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  1. The flip side to Code 35 is a full pace car which would take longer. VIR won't do hot pulls due to them losing a tow truck at a NASA club event where a driver was going near full speed and ran into the back of the tow truck. I know its not perfect but as long as they have a max lap time known for the Code 35 it can be enforced.
  2. Good point. The storm is showing it should be out of the area by Monday night. So even if flooding does happen it should be ok by Saturday.
  3. Showing 87 for both Sat/Sun next weekend with the typical rain chances. If it was this weekend (VIR has NASA this weekend) we would have to worry about that storm.
  4. As a flagger myself who has worked Daytona, S/F needs to be staffed.
  5. If this was Watkins Glen we would still have to worry about snow. (Yes is actually has snowed in upstate NY on July 4th)
  6. I think the issue with that is if the state doesn't get you Daytona might as I don't see them doing anything that may endanger any other events that are upcoming at the track.
  7. I'm thinking based on where IMSA is allowing their camping (inside of NASCAR 1/2) that we would only be allowed up to the motorcycle course cut (part of the track we took one year when Daytona was putting in the Kyle Busch memorial wall) as they are making the campers stay in there own site for the IMSA race. I wouldn't also be surprised to see a second gate/checkpoint at the same point I mentioned to make sure no campers go into the ChampCar/IMSA areas.
  8. Yeah there is a lot of states on that and I'm in one of them (North Carolina) that can't go to New York. What makes it even harder is its a rolling list also so someone could be on it one day and not on it the next and vise versa. Now entering Florida per the latest I've read on the Florida Covid website (https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/travelers/) they are still tagging people entering by air and road (I-95) from those states and making them quarantine. This was extended indefinitely. Either way its a total mess.
  9. Yeah this battle between NY/NJ/CT and FL is a bad thing. 14 day quarantine for those entering FL from those three states and then a 14 day quarantine for those entering those states if they've visited FL and a couple of other states (this one has no exceptions). This little battle has affected my job as I was supposed to have a job in NY within the next two weeks.
  10. I talked with Mike M last week and he said every time.
  11. Yep we gotta print that entire wavier packet for each person.
  12. @Bill Strong In the sups it says Gate 70 closes at 7 PM on Saturday, is that just closed for entry only or is it totally closed (no entry/exit)? Asking as that may make it hard for campers if they need to exit and then re-enter if they go and get dinner.
  13. Yeah like how they only use to allow a 12x6x6 cooler for the Rolex 24 in the grandstands up until a couple years ago.
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