have been. Best finisher for the two races combined will win in the absence of parc ferme, and Sunday winner is the tie-breaker.
  8. But there's no MOV penalty even in twin races for the Championship. There wasn't last year either.
  9. I lost brakes at NJMP back in 2015 and purposely threw it into a spin which kept it off the wall. Nice job here. whew.
  10. I have run under both formats too, and I also like the split two day format better. To say it is now two sprint races when in fact it's two 8 hour races is a big leap. A sprint race outside of Champcar is a 20 or 40 minute race, not eight hours.
  11. The flipside to this is to say we play by one set of rules most of the year, but we're going to change it for one race? Thats like playing the NFL season under one set of rules, but the SB under a different set. Just sayin.
  12. Guys you can twist the past to fit any narrative you want. Last year (this last Feb) it was two distinct races. So that is the most recent precedent. I'm not going (well maybe as a driver but not my car) so I have no dog in this fight and frankly don't care. There are pluses either way. Nice to be able to fix your car for the next day if you have issues, but also nice to put a cover on it and go grab dinner. It will be up to Dana. There is nothing in the rules about it having to be two races or parc ferme. The only thing I know for sure is whatever is chosen, 1/2 of you will
  13. These are suggestions. It will be up to Mike or Dana as to whether or not they even want to poll people.
  14. We went with two races in February and it worked well. If you want to do an informal poll, please do so. It may or may not impact the decision, but more info is always good. A poll might make more sense on Facebook where you'd reach a lot more peoples.
  15. not sure on the hours, but definitely no penalty laps to the Saturday winner.
  16. As a Board we decided to change it to two race weekends. I think that means three races. Also, no Parc Ferme right now. Two separate races like we did at Sonoma.
  17. Well it doesn't cost you points, it costs you money. Some on the Board were trying to help out with that.
  18. We put the rad rule back to 2020 rules.
  19. It was shot down, IIRC, because there was a fear of writing rules for specific brands/models of tires. It could turn into a whack a mole deal which is not good. I personally like some or a lot of the proposals, all of which were shot down. Have to go back to the paddock to change more than one tire, or minimum stops increased for tires changes. Or a limit to how many can be used in a weekend. Or ...?
  20. I supported it. So did Tyler. We were alone.
  21. I know of one well discussed team who would spend 10K on shocks if allowed. I built my whole car for 6K.
  22. We will not make rules for brands. If we did, I'd start withRE71s haha.
  23. Shock itself. Adjustable perches (coil overs) remain 10 points.
  24. The Miata was phantom changed, noted by some Miata teams. We are looking at the file uploaded because it was never brought up or approved, but we will get it fixed.
  25. Here are the final changes from last night: 1) We could not agree on how to Structure the rad rule so we punted and it's back to 2020 rules for next year. It was a slim majority voting to leave rules the same. 2) all adj shocks are 25 points. The TAC recommended single adjustable being 10 points, but as a Board we believe that opens up to many possibilities for wealthy teams who could bring many different sets of shocks to a track and pick the best ones for that track. That hurts backyard teams who can't afford to do that. 3) We left clutches and flywheels open. Too
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