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  1. I've used this Sparco gear bag and its great since it has wheels on it. I can easily get all my gear (even an extra suit) and still have space for extra items. https://90racing.com/products/sparco-tour-bag-016437?_pos=2&_sid=0a9fdc0d9&_ss=r
  2. I know as being a flagger for SCCA that Road Atlanta is supplied by the track as thats the reason we only get one flagger per station.
  3. This is about the best I've seen on the SFI/FIA debate (found this on the Simpson Race Products, which owns HANS now, site). The guide from HANS/Simpson states that the SFI expires every 5 years however the FIA part doesn't expire unless they remove the standard. It does state regardless of SFI or FIA certification the tethers do need to be replaced every 5 years. https://bucketeer-6a1c3869-11ee-400c-8e6c-029add2ed33c.s3.us-east-1.amazonaws.com//app/public/spree/theme_assets/24078/original/HANS-Device-2019-Quick-Start-Guide.pdf?1597761030
  4. Did anyone find a Dewalt bag with an impact gun and various accessories in the open air paddock Sunday after the race? I'm pretty sure it might have been packed in one of the other trucks that we had with the teams but want to check to see if anyone might have found it. Update 9/16/2020: Found
  5. If I remember correctly iRacing use the old F1 layout which has the blend line on the front straight.
  6. I think it's limited on where they can put the boards as they only have so many and its hard to cover 17 turns/stations (assuming all are manned) if you don't have enough boards. It was a similar situation with the old traffic light setup. Also as a side note the latest VIR aerial pictures on google looks to have been taken during one of our races at VIR on South Course (this year?). Added: As for letting us know where stations are that is one reason for having the pace laps with each station having the flags out. I work F&C with SCCA and it's standard for us to have flags out on the first laps for each group. I know it gets difficult to know what stations are manned after the first driver change but its not bad during the day but could be an issue at night as we don't know what stations do/don't have a light board. So maybe we could at least know what stations do and don't have the light boards at a minimum for races where lights are required.
  7. I looked at the map some and if you look at the roads at the end of the sky boxes they match. So the existing pit road would become the back-straight as the current pit road suites stay and become the suits on the back straight. Also the existing garages stay but they are located now outside of the track. Plus it also makes sense to recycle the existing grandstands/suites as much as they can to save money.
  8. Just found this interesting post online and its official that AutoClub Speedway is converting from the 2 mile oval to a .5 high banked oval after the 2021 NASCAR Cup Race. But from looking at what they are going to do it looks like the road course will be gone.
  9. I agree. This year was kinda of a fluke as we got COVID right now and with travel restrictions in some states for people returning it makes it tough for teams to get a full slate of drivers. We gotta remember before everything started with COVID we were at a full field (110 cars). So hopefully that is taken in to consideration.
  10. Anyone have the links to the final entry procedures (parking and COVID) and pit assignments?
  11. It's usually been posted either on here or on the Facebook page with links to them that's why I was asking.
  12. Yeah even the closest hotel, Courtyard Marriott (just had opened for last years race), was going for $109 the last I checked. Also if you already had booked recheck the rates as a lot of places have lowered. I originally had a Hilton Garden Inn booked on points and I went and rechecked it and was able to save about 33% (the room was 30k and went down to 19k per night on points). Also do we have the final sups with the final procedures (parking & COVID) along with the pit assignments?
  13. Yeah COVID is a probably the biggest reason for the drop as you gotta remember that we were at 110 cars on the entry before COVID. Restrictions weren't that big of a deal to me but do agree they do need to bring in another fuel pump or two if we were at 110 cars but I think it should be pretty decent with the field we have. As for the race itself forecast is still looking great showing low to mid 70's each day and next to no chance of rain. Also the track is gonna be worked in a bit more than last year as they are running some races at the track this weekend (MX-5 Cup and Road to Indy open wheel cars).
  14. I was thinking the same thing. With car count down it should make parking easier and we all should be able to park in the one lot (red tag area from last year). It would be nice considering what is going on if they would allow for more gates to be open to get on/off of pit road to help spread people out more. Also as of right now the temps and weather is looking great for the race, low 70's and no rain as of right now. Far better forecast than last year.
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