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    There once was a chump from Nantucket
    Whose car was so slow he said "F*ck it",
    He logged onto the board
    An E36 was soon scored,
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  1. Team Mid Life Crisis (E36 #666) was glad to be back at Gingerman for the umpteenth time. Some of you might have noticed that we actually replaced the snowboard wing with a legit Wang from 9 Lives and did some other aero as well. We also upgraded our engine with a fresh bore, pistons and a swapped in M52 crank giving us more of a 2.9L. Interesting thing was that we tried to claim the swapped in crank and were told it automatically makes us EC. Given that we normally race EC anyway and were trying to go legit into C, this seemed kind of silly and I pointed out that given the way some
  2. The supps are not consistent. Early they say you can get guest passes at the gate, then later they say no spectators. Please clarify. Thanks.
  3. And just a bit of perspective here folks: This is just for fun. If you are racing for anything else, you're not in the right place IMHO. Some of you are upset because the TV coverage spent too much time talking about the EC cars? TV coverage - Really? Some of you are upset because the standings or live timing is confusing - OK makes sense. But because that makes it difficult for you to explain to potential SPONSORS? WTF? If there is an official contingency program they understand classes, so we must be talking about locals. More power to you if you want t
  4. That NP01 was at the WRL race at Mid Ohio and we also raced with it, along with a semi-professional team of Caymans and some other highly prepped cars. We were never racing against them, nor they with us. It was a true LeMans situation. Timing was easy to follow and everyone knew where they stood and those that won their class seemed to feel like they won (we didnt win but were keenly aware of where we were in class). No issues. It has been a long time since I have been on this forum, but we have been running an EC E36 since, I think, 2013 and I know I have explained why before
  5. Well, my son and I are going to head to K1 indoor karting. Its not Champ, but its something, and he's 10. Plus if the kart breaks, I dont have to tow it home.
  6. As the title says, I am interested in a Porsche Cayman located in Houston. Not sure the exact location yet. It has a manual trans. Hoping to find a local Chump to take it for a spin, check the oil for coolant, etc.
  7. Bill was really clear at the meeting on Friday. Class awards for the enduros were combined for both days. For the last 5 years (or more), EC has been a class as far as I know (its in the name, actually), and EC was not excluded in that statement on Friday (before any racing had happened). If he changed the configuration at some point later, that is pretty lame. What would be the logic for having EC had separate enduros for each day but everybody else is combined?
  8. At the meeting Bill said that the class enduro results would be based on both Sat and Sun.
  9. By my count (and there is just a bit of self-interest) for EC Class: #197 574 laps #4 572 laps #666 291 laps #66 263 laps #137 140 laps #133 72 laps
  10. Can you post the final combined endurance class standings?
  11. Team Mid Life Crisis also enjoyed the event and format. We smashed our windshield in the first official sprint because I forgot to pin the hood down and we missed all but two of the remaining sprints while we got it replaced. Thankfully a local shop could get it done for us! Apparently our oil was toast after Saturday and lost its cooling ability and on Sunday we roasted the engine at about 11am and were done. Still had a great time. Thanks to everyone for a great event and a very clean set of races. Mark, we do have video for you and will get it up soon,
  12. Great Event. Thanks to Bill, Sandi and everyone for a well run weekend. Did the awards ceremony ever happen? We had to get going before that started.
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