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  1. I've been sitting quietly watching, waiting to see who would step forwards to run for the Board this year so I could figure out where to cast my vote and my largest concern is that we're posed to vote in a board of directors that thinks first about a rulebook, and not a business. I'd love to hear some thoughts on the following issues: 1. As a possible new board member, what are your thoughts on how to attract new teams to CCES? 2. Do any of you have business leading backgrounds? Who here has experience dealing with banks, accountants, corporate insurance brokers, attorneys, etc? 3. What are your thoughts on West Coast expansion? Should CCES continue to try to reach that market? If so, why? 4. You're signing on for a 3 year term. What do you hope to accomplish in the 3 years to further the BUSINESS of CCES, not the rulebook? 5. It's my belief that the Board has been weighed down by its own desire to keep its hands in the rule book. Do you think its time for the Board to have oversight controls only?
  2. I've petitioned the board to make the following change in honor and memory of Doc Waldrop. I'm not sure what our agreements are with sponsors but I hope it works out... The Doc Waldrop Spirit of ChampCar Trophy.
  3. Just because I'm not sure WE have what it takes to win the big trophy doesn't mean other class winners might not have a chance. I'm merely stating we invite people to the big dance that may have never even been on a podium but are ignoring teams that actually brought home hardware. We also encourage teams to "club baby seals" at small races and punish teams that race in larger fields. And while I use JAS as an example, no one on that team has ANY hopes or expectations to get invited to the 2021 dance next year based off of what has been done so far because its not in the rules.
  4. We can RACE at the championship race, but we aren't qualified to run for the big trophy.
  5. Multiple threads and discussions on this and over my three years as a board member it was made apparently clear that CCES does have a significant population that pays attention to the class structure in our series. I spent 2 of my 3 years on the board railing against class structure and had to change my attitude towards them when it became clear there was no path back to the single class series we had previously. I also voted for Troy's most recent submission to re-structure classes and believe the board agreed to spend 2021 finding a way to move towards a points based class system versus the current displacement based one. I'm no longer on the board so I don't know if there's any movement on that at this time.
  6. 2 comments here. Statistically, the unqualified car has already beaten more cars than Premium Dudes had to beat to qualify for their invite to this year's race. My guess is if I calculated up the number of cars Pinkies Out beat at the VIR races that allowed you to qualify both your cars you'd see that JAS has also already outnumbered you as well. I'm asking for a car, that based on previous performance, be allowed to qualify for a race based on its merits. In this case, this car has two trophies showing it actually WON something (Pinkies Out Aero didn't win anything last year, correct?) and did so at tracks with fields where that's an actual accomplishment. Just because you don't like the classes, and I don't like the classes, doesn't mean that we shouldn't be rewarding those that compete and do win things. Hell, for that matter if someone wrote a petition saying that Chandler School Trophy winners should also get an invite I'd fully support that too. We're not NASCAR and there's no millions of dollars on the line here. I'm merely trying to show there's a problem with our methods and that the way we decide who gets to go is as broken as the classes themselves.
  7. Correct. And I'm asking for class winners (within reason) to be allowed to compete for THE championship.
  8. Nothing wrong with winning small car counts. It SHOULD be rewarded. But so should those folks that actually have trophies on the mantle, big or small, that say "winner". Not sure why you're fighting so hard to keep people out of the event instead of rewarding folks and encouraging competition. This is a "for fun" series, after all. Afraid they might beat you?
  9. Just to throw this out there... you're qualified for the 2020 championship based off your 3rd place at Nelson and your win at Gingerman. Congrats, great runs, and I don't want to take away from that. But, the combined cars you finished in front of for those two events that places you in the field is 94 cars. JAS, in 2021, with two class wins don't forget, does't have the same overall finishes you showed. Yet, in those two races finished ahead of a combined 150 cars.
  10. I'm not even asking for a class champion. I'm asking that any race winner (by class) at least get invited to participate in the championship race FOR the championship.
  11. Just because the classing system is currently bonkers doesn't mean you don't celebrate those that win in said system.
  12. Crazy to me that we have a series where people want classes but don't want to recognize those classes. OK JAS boys... I guess you need to just gotta do it the hard way.
  13. There are 4 winners in every race we hold. A “First Place in Class” trophy will be awarded to each Class winner.
  14. I'm just of the mindset that the JAS guys have two trophies sitting on the mantle this year that say "1st Place" and they may not even get an invite while teams that have no hardware do. We're a series with classes. That ship has sailed, I don't think you're ever going to see CCES go back to a single class series. As such we should take our classes seriously. If that means changing how classes are structured, so be it. But until then, I still think we should treat our "race winners" like "race winners".
  15. Let me start by stating this is coming from a 100% biased position, and I'm very much aware of my bias. That being said, sometimes a bias helps expose a possible short-coming in our series. Our national championship invites are based on overall points alone. For the 2020 championship race a team could have potentially finished in 6th place overall over two race weekends, never been invited to impound, and still receive an invite. John Allen Special in 2021 has two class victories against classes carrying 13 and 14 cars respectively (don't quote me on that, I'm going from memory). However, the overall placements have them at a 3rd and 13th overall (once again, memory) giving JAS a total of 16pts for the year. Now, the boys fully plan to go out a few more times to try to whip up on everyone else and making this whole idea a non-issue BUT... shouldn't a team that has class victories be considered for invitation to the big dance? Would a rule, with some kind of qualifier, inviting class winners that don't make the championship race through overall placement be supported by the masses? Possible petition could look like the below: In order to qualify for the National Championship, a ChampCar team must: a. Finish in the top 75 in points for the previous season. b. Teams must compete in at least two (2) event weekends. c. Alternatively any team registering a class win in a class with 10 or more participants in the qualifying season and meeting the two (2) weekend event criteria also qualifies for invitation.
  16. If you're running 40th .... you don't need to flash anyone regardless of speed differential! Back off and don't jeopardize someone else's race please. However, you're running top 10 and trying to close a gap and there's a speed differential, I don't mind that so much as the slower car. That's where some give and take could be warranted because next time if I'm the fast guy, I'm going to hope you repay the favor.
  17. I can confirm I saw two corner workers at station 10a when I was shooting from that location for some quick photos.
  18. Just a reminder, race is this weekend. Get your orders in so I can get you taken care of!
  19. I'm back! Once again offering MotorSportMedia photo packages to ChampCar competitors for the Road Atlanta 14hr race. I only shoot cars that pre-order, so please make sure you get your orders in before the event! http://www.msmtrackdays.com/new-products/champcar-road-atlanta-february-2021
  20. Thank you to everyone that ordered photos from MotorSportMedia this weekend. All photos that have been paid for are now delivered and we appreciate the support!
  21. @TAlexander will definitely want photos if she's driving the bug there.
  22. You must not be racing... because I don't see an order for a photo package from you guys yet.
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