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  1. My wrecked SCCA STL class 1995 Civic roller is available for low price of FREE FREE FREE! Well built cage that meets Champcar/LeMons/SCCA standards is in great shape. Needs front clip from firewall forward. Get a cheap Civic from Craigslist list, drill out a poop-ton of spot welds, get out your MIG, and swap over front clip. Ready to accept an ATL fuel cell. Located in Atlanta area. Must go away ASAP - yesterday preferred. Mike ac9c@aol.com 678-230-4970
  2. I have some unmounted tires that a team needs in Daytona. Any chance someone is passing through Atlanta to Daytona Friday sometime? I can meet off the most convenient exit as you pass though ATL. Thanks! Mike Taylor 678-230-4970
  3. shucks... Thanks for the offers but looks like I need to attend to a few other things instead of racing with y'all at Road Atlanta darn it!
  4. I normally run and drive one of the Hong Norrth cars but alas none of our cars will be at Road Atlanta. Was looking back at some previous Road Atlanta Chump in car videos and now I want to drive the upcoming RA race. Usually drive the Hong Norrth MX-3s or Supra and my STL prepped Civic (aka Squirrel) in SCCA. I'm easy on cars, good at avoiding stuff that needs to be avoided, reasonably fast with tons of laps at RA Mike Taylor
  5. Had fun dicing it up with the Guarino-Watson E30. Whoever was driving could wheel the car. Got into a couple of pretty good barking duels into 10a then decided we were runnign the same pace so decided to let you by and I'd follow. Lots of fun and real good racing. I was in the Hong Norrth white Supra. Cheers! Mike
  6. TIming error. Fastest real lap for the Hong Supra 1:49.2
  7. There are quite a few of really fast non-pro drivers around at a Chump race IMHO. We have had one of the well respected pros in our car and he wasn't any quicker than a couple of our fastest drivers. If you want to know what your car can do there are other options other than throwing a pro in your car. The good thing about getting a fast driver in your car even for a few laps is you will know if you should concentrate on driver vs. car prep.
  8. That was me that gave your car the bumper nudge. Sorry about that. I spoke with your driver about that and apologized. My fault but I was surprised about the line he took into 3. Also hadn't expected your car to do running so slow as usually you guys are fast fast fast. I should have known though as earlier in the stint I noticed the driver made a few unpredictable/unexpected moves. Nothing bad mind you but he definitely had the newb look - just like we all did at first.
  9. A little video from the Hong Norrth MX-3 http://youtu.be/-eCBXmGjSro
  10. Latest forcast is dry Sunday.Hoosier is paying 4,2 and 1 tires for SM in the enduro.... Do it
  11. Ben - was that you driving the lastcstint Saturday? Had a good hard fight trying to pass y'all
  12. The wear on the 205 ZII SS was good. Went all 15 hours at Road Atlanta on the MX-3 with tread left but bit sure how much. Seems to be pretty comparable wear or maybe a bit better than the Rivals.
  13. We have used the 205/50/15 ZII Star Specs in place of the 225/45/15 Rivals when they are out of stock and find that on the MX-3s the 205 Star Specs are just as quick with the added benefit of bring much better in the rain. YMMV IMHO PQRST
  14. Just ran across this thread. 118 WHP on one MX-3, 119 WHP on my MX-3 on a the chassis dyno at Dynolab in Marrieta Ga. I posted the dyno curves last year somewhere on the forum. We don't weigh much, the MX-3 is slippery, has great brakes, and carries great speed through the corners. We really need to thrash the MX-3s pretty hard to get decent lap times. The MR-2 puts at least 100 yards on us down the backstraight at Road Atlanta. Love the MR-2s. Good looking, proper sports cars, and go like stink with the V6. Autocrossed a Gen2 for a few years and miss it. The MX-3 can run with the MR-2s when the slower drivers are in it, but when the fast guys are in the MR-2 we are 3-4 seconds a lap slower at Road Atlanta.
  15. That was me in the Hong Norrth MX-3 at the start. What car were you in? Glad to be of assistance! We have a few Road Atlanta laps under our belts
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