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  1. riche30

    Daytona 2020

    Daytona in July sounds horrible to me as well.
  2. First off, shout out to Peter over at Irish Viking Racing. He passed me shortly after dark in one of the BMW E34s and gave me a carrot to chase. The next 6-7 laps were some of the hardest I've ever driven trying to get back around someone (and I did!!!). Some of the finest, cleanest head to head racing I've had the pleasure of sharing, and he seemed as happy with the tiff as I did. As for our weekend. Amazing what one mistake at home can do. We had some help packing the trailer and our helper grabbed the wrong spare tires. He grabbed the ones that weren't mounted on wheels (!!!). So, at hour 5 as we're cruising along in a top5 overall position our right rear Nexen tire delaminated. A normal 5 minute pit stop turned into a 45 minute trip to the paddock and choice to turn Daytona into a 14hr test session for the Datsun. We'll be back soon, another bullet loaded in the chamber. This thing is wicked fast.
  3. Thanks Ben, Ross and Jason for the photo orders. Those should be in your emails. Let me know if you didn't get for some reason.
  4. Anyone from the Merc team on here? Or the dark blue Miata with the large rear wing? Ya'll need to step up and order some photos. Some of my favorites from the weekend came from you guys! ross2004, PapaJohn55 ... You guys too!
  5. Just a reminder guys... I have photos for sale. Want to thank the few teams that have already place their orders, you're photos have been delivered!
  6. Just a reminder, I was there this past weekend snapping some nice photos of you guys. Anyone interested in shots please follow the link below to place your order: http://www.msmtrackdays.com/new-products/photo-package-chumpcar-vir-mar2019 Sample photos can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2jmg5rysavb959k/AADLSjU1V1AyuJ3D2fydQ_kPa?dl=0 Thanks, Rich
  7. Alright... looks like I've got just enough interest in photos for us to come up and give this a shot. For those interested here's the order link. Of course, we'll be coming around and trying to take your money at the track too! Good luck to everyone, see you there! http://www.msmtrackdays.com/new-products/photo-package-chumpcar-vir-mar2019
  8. Time and practice and patience do pay off. I went 3-4 seconds a lap faster this year than I did last year. The only thing that changed was the amount of track time I've had. Same car and same setup.
  9. I'm looking at the possibility of coming up and offering photo packages through MotorSportMedia for this event. Would anyone be interested in photo packages? Having a few in the bag might be enough to sway me one way or another.
  10. As a team owner, never happening. I'm not letting someone in my car just because their team qualified for a championship. A good team can carry a bad driver. As a Board of Directors member.. what a nightmare this is from a liability standpoint. What if that loaned person totals YOUR car?
  11. I think he's assuming that all rules changes MUST come from the petition process, which is incorrect. The petition process is a way for member's at large to ask for rules changes, but Tech and the BoD have the ultimate say on any rules changes and don't require a petition to make rules for an upcoming season. The TAC does require and will use the petition system to submit possible new rules for 2020 and will also have a support role to play in that year's BCCR when it is supplied to them for review and suggestions.
  12. If you're unsure, email Tech to clarify. They have the final say... but I don't think i'd have a problem with this from a safety standpoint.
  13. 4.3.1 covers the items in section 4.3 (Fixed Point Values). It has no bearing on unless that material is added (not repurposed) to make those fenders. We're merely saying if you go buy steel or plastic to build fenders then you need to use those values. I can see how taking the two together could be a little misinterpreted in this case though.
  14. Not sure why it's a surprise.... I read the same rulebook you guys got. Genuinely curious, which cars?
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