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  1. BMW E30 Engine, Parts, ect...

    I am about 2 hours and 45 mins away from that town.
  2. Protests

    Depends on who the new team is and their knowledge with cars. 95% of the new teams and rookies usually buy a car their are familiar with that is prebuilt or get help building it with friends then come race tracks they want to be at and have fun. I am sure 99% of the teams in ChampCar would tell people what motor is in their car. It's not like it is a big secret around here. That just makes too much sense so it can't be right
  3. Protests

    That left when we changed to a points based series for modifications and starting VPI. This is a great series for rookies and amateurs to enjoy wheel to wheel racing at some amazing tracks for a very reasobable cost. I can't think of another series that lets you build to the rulebook and race one overall class
  4. 2018 petitions

    Well if we are going to let dry break occur with faster flow then some of the top teams will think like that in order to get more out of their pit stop. Efficiencies and picking them up all around help be competitive in racing.
  5. 2018 petitions

    Maximize time in the pits. If now I can get a jug that puts fuel in less than 4 secs I have the time with a limited crew to now do a tire change in under 5 minutes if needed. We can do a tire change in 5 mins with crew members helping but our fueling takes 1:30-2:00 if I can cut out 1:30 of that then it gives me more time to do other things.
  6. 2018 petitions

    It is a dry break system and I promise I will make sure it only has the amount of fuel I need for my next fuel stop. Just connect the dry break hose and I am ready to fuel!
  7. 2018 petitions

    I plan on showing up with one of these to put in my pits https://blackrhinoperformance.com/shop/fuel-filtration/racer-x-dry-break-fuel-tower/
  8. 2018 petitions

    Here is an example of a Dry Break jug and a claim it can be dumped in 4 seconds https://store.windingroad.com/mobile/hunsaker-5-gallon-quickfill-fuel-jug-with-dry-break-p2255.aspx
  9. Protests

    Please keep discussions respectful around here. If you cant say anything without coming across heated I just may hit that edit button.
  10. Protests

    What if I locked the thead
  11. Protests

    I agree 100% with you. Haltechs and other $1000+ systems would be a little much. Putting a $ cap would help with this. Time to start writing 2019 petitions
  12. Protests

    With free tuning in obd2 ecus and free jet changes in carbs, something had to be done.
  13. Protests

    So a junkyard m50 with 120k miles on it should be faster than a rebuilt m20 dialed in with an aftermarket ecu......that is what is being claimed. I think they would be about the same IMO as I have raced both of them in this series but what do I know.
  14. 2018 petitions

    I sent mine in via email
  15. Protests

    ChampCar Members vs e30s