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  1. @Bill Strong Any information yet if Daytona will be limiting the amount of people per team or if nothing yet when would we expect to get it? Asking based on what is being seen for Watkins and the need to plan.
  2. Let me guess, Made In China or Brazil. I try to avoid anything that is mainly metal from those two countries.
  3. And now its official from IMSA they are racing on the 4th at Daytona. https://www.imsa.com/news/2020/05/15/imsa-announces-updated-return-to-racing-plan/
  4. Racer.com and Road Atlanta's (NASCAR/IMSA owned/runned) has the same information up. I'd say it's pretty official that IMSA is running at Daytona.
  5. For myself I'm looking at going to Daytona, VIR 24, Indy and maybe Charlotte if it works with my work schedule.
  6. I've flagged the 13 hour up until the last year the the fastest car we had was a FIA- GT3 spec 911 (997) GT3-R. (Which in SCCA classing is GT-1) So at the time that was a 30 second difference between the cars.
  7. Can't answer the first question but can say hotels are open but are limited as the smaller independent hotels are the ones mainly closing. If you book through one of the major chains they will tell you if they are open or closed in the area.
  8. Not really surprised with the Governor New York has. NYC killed this one.
  9. I'm on the road now (work at a company that supports power and gas industry) and can say hotels are open. With that said some hotels are closing due to lack of demand (stay at one a three weeks ago and then this past week it temporally closed due to lack of demand and this was a Hilton property). The one hotel I was at the other day is only averaging 3-5 guests per night in a major metro area. Only plus side is right now is that travel is a lot easier and can make better time with the lack of traffic on the road. I would be very concerned about any hotel not linked to a major chain as I've seen a lot of independent hotels closed while on the road.
  10. As someone who has lived in New York and parents who have told me stories there are two New York's: New York City and the rest of the state. Sadly the rest of New York pays for everything in New York City. Hopefully they can get this race in but things aren't looking good for it along with anything else in the Northeast running for awhile.
  11. Also New York just said the stay at home order has been extended until then.
  12. Here is an idea to pass along to see if this could happen. If this race and Daytona go on as planned could there be a possibility to have an extra trophy to the teams that run both and have the best average finish between the two. I know some would want to run both races and could add an incentive to do so, something fun to keep track of during the race and to see what teams can turn around the best between the races since they are now only a week a part.
  13. Yes it was. Also the same one where we got double booked with karts and had a two hour delay due to track change and power outage due to a thunderstorm.
  14. This might be the hottest race for Champ since the second ever VIR 24 Hour.
  15. Well the NC Governor just canned the event as he banned all gathering of 10 people or more with the force of law to enforce it. The stay at home order goes into effect on Monday at 5 PM and runs for at least a month.
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