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  1. Correct on both. This was used in a Warsteiner car and was kept in their box of spares. Changed before different events depending on needs. I picked up a whole box of camshafts that had the same purpose. I had a 4.10 in my 88 Seta. I can only imagine what this would feel like. If I had a spare diff laying around, I'd be tempted to install it and give it a go.
  2. I have a 4.67 Ring and Pinion for a medium case BMW Diff. Was removed from a E30 M3 DTM car and kept in the spares box. Excellent shape. $500 OBO (emphasis on OBO). If no interest, I'll be posting on Ebay. Ring = 42 teeth, Pinion = 9
  3. Wheels Sold. Will do $500 shipped for the flares and lip anywhere in the 48.
  4. Also have e30 wheel flares. New, never fitted. 1.25" extra in the front almost 2" in the rear. Paid $250 and waited 5 weeks to get them. Combine with the lip $450 for all the fiberglass parts.
  5. Yup, sucks to repair... lol Wheels have been tentatively spoken for.
  6. Spun a bearing, seized the wrist pin and cracked the piston.
  7. Shoot me a text for more pics. Engine parts sold- ***pictures deleted***
  8. Fiberglass e30 m3 front Evo II splitter. Bought and never installed. Will sell with wheel flares as a package for KA Motors wheel flares. Standard 1.25" front and 2" rear. Will sell with Evo Lip for $500 shipped as a package Parts are split between Knoxville and Memphis TN. Willing to work with buyer to have parts at an east coast race. Can PM or text me directly at 865-806-5540
  9. Hey guys and gals, We just set up our channel and acquired cameras so we could live stream races only for you tube to change the rules for streaming again. If you wouldn't mind, can we ask a favor and go subscribe so we can live stream again? Have a channel? Feel free to post it up. Seems like there used to a be thread like this but I couldn't find it. Thanks everyone!!
  10. Well, it's been bitter sweet. The car was a great car and will be missed. Many parts have been sold and will live on in other vehicles. I saved the drive train, suspension, and four large totes of parts to hopefully move into another shell one day. Otherwise, car is pretty much done and will be hauled to scrap. Any patch panels needed please PM me. Mods please lock/delete thread. Thanks everyone!
  11. I'd seen you around a bunch and it was nice finally meeting you as well. Good luck with build!
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