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  1. riche30

    2019 Official The 12 hours of VIR (South)

    Alright... looks like I've got just enough interest in photos for us to come up and give this a shot. For those interested here's the order link. Of course, we'll be coming around and trying to take your money at the track too! Good luck to everyone, see you there! http://www.msmtrackdays.com/new-products/photo-package-chumpcar-vir-mar2019
  2. Time and practice and patience do pay off. I went 3-4 seconds a lap faster this year than I did last year. The only thing that changed was the amount of track time I've had. Same car and same setup.
  3. riche30

    2019 Official The 12 hours of VIR (South)

    I'm looking at the possibility of coming up and offering photo packages through MotorSportMedia for this event. Would anyone be interested in photo packages? Having a few in the bag might be enough to sway me one way or another.
  4. riche30

    Driver's Championship

    As a team owner, never happening. I'm not letting someone in my car just because their team qualified for a championship. A good team can carry a bad driver. As a Board of Directors member.. what a nightmare this is from a liability standpoint. What if that loaned person totals YOUR car?
  5. I think he's assuming that all rules changes MUST come from the petition process, which is incorrect. The petition process is a way for member's at large to ask for rules changes, but Tech and the BoD have the ultimate say on any rules changes and don't require a petition to make rules for an upcoming season. The TAC does require and will use the petition system to submit possible new rules for 2020 and will also have a support role to play in that year's BCCR when it is supplied to them for review and suggestions.
  6. If you're unsure, email Tech to clarify. They have the final say... but I don't think i'd have a problem with this from a safety standpoint.
  7. 4.3.1 covers the items in section 4.3 (Fixed Point Values). It has no bearing on unless that material is added (not repurposed) to make those fenders. We're merely saying if you go buy steel or plastic to build fenders then you need to use those values. I can see how taking the two together could be a little misinterpreted in this case though.
  8. Not sure why it's a surprise.... I read the same rulebook you guys got. Genuinely curious, which cars?
  9. If you have car to car contact, we strongly suggest you bring the car in to be checked for all safety issues. Smaller wheels and tires, of stock sizes, are free. We can't think of a car on the road that has this issue with a stock setup.
  10. 1. No where in the rules does it say you can't use re-purposed materials from your OEM parts to make fender flares 2. This is a guideline for Tech. Tech still has the ultimate call on what they deem safe. If you think you're questionable take some photos and email Tech to make sure you're safe. 3. We can handle this the same way we'd handle other safety issues during a race. Window nets falling down, belts not buckled, fuel and oil spills on track....
  11. riche30

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    It's literally the first sentence of rule 4.3. Fixed values only apply to non-stock components.
  12. riche30

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    No.. just, well.. no. If you decide your car is overpowered and want to pull a piston out of the block to get those points back as well... we're not going to do that either.
  13. riche30

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    I'm not the authority, and my word isn't final. But, if that's something we're currently allowing I don't see us charging aero for it unless it's so over the top we don't have a choice. Having a roof is more a safety issue to me than anything else.
  14. riche30

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    The trunk lid being used as an aero device is now an aero device... aero devices have a fixed point value. If I wanted to take the hood off my car and cut the steel to make my splitter, it's now a splitter. If I want to cut my OEM exhaust and make my own headers, those are now headers. All of those things have a point value no matter how you get to them.
  15. riche30

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    "4.3.1. Non-stock Component Values: ChampCar has assigned a FIXED POINT VALUE that will be applied to MOST nonstock and/or performance components. Fixed point values supercede all other methods of valuation. Repurposed components will be valued as the new component." Note the first 3 words.... your OEM trunk lid spoilers, your OEM oil coolers, etc... those are all safe. At least that's my interpretation of the rules.