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  1. If by chance any team out there has had a change of plans for some reason and would not be able to participate at Daytona, we would have interest in buying out the entry slot. Please PM here on the forum, email at info@winnms.com or call 941-626-5930 (please leave voicemail if prompted.) Thanks!
  2. Many thanks Joe! Looking forward to seeing you guys and your Fox next year!
  3. Aperture Racing is looking for funded drivers to fill seats in its SN-95 V8 Mustang for 2016. While just about any event on ChumpCar's schedule would be considered if enough driver interest was generated, the current goal is to participate in the following events... Sat 24 September Sebring 14 Hour Sat 31 December Sebring 14 Hour There would also be potential opportunities for drivers to participate in track days with the car ahead of race weekends, if desired. For details, please PM me here, email info@winnms.com, or call @ 941-626-5930 (please leave a voice mail if prompted.) Regards, Damien
  4. We no longer have driver openings for Sebring; thanks to everyone that inquired. Our focus has now shifted to the Homestead-Miami race week, where driving opportunities with the team are still available. For more information, visit our HMS post http://bit.ly/1KqDyXn and/or direct contact me. Thanks! Damien
  5. Aperture Racing has driver opportunities for the Sebring 14 hour September 26. The team is running an SN95 Mustang that will be running for class D and overall honors. The current plan is for stints to be split evenly between 4 drivers. Preference would be for pilots that have existing wheel-to-wheel competition experience, but those with accredited track day backgrounds (maybe even trying to branch out into racing for the first time) would be welcome as well. Aside from possibly being asked to assist with some minor pit activities, this car has a dedicated crew to service it, so drivers can enjoy a genuine arrive and drive experience and focus on their seat time. For inquiries, please send me a private message here, direct e-mail info@winnms.com or call 941-626-5930 to discuss details. Regards, Damien Winn
  6. Welcome to ChumpCar Tiresoaker! Fell free to save my info if you have any questions during your startup process; I'd be more than happy to answer what I can or find someone who could (as most people in this community would!) I also have a 99 Neon that would be a good spares candidate if you're ever interested.
  7. We've got a friend that wants to part ways with a 1999 Dodge Neon 2.0 SOHC. There were ChumpCar plans in mind for this car, but following some alleged camshaft issues the owner has since moved on from that. For someone more familiar with these cars, it might serve as a good candidate for a quick turn-around. Car's 1st owner was an elderly lady, the 2nd used it for college commuting before upgrading...and then the engine issue. No major damage to the frame and the car's essentially ready to strip down for track use. If someone proves to have serious interest in the car we can make arrangements to get it to Daytona as we're only a few hours away. I'll be able to have pics soon for anyone interested. A roller with an engine that is probably usable in the right hands...make a fair offer and we'll probably take it! Private message for discussing potential arrangements. Thanks!
  8. Not exactly, deedee. More along the lines of if someone's interested in 2, 5, 8 stints, etc. Maybe certain drivers can only make it later in the week and would spend the majority of their time in the car on certain days. Or, someone wants equal time in the car across all 4 race days. Basically, a driver would be free to stock up on as many or as little stints as they please, so long as we stay in compliance with ChumpCar's maximum drive times.
  9. (4) new Pro Comp Xtreme Alloys Series wheels. Aluminum, Matte Black, 17 in. x 9 in., 5 x 4.50 in. Bolt Circle, 4.75 in. Backspacing, -6.00mm offset. While these wheels have had a set of sticker tires mounted and then de-mounted, they have not been installed and/or used on a vehicle. Preference would be to offload these in person, so as to save everyone some shipping costs. We expect to bring these wheels to the May Daytona Chump race, but will also ship to those interested if need be. $130.00 each. Interested in selling all 4 as a set, but would be willing to sell by the pair as well if it suits someone's application. E-mail, call, or PM for additional info. Regards, Damien info@winnms.com 941-626-5930
  10. Aperture Racing has positions open in their SN-95 Mustang for funded drivers during the New Year's 38 hour multi-day event down at Homestead-Miami Speedway. As Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be 8,10,10 and 10 hour segments, respectively, we expect to have for those days 4,5,5 and 5 stints up for grabs, 19 total. Our priority would be to generate enough interest to compete for the whole week. However, if we get less interest and can not fill all 19 stints available for the 38 hours, we would adjust accordingly and just compete in fewer phases (days). Even though New Years is still quite a ways off, the team is looking to shore up potential plans and interested drivers well ahead of time, so as to ensure proper preparation for those 38 hours of racing. For inquiries, please e-mail, call, or PM me. Regards, Damien Winn info@winnms.com 941-626-5930
  11. Collin, Welcome to the ChumpCar community. Coming originally from a karting background myself, I applaud you for trying to branch out into communities in the sportscar genre. Unfortunately, you will find it VERY difficult to find teams that can afford to subsidize a driver. In most cases, the drivers ARE the primary (if not only) source of financing. The "pay-driver" approach is not limited to gentleman or inexperienced drivers; you will find that even some of the professional (or pro-am) drivers are also contributing towards the team's budgets as well. It's just the template that's currently utilized and unless we see a huge influx of sponsors/product manufacturers funding teams directly, it will likely have to continue. If you've participated in some of the heavy hitting karting competition (WKA Vega Cup, etc.) you understand what kind of funding is rounded up and have likely seen drivers bringing their own sponsors when having karts provided/tuned by more prominent teams. My suggestion would be for you to pound the pavement and do your best to attain a personal backer, someone who could help you out with your budget. You could in turn take that backer's support and shop around for a team to join up with. Most teams will be flexible with you having decal space on a car and if you can package that with some social media and other promotional activities, you might be able offer a decent entry level sponsor package for a company nearby you. Volunteering with the series is also an outstanding idea. This gives you a chance to see the series officials, teams, just the whole event(s) in general unfold. The Chump-Change you acquire is as good as cash. Combine your original budget with the Chump-Change and maybe even a personal backer and before you know it you've got some options. Good luck in your hunt and DON'T HESITATE TO ASK ANYONE ANYTHING ON THE FORUMS! Everyone here will do their best to help you out.
  12. Welcome to ChumpCar Rob! You will likely have no issues finding a team in need of a good umbrella operations manager!
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