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  1. I still read this as 'per component' too. Not per corner.
  2. You hit the nail on the head. Certain people think having a Riley and his deep pockets coming and whipping up on everyone is good. Certain people think its horrible. Trying to find that middle ground is where the work is done.
  3. Also, no. I'm not planning to run for BoD again. Thank you for those that have asked.
  4. FYI, nominations for the next round of board seats are currently being accepted. Details should be in your email (email posted below). The terms for Michael Chisek (President) #000498, Tiffany Alexander #005772, and Richard Sainato #001155 end on December 31st of this year. Their seats are the ones up for re-election and when filled will serve until December 31st, 2023. Michael Chisek, Tiffany Alexander, and Richard Sainato are eligible to run again and can be nominated like any other member. Go to this link and fill out your name and member number. Then at the bottom, fil
  5. Two comments: Firstly, this tempts teams to skirt the rules by doing fuel stops in the paddock, not on pit road. If you don't think teams don't put fuel in their cars now when they go to the paddock you aren't watching closely enough, not you're giving them extra reasons to do so. Secondly, as you said you might cost that team a minute or two (or less.. because if i'm planning to go to the paddock to change tires you better bet its going to be done as close to the hot pits as possible). So what's that equate to on the track? One lap, two laps? That doesn't seem like a large
  6. Reasons why I said I wasn't sure I liked my own idea.
  7. Already you're not following the rules as suggested! I said per the tirerack site. As an old E30 guy though, I've never known an E30 to come on 185 width tires. 195 was the stock size I always have had on all my cars.
  8. Like I said.. I'm not sure even I like my idea. But people, we have to look at the big picture and think about how our rules affect all teams, not just GBU. Also, your math is off. 195 x 1.1 = is 214.5, or a 215.
  9. Ok, so... I like a 10% over stock idea. I think that means MR2s can run a 215 up front and a 225 in the rear. Maybe that's why Troy ignored my suggestion, because he figured out that reigning in everyone else might affect him. Edit: I spelled "affect" as "effect" and some grammar nazi caught it.
  10. Also... I think I did offer a suggestion. Percentage of tire size over stock. I don't know how much I like that idea, but its out there.
  11. Troy, I don't have all the answers to all the questions. No one does. I'm simply pointing out the issues with the proposals being suggested right now.
  12. I should mention those notes above are my opinions and do not represent the board as a whole.
  13. So.. I only read about 3 pages of this thread before giving up. A couple of notes: Never has the BoD considered TireRack's involvement in our series when deciding tire rules. As a matter of fact, we probably should be thinking about that if we have to revise our rules. Thanks for reminding us. A single limit max size doesn't really work for me. Rules must scale across all models and if you put a tire size limit (say a 305 width) then you are penalizing cars that start with larger tires more so than those on the smaller side of things. If you're going to limit tire sizes I'd be more ap
  14. Hey... i know the guy that took that photo!
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