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  1. Had to share this as it has a mention for ChampCar and this race in the article: https://sportscar365.com/imsa/iwsc/road-america-friday-notebook-8/?fbclid=IwAR0YmfYlYRig9PtqcuiLJns1cxnNahLUb5ReFq_0O0H5uHj6JkRTsqeoiy0
  2. If they do it they need start right after the Runoffs to make sure it cures right and they get a crew that isn't going to cut corners like the last one. As for the current surface I agree its still patchy and all with some corners with repaved strips.
  3. Heard the same thing. One thing to note is that this race will more than likely take place at another time next year due to NASCAR being at the track over the July 4th weekend.
  4. Also heads up for anyone coming. Crawfordsville Road in both directions from the speedway to the interstate is being repaved and is in rough shape as they have some serious bumps and is tight in spots. Pickup trucks can handle it ok if you take it easy, some cars will have an issue with the bumps and tow rigs will really need to watch it in spots.
  5. You might want to check the sups as there is no practice.
  6. No think they want to try to stop something like this: Or this:
  7. It is safer. The only place on the oval that doesn't have safer is the inside of the turns but they have tire bundles in front of guardrails.
  8. As someone who ran in the second year of the VIR 24 Hour I can respectfully disagree. It was near 105 that day and thunderstorms which also delayed the switch over to full from South due to a loss of power.
  9. From working the Rolex a couple times the only thing that has been come up with is an observation station at the end of the paved apron at the opening in the wall in NASCAR 1 and another observation station on the inside at NASCAR 2 at another opening. As for the speed difference on the banking it always has been slow cars in the low line (unless passing and then right back down to the low side) and the faster cars go to the top.
  10. The best thing to do is look at the google map of the track to see. The walk from the pits to the paddock isn't bad depending on which garage area you get setup in.
  11. Not sure about that but its at 37 cars per mile which is pretty reasonable. Pit road will be a bit more crowed as some will have to quad pit but it should work. My first wheel to wheel race had 113 cars per mile.
  12. Also a good job by the three cars following to get around while keeping it under control (no locking up or harsh movements).
  13. It's not much different on the outside but once you get inside it is quite different. They still have the kart track inside of NASCAR 3/4 but it isn't used much or at all anymore. Luckily we have GoPro Motorplex, a fully dedicated kart track to use now that is open year round for rentals and owner karts.
  14. As being somewhat local, the crowd is usually around 25-30K per day. Its not as bad as a NASCAR weekend but will make getting around a bit harder if you head back toward I-85 on Bruton Smith Blvd. As for hotels/restaurants they are going to be packed more as compared to usual and that area is usually already busy due to Concord Mills Mall (#3 tourist attraction in the state) being on the same road.
  15. Not sure if anyone has seen this but as a heads up the NHRA will be at the drag strip (4-Wide Nationals) on the same weekend as the Championship race.
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