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  1. Actually, I suggested your original message was getting diluted. Not that you were trying too much. Big difference. (assuming you meant me). Just because I'm not posting on the forums daily or hourly doesn't make me any less passionate about this series. EC presents its problems and running them out of the series is not the solution. Of course you know that. We had that discussion in the BoD emails. I'm all in favor of a 1000 lap penalty to keep the EC cars together. I am NOT in favor of trying to run two races on race hero/race monitor. That's extra administrative functions we don't need for a class that isn't eligible for an overall win.
  2. You guys all see that, right? Huggy and I agreed on something today.
  3. Needs to be 1000 laps, 100 isn't enough to keep them from getting jumbled at some tracks. Just my $.02 -Rich
  4. Send me the details on the car and I'll see if I can't point you in the right direction.
  5. Thanks! I know all day long as cars approached I tried to show and point at my personal wristband as every car approached. What frightens me is this... do you have ANY clue how many driver's aren't looking at the volunteers as they approach pit out? Our folks work really hard to get you guys in and out of that box and simple instructions that cost you guys second on track go missed every time. 1. Drive TO the volunteer, don't stop 20ft short 2. If there's a car already stopped and a second volunteer is working, make eye contact. They may move you left or right to check your timer. 3. We check nets, belts, helmet stickers, wrist bands. Be ready for all that. If I push your head, I'm just trying to find your helmet sticker.
  6. We give out a specified number of driver's bands to each team. That way we know each team has registered their drivers, are in our system for the event, and have covered ourselves liability-wise by not allowing a non-registered driver on track. The idea of the helmet sticker sounds great. But... you guys sent 4 cars to pit-out this weekend that didn't even have their annual gear tech stickers applied. Those cars went back to the paddock and lost laps while doing driver changes and gear checks. Huggy, you're a front running car. Just plan the extra 5 seconds at pit-out to adjust your gloves if you need to. I KNOW you've got everything else in that pit stall planned out and if you're going to lose a race its not going to be over 5 seconds in the pits, it's going to be over something you can't plan for (steering wheel comes to mind). You're too good a team manager to let that armband affect your race.
  7. riche30

    Daytona 2020

    Daytona in July sounds horrible to me as well.
  8. First off, shout out to Peter over at Irish Viking Racing. He passed me shortly after dark in one of the BMW E34s and gave me a carrot to chase. The next 6-7 laps were some of the hardest I've ever driven trying to get back around someone (and I did!!!). Some of the finest, cleanest head to head racing I've had the pleasure of sharing, and he seemed as happy with the tiff as I did. As for our weekend. Amazing what one mistake at home can do. We had some help packing the trailer and our helper grabbed the wrong spare tires. He grabbed the ones that weren't mounted on wheels (!!!). So, at hour 5 as we're cruising along in a top5 overall position our right rear Nexen tire delaminated. A normal 5 minute pit stop turned into a 45 minute trip to the paddock and choice to turn Daytona into a 14hr test session for the Datsun. We'll be back soon, another bullet loaded in the chamber. This thing is wicked fast.
  9. Thanks Ben, Ross and Jason for the photo orders. Those should be in your emails. Let me know if you didn't get for some reason.
  10. Anyone from the Merc team on here? Or the dark blue Miata with the large rear wing? Ya'll need to step up and order some photos. Some of my favorites from the weekend came from you guys! ross2004, PapaJohn55 ... You guys too!
  11. Just a reminder guys... I have photos for sale. Want to thank the few teams that have already place their orders, you're photos have been delivered!
  12. Just a reminder, I was there this past weekend snapping some nice photos of you guys. Anyone interested in shots please follow the link below to place your order: http://www.msmtrackdays.com/new-products/photo-package-chumpcar-vir-mar2019 Sample photos can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2jmg5rysavb959k/AADLSjU1V1AyuJ3D2fydQ_kPa?dl=0 Thanks, Rich
  13. Alright... looks like I've got just enough interest in photos for us to come up and give this a shot. For those interested here's the order link. Of course, we'll be coming around and trying to take your money at the track too! Good luck to everyone, see you there! http://www.msmtrackdays.com/new-products/photo-package-chumpcar-vir-mar2019
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