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  1. Well, it's been bitter sweet. The car was a great car and will be missed. Many parts have been sold and will live on in other vehicles. I saved the drive train, suspension, and four large totes of parts to hopefully move into another shell one day. Otherwise, car is pretty much done and will be hauled to scrap. Any patch panels needed please PM me. Mods please lock/delete thread. Thanks everyone!
  2. I'd seen you around a bunch and it was nice finally meeting you as well. Good luck with build!
  3. Buy parts, install parts, win races. @Huggy running the trunk lid placed 1st at Road Atl. Team Infiniti with the gas tank (future winner). I'll be back at the car again this weekend. Next opportunity for delivery will be VIR in March.
  4. Glad to see (parts of) my car living on.
  5. Asking price is $1300 obo. PM me for contact information.
  6. I've had a few PMs about this and the CL ad has expired. The car is still available. Suspension, brakes, wheels and tires are worth asking price alone. Excellent foundation to start a team with.
  7. Sale pending, will know more after March VIR.
  8. For $4000, I'll throw in a few barn spares we had reserved for a special occasion. 1. O2a trans with peloquin lsd - 3rd gear has very slight grind when engaging very hard. "Normal" shifts are fine. 2. Large valve head - head is for parts and will need two valves to make a complete set. Buckets and springs are good 3. Schrick 276 cams 4. Two performance chips. One for just cams, one for cams and big valve head Above parts alone are worth $1000+ I'll also toss in the seat, brackets, and fire system. Seat will need installed and fire system needs inspected. Add your transponder and go race. I can also deliver to March VIR race.
  9. Unfortunately, the front end is completely toast. You have a PM
  10. It's looking like i'll most likely be at the Road Atlanta race so I can bring parts for anyone needing something. This coming weekend 1/26/19 will be my only opportunity to pull parts so if you need anything I need to know before Saturday. Thanks!
  11. I am parting out my old DD. 4dr, manual, 88 Super E. Originally from Nevada, the car is very solid and has ZERO rust. If anyone needs patch panels or a rear clip, I'll make you a great deal. Would rather see the car live on than haul it to scrap. Nothing drive train or suspension related is for sale including ECU and manual pedal setup. More photos and details, here. https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?p=4947531#post4947531
  12. sgtskid

    WTB - New Team Seeking Car

    Are you 100% wanting a miata?
  13. Na this one. https://www.motor1.com/news/300097/new-bmw-e30-body-shell/amp/
  14. Still up for sale. Plenty of time to get her ready for Road Atlanta!!