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    There once was a chump from Nantucket
    Whose car was so slow he said "F*ck it",
    He logged onto the board
    An E36 was soon scored,
    And the rest of the field can go s*ck it.

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  1. And just a bit of perspective here folks: This is just for fun. If you are racing for anything else, you're not in the right place IMHO. Some of you are upset because the TV coverage spent too much time talking about the EC cars? TV coverage - Really? Some of you are upset because the standings or live timing is confusing - OK makes sense. But because that makes it difficult for you to explain to potential SPONSORS? WTF? If there is an official contingency program they understand classes, so we must be talking about locals. More power to you if you want to get local sponsors for your team/car but, again, this is amateur hobby racing. If it costs too much money to race in X races per year without a sponsor, then that is the real problem here, isnt it? Some of you are upset because the EC drivers are saying they won, when you really won. I have run many Cub Scout pinewood derbies and expect to hear this kind of whining from those racers as they complain about whose dad built which winning car, but here, really? You went home with the iron, you won. Do you really need more than that? Some of you also seem upset because the fastest cars (I assume like that Cayman) blow by and make the race feel unsafe. This is the speed creep argument at its extreme, except it is being made not by the average car, but from some of the leaders. Newsflash to the people consistently at the front of the pack, it only seems unreasonably fast when you are not doing the driving. On a different day, some of you can appear to be that unreasonably fast car to many of us other cars out there, as we quickly try to get out of your way or later incur the wrath of blocking the pack leaders. As was said earlier, WRL has successfully managed this. I raced at Mid Ohio among cars ranging from that Mazda NP01 to a race/restored EL Camino. Everyone shared the track and everyone knew who was racing who and who won. Then again, WRL runs on a different class system and rules. I have raced at Laguna Seca with LD under similar circumstances and, again, no issues with who was racing who.
  2. That NP01 was at the WRL race at Mid Ohio and we also raced with it, along with a semi-professional team of Caymans and some other highly prepped cars. We were never racing against them, nor they with us. It was a true LeMans situation. Timing was easy to follow and everyone knew where they stood and those that won their class seemed to feel like they won (we didnt win but were keenly aware of where we were in class). No issues. It has been a long time since I have been on this forum, but we have been running an EC E36 since, I think, 2013 and I know I have explained why before, but it is worth doing again. We started with a Mike Ogren prepped VW Golf and quickly realized that to run in the midwest at places like Road America, we needed more speed (not to say a VW Golf cannot place there, as they have). So we bought Phil Hare's 92 E36 he was running out of Toronto. We only race 1 or 2 times a year and we want our car to finish races and have fun. We sometimes do the former but always do the later. As the rule book became more and more detailed and "pointy" and the base E36 then started with a penalty, we decided to go EC because we were not ever likely to be racing for a podium finish and so why worry about all of the math and the points for all the little things that would make our car more reliable and more fun to drive. Better clutch and flywheel package, oil cooler, X brace, better bushings, LSD, etc. So we race EC because we do not race often enough to have the time or desire to fine tune our car or keep a log to bring it into class. We are faster than some people and are slower than many others. Our car is just your average CCWS car.
  3. And its ironic because I never throw anything away.
  4. I gladly would have, but I thought so little of it I actually tossed it last week.
  5. I bought one of the E30 convert defrost units and when I bench tested it I didnt think it moved nearly enough air so I scrapped it.
  6. OK, again, for those with the Frost Fighter, it looks like I can just use fused/relayed wires and standard insulated connectors and no need for the controller, correct?
  7. Old topic, new question. I see that people say to get the 100% modulation model, but do I need the controller or can I just hook up to a relay and switch? Dont want to spend the extra $$ if I dont have to.
  8. Well, my son and I are going to head to K1 indoor karting. Its not Champ, but its something, and he's 10. Plus if the kart breaks, I dont have to tow it home.
  9. As the title says, I am interested in a Porsche Cayman located in Houston. Not sure the exact location yet. It has a manual trans. Hoping to find a local Chump to take it for a spin, check the oil for coolant, etc.
  10. This E36 is original (not Chumped) and was a regular driver. It runs and drives reasonably well - particularly with the AC off. No significant body damage, but I would really have to check before I would say "none". I know that it has a significant paint peel/spawl (like 2" x 3" on driver side door(?)), door locks are funky, seat movement issues, window switch issues, ignition key spins sometimes, etc. Sparkly dark green with Dove Grey interior, wood moulding, etc. Interior is OK, but could use a real good cleaning as these people had kids. 102,000 miles (I need to double check, but it is close to that)! Original mature adult owner (Dr.) for 15 years (Rockford, IL) and then given to mature adult child (my friend) in 2010 (Chicago). No longer reliable enough to be family car so they got rid of it (to me because I had room to hold it). VIN: WBABF3321SEF52148 Clean original title in hand. Options: Order options No. Description 214 AUTOMATIC STABILITY CONTROL+TRACTION 240 LEATHER STEERING WHEEL 243 AIRBAG FOR FRONT PASSENGER 277 LT/ALY WHEELS DOUBLE SPOKE STYLING 314 HEATED WINDSCREEN WASHER NOZZLES 401 SLIDING/VENT ROOF, ELECTRIC 458 SEAT ADJUSTMENT, ELECTRIC. F DRIVER/PASS 473 ARMREST, FRONT 481 SPORT SEATS F DRIVER/FRONT PASSENGER 494 SEAT HEATING F DRIVER/FRONT PASSENGER 530 AIR CONDITIONING 540 CRUISE CONTROL 554 ON-BOARD COMPUTER 676 HIFI LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM 686 DIVERSITY-FUNCTION AERIAL 694 PREPARATION FOR CD CHANGER 704 M SPORT SUSPENSION 818 MAIN BATTERY SWITCH 925 SHIPPING PROTECTION PACKAGE With only 102,000, I can take the engine for my Chumpcar along with some other misc parts and then sell other stuff on the forums, but this car is decent enough that someone else with more interest should actually do something with it. SOLD
  11. Every second saved in fueling is a second that can be used to do something else to the car that the other guy cant do if he is still fueling.
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