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  1. Yep. I was the 2nd person in the US to have an Elise. The one below is my 4th.
  2. You can ask for an adjustment, not sure what will happen. How do you deal with that puny gas tank?! It's really small if I recall, like on my lotus-10 gallons.
  3. Kudos to Tyler for bringing in The Tire Rack. unreal. They are giving away tires at a lot of races, and they do help us as an org expand our reach in other ways, such as offering a better broadcast to racing at new tracks where we don't get a large turnout. On a side note, we are upping the awards for results to the top five next season. If you have to go to tech, you should get something. We also are substantially increasing the awards for 1st-3rd in 2020. Finally, we are going to be banking some of the revenue. When that next recession hits, to have some money put away will help ensure the survival of the club through the downturn. Think of more sponsorship income as an insurance policy or a rainy day fund on the future economy.
  4. If you guys have ideas on how better to structure classes, please write petitions. We've considered a good one two years ago, but there just wasn't enough pro change to make a change. Maybe now there is, not sure. We'd love to hear from you, put the petitions out for member feedback, and see what happens.
  5. @ktm300 we all had to start somewhere. Fix the car and come back stronger. 23rd out of 50 in your first race? I'd take that. Congrats and see you on track!!
  6. As a car owner and racer I agree. My B class Miata is quite capable of winning the overall, we just haven't put it all together yet. Hopefully next race. We were in 3rd at Road America on day one when the clutch line failed, and for a moment in the lead on day two and then passed to 2nd by a D class car before the clutch itself failed. We temporarily led at Nelson Ledges when the diff let go. we were in 2nd at laguna when the alternator failed. I believe my car can win at many tracks if it can just finish a damned race. My personal opinion is class trophies hurt nothing. We could argue a better way to delineate classes, but no one gets hurt. Personally I want the overall and that's what I race for. But when things aren't going well, at least there's something to look at (classes).
  7. If it helps, Mike told me we picked up the actual race leader under caution at NCM, not the EC car. There was no broadcast for this race.
  8. As a Board we are in heavy discussion about EC. That's all I have to say right now.
  9. EC class has grown and it used to be that EC never finished or spent a lot of time off the track. These days that's not true.
  10. That was a suggestion but not put into practice. We are working on scoring. we did pick up the classified leader yesterday. More to come later, discussions being had.
  11. I like that people are trying to build a better mousetrap out of cheap, easily accessible parts. There might/could be a value associated with that, but I don't want to cap ingenuity in a builder's series.
  12. Schumacher Taxi had active aero on two different cars 7-8 years ago.
  13. You would be better off limiting prep or keeping points to a limit. We are not ever going to do PTW as a classification. There's another series that does that.
  14. It could be the lead in to changing classing too. Just spitballing.
  15. This would be pretty interesting. We are always looking for ways to make the series better. Please keep me apprised!
  16. We used to do this, looking for chips and the like. Again, free stuff that maybe shouldn't have been given away. It's all sort of bizarre to me, because I was not racing at all during the time all the free stuff given out. I ran one race over a two year period as we were in the middle a custody battle that made a bunch of lawyers rich. I came back to racing and the landscape had changed dramatically.
  17. Looks like a million dollar team to me. It's astounding that more teams haven't followed their path. Kudos to Robin.
  18. great idea, please let us know how it goes.
  19. Maybe so. But the ODB1 vs. OBD2 conundrum still existed, and you can't tell everyone to go get a newer car so they can maximize their programming. As Chris said, you CAN police newer computers. But we are still not trying to be the SCCA. Where does it end?
  20. My point is that you are not correct, many if not most teams have taken advantage of at least some of the free stuff handed out three years ago, and they ALL would whine. And they would all be justified in doing so. You seem to think only the top 10% of teams have taken advantage of the rules, and those are the teams winning all the races. Your 10%/90% split is incorrect. You are guessing that most people kept their old stock parts but you don't know that to be true, you are making statements to back your arguments but there's no evidence to support them. Attendance is better than ever, diversity in winners is greater than it's ever been, both by team and by make/model, and more and more new teams race with us each and every event, so your statements crafted as facts are simply wrong in that regard as well. The "tightening noose" is also incorrect. We are not going to create a separate ruleset for newer cars coming into the series, we will simply value them as necessary. And if we shut down the VPI list to super old cars, we will not grow and in fact will lose teams like MOPAR4LIFE, who built a newer car to replace the old one they could not find suitable replacements for. The series is not going to go back to the 2015 ruleset no matter how many times you ask for that. Update your car and come racing.
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