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  1. I absolutely love the fact that you took the time to argue this Mike. ❤️
  2. Which VIR race are you talking about? The March or the 24hr in August? As for a the number or rules changes, they are very few this upcoming year compared to years' passed. RVA Graphics as our 2017 Champion - Not going to bother looking them up, I see them at almost every event on the East coast. Damson as 2018 - 7 race weekends that I see (DamSon / DSRFoxy) Just to elaborate here a little I'm going to give an example of what I don't want to see happen. And I'm going to pick on Kevin Boswell and the boys over at Hong Norrth Racing to do so. Kevin and his car are a proven commodity at Atlanta Motorsports Park. It's their home track (as well as mine). They've got a ton of testing there. We run a dual 8's weekend at AMP every year. It's possible for Kevin to come in, finish in the top 5 both days and qualify for the championship, in one weekend in what is the smallest field in the South East corner of the country. Arguably our most competitive region. If that's the ONLY race weekend all year long we see Kevin and his car is that someone I want to represent ChampCar as our national championship car and team? I don't. I'd rather it be someone we can count on more than two weekends a year to be there. Thankfully, we can count on Kevin and his team at more than 2 or 3 events a year.
  3. Currently, as CCES is set up, you're correct. We award the championship to the CAR and the team preparing it/driving it. It's the car that qualifies. It's also the cars that at this time most identify our series. We're not yet to the level of NASCAR or Formula1, or even IMSA for that matter. We want to, over time, have the focus shift from the machines to the personalities in the sport but today, in 2019 (and 2020) we're forced to tie our history to the automobiles being raced. No one says YOU have to run 5 races in your friend's car to be eligible to drive for a championship. You just have to drive in a car that has those five event credits. Once again, that can be as little as 3 race weekends if opted that way.
  4. @cmiller - It's pretty simple, for me. I want my series champion to be someone that represents the series more often than two weekend's a year. Asking you to attend 3 weekends over a 12 month period, at minimum, is plenty gracious in my opinion.
  5. For those complaining about 4 races versus 5 races here's what that would have mean for the 2018 Championship race. 6 cars. Borrowing numbers Mr Waldrop has gathered for the BoD to digest as we made this decision. For comparison to the past: 2018 2017 2 races: 19 8 3 races: 6 11 4 races: 6 9 5 races: 14 15 6 races: 10 14 7 races: 8 9 8 races: 7 2 9+: 3 8 In 2019, we're seeing the trend worsen. As of August: 2 races: 33 3 races: 6 4 races: 21 5 races: 2 6 races: 5 7 races:5 8 races: 2 ... keep in mind, that's of August. How many of these 21 teams with 4 races are still going to run another race in the last quarter of the year?
  6. I hit 3 cars in the first hour, all on the oval portions of the track. Turn 12/13 area. Completely my fault. Blue and grey BMW. Still haven't found anyone who'll admit to being slow enough for me to catch and hit them though.
  7. Not the best weekend for the John Allen Special. About 1.5hrs into the race we installed a view-port into the side of the block for better visibility of our crankshaft. Upon inspection we noticed parts had become detached from it. Also, big apologies to at least two, if not three, cars that I just plain hit in turn 12 during the first hour Saturday. I never caught the car numbers or details so that I'd be able to walk down and apologize in person, but it wasn't from lack of trying. Corner stations never called me in for contact and had no record I'd even touched anyone. I KNOW that I did.
  8. For the record... only three people's opinions matter on this subject. Jay, Ray and Mike C. I'd suggest emailing them rather than posting on the forum for clarification to any rules.
  9. Actually, I suggested your original message was getting diluted. Not that you were trying too much. Big difference. (assuming you meant me). Just because I'm not posting on the forums daily or hourly doesn't make me any less passionate about this series. EC presents its problems and running them out of the series is not the solution. Of course you know that. We had that discussion in the BoD emails. I'm all in favor of a 1000 lap penalty to keep the EC cars together. I am NOT in favor of trying to run two races on race hero/race monitor. That's extra administrative functions we don't need for a class that isn't eligible for an overall win.
  10. You guys all see that, right? Huggy and I agreed on something today.
  11. Needs to be 1000 laps, 100 isn't enough to keep them from getting jumbled at some tracks. Just my $.02 -Rich
  12. Send me the details on the car and I'll see if I can't point you in the right direction.
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